Bank of Maharashtra Probationary Officers Examination Held on 26-10-2016 General Awareness Question Paper with Answer key

Bank of Maharashtra Probationary Officers Exam., 2016

Held on 26-10-2016

General Awareness

1. The theme of the ‘International Democracy Day 2016’ observed on 15th September, 2016 was –

(A)  Engaging Youth on Democracy

(B)  Democracy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

(C)  Political Accountability Strengthening links between Parliaments and Citizens

(D)  Space for Civil Society

(E)  Strengthening Voices for Democracy

Ans: (B)

2. ‘Deepa Malik’ is associated with the sports of –

(A)  Aerobics

(B)  Aquatics

(C)  Athletics

(D)  None of those given as options

(E)  Archery

Ans: (C)

3. Claude Lila Parulekar who recently died at the age of 81, is a well-known –

(A)  Human rights activist

(B)  Archaeologist

(C)  Animal rights activist

(D)  Playwrighter

(E)  Political commentator

Ans: (C)

4. The ‘Patagonian Desert’ is situated in –

(A)  Central Africa

(B)  Eastern Europe

(C)  Central Asia

(D)  North America

(E)  South America

Ans: (E)

5. An agriculture museum has recently been inaugurated at the ‘India Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidhayalaya is situated in –

(A)  Raipur, Chhattisgarh

(B)  Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh

(C)  Rajkot, Gujarat

(D)  Rewari, Haryana

(E)  Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh

Ans: (A)

6. Which of the following institutions has been set up as a central online registry primarily to check frauds in lending against equitable mortgages ?






Ans: (A)

7. The National Automated Clearing House (NACH) is operated by –


(B)  SBI


(D)  BSE

(E)  NSE

Ans: (C)

8. The share of the concerned State Government in the capital of Regional Rural Banks is –

(A)  15 per cent

(B)  35 per cent

(C)  20 per cent

(D)  50 per cent

(E)  25 per cent

Ans: (A)

9. The Bandhan Banking Limited is an Indian banking and financial services company Headquartered in –

(A)  Mumbai, Maharashtra

(B)  New Delhi, Delhi

(C)  Hyderabad, Telangana

(D)  Chennai, Tamil Nadu

(E)  Kolkata, West Bengal

Ans: (E)

10. Which one of the following institutions performs merchant banking function for State and Central Governments ?

(A)  RBI





Ans: (A)

11. The annual insurance premium for life cover of Rs. 2 lakh under the Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJBY) is –

(A)  Rs. 12

(B)  Rs. 130

(C)  Rs. 24

(D)  Rs. 330

(E)  Rs. 75

Ans: (D)

12. Which of the following is the ‘internal benchmark rate’ for pricing all rupee loans sanctioned and credit limits renewed by banks after 1 April, 2016 ?

(A)  Liquidity adjustment facility ‘Reverse Repo Rate’

(B)  Liquidity adjustment facility ‘Repo Rate

(C)  Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate (MCLR)

(D)  Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) Rate

(E)  Reserve Bank of India’s Bank Rate

Ans: (C)

13. ‘Lisbon’ is the capital and the largest city of –

(A)  Austria

(B)  Portugal

(C)  Poland

(D)  Ireland

(E)  Belarus 

Ans: (B)

14. Automated Teller Machines (ATM) which can be operated independently by visually impaired person are known as –

(A)  White Label ATM

(B)  Offline ATM

(C)  Talking ATM

(D)  Biometric ATM

(E)  Online ATM

Ans: (C)

15. The ‘Gurudongmar Lake’ named after Guru Padmasambhava is one of the highest lakes in the world. It is situated in the Indian State of

(A)  Meghalaya

(B)  Uttarakhand

(C)  Tripura

(D)  Assam

(E)  Sikkim

Ans: (E)

16. The baseline ‘Aapka bhala, Sabka bhala’ is associated with –

(A)  RBL Bank Limited

(B)  DCB Bank Limited

(C)  Yes Bank Limited

(D)  Bandhan Bank Limited

(E)  None of those given as options

Ans: (D)

17. The ‘Indian Bank’ is an Indian state-owned financial service company Headquartered in –

(A)  Bengaluru

(B)  Mumbai

(C)  Chennai

(D)  Kolkata

(E)  Hyderabad

Ans: (C)

18. The first Indian Bank to introduce ‘Smart Vault’, a fully automated locker facility using robotic technology to access lockers from the safe vault is –

(A)  IDBI Bank

(B)  Federal Bank

(C)  HDFC Bank

(D)  ICICI Bank

(E)  Yes Bank

Ans: (D)

19. The PM MUDRA Yojana covers loans of up to a maximum amount of –

(A)  Rs. 5 lakh

(B)  Rs. 20 lakh

(C)  Rs. 2 lakh

(D)  Rs. 15 lakh

(E)  Rs. 10 lakh

Ans: (E)

20. According to extant RBI guidelines, ‘Payment Banks’ are not permitted to –

(A)  set up branches or ATMs

(B)  accept remittances to be sent to multiple banks

(C)  distribute mutual fund/insurance/pension products

(D)  set up subsidiaries to  undertake NBFC activities

(E)  offer debit cards and internet banking facilities

Ans: (D)

21. Which of the following institutions is the umbrella organization for all retail payment systems in India ?

(A)  RBI





Ans: (D)

22. The ‘FSB’ is an international body that monitors and makes recommendations about global financial system. The alphabet ‘S’ in the abbreviation ‘FSB’ stands for –

(A)  Systematic

(B)  Statutory

(C)  Stability

(D)  Systemic

(E)  Sovereign

Ans: (C)

23. The ‘Blackbuck National Park’ situated in the Indian State of –

(A)  Karnataka

(B)  Madhya Pradesh

(C)  Gujarat

(D)  Haryana

(E)  Maharashtra

Ans: (C)

24. The 3960 MW ‘Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project’ is one of the four Ultra Mega Power Plants planned by the Government of India. It is located in the Indian State of –

(A)  Maharashtra

(B)  Himachal Pradesh

(C)  Arunachal Pradesh

(D)  Madhya Pradesh

(E)  Andhra Pradesh

Ans: (D)

25. The 17th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) held in September 2016 was hosted by-

(A)  Indonesia

(B)  Egypt

(C)  Malaysia

(D)  South Africa

(E)  Venezuela

Ans: (E)

26. The World Food Programme (WFP) is world’s largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger and promoting food security. It is headquartered in –

(A)  Washington DC, USA

(B)  Rome, Italy

(C)  London, UK

(D)  Nairobi, Kenya

(E)  Madrid, Spain

Ans: (B)

27. A cheque which has been written by the maker and dated at some point in the past is known as –

(A)  Out-of-date cheque

(B)  Post-dated cheque

(C)  Pre-paid cheque

(D)  Antedated cheque

(E)  None of those given as options

Ans: (D)

28. ‘SFMS’ is a secure messaging standard developed to serve as a platform for intra-bank and inter-bank applications. The first letter ‘S’ in the abbreviation ‘SFMS’ stands for –

(A)  Structured

(B)  Simplified

(C)  Standard

(D)  Sheltered

(E)  Other than those given as options

Ans: (A)

29. A currency which either has a missing portion or is composed of more than two pieces is categorized as a –

(A)  Soiled Note

(B)  Imperfect Note

(C)  Detached Note

(D)  Mutilated Note

(E)  Counterfeited Note

Ans: (D)

30. ‘October 16’ every year is observed as the –

(A)  World Habitat Day

(B)  World Food Day

(C)  International Day of Girl Child

(D)  World Statistics Day

(E)  World Teacher’s Day

Ans: (B)

31. The book ‘At the Close of Play’ is an autobiography of –

(A)  Gary Kristen

(B)  Yuvraj Singh

(C)  Rahul Dravid

(D)  Ricky Ponting

(E)  Steve Waugh

Ans: (D)

32. The entire capital of the ECGC is contributed by –

(A)  Banks/FI/Corporates

(B)  Government of India

(C)  EXIM Bank

(D)  None of those given as options

(E)  Insurance Companies

Ans: (B)

33. Which of the following credit rating agency was established as a joint venture of SIDBI, Dun & Bradstreet (D & B) and several leading Public/Private Banking Companies ?






Ans: (E)

34. The ‘Interest Rate Risk’ is a type of-

(A)  Market Risk

(B)  Liquidity Risk

(C)  Reputational Risk

(D)  Operational Risk

(E)  Credit Risk

Ans: (A)

35. In case of Small Finance Banks (SFB), the loan size and investment limit exposure to single –

(A)  15 per cent of total advances

(B)  10 per cent of capital funds

(C)  15 per cent of capital funds

(D)  10 per cent of total advances

(E)  10 per cent of total liabilities

Ans: (B)

36. ‘Barak-8’ long range surface-to-air-nuclear-capable ballistic missile which has recently been successfully test-fired by India has jointly been developed with-

(A)  France

(B)  Israel

(C)  United States of America

(D)  Germany

(E)  United Kingdom

Ans: (B)

37. The ‘IRS’ is a liquid financial derivative instrument which can be used to hedge against or speculate on changes in –

(A)  Stock market indices

(B)  Exchange rates

(C)  None of those given as options

(D)  Commodity prices

(E)  Interest rates

Ans: (E)

38. The currency of the ‘Kingdom of Denmark’ is –

(A)  Ryal

(B)  Euro

(C)  Krone

(D)  Koruna

(E)  Zloty

Ans: (C)

39. The ‘Kakrapur Atomic Power Station’ is situated in the Indian State of-

(A)  Haryana

(B)  Gujarat

(C)  Telangana

(D)  Andhra Pradesh

(E)  Maharashtra

Ans: (B)

40. The creation of ‘Regional Rural Banks’ in 1975 was conceptualized based on the recommendations of the :

(A)  Sivaraman Working Group

(B)  Narasimham Working Group

(C)  D.R. Gadgil Working Group

(D)  Abid Hussein Working Group

(E)  D. R. Mehta Working Group

Ans: (B)

41. The Depositor Education and Awareness Fund (DEAF) is maintained with –

(A)  Reserve Bank of India


(C)  Life Insurance Corporation

(D)  State Bank of India

(E)  Public Sector Banks

Ans: (A)

42. The last six characters of the alphanumeric IFSC printed on the cheques helps in identifying the –

(A)  Bank branch

(B)  Type of account

(C)  Bank name

(D)  Business or profession

(E)  Nature of transaction

Ans: (A)

43. The Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) is a banking research institute established by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It is located in

(A)  Chennai, Tamil Nadu

(B)  Mumbai, Maharashtra

(C)  Pune, Maharashtra

(D)  Hyderabad, Telangana

(E)  Gurugram, Haryana

Ans: (D)

44. The recently launched ‘UPI’ is expected to make sending money easy. The letter ‘I’ in the abbreviation ‘UPI’ stands for –

(A)  Interface

(B)  Infrastructure

(C)  Institution

(D)  International

(E)  India

Ans: (A)

45. The ‘Mudra Bank’ as a subsidiary of-


(B)  RBI




Ans: (E)

46. Which of the following is India’s first Credit Information Company (CIC) ?

(A)  CRISIL Limited

(B)  CRIF High Mark CIC (P) Limited         

(C)  Experian CIC of India (P) Limited

(D)  Trans Union CIBIL Limited

(E)  Equifax India (P) Limited

Ans: (D)

47. JP Morgan & CO is a multinational banking and financial services company Headquartered in –

(A)  France

(B)  Sweden

(C)  United States of America

(D)  United Kingdom

(E)  Germany

Ans: (C)

48. A central bank of a country uses Open Market Operations (OMO) as the primary means of implementing –

(A)  Tax policy

(B)  Monetary policy

(C)  Fiscal policy

(D)  Budgetary policy

(E)  None of those given as options

Ans: (B)

49. ‘Urjit Patel’ who has recently taken over as the –

(A)  Chief Economist of the World Bank

(B)  Governor of the Reserve Bank of India

(C)  Professor of Economics at Cornwell University, USA

(D)  Chief Economist at NITI Aayog

(E)  Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India

Ans: (B)

50. Who has been appointed as Additional secretary in the Goods and Service Tax (GST) Council ?

(A)  Arun Goyal

(B)  Amit Mitra

(C)  Arun Khandelwal

(D)  P. Chidambaram

(E)  None of the above

Ans: (A)

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