Associate Banks of State Bank of India PO Examination Held on 29-11-2014 General Awareness, Marketing and Computer Knowledge Question Paper With Answer Key

Associate Banks of State Bank of India PO Examination

Held on 29-11-2014

General Awareness, Marketing and Computer Knowledge

1. Pathways that support communication among the various electronic components on the system board are called-

(A)  Network Lines

(B)  Processors

(C)  Logic Paths

(D)  Bus Lines

(E)  Gateway

Answer: (D)

2. The abbreviation ‘CD’ stands for-

(A)  Commercial Demand

(B)  Certificate of Deposit

(C)  Cash Deposit

(D)  Commercial Deposit

(E)  Commercial Deposit

Answer: (B)

3. India recently won re-election to UN Human Rights council for 2015-2017 along with which three other countries of Asia-Pacific Group ?

(A)  Bangladesh, Qatar and Indonesia

(B)  Kuwait, Cambodia and Philippines

(C)  Bangladesh, Bahrain and Thailand

(D)  Bangladesh, Thailand and Kuwait

(E)  Other than those given as options

Answer: (A)

4. What is the present RBI’s Bank Rate ?

(A)  6.50%

(B)  9%

(C)  Other than those given as options

(D)  7%

(E)  8%

Answer: (B)

5. Which of the following terms is not covered under General insurance ?

(A)  Marine Insurance

(B)  Fine Insurance

(C)  Motor Insurance

(D)  Health Insurance

(E)  Life Insurance

Answer: (E)

6. Investors buy and sell shares in publicly leaded companies in-

(A)  Money Market

(B)  Forex Market

(C)  Stock Market

(D)  Spot Market

(E)  Bond Market

Answer: (C)

7. Tata Group’s Land Rover Jaguar’ will be having its first car manufacturing plant out of Britain, in-

(A)  Mauritius

(B)  other than those given as options

(C)  Japan

(D)  China

(E)  India

Answer: (E)

8. Who is the present CEO of the Microsoft Corporation, an international American Organization ?

(A)  Mr. Satya Nadela

(B)  other than those given as options

(C)  Mr. Vishal Sikka

(D)  Ms. Indira Nooyi

(E)  Mr. Bill Gates

Answer: (A)

9. Which of the following Bank is ‘not’ a Public Sector Bank ?

(A)  IDBI Bank

(B)  State Bank of India

(C)  Punjab and Sind Bank

(D)  HDFC Bank

(E)  Bharatiya Mahila Bank

Answer: (D)

10. Individuals invest in insurance policy for-

(A)  Risk Protection only

(B)  Easy liquidity

(C)  Low Returns

(D)  Tax Benefit and Risk Protection

(E)  High Return

Answer: (D)

11. Which stage in product the cycle focuses on expanding marketing and creating product awareness ?

(A)  Introducing Stage

(B)  Declining Stage

(C)  Maturity Stage

(D)  Expansion Stage

(E)  Growth Stage

Answer: (A)

12. The committee constituted in India to study the pattern of exclusion in India which for the first time gave a working distribution of the term ‘Financial Inclusion’ was headed by-

(A)  Dr. Manmohan Singh

(B)  Dr. C. Rangarajan

(C)  Dr. y. V. Reddy

(D)  Shri M. Narasimha

(E)  Dr. Bimal Jalan

Answer: (C)

13. Who among the following is the Director General of Sports Authority of India (SAI) ?

(A)  Sandeep Patil

(B)  other than those given as options

(C)  Jiji Thompson

(D)  Lalit Modi

(E)  N. Srinivasan

Answer: (C)

14. Which of the following is correct sequence of smallest to largest unit of storage size ?

(A)  Petabyte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte

(B)  Kilobyte, Megabyte, Terabyte, Petabyte, Gigabyte

(C)  Megabyte, Terabyte, Gigabyte, Kilobyte, Petabyte

(D)  Kilobyte, Megabyte, Petabyte, Terabyte, Gigabyte

(E)  Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, Petabyte

Answer: (E)

15. Ketan Methta’s Hindi movie ‘Rang Rasia’ is based on the life of one of India’s most celebrated ?

(A)  Raja Ravi Varma

(B)  Choreographer Saroj Khan

(C)  Movie Star Sanjay Dutt

(D)  Painter Maqbool Fida hussain

(E)  Dancer Uday Shankar

Answer: (A)

16. When consumers may share a strong need that cannot be satisfied by an existing product, it is known as-

(A)  Non-Existing Demand

(B)  Latent Demand

(C)  Irregular Demand

(D)  Declining Demand

(E)  Negative Demand

Answer: (B)

17. As per RBI guidelines the maximum amount of penalty that Public Sector Banks can levy for non maintenance of minimum balance in inoperative accounts of customers is-

(A)  Rs 500 per year

(B)  Rs 100 per half year

(C)  Not to levy any penalty

(D)  Rs 100 per quarter

(E)  Rs 20 per month

Answer: (C)

18. In computer terminology ‘CAD’ stands for-

(A)  Computer Applied Design

(B)  Computer Algorithm and Design

(C)  Computer Application Design

(D)  Computer Aided Design

(E)  Other than those given as options

Answer: (D)

19. As per the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India Banks classify as Non-Performing Asset (NPA) only if the interest due and during any quarter is not serviced fully within-

(A)  90days from the end of the quarter

(B)  60 days from the end of the quarter

(C)  60 days from the beginning of the quarter

(D)  30 days from the end of the quarter

(E)  30 days from the beginning of the quarter

Answer: (A)

20. MS-DOS is a ………… operating system.

(A)  User Friendly Graphical

(B)  Graphical User Interface

(C)  Real Time GUI

(D)  Point and Check

(E)  Command Line Interface

Answer: (E)

21. Those entities whose failure can threaten the survival of other institutions which in turn can possibly lead to a financial crisis are known as-

(A)  Systematically Meaningful Financial Institutions

(B)  Systemically Financial Important Institutions

(C)  Systemically volatile Financial Institutions

(D)  Systematically Capricious Financial Institutions

(E)  Systematically Toxic Financial Institutions

Answer: (B)

22. ………. is a tax saving mutual fund.

(A)  ELSS    

(B)  Balanced Fund

(C)  Debt Funds

(D)  Oil Fund

(E)  Gold Funds

Answer: (A)

23. ………. is central to any definition of marketing.

(A)  Advertising

(B)  Making Profit

(C)  Transactions

(D)  Customer Relationship

(E)  Demand Management

Answer: (D)

24. The term CRM used in business strategy development means-

(A)  Channel Root Market

(B)  Customer Retention Manager

(C)  Credit Relationship Manager

(D)  Customer Relationship Management

(E)  Customer’s Relative Meet

Answer: (D)

25. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) is a-

(A)  Statutory Body

(B)  Constitutional Body

(C)  Non Governmental Organization

(D)  Advisory Body

(E)  Consultative Body

Answer: (A)

26. Effective from February, 7 2015, statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) is-

(A)  21.5%

(B)  22%

(C)  22.5%

(D)  23.0%

(E)  23.5%

Answer: (A)

27. Which of the following is a process of dividing the potential market into sub-markets with common needs ?

(A)  Arrangements

(B)  Positioning

(C)  Seeing

(D)  Target Marketing

(E)  Market Segmentation

Answer: (E)

28. …………. is a social device for eliminating or reducing the loss of society from certain risk.

(A)  Contract

(B)  Premium

(C)  Discount

(D)  Bond

(E)  Insurance

Answer: (E)

29. Which of the following financial markets facilitates issue of new securities ?

(A)  Secondary Market

(B)  Spot Market

(C)  Derivative Market

(D)  Forex Market

(E)  Primary Market

Answer: (E)

30. You will find baseline, head line and sub head line in-

(A)  Radio ad

(B)  Online ad

(C)  Verbal ad

(D)  Print ad

(E)  other than those given as options

Answer: (D)

31. In a work sheet in MS Excel what is the shortcut key to hide entire row ?

(A)  Ctrl + 2

(B)  Ctrl + 9

(C)  Ctrl + N

(D)  Ctrl + e

(E)  Ctrl + R

Answer: (B)

32. The third generation computers were made with-

(A)  Bio Chips

(B)  Transistors

(C)  Integrated Circuits

(D)  Vacuum Tubes

(E)  Discrete Components

Answer: (C)

33. Which of the following is a symbol or a design or a combination that identifies the marker of a product or service ?

(A)  Company Name

(B)  Brand

(C)  Sponsorship

(D)  Advertisement

(E)  Product Features

Answer: (B)

34. To undo the last work, we have to use which of the following windows shortcut key ?

(A)  Ctrl + P

(B)  Ctrl + U

(C)  Ctrl + A

(D)  Ctrl + Z

(E)  Ctrl + W

Answer: ()

35. A ……….. is approximately a million

(A)  Gigabyte

(B)  Kilobyte

(C)  Megabyte

(D)  Terabyte

(E)  None of these

Answer: (C)

36. ‘DOS’ floppy disk does not have

(A)  a boot record

(B)  a file allocation table

(C)  a Root directory

(D)  A Virtual memory

(E)  All of these

Answer: (D)

37. Who is the Grand Old Man of India ?

(A)  Rajendra Prasad

(B)  Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(C)  Dada Bhai Naoroji

(D)  Lala Lajpat Rai

(E)  Mahatma Gandhi

Answer: (C)

38. Tehri Dam is located in-

(A)  Odisha

(B)  Punjab

(C)  Uttarakhand

(D)  Jammu & Kashmir

(E)  Himachal Pradesh

Answer: (C)

39. Shortcut key to go to last line the document-

(A)  Ctrl + last

(B)  Ctrl + L

(C)  Ctrl + end

(D)  Altr + End

(E)  Altr + L

Answer: (C)

40. Which of the following is not a computer language ?





(E)  None of these

Answer: (C)

41. Innovation in marketing is same as-

(A)  Motivation

(B)  Inspiration

(C)  Aspiration

(D)  Creativity

(E)  Team Work

Answer: (D)

42. The main target group for SIP Schemes are-

(A)  All HNIs

(B)  All NRIs

(C)  All Salaried persons

(D)  All agriculturists

(E)  All students

Answer: (C)

43. Which Cup/Trophy is associate with the game of Hockey ?

(A)  Dhyanchand Trophy

(B)  Davis Cup

(C)  Merdeka Cup

(D)  Wimbledon Trophy

(E)  Santhos Trophy

Answer: (A)

44. Niche marketing can be done for-

(A)  Readymade garments

(B)  Ballpoint pens

(C)  Diamond jewellery

(D)  Golf clubs

(E)  None of these

Answer: (D)

45. The key to competitive advantage is ………… differentiation.

(A)  position

(B)  product

(C)  conformance

(D)  customer Consulting

(E)  None of these

Answer: (D)

46. Which among the following is not a function for marketing channel ?

(A)  Buying

(B)  Selling

(C)  Producing

(D)  Promoting

(E)  None of these

Answer: (C)

47. Market segmentation is useful for-

(A)  targeting existing clients

(B)  identifying prospects

(C)  preferencial marketing

(D)  internal marketing

(E)  All of these

Answer: (E)

48. The term Banking is defined in which act ?

(A)  Banking Regulation Act 1949

(B)  Banking Regulation Act 1951

(C)  Banking Regulation Act 1956

(D)  Banking Regulation Act 1959

(E)  None of these

Answer: (A)

49. Name the fourth layer of OSI model-

(A)  application layer

(B)  data link layer

(C)  transport layer

(D)  session layer

(E)  None of these

Answer: (C)

50. Marketing is influenced by-

(A)  public taste

(B)  buyer behaviour

(C)  product demand

(D)  brand image

(E)  All of these

Answer: (E)

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