Andhra Pradesh Set Examination Held on 11-9-2016 Research Aptitude Question Paper with Answer Key

Andhra Pradesh Set Exam., 2016

Held on 11-9-2016

General Paper on Teaching and Research Aptitude

1. Studying a part and inferring about the whole universe under study is called-

(A)  Inductive logic

(B)  Deductive logic

(C)  Subjective logic

(D)  Sample logic

Ans: (D)

2. For a perfectly homogeneous population, the minimum required sample size is-

(A)  1

(B)  2

(C)  Whole population

(D)  Infinite

Ans: (A)

3. Which one of the following, form the list of all identified elements of a population ?

(A)  Sampling frame

(B)  Class

(C)  Sample

(D)  Cluster

Ans: (C)

4. In the process of identifying the objectives of research, the researcher must finalise the following –

(A)  Questionnaire

(B)  Hypothesis

(C)  Boundaries of the study

(D)  All the above three A, B, C

Ans: (D)

5. Which one of the following measures is used to validate the consistency of a questionnaire ?

(A)  Level of significance

(B)  Cronbach’s Alpha

(C)  Arithmetic mean

(D)  Mean square error

Ans: (B)

6. Which type of method of attitude measurement is called ranking ?

(A)  Variability method

(B)  Quantitative judgement method

(C)  Fractional method

(D)  Constant sum method

Ans: (A)

7. Which one of the following led to the establishment of the Indian Institutes of Technology ?

(A)  Sarkar Committee

(B)  Radhakrishnan Committee

(C)  Kothari Committee

(D)  IIT Review Committee

Ans: (A)

8. The concept of affiliating University was based on the-

(A)  American model

(B)  Asian model

(C)  British model

(D)  Russian model

Ans: (A)

9. Who was the Chairman of the University Education Commission of 1948-49 ?

(A)  Kothari

(B)  Radhakrishnan

(C)  Sarkar

(D)  Triguna Sen

Ans: (B)

10. The Universities Hand Book is compiled every year by the-

(A)  UGC



(D)  AIU

Ans: (A)

11. B. Macaulay has penned his ‘Minute on Education’ in the year-

(A)  1735

(B)  1753

(C)  1853

(D)  1835

Ans: (D)

12. The First Education Minister of independent India was-

(A)  Radhakrishnan

(B)  Maulana Azad

(C)  C.D. Deshmukh

(D)  Kothari

Ans: (B)

13. Communication models are not a part of communication process. But they are-

(A)  Channels of communication

(B)  Communication networks

(C)  Direct experiences

(D)  Visual representations

Ans: (D)

14. Which one of the following is not a Physical barrier to communication ?

(A)  Noise

(B)  Verbalism

(C)  III health

(D)  Invisibility

Ans: (B)

15. Under what learning experience, conduct of Field trip comes in-

(A)  Enactive

(B)  Iconic

(C)  Symbolic

(D)  Affective

Ans: (A)

16. The meaning of a message can be understood from the point of view of-

(A)  Message

(B)  Sender

(C)  Receiver

(D)  Channel

Ans: (C)

17. In the process of communication, ‘Encoding’ means-

(A)  Using symbols to express an idea

(B)  Deciphering a message      

(C)  Creating noise in the communication

(D)  Interpreting the meaning of the message

Ans: (A)

18. ‘With words we govern people” who said this ?

(A)  Aristotle

(B)  John Deweey

(C)  Disraeli

(D)  Comenius

Ans: (C)

19. Calorific value (in MJ/Kg) of Kerosene is-

(A)  29

(B)  37

(C)  17.3

(D)  22

Ans: (B)

20. Isopleth is a type of-

(A)  Forest

(B)  Rock

(C)  Map

(D)  Soil

Ans: (C)

21. Earth day is observed on-

(A)  April 13

(B)  April 21

(C)  April 22

(D)  April 30

Ans: (C)

22. In residential area, Indian natural ambient air quality standard for sulpher dioxide (SO2) is-

(A)  20 μg/m3

(B)  55 μg/m3

(C)  60 μg/m3

(D)  80 μg/m3

Ans: (C)

23. Hardness of water is due to the presence of-

(A)  Sodium and chloride ions

(B)  Calcium and magnesium ions

(C)  Strontium and Potassium ions

(D)  Potassium and Nitrate ions

Ans: (A)

24. Which state of Cr is most toxic ?

(A)  Cr4+

(B)  Cr5+

(C)  Cr6+

(D)  Cr3+

Ans: (C)

25. An intelligent student is found to be generally too slow in mastering vocabulary. Which of the following reason given below can be considered as genuine ?

(A)  Carelessness in studies

(B)  Lack of interest in learning language

(C)  Learning disability specific to language acquisition

(D)  Afraid of speaking before the other students

Ans: (C)

26. Which one of the following do you consider to be the most important function of a good teacher ?

(A)  Prepare the pupils for the examination and enable them to score high marks

(B)  Make the class interesting to all the pupils

(C)  Develop in the pupils the motivation and ability to learn by themselves

(D)  Help the students to understand the subject clearly

Ans: (D)

27. In order to teach a topic you require a teaching aid which is not available in your institution. What would you do ?

(A)  Tell the students about the aid and express your helplessness

(B)  Satisfy the students with verbal explanation

(C)  Ask the Headmaster (Principal) to purchase that teaching aid immediately

(D)  Try hard to procure one from an institution nearby

Ans: (B)

28. The twenty first century teacher needs-

(A)  Ability to teach

(B)  Commitment to teach

(C)  Knowledge to teach

(D)  Skill to teach

Ans: (D)

29. While dealing with a differently abled student, the best thing you would do for the student is –

(A)  TO feel sorry for hi m

(B)  To offer him financial help

(C)  Send him to a special school

(D)  To help him to become self reliant

Ans: (D)

30. The best evidence for the professional competency of a teacher is seen in his ability in-

(A)  Maintaining high standards of instruction

(B)  Providing leadership

(C)  Organizing Co-curricular activities

(D)  Maintaining strict discipline in the class

Ans: (B)

Directions – (Q. 31 to 33) Study the following table carefully and answer the questions given below-

Percentage Distribution of Students in Various Disciplines in Four Different Colleges


Arts Commerce Science Total number of Students





















31. What is the average number (approximately) of students per college from the discipline of Commerce from all the colleges together ?

(A)  1140

(B)  1144

(C)  1414

(D)  1444

Ans: (B)

32. Which college has the least number of students from the discipline of Arts ?

(A)  D 

(B)  C

(C)  B

(D)  A

Ans: (B)

33. What is the difference between the total number of students from the discipline of Arts and Commerce in all colleges put together ?

(A)  2000

(B)  2275

(C)  2175

(D)  1800

Ans: (D)

Directions-(Q. 34 to 36) Study the following Pie-chart carefully to answer the questions.

Total students = 13000

34. What is the difference between the number of students of MBA and MBBS courses ?

(A)  3380

(B)  780

(C)  1300

(D)  2600

Ans: (D)

35. Students of MBBS constitute what per cent of students of B.Ed. ?

(A)  25%

(B)  33.33%

(C)  50%

(D)  66.66%

Ans: (B)

36. What is the total number of students in B.Ed., Pharmacy, MBA and MBBS put together in all colleges ?

(A)  8190

(B)  8290

(C)  8180

(D)  8240

Ans: (A)

37. In the following series, what should come in the place of question mark ?

37, 82, 153, 256, ?

(A)  397

(B)  497

(C)  366

(D)  466

Ans: (A)

38. In the following series, what should come in the place of question mark ?

AB, DF, IL, ?

(A)  PS

(B)  PT

(C)  RU

(D)  RV

Ans: (B)

39. In a code language, if VIJAYAWADA is the code word for ZBKJWZCZVZ, then in that code what is the code for AMARAVATHY ?





Ans: (D)

40. Three different positions of a dice have been shown in the following figures. Find the number of dots opposite to four dots.

(A)  6

(B)  3

(C)  1

(D)  2

Ans: (D)

41. B is the sister of R, M is the husband of R, ,S is the son of M, B is the wife of P. Then how is P related to S ?

(A)  Son

(B)  Brother

(C)  Uncle

(D)  Nephew

Ans: (C)

42. Three of the following form a group. Find the odd one.

(A)  DBG

(B)  LJO

(C)  QOU

(D)  SQV

Ans: (C)

Directions – (Q. 43 to 48)  You have a brief passage with 6 Questions following passage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each of the questions of the four alternatives given.

         Man is surrounded by culture right from the time of his birth. Culture makes many demands on man through the mechanization of approval and disapproval culture influences personality through the process of socialization and social control. Broadly speaking education is the transmission of cultural heritage. It is also the means of social control. In the middle ages cultural education was meant for only certain classes, but today it is open for all. Today culture means acquainting oneself with the best that has been  thought and said in the world. The main objective of cultural education is to guard against narrow specialization what is known as liberal education. Certain aspects of culture stand the test of time and merit preservation and promotion; certain other aspects need revision, if not total abolition. Regional imbalances, income inequalities, recial feelings, narrow concepts as they stand today are certainly a stigma on the Indian culture. Hence, their abolition are necessary precondition for the promotion of a healthy social order.

43. According to the writer, through what means the culture needs on man ?

(A)  Man is surrounded by culture

(B)  The process of socialization and social control

(C)  Mechanization of approval and disapproval

(D)  Through the transmission of education

Ans: (C)

44. Which one of the following statement is Not true ?

(A)  Culture is not a means of socialization

(B)  Education transmits culture

(C)  Today education is open to all

(D)  Middle ages education is not open to all

Ans: (B)

45. The statements “Today culture means acquainting oneself the best” means-

(A)  Influences personality

(B)  Helps for liberal education

(C)  Means of social control

(D)  Enhances narrow specialization

Ans: (B)

46. Which one of the following is opposite in meaning to the word ‘Merit’ coming in the passage ?

(A)  Prosperity

(B)  Progress

(C)  Misfortune

(D)  Discourage

Ans: (D)

47. Which one of the following aspects stand the test of time ?

(A)  Cultural heritage

(B)  Socialization and social control

(C)  Regional imbalances and income inequalities

(D)  Liberal Education

Ans: (B)

48. What is the solution for promoting good cultural society ?

(A)  Abolition of stigmatic factors

(B)  Provision of good education

(C)  Process of socialization and social control

(D)  Transmission of cultural heritage

Ans: (A)

49. Which network protocol is used to send e-mail ?

(A)  STP

(B)  SSH

(C)  PoP3


Ans: (D)

50. What does HTML stands for ?

(A)  Hyper Test Machine Language

(B)  Hyper Test Markup Language

(C)  Hyper Test Markup Link

(D)  Hyper Test Machine Link

Ans: (B)

51. Computers on an internet identified by-

(A)  e-mail address

(B)  Street address

(C)  IP address

(D)  All the three (A), (B) & (C)

Ans: (C)

52. Which organization releases the annual global ICT data and ICT development index country rankings ?

(A)  ITU


(C)  ISI


Ans: (A)

53. Which one of the following devices is required to connect a computer to the internet ?

(A)  Pendrive

(B)  Mouse

(C)  Compact Disk

(D)  Modem

Ans: (D)

54. An example of an ‘internet search engine’ is-

(A)  Windows


(C)  Yahoo

(D)  MS Word

Ans: (C)

55. Statement : Should the State Government ban private buses ?


I. Yes, The drivers of private buses drive very rashly.

II. Yes, The private buses are not punctual.

The correct answer is-

(A)  Only argument (I) is strong

(B)  Only argument (II) is strong

(C)  Neither (I) nor (II) is strong

(D)  Both (I) and (II) are strong

Ans: (C)

56. Statement : Some letters are books; All books are words.


I. All letters are books.

II. All words are books.

The correct answer is-

(A)  Only I follows

(B)  Only II follow

(C)  Both I and II follow

(D)  Neither follows

Ans: (D)

57. Fill the blank with appropriate letter ZWU : ADF :: XUS : ………

(A)  CFH

(B)  CHF

(C)  DFG

(D)  DEG

Ans: (A)

58. In the following diagram, square represents teachers, rectangle represents engineers and triangle represents singers. Which one of the following represents teachers who are also singers ?

(A)  A, D

(B)  B

(C)  C, E

(D)  E, F

Ans: (C)

59. There are five students, A, B, C, D and E. In an examination each one scored different marks. C has scored more marks than E and B, A has scored m ore marks than D and B, D scored more marks than B. No one scored less than E. Who scored the highest mark among them ?

(A)  A

(B)  C

(C)  D

(D)  E

Ans: (*)

60. The present age of P is three times that of his son Q. Five years ago the age of Q was one fourth of the age of P. What will be the number obtained by adding the age of P and Q five years from now ?

(A)  50

(B)  70

(C)  69

(D)  60

Ans: (B)

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