General Insurance Officers Corporation Officer Grade Examination Held on 15-5-2017 General Awareness Question Paper With Answer Key

General Insurance Officers Corporation Officer Grade Examination Held on 15-5-2017

General Awareness

1. ‘In Logg’ a Bengaluru-based technology platform that provides end to end logistics solutions for the e-commerce sector has recently been acquired by e-commerce portal-


(B)  Home Shop


(D)  Amazon.India


Answer: (E)

2. ‘Beriut’ is the capital and the largest city of-

(A)  Yemen

(B)  Ethiopia

(C)  Liberia

(D)  Lebanon

(E)  Sudan

Answer: (D)

3. The form of insurance which insures against financial loss from defects in title to real property and from the invalidity or unenforceability of mortgage loans is known as-

(A)  Credit insurance

(B)  Property insurance

(C)  Mortgage-cover

(D)  Title insurance

(E)  Rapid Insurance

Answer: (D)

4. The specific’ cause of a possible loss’ covered by an insurance policy is known as-

(A)  Threat

(B)  Hazard

(C)  Exposure

(D)  Danger

(E)  Paint

Answer: (C)

5. Which of the following film has recently won the National Award for the Best Film on Social Issues at 64th National Film Awards?

(A)  Ventilator

(B)  Dangal

(C)  Pink

(D)  Neerja

(E)  Dhanak

Answer: (C)

6. India’s first industrial-articulated, indigenously developed robot ‘TAL BRABO’ has recently been launched by ‘TAL Manufacturing Solutions, a subsidiary of-

(A)  Texmaco

(B)  Thermox

(C)  TVS Motors

(D)  Tech Mahindra

(E)  TATA Motors

Answer: (E)

7. The theme for his year’s Civil Services Day 2017’ observed on 21st of April 2017 was-

(A)  Making New India

(B)  Making India Proud

(C)  Making India Shine

(D)  Making India Healthier

(E)  Making Better India

Answer: (A)

8. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) was incorporated (as a Statutory body) in 2000 based on the recommendations of the-

(A)  R. N. Malhotra Committee

(B)  Narshimaham Committee

(C)  R. N. Talwar Committee

(D)  Bimal Jalan Committee

(E)  M. N. Golpatra Committee

Answer: (A)

9. The ‘Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary’ is situated in the Indian State of-

(A)  Kerala

(B)  Arunachal Pradesh

(C)  Uttarakhand

(D)  Goa

(E)  Himachal Pradesh

Answer: (B)

10. The ‘Raj kapoor Special Contribution Annual Award’ has recently (April 2017) been announced by the Government of Maharashtra for film actor-

(A)  Dilip Kumar

(B)  Arun Nalawade

(C)  Jackie Shroff

(D)  Vikram Gokhale

(E)  Mahesh Bhatt

Answer: (C)

11. The 2017 BRICS summit is being hosted by-

(A)  Russia

(B)  Brazil

(C)  South Africa

(D)  India

(E)  China

Answer: (E)

12. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has recently ordered closure of over a hundred industries around ‘Bellandur Lake’ in the Indian City of-

(A)  Bijapur

(B)  Bhadravati

(C)  Ballary

(D)  Bengaluru

(E)  Belagavi

Answer: (D)

13. Who amongst the following is the author of the book titled ‘Life Mantras’ which was unveiled simultaneously at 9,120 events in early 2016?

(A)  Vijay Maliya

(B)  Subrata Roy

(C)  Lalit Modi

(D)  Rajat Gupta

(E)  Byrraju Ramalinga Raju

Answer: (B)

14. The legal doctrine governing insurance contracts which requires all parties to an insurance contract to deal in good faith, making a full declaration of all material facts in the insurance proposal is known as-

(A)  Principle of Uberrima fides

(B)  Principle of Contribution

(C)  Principle of Indemnity

(D)  Principle of Proximate Cause

(E)  Principle of Subrogation

Answer: (A)

15. ‘NDMA’ has recently constructed a first-of-its-kind state-level mock forest fire in Uttarakhand. The letter ‘D’ in the abbreviation ‘NDMA’ stands for-

(A)  Defence

(B)  Damage

(C)  Disaster

(D)  Digital

(E)  Dacoty

Answer: (C)

16. China on its official leap, has recently (April 2017) unilaterally ‘renamed’ six places in the Indian State of-

(A)  Mizoram

(B)  Arunachal Pradesh

(C)  Nagaland

(D)  Meghalaya

(E)  Assam

Answer: (B)

17. ‘Group Insurance is a plan of insurance which covers a similar or homogeneous group of individual under a single policy called the-

(A)  Mutual Insurance Policy

(B)  Master Policy

(C)  None of those given as options

(D)  Commercial Policy

(E)  Floater Policy

Answer: (B)

18. According to UN General Assembly Resolution May 17, every year is observed as the-

(A)  World Asthma Day

(B)  World Mother’s Day

(C)  World Information Society Day

(D)  World Fair Trade Day

(E)  International Day of UN peacekeepers

Answer: (C)

19. A life insurance policy which pays out the sum insured under such scenarios-death and survival of the insured person is known as-

(A)  Term insurance policy

(B)  Whole life policy

(C)  Endowment policy

(D)  Annuity Policy

(E)  None of those given as options

Answer: (C)

20. The ONGC Petro additions Limited (OPaC) has recently commissioned its mega petrochemical complex at Dahej in the Indian State of-

(A)  Gujarat

(B)  Madhya Pradesh

(C)  Rajasthan

(D)  Assam

(E)  Uttar Pradesh

Answer: (A)

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