Chhattisgarh Pattawari Recruitment 2016-17 Examination Held on 15-1-2017 Question Paper with Answer Key

Chhattisgarh Pattawari Recruitment 2016-17

Held on 15-1-2017

1. MIT of USA has recently (2016) developed a new printing technology called

(a)   4D printing

(b)   3D printing

(c)   Web printing

(d)   None of these

Ans: (b)

2. In MS-Excel software, a formula is entered into a cell using ….. symbol.

(a)   #

(b)   @

(c)   &

(d)   =

Ans: (d)

3. A file containing relatively permanent data is

(a)   Random file

(b)   Transaction file

(c)   Master file

(d)   Sequential file

Ans: (c)

4. What is an animation?

(a)   Picture formation

(b)   Provide motion to still pictures

(c)   taking out print

(d)   Changing pictures into a graph

Ans: (b)

5. A computer virus developed in 1986 which infects the boot-sector of storage media formatted with MSDOS FAT system

(a)   AIDS

(b)   Brain

(c)   Friday

(d)   Sobig

Ans: (b)

6. Free open source software for website designing is

(a)   PHP

(b)   C#

(c)   Coffeecup

(d)   Python

Ans: (a)

7. In which of the following devices after storing data no alternation or deletion can be done ?

(a)   Floppy Disk

(b)   Hard Disk

(c)   CD Rom

(d)   Tape Drive

Ans: (c)

8. XD-Picture card is a memory card used in digital cameras. What does XD stand for ?

(a)   Ex-digital

(b)   Extreme digital

(c)   Extra digital

(d)   None of these

Ans: (b)

9. In……. frequency spectrum is divided into smaller spectra and is allocated to each user.

(a)   TDMA

(b)   CDMA

(c)   FDMA

(d)   FGMA

Ans: (c)

10. In internet IP address is called

(a)   Interned Point

(b)   Internet Provider

(c)   Internet Procedure

(d)   Internet Protocol

Ans: (d)

11. Which of the following is correct for POS machine ?

(a)   Cashless transaction

(b)   Point of sale

(c)   Digital payment

(d)   All of the above

Ans: (d)

12. It is not an anti-virus software

(a)   Quick Heal

(b)   Kaspersky

(c)   Norton

(d)   Python

Ans: (d)

13. Which one of the following is a free open source operating system software?

(a)   Zenix

(b)   Windows 7

(c)   Unix

(d)   Ubuntu

Ans: (d)

14. Which of the following programs is not a search engine?

(a)   Opera    

(b)   Bing

(c)   Google

(d)   Yahoo

Ans: (a)

15. Which of the following printers uses the photocopy technology to print?

(a)   Inkjet

(b)   Laser printer

(c)   Thermal printer

(d)   Dot matrix printer

Ans: (b)

16. Hardware that creates sound from a mathematical representation

(a)   Sound synthesiser

(b)   Stampers

(c)   Speakers

(d)   Set top box

Ans: (a)

17. How many types of page orientation are available in MS-Word software?

(a)   One

(b)   Two

(c)   Three

(d)   Five

Ans: (b)

18. Which protocol is used for browsing website?

(a)   TCP

(b)   HTTP

(c)   FTP

(d)   TFTP

Ans: (b)

19. Thermal printer uses

(a)   Ribbon

(b)   Ink

(c)   Powder

(d)   None of these

Ans: (a)

20. 1 terabyte of memory =

(a)   1024 × 1024 bytes

(b)   1024 × 1024 × 1024 bytes

(c)   1024 × 1024 × 1024 × 1024 bytes

(d)   1024 × 1024 × 1024 × 1024 × 1024 bytes

Ans: (c)

21. Choose the expression in which the preposition ‘On’ is correctly used.

(a)   On Christmas morning

(b)   On Christmas afternoon

(c)   On Christmas evening

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (d)

22. Which word is the correct antonym of the word ‘Preamble’ ?

(a)   Epilogue

(b)   Exordium

(c)   Prolegomenon

(d)   Proem

Ans: (a)

23. ‘The ship was castaway on the coast of Africa’.

In the above sentence ‘Castaway’ means

(a)   loitered

(b)   extolled

(c)   wrecked

(d)   anchored

Ans: (c)

24. Choose the wrongly spelt word in British English

(a)   Skillful

(b)   Signaling

(c)   Distiller

(d)   Kidnapper

Ans: (a)

25. ‘Who taught you French?’ Which of the following is not the correct transformation of the above sentence into passive form?

(a)   By whom was French taught to you?

(b)   Who were you taught French by?

(c)   By whom were you taught French?

(d)   French was taught to you by who?

Ans: (d)

26. She told me, “Don’t bother sending me an invitation.” Choose the correct transformation of the above sentence into indirect speech.

(a)   She told me don’t bother sending her an invitation.

(b)   She told me not to bother sending her an invitation.

(c)   She told me did not bother sending her an invitation.

(d)   She told me did not bother to send her an invitation.

Ans: (b)

27. The plural form of the word, ‘kilo’ is

(a)   kiloes

(b)   kilos

(c)   kilose

(d)   kiloce

Ans: (b)

28. ‘You can dial Rome direct’

In the above sentence the word ‘Direct’ is used as

(a)   adjective

(b)   preposition

(c)   adverb

(d)   verb

Ans: (c)

29. Which of the following word is not a synonym of the word ‘Pouch’?

(a)   Satchel

(b)   Sac

(c)   Sack

(d)   Pout

Ans: (d)

30. ‘All precautions must have been neglected, for the plague spread rapidly’. In the above sentence the word ‘For’ is used as

(a)   preposition

(b)   conjunction

(c)   interjection

(d)   adverb

Ans: (b)

31. If 5 men or 8 women complete a work in 26 days, then 4 men and 4 women together can complete that work in how many days ?

(a)   13

(b)   60


(d)   None of these

Ans: (b)

32. If a : b = 2 : 3, then (a6 – b6) : (a4 – b4) (a2 + ab + b2) =

(a)   7 : 13

(b)   13 : 7

(c)   1 : 2

(d)   None of these

Ans: (a)

33. The square root of 1391.29 is

(a)   27.3

(b)   37.3

(c)   33.3

(d)   37.03

Ans: (b)

34. At 5% rate of simple interest, in how many years, interest of Rs. 2000 will be double of the principal?

(a)   4 yr

(b)   40 yr

(c)   20 yr

(d)   2 yr

Ans: (b)


(a)     0



(d)   None of these

Ans: (a)

36. If a student increases his speed to 4 km/h, then he reaches his college 20 minutes earlier, whereas if h e slows down his speed by 2 km/h, then he reaches his college 40 minutes late. Then, the original sped of the student will be

(a)   2 km/h

(b)   3 km/h

(c)   4 km/h

(d)   5 km/h

Ans: (c)

37. 2 – 2 + 2 – 2 + ……. 2017 terms =

(a)   0

(b)   2

(c)   −2

(d)   ∞

Ans: (b)

38. In courts A, B, C, D and E, the number of pending cases against politicians were respectively 3 thousands, 5 thousands, 2 thousands, 4 thousands and 1 thousand, in which after final decision 50, 20, 10, 40 and 30 politicians respectively were found free of charges. Hence, the average charged politicians per court is

(a)   2500

(b)   2900

(c)   2970

(d)   2570

Ans: (c)

39. The LCM of two numbers is 131387 and the GCD is 37. If one of the number is 1961, the other number is

(a)   2579

(b)   2369

(c)   2479

(d)   2469

Ans: (c)

40. In a convocation, average weight of 16 members is 55 kg, average weight of 25 members is 45 kg and average weight of 14 members is 40 kg. Then, average weight of all members in a convocation is

(a)   40.5 kg

(b)   46.5 kg

(c)   44.5 kg

(d)   None of these

Ans: (b)

41. Volume of shaded portion in the following figure is, if

1. radius of base of right circular cone = 6 cm

2. radius of base of cylinder = 3 cm

3. the base of right circular cone and cylinder are concentric

Given that the height of cone is 10 cm.

(a)   47 π cm3

(b)   84 π cm3

(c)   47 cm3

(d)   84 cm3

Ans: (b)

42. In the following shaped utensil, if one-third is filled of water, then volume of the remaining part is

(a)   750 cm3

(b)   150 cm3

(c)   500 cm3

(d)   250 cm3

Ans: (c)

43. A person sells 15 things in Rs. 33 and earns 10% profit. If he sells similar 10 things in Rs. 25, then what will be his percentage loss or gain?

(a)   25% profit

(b)   25% loss

(c)   15% profit

(d)   15% loss

Ans: (a)

44. How much percentage of numbers in 12, 22, 32, …… 20162 are there having

(a)   50%


(c)   2%

(d)   0%

Ans: (d)

45. A train of length 300 m is travelling with a speed of 54 km/h. It takes 40 seconds to cross a bridge, then the length of the bridge will be

(a)   250 m

(b)   300 m

(c)   350 m

(d)   None of these

Ans: (b)

46. If  then the expression 8xy (x2 + y2) has the value


(b)   20


(d)   5

Ans: (d)

47. If a = 0.002, b = 0.003, then (a + b)2 – (a – b)2 =

(a)   0.006

(b)   0.024

(c)   0.0000024

(d)   0.000024

Ans: (d)

48. 63 + 9 – 6 × 7 + 6 ÷ 3 – 2 =

(a)   20

(b)   30

(c)   10

(d)   None of these

Ans: (b)

49. In a shop, it was written that if one takes first jeans then 30%, for second jeans 50%, for third jeans 80% and fourth jeans will be given free of cost. A person chooses first jeans of Rs. 700, second jeans of Rs. 800, third jeans of Rs. 2000 and fourth jeans of Rs. 4000. Then total how much amount he well have to pay?

(a)   Rs. 1210

(b)   Rs. 1290

(c)   Rs. 5290

(d)   Rs. 5210

Ans: (b)

50. If the sum of two natural numbers is 8 and the difference of their reciprocal is  then the numbers will be

(a)   3, 5

(b)   2, 6

(c)   1, 7

(d)   None of these

Ans: (a)

51. Which of the following numbers is not a rational number?




(d)   None of these

Ans: (c)

52. If 3a +5b = 8500 and 5a – 3b = 8500, then values of a and b will be respectively.

(a)   500, 2000

(b)   2000, 500

(c)   85, 8

(d)   8, 85

Ans: (b)

53. In the following parallelogram, ∠BAC –

(a)   50°

(b)   60°

(c)   70°

(d)   80°

Ans: (b)

54. If area of circular region is 154 cm2, then the total surface area of the cube whose side is equal to its radius, will be

(a)   7

(b)   294

(c)   290

(d)   None of these

Ans: (b)

55. Ram purchases a mobile in Rs. 2000 and sells to Sohan in Rs. 3000. Sohan sells it to Rakesh in Rs. 3500. Then, Rakesh had to pay how many percentage more than Ram?

(a)   50%

(b)   20%

(c)   75%


Ans: (c)

56. In the following circle ∠CAD + ∠CBD =

(a)   60°

(b)   30°

(c)   120°

(d)   135°

Ans: (b)

57. At 5% per annum rate of compound interest, what will become the amount Rs. 4000 after 24 months?

(a)   Rs. 4100

(b)   Rs. 4210

(c)   Rs. 4400

(d)   Rs. 4410

Ans: (d)

58. The value of  is equal to

(a)   2n

(b)   3n + 3

(c)   (27)n

(d)   (35)n

Ans: (b)

59. Sum of three numbers is 116. The ratio of second number and third number is 9 : 16 and the ratio of first and third is 1 : 4. Then the second number is

(a)   30

(b)   40

(c)   45

(d)   36

Ans: (d)

60. Each interior angle of a regular polygon is 144°, then how many sides are there in that regular polygon?

(a)   5

(b)   8

(c)   10

(d)   12

Ans: (c)

61. Study the following figure and give the answer of the question : If rectangle represents artists, the circle represents players and the triangle represents doctors.

How many players are neither artists nor doctors?

(a)   3

(b)   4

(c)   22

(d)   25

Ans: (b)

62. Find the missing term in the following number series

7,  12,     28,     52,     ?

(a)   68

(b)   85

(c)   124

(d)   128

Ans: (c)

63. In the following letter series some of the letters are missing. Choose the correct alternatives in which the letters are in same order of blanks


(a)   acca

(b)   caaa

(c)   ccaa

(d)   caac

Ans: (b)

64. If P denotes ‘÷’, Q denotes ‘×’, R denotes ‘+’ and S denotes ‘−’, then the value of 18 Q  12  P  4  R  5  S  6  is

(a)   28

(b)   53

(c)   55

(d)   80

Ans: (b)

65. A mouse runs 20 m toward East and turns to right, runs 10 m and turns to right, runs 9 m and again turns to left, runs 5 m and turns to let,, runs 12 m and finally turns to left and runs 6 m. Now, which direction is the mouse facing?

(a)   North

(b)   South-East

(c)   East

(d)   West

Ans: (a)

66. Study the following figure and given the answer of the question : If rectangle represents artists, the circle represents players and the triangle represents doctors.

How many doctors are neither player nor artists?

(a)   30

(b)   22

(c)   27

(d)   8

Ans: (c)

67. Select from the alternatives given below to complete the missing portion of the given pattern

Ans: (b)

68. Choose the diagram in which the following groups of elements fit correctly House, Brick and Bridge


Ans: (b)

69. If 31 + 72 = 26, 52 + 45 = 32, then what is the value of 47 + 83?

(a)   125

(b)   44

(c)   22

(d)   None of these

Ans: (b)

70. Figure (X) is embedded in one of the following figures (a) (b) (c) and (d) Choose the figure.


Ans: (c)

71. Find the missing number in the following box.

(a)   49

(b)   121

(c)   169

(d)   144

Ans: (d)

72. Sameer walks 20 m towards North.

Then he turns right and walks 30 m.

Then he turns right and walks 35 m.

The he turns left and walks 15m. Then he gain turns left and walks 15m.

In which direction and how many meters away is he from his original position?

(a)   35 m, West

(b)   30 m, East

(c)   45 m, East

(d)   30 m, South

Ans: (c)

73. Choose the numeral pair which his different from others :

(a)   70-80

(b)   54-62

(c)   28-32

(d)   21-24

Ans: (b)

74. Choose the missing term from the following alternatives :

3F,       6G,    11I,   18L,  ?

(a)   21O

(b)   25N

(c)   27P

(d)   29P

Ans: (c)

75. Following are given four group of letters. Three of them are alike in a certain way while one is different. Choose the odd one.

(a)   ALMZ

(b)   BTUY

(c)   CPQX

(d)   DEFY

Ans: (d)

76. Which is not the objective of scrapping the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes ?

(a)   To abolish black money

(b)   To eliminate corruption

(c)   To accelerate the economic growth

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (c)

77. Which sector has more growth rate to accelerate the industrial growth of India in 2015-16?

(a)   Mining and Quarrying

(b)   Manufacturing

(c)   Electricity

(d)   Construction

Ans: (c)

78. Which State has least population in India as per 2011 census?

(a)   Arunachal Pradesh

(b)   Sikkim

(c)   Goa

(d)   Mizoram

Ans: (b)

79. Which of the following is not included in the term ‘State’ as defined in the Article-12 of the Constitution?

1. Parliament 2. State Legislature

2. Union Judiciary

3. State Judiciary (High Court)

4. Union Executive 6. State Executive

5. All local authorities of India

6. All local authorities under the control of government of India

(a)   1, 2

(b)   3, 4

(c)   5, 6

(d)   7, 8

Ans: (b)

80. In which of the following years the Non-cooperation movement was suspended by Mahatma Gandhi?

(a)   1921

(b)   1922

(c)   1923

(d)   1924

Ans: (b)

81. How many parts are there in the Constitution?

(a)   22

(b)   23

(c)   24

(d)   25

Ans: (d)

82. A important cash crop of Punjab is

(a)   Cotton

(b)   Jute

(c)   Manila Hemp

(d)   Bajra

Ans: (a)

83. What type of air pressure is found at the centre of cyclone?

(a)   Low

(b)   High

(c)   Manila Hemp

(d)   Bajra

Ans: (a)

84. Which of the following Governor-General Promulgated the policy of ‘Subsidiary Alliance’?

(a)   Warren Hastings

(b)   Lord Cornwallis

(c)   Lord Wellesley

(d)   Lord Dalhousie

Ans: (c)

85. The second battle of Panipat in AD 1556, was fought between whom of the following?

(a)   Akbar and Rana Pratap

(b)   Akbar and Hemu

(c)   Akbar and Rana Sanga

(d)   Akbar and Durgavati

Ans: (b)

86. Who can remove the members of State Public Service Commission?

(a)   President

(b)   Governor

(c)   Supreme Court

(d)   State Legislature

Ans: (a)

87. The filament of a bulb is made of

(a)   copper

(b)   tungsten

(c)   aluminium

(d)   lead

Ans: (b)

88. The human eye forms the image of an object at its

(a)   cornea

(b)   iris

(c)   pupil

(d)   retina

Ans: (d)

89. What is correct about Appropriation Bill?

1. It is introduced by Finance Minister.

2. It is introduced in Lok Sabha.

3. It can be amended by Lok Sabha.

4. It is presigned by President.

5. It gives the legal power to the government for expenditure.

6. Cut motion can be introduced by the opposition.

(a)   1, 4, 6

(b)   2, 4, 5

(c)   2, 3, 5

(d)   1, 2, 5

Ans: (d)

90. Who of the following was the first Home Minister of Independent India?

(a)   Sardar Patel

(b)   Govind Ballabh Pant

(c)   Jagjivan Ram

(d)   Maulana Azad

Ans: (a)

91. Which Five Year Plan will be end in 2016-17 in India?

(a)   13th Five Year Plan

(b)   11th Five Year Plan

(c)   12th Five Year Plan

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (d)

92. Which of the following includes the term ‘Office of the Profit’ in the context of membership of Parliament?

(a)   Whether government has power of appointment.

(b)   Whether government has the right to remove the holder of office.

(c)   Whether government pays the remuneration to the holder of office.

(d)   All of the above

Ans: (b)

93. A citizen, who was declared disqualified to contest election by the supreme Court of India, even then she was appointed Chief Minister by the Governor and State.

(a)   Mayawati/Romesh Bhandari/Uttar Pradesh

(b)   Mamta Banerjee/NN/Vora/West Bengal

(c)   Jayalalitha/Fatima Ali/Tamil Nadu

(d)   Sheela Dixit/Najeeb Jung/Delhi

Ans: (c)

94. Mauryan emperor Bindusara was the follower of which of the following religion?

(a)   Vedic religion

(b)   Buddhism

(c)   Jainism

(d)   Ajivika religion

Ans: (d)

95. Which is not included in allied sectors of agriculture in India?

(a)   Crops

(b)   Livestock products

(c)   Forestry

(d)   Fisheries

Ans: (a)

96.  In which natural region, maximum diurnal range of temperature occurs?

(a)   Equatorial region

(b)   Western European region

(c)   Mediterranean region

(d)   Hot desert region

Ans: (d)

97. The gas used in fire extinguisher is

(a)   nitrogen

(b)   sulphur dioxide

(c)   carbon dioxide

(d)   hydrogen

Ans: (c)

98. Which type of wind belongs to loo?

(a)   Permanent wind

(b)   Periodic wind

(c)   Local wind

(d)   None of these

Ans: (c)

99. Diphtheria is caused by following organism

(a)   Fungus

(b)   Virus

(c)   Bacteria

(d)   Worm

Ans: (c)

100. On which latitude is the sun vertically located on June 21?

(a)   Equator

(b)   Tropic of Cancer

(c)   Tropic of Capricorn

(d)   North Pole

Ans: (b)

101. Gujarat is one of the chief producer of which of the following crop?

(a)   Wheat

(b)   Sugarcane

(c)   Bajra

(d)   Coconut

Ans: (c)

102. A remote of a television is related to

(a)   X-rays

(b)   Ultraviolet rays

(c)   Infrared signals

(d)   None of these

Ans: (c)

103. What is correct about Finance Bill?

1. It is presigned by the President.

2. It can be introduced in Rajya Sabha.

3. It can be introduced in Lock Sabha only.

4. Rajya Sabha can refuse to assent the Bill.

5. In the position of deadlock President can summon for joint session of Parliament.

6. President can’t refuse to sign on the Bill.

(a)   1, 2, 4, 5

(b)   2, 3, 5, 6

(c)   1, 3, 4, 5

(d)   2, 4, 5, 6

Ans: (d)

104. The weight of a body is measured maximum in

(a)   air

(b)   water

(c)   hydrogen

(d)   nitrogen

Ans: (a)

105. Which is the most appropriate criteria to measure the economic development of a nation?

(a)   Increase in Gross Domestic Product

(b)   Increase in Net National Income

(c)   Increase in Per Capita Income

(d)   Improvement in Human Development Index

Ans: (d)

106. Lime water contain

(a)   calcium hydroxide

(b)   sodium hydroxide

(c)   calcium chloride

(d)   None of these

Ans: (a)

107. In which of the following sessions in 1929, the Indian National Congress passes the resolution of ‘Poorna Swaraj’?

(a)   Amritsar Session

(b)   Karachi Session

(c)   Lahore Session

(d)   Nagpur Session

Ans: (c)

108. In which side of the continent, the Hot deserts are located?

(a)   Eastern

(b)   Western

(c)   Anywhere

(d)   Middle

Ans: (b)

109. What is the loan limit of Kishor Bucket under Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana?

(a)   Rs. 50000

(b)   Rs. 50000 to 5 lakh

(c)   Rs. 5 lakh to 10 lkh

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (b)

110. Which of the following Vedas contains the famous Gayatri Mantra?

(a)   Rigveda

(b)   Samaveda

(c)   Yajurveda

(d)   Atharvaveda

Ans: (a)

111. Elected President of America, Donald Trump was candidate of which party?

(a)   Democratic party

(b)   Republican party

(c)   Green party

(d)   Constitution party

Ans: (b)

112. Which University of this State is associated with Management Technology ?

(a)   Maharishi University

(b)   OP Jindal University

(c)   Ayush University

(d)   Guru Ghasidas University

Ans: (a)

113. Which is the 5th country inducted in BRICS Nations?

(a)   Brazil

(b)   Russia

(c)   India

(d)   South Africa

Ans: (d)

114. Who is the present Chief Justice of India?

(a)   YV Chandrachud

(b)   HL Dattu

(c)   TS Thakur

(d)   Jabgdish Singh Khehar

Ans: (d)

115. Area wise, what is the rank of Chhattisgarh State, in the country?

(a)   6th

(b)   9th

(c)   10th

(d)   11th

Ans: (c)

116. World’s longest tunnel Gotthard base is located in

(a)   France

(b)   Italy

(c)   Switzerland

(d)   Germany

Ans: (c)

117. Which of the following player hit three centuries in a calendar year?

(a)   Virat Kohli

(b)   Ricky Ponting

(c)   Brendon McCullam

(d)   All of the above

Ans: (a)

118. Marwa thermal power plant is located in the which district of this State?

(a)   Janjgir Champa

(b)   Raigarh

(c)   Bilaspur

(d)   Korba

Ans: (a)

119. Which religion is associated with Losar festival?

(a)   Jain

(b)   Buddha

(c)   Sikh

(d)   Hindu

Ans: (b)

120. ‘Ghumura’ dance is a folk dance of which State?

(a)   Jharkhand

(b)   Arunachal Pradesh

(c)   Maharashtra

(d)   Odisha

Ans: (d)

121. Sports to which Harjit Singh is associated with and he got fame from

(a)   Athletics – Olympics

(b)   Swimming – Olympics

(c)   Hockey – Junior World Cup

(d)   Hockey – Asia Cup

Ans: (c)

122. The country with which Seventh joint military exercise Ekuverin was done by India.

(a)   Sri Lanka

(b)   Bangladesh

(c)   Maldives

(d)   China

Ans: (c)

123. How many countries have participated in 2016 Kabaddi World Cup?

(a)   06

(b)   10

(c)   12

(d)   08

Ans: (c)

124. Match the Following list a :


(Archaeological Excavation Sites)



A. Pachrahi

B. Sirpur

C. Maheshpur

D. Madkudeep

1. Sarguja

2. Kabeerdham

3. Baloda Bazar

4. Mahasamund


(a)   A – 2; B – 4; C – 3; D – 1

(b)   A – 2; B – 4; C – 1; D – 3

(c)   A – 2; B – 1; C – 4; D – 3

(d)   A – 2; B – 3; C – 1; D – 4

Ans: (b)

125. In this State under the Saur Sujala Scheme, farmers will be given which of the following in subsidesed rate?

(a)   Solar cooker

(b)   Pump for irrigation

(c)   Gas cylinder

(d)   All of these

Ans: (b)

126. The fort situated in which place of this State is known as ‘Gaj Kila’?

(a)   Jashpur

(b)   Sarguja

(c)   Bastar

(d)   Ratanpur

Ans: (d)

127. At which of the following places in this State, the largest deposit of iron are exists?

(a)   Ravghat

(b)   Chhote Dongar

(c)   Bailadila

(d)   Rajhara

Ans: (a)

128. Which of the following raillines does not exist in this State?

(a)   Mumbai-Howrah

(b)   Raipur-Vishakhapatnam

(c)   Bilaspur-Katni

(d)   Raigarh-Puri

Ans: (*)

129. Which is called as ‘Jogi Bithai’ ini Bastar Dassahara?

(a)   Establishment of idol

(b)   Establishment of flag in chariot

(c)   Appointment of Pujari

(d)   Establishment of Kalash in the temple

Ans: (b)

130. Which of the following was the first Maratha ruler in this State after the end of Kalchrui rule?

(a)   Bhaskar Pant

(b)   Raghuji Bhosla

(c)   Bimbaji Bhosla

(d)   Keshav Dinkar

Ans: (c)

131. The main occupation of which tribe of this State is ‘Bamboo craft’?

(a)   Halba

(b)   Kandara

(c)   Kathiya

(d)   Jhariya

Ans: (a)

132. Which of the following was involved in the Raipur Conspiracy Case of 1942 in this State?

(a)   Maulana Abdul Rauf

(b)   Ramgopal Tiwari

(c)   Parasram Soni

(d)   Ratnakar Jha

Ans: (c)

133. In which of the following years, the British territories of this State were incorporated into a division of the Central Provinces?

(a)   1858

(b)   1862

(c)   1870

(d)   1872

Ans: (b)

134. In which of the following years Raipur was made the capital of this State?

(a)   1818

(b)   1825

(c)   1858

(d)   None of these

Ans: (d)

135. Which of the following dynasties was the earliest during ancient period in this State?

(a)   Rajarshitulya Kula

(b)   Sharabhpuriya

(c)   Pandu

(d)   Nala

Ans: (b)

136. To which of the following Zamindaris, the first martyr of this State Narayan Singh belonged?

(a)   Bilaigarh

(b)   Pendra

(c)   Gundardehi

(d)   Sonakhan

Ans: (d)

137. Which of the following is the principal river of the Bastar Plateau in this State?

(a)   Indravati

(b)   Shivanth

(c)   Hasdo

(d)   Kanhar

Ans: (a)

138.Who was one of the leader of this state imprisoned at the time of Raipur District Political Conference in March, 1922?

(a)   Pt. Sundarlal Sharma

(b)   Rauf Khan

(c)   Pt. Ravishankar Shukla

(d)   Pt. Ramanand Dubey

Ans: (c)

139. On which of the following rivers in this State, Ravishankar Sagar Project has been situated?

(a)   Mahanadi

(b)   Shivanth

(c)   Hasdo

(d)   Indravati

Ans: (a)

140. ‘Sarhul’ is the festival of which tribe of this State?

(a)   Uraon

(b)   Gond

(c)   Pradhan

(d)   Kanwar

Ans: (a)

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