Allahabad High Court Review Officer Examination-2016 Held on January 8, 2017 Question Paper with Answer Key

Allahabad High Court Review Officer Examination-2016

Held on January 8 2017


1. Which organisms are the ‘decomposers’ in a food chain?

(a)  Bacteria and fungi

(b)  Protozoa and algae

(c)  Lichens and ferns

(d)  Plans and animals

Answer: (a)

2. Which of the following is responsible for climate change?

(a)  Ozone hole

(b)  Global warming

(c)  Acid rain

(d)  Cyclones

Answer: (b)

3. Which one of the following mixtures can be separated into its components by the process involving-addition of water, stirring and filtering?

(a)  Common salt and sugar

(b)  Wheat flour and charcoal powder

(c)  Wheat flour and mud

(d)  Sugar and wheat flour

Answer: (d)

4. Given the valencies of Ca and OH are 2 and 1 respectively. What is the molecular formula of calcium hydroxide?

(a)  Ca(OH)3

(b)  Ca(OH)2

(c)  Ca(OH)

(d)  CaO

Answer: (b)

5. Which one of the following gas will evolve by the reaction of dilute hydrochloric acid with zinc?

(a)  Hydrogen

(b)  Sulphur dioxide

(c)  Chlorine

(d)  Carbon dioxide

Answer: (a)

6. Which one of the following compounds when present in its aqueous solution will turn red litmus blue?

(a)  Sodium chloride

(b)  Copper sulphate

(c)  Sulphur dioxide gas

(d)  Sodium hydroxide

Answer: (d)

7. The atomic number and mass number of an element X are 15 and 31 respectively.

Which one of these represents X?

(a)  (i)

(b)  (ii)

(c)  (iii)

(d)  (iv)

Answer: (a)

8. A ball is thrown vertically upward. During its motion

(a)  velocity and acceleration both decreases

(b)  velocity and acceleration both increases

(c)  velocity decreases, but acceleration increases

(d)  velocity decreases, but acceleration remains constant

Answer: (d)

9. Which of the following statements is true if the net force acting on the object is zero?

(a)  The object can only be at rest.

(b)  The object can only be moving with a constant velocity.

(c)  The object can b e at rest or can be moving with a constant velocity.

(d)  The object can only be moving with a velocity that is changing.

Answer: (c)

10. Four cans of different sizes and shapes are filled with the same liquid to the same depth, Then,

(a)  the force of the liquid on the bottom of each can is the same

(b)  the pressure of the liquid on the bottom of each can is the same

(c)  the least pressure is at the bottom of the can with the largest bottom area

(d)  the greatest pressure is at the bottom of the can with the largest bottom area

Answer: (b)

11. A watt-second is a unit of

(a)  force

(b)  speed

(c)  power

(d)  energy

Answer: (d)

12. In a longitudinal sound wave, the particles of the medium move

(a)  about their position of rest in a direction parallel to the direction of propagation of disturbance

(b)  about their position of rest in a direction perpendicular to the direction of propagation of disturbance

(c)  from one place to another in a direction parallel to the direction o f propagation of disturbance

(d)  from one place to another in a direction perpendicular to the direction of propagation of disturbance

Answer: (a)

13. A ball is held 40 cm in front of a plane mirror. The distance between the ball and the image is

(a)  40 cm

(b)  80 cm

(c)  120 cm

(d)  160 cm

Answer: (b)

14. The term that identifies the eye defect characterized by an inability to see nearby objects clearly is

(a)  myopia

(b)  hypermetropia

(c)  presbyopia

(d)  astigmatism

Answer: (b)

15. The twinkling of the stars is a result of atmospheric

(a)  reflection

(b)  refraction

(c)  scattering

(d)  dispersion

Answer: (b)

16. A current of 2 A flows through a 10 Ω resistor for 20 minutes. The amount of charge that flows through the resistor in one second is

(a)  2 C

(b)  4 C

(c)  20 C

(d)  40 C

Answer: (a)

17. A motor is a device that converts

(a)  mechanical energy to electrical energy

(b)  electrical energy to  heat energy

(c)  heat energy to mechanical energy

(d)  electrical energy to mechanical energy

Answer: (d)

18. Who is a Palaeontologist?

One who studies

(a)  fossils

(b)  rocks and minerals

(c)  plant structure

(d)  animal physiology

Answer: (a)

19. Biological energy is

(a)  DNA

(b)  RNA

(c)  ATP

(d)  Carbohydrates

Answer: (c)

20. Which statement is true about ‘species’? Its members

(a)  have absolutely identical features without variation

(b)  are able to interbreed and produce fertile offspring

(c)  form one single population and live in one geographical area

(d)  can belong to different genera

Answer: (b)

21. Which human organ out of the following secretes enzymes as well as hormones?

(a)  Liver

(b)  Pancreas

(c)  Kidney

(d)  Heart

Answer: (b)

22. The heart is made of a tissue which makes it contract and relax rhythmically. The type of this tissue is

(a)  epithelial

(b)  connective

(c)  muscular

(d)  nervous

Answer: (c)

23. The green colour of the leaves of plants is due to the presence of the pigment named

(a)  Xanthophyll

(b)  Melanin

(c)  Chlorophyll

(d)  Haemoglobin

Answer: (c)

24. Which one of the following is not a viral disease?

(a)  AIDS

(b)  Dengue

(c)  Tuberculosis

(d)  Chikungunya

Answer: (c)

25. Which part of a flowering plant is responsible for its reproduction?

(a)  Stem

(b)  Root

(c)  Leaf

(d)  Flower

Answer: (d)

26. University of Madras along with University of Bombay and University of Calcutta were established in 1857 on the basis of recommendations of which report?

(a)  Woods Despatch

(b)  Macaulays Minutes

(c)  Simon Commission

(d)  Pitts India Act

Answer: (a)

27. Which are the Fundamental Right that remain unsuspended even after the imposition of National Emergency?

(a)  Article-198 : Protection of six rights regarding freedom of (i) speech and expression, (ii) assembly, (iii) association, (iv) movement (v)

(b)  Article-20 and 21 : ‘Protection in respect of Conviction  for Offences’ and ‘Protection of Life and Personal Liberty’.

(c)  Article-14 : Equality before law and equal protection of laws.

(d)  Article-32 : Right to Constitutional Remedies.

Answer: (b)

28. Indian Constitution has borrowed extensively from various sources. Which of the following is the source it has borrowed most of its provisions from?

(a)  British Constitution

(b)  Irish Constitution

(c)  Government of India Act 1935

(d)  Canadian Constitution

Answer: (c)

29. Who painted the ‘Bharat Mata’, famous for its historical values?

(a)  Abanindranath Tagore

(b)  Satyendranath Tagore

(c)  Surendranath Banerjee

(d)  Rabindranath Tagore

Answer: (a)

30. Who created Feluda, a fictional Bengali private investigator?

(a)  Rabindranath Tagore

(b)  Satyajit Ray

(c)  Ritwik Ghatak

(d)  Amitav Ghosh

Answer: (b)

31. Yousuf Arackal, who passed away recently as

(a)  Author

(b)  Artist

(c)  Minority rights activist

(d)  Ghazal Singer

Answer: (b)

32. TAPI is a natural gas pipeline being developed by Asian Development Bank. What does it stand for?

(a)  Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline

(b)  Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Iran pipeline

(c)  Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan Iran Pipeline

(d)  Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline

Answer: (a)

33. What is the western anchor of the Himalayas around, which river Indus bends to flow into the plains of Pakistan known as?

(a)  Namcha Barwa

(b)  Nanga Parbat

(c)  Nanda Devi

(d)  Kamet

Answer: (b)

34. The Royal Indian Navy Mutiny of 1946, broke out from HMIS Talwar, a training school that was located in

(a)  Calcutta

(b)  Madras

(c)  Bombay

(d)  Karachi

Answer: (c)

35. Who founded the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College, that later came to be known as Aligarh Muslim University?

(a)  Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

(b)  Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

(c)  Abul Kalam Azad

(d)  Mirza Ghulam Ahmed

Answer: (b)

36. Gulf of Mannar is located near

(a)  coast of Tamil Nadu

(b)  coast of Andhra Pradesh

(c)  Andaman and Nicobar Islands

(d)  Lakshadweep Islands

Answer: (a)

37. Din-i-Ilahi was a religious movement propounded by whom?

(a)  Akbar

(b)  Ashoka

(c)  Babur

(d)  Chandragupta Maurya

Answer: (a)

38. What does Section-124-A of the Indian Penal Code, which has been widely discussed in the present times, pertains to?

(a)  Death Penalty

(b)  Sedition

(c)  Criminalization of sexual activities against the order of nature

(d)  Attempt to commit suicide

Answer: (b)

39. How was the Aadhar Bill 2016 introduced in the Lok Sabha?

(a)  An Ordinary Bill

(b)  A Money Bill

(c)  A Financial Bill

(d)  A Constitution Amendment Bill

Answer: (b)

40. During the Lahore Session of Indian National Congress in 1929, it was decided to celebrate a particular day in 1930 as Purna Swaraj In Independent India, the same date was chosen to celebrate which of the following?

(a)  Army Day

(b)  Republic Day

(c)  Independence Day

(d)  National Voters Day

Answer: (b)

41. In which of the following districts, Maudaha Dam Project is situated in Uttar Pradesh?

(a)  Kanpur

(b)  Lucknow

(c)  Balia

(d)  Hamirpur

Answer: (d)

42. As per Census 2011, which of the following districts have highest percentage population growth during 2001-2011 in Uttar Pradesh?

(a)  Allahabad

(b)  Aamgarh

(c)  Baraich

(d)  Balarampur

Answer: (a)

43. Dolomite reserves are found at ………… district of Uttar Pradesh.

(a)  Sonbhadra

(b)  Chitrakoot

(c)  Jhansi

(d)  Balia

Answer: (a)

44. Which of the following dance form depicts the love of Krishna and Radha?

(a)  Karma

(b)  Dadra

(c)  Ras-lila

(d)  Kathak

Answer: (c)

45. Gautam Buddha gave his first sermon at ……… in Uttar Pradesh.

(a)  Sarnath

(b)  Mirzapur

(c)  Ayodhya

(d)  Kushinagar

Answer: (a)

46. Uttar Pradesh have around ………. of forest and tree cover tea of its total geographical area.

(a)  7%

(b)  8%

(c)  9%

(d)  10%

Answer: (c)

47. Which of the following bird sanctuaries is situated in Uttar Pradesh?

(a)  Nawabganj

(b)  Bharatpur

(c)  Chitrangudi

(d)  Raiganj

Answer: (a)

48. Which of the following cities of Uttar Pradesh is situated on banks of river Gomti?

(a)  Mathura

(b)  Agra

(c)  Varanasi

(d)  Lucknow

Answer: (d)

49. Monument ‘Chaurasi Gumbad’ is found at ………….. in Uttar Pradesh.

(a)  Kalpi

(b)  Bithoor

(c)  Agra

(d)  Fatehpur

Answer: (c)

50. Green Park cricket stadium is situated at …….. in Uttar Pradesh.

(a)  Lucknow

(b)  Noida

(c)  Kanpur

(d)  Varanasi

Answer: (c)

51. Which of these elements is radioactive?

(a)  Argon

(b)  Antimony

(c)  Actinium

(d)  Arsenic

Answer: (c)

52. Who presides over a joint sitting of both houses of parliament?

(a)  Speaker of Lok Sabha

(b)  Speaker of Rajya Sabha

(c)  Vice President of India

(d)  Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

Answer: (a)

53. What is ‘Secondhand Time’, a novel by Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich all about?

(a)  A magical realistic novel about time.

(b)  People’s narrative of post-communist Russia.

(c)  Historical account of Russian Revolution.

(d)  A futuristic novel about time travel.

Answer: (b)

54. Who is Juan Manuel Santos?

(a)  A famous Mexican singer

(b)  President of Columbia

(c)  A football player from Brazil

(d)  A revolutionary leader from Venezuela

Answer: (c)

55. What is the Marlon James’ claim to fame?

(a)  Nobel Prize for literature

(b)  Man Booker Prize for literature

(c)  Oscar Prize for best actor in a supporting role

(d)  Grammy Award for best song writer

Answer: (b)

56. Gram Sabha which is the foundation of Panchayati Raj System is a body that consists of which of the following?

(a)  People living in a village comprised within the area of the Panchayat.

(b)  Members elected indirectly by the elected members of the Panchayat.

(c)  Persons registered in the electoral rolls of a village comprised within the area of the Panchayat.

(d)  Members elected directly by the people of a village.

Answer: (a)

57. What does Article-370 of the Constitution of India deal with?

(a)  Special status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir

(b)  Presidents Rule in States

(c)  Establishment of Inter-State Water Disputes tribunal

(d)  Power of Parliament to amend the Constitution.

Answer: (a)

58. What are U-boats?

(a)  They were German military submarines used during the two world wars.

(b)  They were Russian submarines that were used against Japan.

(c)  They were American Ships capable of launching fighter jets used during the Second World War.

(d)  They were French ships used against Britain in the First World War.

Answer: (a)

59. ‘Nil Darpan’ a Bengali play written by Dinabandhu Mitra in mid-19th century is bout

(a)  the Sanyasi Rebellion

(b)  the Indigo revolt

(c)  Bengal Famines

(d)  Sepoy Revolts in Bengal

Answer: (b)

60. Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate form part of RBI’s

(a)  qualitative credit control measures

(b)  quantitative credit control measures

(c)  fiscal policy measures

(d)  exchange rate management measures

Answer: (b)

61. Which one of the following statements regarding BIMSTEC is correct?

(a)  It is a grouping of South Asian and South East-Asian nations for increased cooperation in multiple sectors.

(b)  It is a grouping within the BRICS nations for increased cooperation among members.

(c)  India and Pakistan are part of the grouping.

(d)  It is economic corridor that India has devised to counter the proposed China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor.

Answer: (a)

62. Appiko movement, which drew inspiration from Chipko movement took place in the forests of which Indian State?

(a)  Karnataka

(b)  Uttarakhand

(c)  Andhra Pradesh

(d)  Maharashtra

Answer: (a)

63. Which of the following options is true about the Poona Pact?

(a)  Mahatma Gandhi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah to create separate

(b)  Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. BR Ambedkar to retain Hindu-joint electorates and give reserved seats to the depressed classes.

(c)  Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. BR Ambedkar to secure rights of the depressed classes to draw water from public wells.

(d)  Mahatma Gandhi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah to agree to extend the communal award (provision of separate electorates) to Muslim community.

Answer: (b)

64. Which Indian politician was described by former PM Indira Gandhi as “Santa Claus with unrealistic ideas”?

(a)  K. Kamaraj

(b)  Subramaniam Swamy

(c)  Raj Narain

(d)  Jayaprakash Narayan

Answer: (b)

65. Who achieved the first commercialization of carbonated drinks in the 18the century?

(a)  Joseph Priestley

(b)  Jean-Pierre Sauvage

(c)  William Barribal

(d)  Jacob Schweppe

Answer: (a)

66. Which of the following regarding speed breakers has not been suggested by the Indian Roads Congrees?

(a)  A rounded 17 m radius hump

(b)  Yellow paint

(c)  Width of 3.7 m

(d)  Height of 0.10 m

Answer: (b)

67. Which of the following is not a part of the United Arab Emirates?

(a)  Ras-al Khaimah

(b)  Ras Lanuf

(c)  Fujairah

(d)  Ajman

Answer: (b)

68. Which of the following is not a part of the Baltic States?

(a)  Latvia

(b)  Belarus

(c)  Lithuania

(d)  Estonia

Answer: (b)

69. Birbal, the Hindu advisor of Mughal Emperor Akbar, was born with which of these names?

(a)  Indresh Das

(b)  Mahesh Das

(c)  Sudesh Das

(d)  Mukesh Das

Answer: (b)

70. What is Karl Landsteiner, the Nobel Laureate in medicine, remembered for?

(a)  The structure of DNA

(b)  The study and treatment of AIDS

(c)  The synthesis of vitamins in the laboratory

(d)  The identification of the rhesus factor in blood which enabled transfusion

Answer: (b)

71. National Air Quality Index (AQI) was launched by which ministry?

(a)  Ministry of Urban Development

(b)  Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change

(c)  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

(d)  Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Answer: (b)

72. Minicoy and Amindivi islands are part of which archipelago?

(a)  Andaman and Nicobar

(b)  Indonesia

(c)  Lakshadweep

(d)  Fiji

Answer: (c)

73. Who were the signatories of the Indo-Bangladesh Ganga Water Treaty?

(a)  Khaled Zia and IK Gujral

(b)  Sheikh Hasina and HD Deve Gowda

(c)  Khaleda Zia and PV Narasimha Rao

(d)  Sheikh Hasina and PV Narasimha Rao

Answer: (b)

74. In which year did South Africa join Brazil, Russia, India and China to form BRICS?

(a)  2009

(b)  2010

(c)  2011

(d)  2012

Answer: (b)

75. What option below is true about Mike Pence, the Republican nominee for Vice President of the USA in the November, 2016 Presidential elections?

(a)  A Senator from Virginia

(b)  A Congressman from Massachusetts

(c)  The Governor of Indiana

(d)  A Senator from Florida

Answer: (c)

76. Which of the following does not belong to the set that has Y, H, W, M and A as members?

(a)  V

(b)  P

(c)  T

(d)  U

Answer: (d)

77. In a vocal music competition, Mita scores less than Sita. Gita’s score is more than Sita’s, but less than Seema’s. Veena scores lower than Mita. Who stands third?

(a)  Seema

(b)  Veena

(c)  Sita

(d)  Gita

Answer: (c)

78. If all vowels are equivalent to 1 and all consonants to 0, which of the following is non-zero?

(a)  P + B × F – Q – E

(b)  O × R + C × S – E + A

(c)  (M + P) × (F – H + B)

(d)  (U – E) × (P + S + D)2

Answer: (a)

79. Tuhina, mother of Neelam, is the sister of Amit’s father. Mamata is the daughter of Amit’s sister Payal. How is Neelam related to Mamta?

(a)  Grandmother

(b)  Sister

(c)  Cousin

(d)  Aunt

Answer: (d)

80. Six women A to F are sitting around a table. B is to the left of E. F is to the right of D and there are two women between B and F. A is next to F. Counting clockwise from A, who is in the 4th position?

(a)  B

(b)  D

(c)  F

(d)  E

Answer: (d)

81. How many different 6-digit numbers can be formed from the digits 2 three times, 5 twice and 8 once?

(a)  60

(b)  120

(c)  720

(d)  6

Answer: (a)

82. The five unnamed figures in the picture form a series. Which of the options would be sixth in the series?

(a)  A

(b)  B

(c)  C

(d)  D

Answer: (a)

83. The code number of a ratchet used in a sewing machine is 9RW64O9JM875. Which of the following tallies with it?

(a)  9RW64O9JM875

(b)  9RW64O9IM875

(c)  9RW6409JM875

(d)  9WR64O9IM875

Answer: (a)

84. If FIRST is coded as GJSTU, decode CEMENT.





Answer: (a)

85. Look at the sequence 480U758WH^5MG%[email protected]^K. How many numbers are preceded by a symbol and followed by a letter?

(a)  1

(b)  2

(c)  3

(d)  4

Answer: (c)

86. How many perfect squares are there between 401 and 800?

(a)  7

(b)  9

(c)  8

(d)  10

Answer: (c)

87. Which of the following words can be made by using the letters of the word FORTHCOMING? (A letter can be used only as many times as they appear in the word)





Answer: (b)

88. P is Q’s brother. T is Q’s daughter. R is P’s father and S is T’s brother. Who among the following is the uncle of S?

(a)  T

(b)  R

(c)  Q

(d)  P

Answer: (d)

89. Candidates for the post of Scientist (Grade A) be below 40 years and have fifteen year’s experience. They should have least eight years’ teaching experience of which minimum five should be in a college. The following candidates apply.

Who is eligible?

(a)  Rita Mehta

(b)  Arun Kolhatkar

(c)  Mayank Chopra

(d)  No one is eligible

Answer: (d)

90. There are ten people in a room. Every one shakes hands such that no two people shake hands more than once. Of course, no one shakes hands with himself. How many handshakes take place in the room?

(a)  10

(b)  20

(c)  45

(d)  90

Answer: (c)

91. In a certain code, ‘een kum cip’ means ‘beauty and grace’; ‘ali cid os’ menas ‘lasts fo ever’ and rut cip kum means’ grace and poise’. Which certainly is not the code for ‘poise lasts’?

(a)  rut ali

(b)  een rut

(c)  cid rut

(d)  rut os

Answer: (b)

92. A man used  glasses of milk and  a glass of water to make 1 glass each of Horlicks for him and his wife. We assume that the powder has negligible volume. If h is immediate neighbor drops in suddenly, how many glasses of milk does he need in all to take to make one glass of Horlicks in the same proportion for each of the three people?


(b)  3


(d)  2

Answer: (a)

93. What would be the next term in the given series?

4096, 3072, 2304, 1728, 1296, …

(a)  972

(b)  729

(c)  243

(d)  486

Answer: (a)

94. Cadets are standing in a row. Rajat is in the 9th p lace from the right and Mohit the 10th place from the left. On interchanging their places, Rajat is the fifteenth from the right. What will be Mohit’s position from the left?

(a)  16th

(b)  17th

(c)  15th

(d)  18th

Answer: (a)

95. If SCORED is coded as 0305040617191416 02041820, what would MOLTEN be coded as?

(a)  131504061921111314161214

(b)  121414161113192104061315

(c)  141216141311211906041513

(d)  131504061921111315161214

Answer: (a)

96. If SLIME is coded as TMJNF, what will NATION be coded as?





Answer: (b)

97. Look at the sequence 5MG%[email protected]^K480U75⋆WH^. How many symbols are preceded by number and followed by a letter?

(a)  1

(b)  2

(c)  3

(d)  4

Answer: (b)

98. Given that ‘Some cups are mops’ and ‘All mops are lips’. Which of the following statement is certainly correct?

(a)  Some mops are not lips

(b)  Some mops are cups.

(c)  All lips are cups.

(d)  All lips are mops.

Answer: (b)

99. I am the 7th in a queue for buying tickets for a show in a multiplex. I spot my neighbor, who is the 9th from the end. There are three persons between the two of us. What is the minimum number of persons in the queue?

(a)  19

(b)  11

(c)  17

(d)  10

Answer: (a)

100. What will be the next two terms in the given series?

2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 7, 16, 9, ……..

(a)  32, 15

(b)  64, 13

(c)  32, 11

(d)  24, 15

Answer: (c)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (a)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (a)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (a)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (a)

126. Order the adverbs correctly and complete the sentence. Did you ……….. (consider, having, ever) a baby?

(a)  ever, consider, having

(b)  consider, ever, having

(c)  consider, having, ever

(d)  having, ever, consider

Answer: (b)

127. ‘Ouch! The thorn has pierced my heel and it’s bleeding,’ she said. Choose the correct form of this sentence in reported speech.

(a)  She exclaimed that the thorn had pierced her h eel and it was bleeding.

(b)  She shouted that her heel was bleeding and the thorn had pierced it.

(c)  She anguished that her heel was bleeding after the thorn pierced it.

(d)  She cried out saying the thorn had pierced her h eel and it was  bleeding.

Answer: (a)

128. A…… of seagulls flew over the ship screening raucously.

(a)  drove

(b)  fleet

(c)  bunch

(d)  flock

Answer: (d)

129. Replace the words in italics with the correct synonym. He read out the passage in a dull and unimaginative way.

(a)  emotionally

(b)  indifferently

(c)  characteristically

(d)  prosaically

Answer: (b)

130. She was the …………. of all eyes at the party.

(a)  pride

(b)  limelight

(c)  star

(d)  cynosure

Answer: (c)

131. Use the correct antonym of the word in italics. The o ld woman ate a frugal dinner and went to bed early.

(a)  Parsimonious

(b)  Light

(c)  Succulent

(d)  Hearty

Answer: (d)

132. Use the appropriate idiom to complete the expression. You may go home early if you are

(a)  feeling a bit under the weather

(b)  hitting the nail on the head

(c)  sitting on the fence

(d)  adding insult to the injury

Answer: (a)

133. A person who creates maps is known as a

(a)  Cartographer

(b)  Planner

(c)  Designer

(d)  Graph maker

Answer: (a)

134. Rearrange the adjective in the brackets in correct order. They lived in a (old sprawling white house)

(a)  white old sprawling house

(b)  old white sprawling house

(c)  sprawling old white house

(d)  white sprawling old house

Answer: (c)

135. Ghaziabad is the ……….. city in India.

(a)  fast growing

(b)  more fast growing

(c)  most fast growing

(d)  fastest growing

Answer: (d)

136. She ……….. for a walk every morning to the park.

(a)  is going

(b)  goes

(c)  has gone

(d)  gone

Answer: (b)

137. They did not want to leave ……….. to chance while deciding on the trip.

(a)  something

(b)  nothing

(c)  anything

(d)  someone

Answer: (c)

138. The plastic surgeon was reputed to do a bang up job of lip enhancements. This sentence could be interpreted to mean :

(a)  the plastic surgeon did a shoddy job of lip enhancements.

(b)  the plastic surgeon did an unfinished job of lip enhancements.

(c)  the plastic surgeon did an expert job of lip enhancements.

(d)  the plastic surgeon messed up the job of lip enhancements

Answer: (c)

139. Keep your friends close and your enemies ……….

(a)  closer

(b)  farther

(c)  far away

(d)  closest

Answer: (a)

140. Choose the correct ‘sound’ word to describe. The ……… of strange and unfamiliar dialects at the market held my interest.

(a)  racket

(b)  rumble

(c)  clanging

(d)  babble

Answer: (a)

141. The correct order, if the following group of words are placed in a dictionary, would be

(a)  exaggerate, exodus, exasperate, excise, exciting

(b)  exasperate, exciting, exaggerate, exodus, excise

(c)  excise, exaggerate, exodus exasperate exciting

(d)  exaggerate, exasperate, excise, exciting, exodus

Answer: (d)

142. Which of the following is correctly spelt?

(a)  perpiscacious

(b)  perspicacous

(c)  perspicacious

(d)  perspicaecious

Answer: (c)

143. There are ……… takers for animal fur today, while ………… of the yesteryear stars were proud owners of mink coats.

(a)  few, quite a few

(b)  quite a few, a few

(c)  few, a few

(d)  a few, few

Answer: (c)

144. Which part of the sentence has errors in it? If one (A)/has to live in society, (B)/ he must conform (C) to its rules. (D)

(a)  A

(b)  B

(c)  C

(d)  D

Answer: (c)

145. Complete the notice with right word. Use of cell phones is …………… within the premises.

(a)  avoided

(b)  disallowed

(c)  prevented

(d)  suspended

Answer: (c)

146. Replace the word in italics with the correct word that means the same. The teacher was vexed at the students for their unruly behaviour.

(a)  angry

(b)  worried

(c)  confused

(d)  horrified

Answer: (a)

147. “There are more cyclists than pedestrians on the streets of Amsterdam.” Choose the sentence which means the same as the above statement.

(a)  Pedestrians outnumber cyclist on the streets of Amsterdam.

(b)  Cyclists are not as many is number as pedestrians.

(c)  Walking is not as common as cycling is, on the streets of Amsterdam.

(d)  Cycling is not as common as walking is, on the streets of Amsterdam.

Answer: (c)

148. Use the correct question tag to complete the sentence. Suicide is not a solution to life’s problems, …………. ?

(a)  are they

(b)  isn’t it

(c)  is it

(d)  aren’t it

Answer: (c)

149. Rearrange the word/phrases to make a meaningful sentence for entertainment (A)/consider malls (B)/ living in cities (C)/ People (D) / a one-stop place (E)/ to be (F)

(a)  D/C/E/F/A/B

(b)  D/CB/F/E/A

(c)  A/F/C/E/B/D

(d)  B/F/E/A/D/C

Answer: (b)

150. He told the crowd, “My performance will continue tomorrow at the same time.” In reported speech this sentence would read as:

(a)  He cautioned the crowd that my performance will continue the next day.

(b)  He announced that my performance would continue the next day.

(c)  He informed the crowd that his performance would continue the next day at the same time.

(d)  The crowd was informed that he would continue his performance the next day.

Answer: (c)

151. A mix of decayed wood, leaves and manure is known as

(a)  Compose

(b)  Composed

(c)  Composite

(d)  Compost

Answer: (d)

152. Replace the word in italics with the one similar in meaning to it. The future of the company seemed bright.

(a)  horizon

(b)  prospects

(c)  prospective

(d)  potency

Answer: (c)

153. He ………. goodbye to his friends before leaving.

(a)  was bidding

(b)  bidding

(c)  bid

(d)  bode

Answer: (c)

154. What does the phrase ‘knew no bounds’ mean?

(a)  was bounded by

(b)  was limitless

(c)  was limited

(d)  was bound to

Answer: (b)

155. The boy taken by his father to a monastery. In the active voice, this sentence would be :

(a)  The father took the boy to a monastery.

(b)  The father and the boy went to a monastery.

(c)  A monastery was visited by the boy and  his father.

(d)  The boy went to a monastery with his father.

Answer: (a)

156. Find a synonym for the word in italics in the sentence. He enjoyed meeting his old friends. However, he realized that his life at the monastery had changed him considerably.

(a)  although

(b)  even though

(c)  nonetheless

(d)  contrarily

Answer: (c)

157. Which word means the opposite of ‘adamant?

(a)  Inflexible

(b)  firm

(c)  amenable

(d)  Irresolute

Answer: (d)

Directions (Q. Nos. 158-162) Read the given passage and answer the questions based on it.

The growing trend of consumerism in today’s world can be seen in the number of people who visit malls on an almost weekly basis to buy stuff that they mostly do not need. People in cities, especially, seem to be spending more than they earn. And the endless online shopping portals have only added to the excesses of buying mindlessly. Clothes, jewelry, shoes, appliances, large and small, are all available at your fingertips. Has anyone ever seriously given a thought to the question of ‘where is this all going to take us’? Isn’t it time we try to bring back the culture of ‘simple living, high thinking’ instead of forever hankering for bigger houses, faster cars, more clothes and bigger TVs?

158. Find the word that can substitute ‘trend’.

(a)  tendency

(b)  aptitude

(c)  attitude

(d)  unrest

Answer: (a)

159. What does the phrase ‘buying mindlessly’ mean?

(a)  buying after careful thinking

(b)  buying unthinkingly

(c)  buying cautiously

(d)  buying indifferently

Answer: (b)

160. What does the slogan ‘simple living, high thinking’ denote?

(a)  Not giving much important to material goos.

(b)  Giving more importance to mental and emotional growth.

(c)  Giving important to riches and luxury.

(d)  Not giving much importance to material goods, and giving more importance to mental and emotional growth.

Answer: (d)

161. What do the words ‘available at your fingertips’ mean?

(a)  You can feel the goods with your hand before buying.

(b)  You can get it by merely using your fingertips to order it on your phone.

(c)  You can see them at the store and buy them immediately.

(d)  You can read about its quality on the Internet.

Answer: (b)

162. Which among the word below is not a synonym of ‘hankering’?

(a)  Pining

(b)  Opining

(c)  Craving

(d)  Yearning

Answer: (b)

163. What does Garrulous mean?

(a)  Boring

(b)  Retarded

(c)  Talkative

(d)  Curious

Answer: (c)

164. There are no sparrows chirping …… the cities anymore. All………….. either died or flown far away as they had no space in …….. growing concrete jungle. The cunning pigeons have become ……….. menace.

(a)  at, are, a, the

(b)  in, have, the, a

(c)  in, have, a, the

(d)  by, are, a, the

Answer: (b)

165. The hospital was too …… from the scene of the accident to save the victim’s life.

(a)  farther away

(b)  further ahead

(c)  far apart

(d)  far

Answer: (d)

166. Combine these two sentences into one simple sentence keeping the meaning intact.

She wrote the exam, She left the hall.

(a)  She left the hall after writing the exam.

(b)  She was writing the exam when the left the hall.

(c)  She wrote the exam on leaving the hall.

(d)  She was leaving the hall when she wrote the exam.

Answer: (a)

167. Use the correct simile. Her grandmother did not hear the noise. She was as deaf as

(a)  a stone

(b)  a door

(c)  a post

(d)  a comb

Answer: (a)

168. ……… a national holiday tomorrow.

(a)  Its

(b)  It’s

(c)  There’s

(d)  Will be

Answer: (b)

169. Choose the correct passive form of this sentence. Close the door and put out the lights.

(a)  You close the door and put out the lights.

(b)  Let the door be closed and put out the lights.

(c)  Let the door be closed and the lights put out.

(d)  The door must  be closed and the lights must be put out.

Answer: (c)

170. Life has been hectic …………. I joined the army.

(a)  ever after

(b)  thereafter

(c)  when

(d)  ever since

Answer: (d)

171. A bunch of keys ……. found hanging from a nail on the wall.

(a)  are

(b)  were

(c)  was

(d)  have

Answer: (c)

172. An elaborate hairdo is known as a

(a)  Perm

(b)  Coiffure

(c)  Braid

(d)  Tresses

Answer: (c)

173. …………… defendant was made to take …………. oath on ………….. Bible that he would speak only ………….. truth and nothing but ………….. truth.

(a)  a, the, a, the, a

(b)  a, the, the, the, the

(c)  the, an, the, the, the

(d)  the, the, the, the, the

Answer: (c)

174. The parents of the girl did not ………….. to her request.

(a)  secede

(b)  precede

(c)  accede

(d)  desist

Answer: (c)

175. Join the two sentence using the correct relative pronoun. I write with a black fountain pen. It belonged to my grandfather.

(a)  My black fountain pen belonged to my grandfather.

(b)  I write with a fountain pen that belonged to my grandfather and is black.

(c)  I write with a black fountain pen that belonged to my grandfather.

(d)  I write with the back fountain pen belonging to my grandfather.

Answer: (c)

176. Which of the following components of MS-Office is categorically similar to Notepad?

(a)  MS-Power Point

(b)  MS-Word

(c)  MS-Excel

(d)  MS-Access

Answer: (b)

177. Which of the following saves the changes of a document into a new file?

(a)  Print Preview

(b)  Print

(c)  Save

(d)  Save As

Answer: (d)

178. Which of the following is used for data transfer between documents or applications, via copy and paste operations?

(a)  Paragraph

(b)  Clipboard

(c)  Table

(d)  SmartArt

Answer: (b)

179. Which of the following components of MS-Office is mainly used for accounting purpose?

(a)  MS-Word

(b)  MS-Visio

(c)  MS-Excel

(d)  MS-Access

Answer: (c)

180. In an absolute cell address, row numbers and column labels are preceded by ………. symbol.

(a)  #

(b)  $

(c)  %

(d)  &

Answer: (b)

181. The address of the cell at the intersection of first row and twenty seventh column is

(a)  AA

(b)  1AA

(c)  A1A

(d)  AA1

Answer: (a)

182. The value of the Excel expression = 64/8/2 is

(a)  4

(b)  8

(c)  16

(d)  32

Answer: (a)

183. A Powerpoint presentation is a collection of ………… that can be u sed to create oral presentations.

(a)  documents

(b)  slides

(c)  worksheets

(d)  graphics

Answer: (b)

184. Which of the following view is good to use when you want to delete, copy, paste or move your slides?

(a)  Slide sorter

(b)  Notes age

(c)  Slide show

(d)  Normal

Answer: (a)

185. Which of the following is a tiny digital camera generally used in video chats or video conferencing?

(a)  Joystick

(b)  Light pen

(c)  Web camera

(d)  MICR

Answer: (c)

186. Class-C IP address uses ……………. bits for network IDs and ……. bits for host IDs.

(a)  8, 24

(b)  21, 8

(c)  16, 16

(d)  16, 8

Answer: (b)

187. Which of the following devices can be used to enter handwritten signatures?

(a)  Graphics Tablet

(b)  Plotter

(c)  Joystick

(d)  Mouse

Answer: (a)

188. Which of the following cellphone technology supports at least 100 Megabits per second and up transmission rate?

(a)  1G

(b)  2G

(c)  3G

(d)  4G

Answer: (d)

189. Which of the following characteristics of the computer reflects its flexible behaviour?

(a)  Accuracy

(b)  Reliability

(c)  Versatility

(d)  Diligence

Answer: (d)

190. Which of the following is erased by exposing it to UV light?

(a)  ROM

(b)  PROM

(c)  EPROM


Answer: (c)

191. Which of the following is not a valid binary number?

(a)  1010

(b)  1002

(c)  0000

(d)  1111

Answer: (b)

192. One Terabyte is equivalent to

(a)  220 Megabyte

(b)  220 Kilobyte

(c)  220 Gigabyte

(d)  220 Byte

Answer: (a)

193. Which of the following transmits different commands or control signals from one component to another component of a computer system?

(a)  Data Bus

(b)  Address Bus

(c)  Both Data Bus and Address Bus

(d)  Control Bus

Answer: (d)

194. Both ………… and…………… gates are also called universal gates.

(a)  AND, NAND

(b)  NAND, NOR

(c)  OR, NOR

(d)  XOR and XNOR

Answer: (b)

195. Which of the following memory provides highest data access speed?

(a)  RAM

(b)  Cache memory

(c)  Flash memory

(d)  DVD

Answer: (b)

196. Which of the following categories of mouse uses a laser for detecting the movement of the mouse?

(a)  Mechanical mouse

(b)  Optomechanical mouse

(c)  Both Mechanical and Optomechanical mouse

(d)  Optical mouse

Answer: (d)

197. Which of the following is not a Hardware unit?

(a)  MICR

(b)  Light Pen

(c)  Operating system

(d)  Barcode reader

Answer: (c)

198. Which of the following printers is generally very noisy?

(a)  Dot-matrix printer

(b)  Laser printer

(c)  Inkjet printer

(d)  Non-impact printer

Answer: (a)

199. The basic requirement to run a computer is

(a)  internet

(b)  utility software

(c)  operating system

(d)  antivirus

Answer: (c)

200. Unix is a ………….. operating system and Windows 2007 is a ………… operating system.

(a)  single-user, multiuser

(b)  multiuser, single-user

(c)  multitasking, multiuser

(d)  multiuser, multiprocessing

Answer: (b)


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