IDBI Executive Examination-2016-17 Held on 8-1-2017 General Awareness Question Paper With Answer Key

IDBI Executive Examination – 2016-17

Held On 8-1-2017

General Awareness


1. The ‘Durabnd Cup’ is associated with the game of –

(A) Baseball

(B) Football

(C) Basketball

(D) Tennis

(E) Badminton

Answer: (B)

2. ‘Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML)’ which manufacturers variety of heavy equipment, such as earth moving, transport and mining equipment is an Indian Public Sector Undertaking headquartered in-

(A) Dhanbad, Jharkhand

(B) Chennai, Tamil Nadu

(C) Hyderabad, Telangana

(D) Pimpi, Maharashtra

(E) Bengalurur, Karnataka

Answer: (E)

3. The ‘National Museum of Natural History’ (NMNH) a museum focusing on nature, which in April 2016 was destroyed in a massive fire with its entire collection, is located in-

(A) Bengaluru

(B) Ahmedabad

(C) New Delhi

(D) Hyderabad

(E) Mumbai

Answer: (C)

4. The ‘GDR’ represents ownership of an underlying number of shares of a foreign company and is used to invest in companies from developing markets by investors in developed markets. The alphabet ‘G’ in the abbreviation ‘GDR’ stands for-

(A) Global

(B) Group

(C) Guaranteed

(D) General

(E) Genuine

Answer: (A)

5. The official currency of the ‘Kingdom of Denmark’ is known as-

(A) Dansih Krona

(B) Danish Korana

(C) Danish Kuna

(D) Danish Krone

(E) Danish Kroon

Answer: (D)

6. Coach Bishweshwar Nandi is associated with the sport of –

(A) Football

(B) Badminton

(C) Cricket

(D) Hockey

(E) Gymnastics

Answer: (E)

7. ‘Harika Dronavalli’ is associated with the game of-

(A) Chess

(B) Tennis

(C) Cricket

(D) Boxing

(E) Athletics

Answer: (A)

8. ‘Frank-Walter Steinmeier’ has been recently (February 2017) elected as the new President of

(A) France

(B) Switzerland

(C) Scotland

(D) Germany

(E) Belgium

Answer: (D)

9. The ‘UN International Day of Non-Violence’ is observed every year on-

(A) 24th October

(B) 22nd October

(C) 2nd October

(D) 16th October

(E) 25th October

Answer: (C)

10. The Central Committee on Economic Affairs has recently (February 2017) approved a Rs 5723.72 crore 900 MW hydro power project to be set up in Sankhuwasabha district of-

(A) Bhutan

(B) Nepal

(C) Sri Lanka

(D) Myanmar

(E) Bangladesh

Answer: (B)

11. The Government of India had earlier demonetized high-value currency notes in-

(A) January 1976

(B) November 1976

(C) August 1977

(D) January 1978

(E) January 1977

Answer: (D)

12. According to the recent report by ‘New World Wealth Report’ the richest city in India is-

(A) Mumbai

(B) Bengaluru

(C) Delhi

(D) Kolkata

(E) Hyderabad

Answer: (B)

13. The ‘Keibul Lamjao National Park’ is a national park situated in the Indian State of-

(A) Meghalaya

(B) Sikkim

(C) Manipur

(D) Nagaland

(E) Mizoram

Answer: (C)

14. A currency note which is wholly or partly washed, shrunk, altered or indecipherable is known as a-

(A) Forged banknote

(B) Soiled banknote

(C) Obliterated banknote

(D) Mutilated banknote

(E) Imperfect banknote

Answer: (E)

15. The ‘Pushkar Lake’ is situated in the Indian State of-

(A) Rajasthan

(B) Uttar Pradesh

(C) Haryana

(D) Punjab

(E) Gujarat

Answer: (A)

16. The recently announced ‘Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana (VPBY)’ 2017 offers 8 per cent per annum guaranteed rate of return for a period of –

(A) 13 years

(B) 5 years

(C) 15 years

(D) 12 years

(E) 10 years

Answer: (D)

17. The Reserve Bank of India has introduced a facility of exchange of specified bank notes (SBNs) to give an opportunity to Indian citizens and non-resident Indian (NRI) citizens who were abroad during November 8, 2016 to December 30, 2016. The facility is ‘NOT’ available to Indian citizens resident in-

(A) Singapore

(B) Bangladesh

(C) China

(D) Mauritius

(E) Sri Lanka

Answer: (B)

18. The ‘Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport’ is situated in the Indian City of-

(A) Indore, Madhya Pradesh

(B) Raipur, Chhattisgarh

(C) Vadodara, Gujarat

(D) Ranchi, Jharkhand

(E) Nagpur, Maharashtra

Answer: (E)

19. Which of the following has established in 1928 as the first printing press for bank notes in India ?

(A) Indian Security Press (ISP), Nasik

(B) Currency Notes Press (CNP), Nasik

(C) Bharatiya Reserve Bank Notes Mudran Private Limited (BRBNMPL), Mysore

(D) Bharatiya Reserve Bank Notes Mudran Private Limited (BRBNMPL), Salboni

(E) Bank Notes Press (BNP), Dewas

Answer: (A)

20. The Indian Life Insurance Company ‘Aviva India’ is a joint venture between Aviva pic, a British insurance company and the Indian conglomerate –

(A) Tata Group

(B) L and T Group

(C) Dabur Group

(D) TVS Group

(E) HDFC Group

Answer: (C)

21. The ‘Salal Hydroelectric Power Station’ is situated on river Chenab in the Indian State of-

(A) Jammu and Kashmir

(B) Uttarakhand

(C) Uttar Pradesh

(D) Himachal Pradesh

(E) Punjab

Answer: (A)

22. According to the “Specified Bank Notes (Cessation of liabilities) Ordinance 2016” the specified bank notes have ceased to be the liabilities of the Reserve Bank of India with effect from-

(A) March 21, 2016

(B) November 8, 2016

(C) December 30, 2016

(D) November 9, 2016

(E) December 31, 2016

Answer: (E)

23. The ‘Atal Pension Yojana (APS) is a scheme focused on workers in the-

(A) Financial Sector

(B) Industrial Sector

(C) Mutual Fund Industry

(D) Corporate Sector

(E) Unorganized Sector

Answer: (E)

24. Indian multinational steel making company ‘Tata Steel Limited’ is headquartered in-

(A) Mumbai, Maharashtra

(B) Kolkata, West Bengal

(C) Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

(D) Ranchi, Jharkhand

(E) Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Answer: (A)

25. The ‘National Bal Swachhta Mission’ is a part of the nationwide sanitation initiative of Swachh Bharat Mission’. It has been initiated by-

(A) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

(B) Ministry of Urban Development

(C) Ministry of Human Resource Development

(D) Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

(E) Ministry of Women and Child Development

Answer: (E)

26. Which of the following books is authored by bestselling author Chetan Bhagat ?

(A) A Suitable Bay

(B) A Unsuitable Bay

(C) Two Lines

(D) The Girl of My Dreams

(E) One Indian Girl

Answer: (A)

27. The number of times a unit money exchanges hands during a unit period of time of known as-

(A) Velocity of circulation of money

(B) Face of circulation of money

(C) Transactions velocity of money

(D) Income velocity of money

(E) Momentum of circulation of

Answer: (A)

28. ‘Eugene Carmen’ who recently died at the age of 82 years was a former-

(A) US Spacecraft Commander of Apollo 17

(B) American World War-II Veteran

(C) American Advocate for Human Rights

(D) American Football Player and Politician

(E) New Zealand long Distance Runner

Answer: (A)

29. A third-party administrator (TPA) is an organization associated with the claim settlement process in the –

(A) Exchange markets

(B) Insurance industry

(C) Commodity market

(D) Mutual fund industry

(E) Other than those given as options

Answer: (B)

30. According to the Reserve Bank of India’s guidelines to banks, customers can change up to 20 pieces of soiled currency note over the counter, free of charge upto a maximum value of-

(A) Rs 28,000

(B) Rs 5,000

(C) Rs 25,000

(D) Rs 15,000

(E) Rs 18,000

Answer: (B)

31. India and Bangladesh have recently (February 2017) signed a MoU for the sustainable development of ‘Sylhet City’ with financial aid from India. The metropolitan city is an ancient and historically vibrant city and had been a part of the former Indian province of-

(A) West Bengal

(B) Manipur

(C) Tripura

(D) Assam

(E) Meghalaya

Answer: (D)

32. The ‘Currency Chests’ are store-houses where bank notes and rupee coins are clocked on behalf of-

(A) State Bank of India

(B) Public Sector Banks

(C) Commercial Banks

(D) Scheduled Banks

(E) Reserve Bank of India

Answer: (E)

33. According to the findings of the Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011 (SECC) the percentage of rural households in which the main earning family member makes less than Rs 5,000 per month (or Rs 60,000 annually) was found to be around-

(A) 65 per cent

(B) 75 per cent

(C) Other than those given as options

(D) 60 per cent

(E) 85 per cent

Answer: (B)

34. The UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘The Mahabodhi Vihar’ is situated in the Indian State of-

(A) Odisha

(B) Jharkhand

(C) Madhya Pradesh

(D) Bihar

(E) Chhattisgarh

Answer: (D)

35. Shri Sunder Lal Patwa has recently (January 2017) been posthumously awarded with the Padma Vibhushan for his contribution in the field of-

(A) Public Affairs

(B) Spiritualism

(C) Art music

(D) Science

(E) Engineering

Answer: (A)

36. The Reserve Bank of India has adopted ‘star’ series numbering system for replacement of the-

(A) Defectively printed banknotes

(B) Altered and shrunk banknotes

(C) Washed and mutilated banknotes

(D) Dirty and soiled banknotes

(E) Fake and forged banknotes

Answer: (A)

37. The Section 2 of ‘The Coinage Act, 2011’ clarifies that the term ‘Coin’ does ‘not’ include-

(A) Postal order or ‘p-money’ isued by any bank or post office

(B) Postal order or ‘p-money’ issued by any bank or post office

(C) Commemorative coin issued by Reserve Bank of India

(D) Coins made of any other material stamped by Government

(E) Coins made of any metal

Answer: (A)

38. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi recently (February 2017) unveiled a mammoth 112 feet Lord Shiva bust of ‘Adiyogi’ Lord Shiva in the city of-

(A) Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

(B) None of those given as options

(C) Chennai, Tamil Nadu

(D) Calicut (Kozhikode), Kerala

(E) Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Answer: (E)

39. The United Nations Organization has declared the year 2017 as the International year for –

(A) Soils

(B) Family Farming

(C) Sustainable Tourism for Development

(D) Pulses

(E) Light-based Technologies

Answer: (C)

40. According to recent report of ‘Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’ (SIPRI), during the period 2012 to 2016 the largest importer of weapons in the world is-

(A) China


(C) Pakistan

(D) Saudi Arabia

(E) India

Answer: (E)

41. The Indian Coins are minted at the four Indian Government Mints, which of the following is ‘not’ one of them ?

(A) India Government Mint, Nasik (Maharashtra)

(B) India Government Mint, Hyderabad (Telangana)

(C) India Government Mint, Noida (Uttar Pradesh)

(D) India Government Mint, Kolkata (West Bengal)

(E) India Government Mint, Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Answer: (A)

42. The ‘Brabourne Cricket Stadium’ is situated in the Indian State of –

(A) Tamil Nadu

(B) Maharashtra

(C) Telangana

(D) Karnataka

(E) West Bengal

Answer: (B)

43. The Reserve Bank of India has been vested with the sole rights to issue banknotes in India by virtue of Section 22 of-

(A) The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

(B) The Banking Regulation Act, 1949

(C) The Coinage Act, 2011

(D) The Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934

(E) The Banking Companies Act, 1949

Answer: (D)

44. India recently successfully launched 104 satellites through Indian Space Research Organization’s Polar Satellite launch vehicle-

(A) ‘PSLV-37’

(B) ‘PSLV-C 34’

(C) ‘PSLV-C 33’

(D) ‘PSLV-C 35’

(E) ‘PSLV-C 36’

Answer: (A)

45. The public sector non-life insurance company ‘The Oriental Insurance Company Limited’s is headquartered in-

(A) Kolkata

(B) Bengaluru

(C) Mumbai

(D) Chennai

(E) New Delhi

Answer: (E)

46. ‘Damascus’ is the capital and one of the most populous cities of-

(A) Republic of Turkey

(B) Republic of Yemen

(C) Islamic Republic of Syria

(D) System Arab Republic

(E) Sultanate of Oman

Answer: (C)

47. In terms of the current provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 there cannot be banknotes in denominations higher than-

(A) Rs 8,000

(B) Rs 10,000

(C) Rs 7,500

(D) Rs 2,000

(E) Rs 5,000

Answer: (B)

48. According to a recent report of the global telecom body ‘GSM Association’ and Boston Consulting Group by 2020 the size of the ‘Digital Payments Industry’ in India is expected to be-

(A) USD 650 billion

(B) USD 750 billion

(C) USD 500 billion

(D) USD 850 billion

(E) USD 900 billion

Answer: (C)

49. ‘The Hitavada’ is the largest selling broadsheet English daily newspaper of Central India. It was founded in 1911 by Social Reformer-

(A) Baba Amte

(B) Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

(C) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

(D) Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(E) Nanaji Deshmukh

Answer: (C)

50. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has recently (January 2017) approved reducing the government’s stake in the five PSU general insurance corporation from 100% to-

(A) 49%

(B) 75%

(C) 85%

(D) 65%

(E) 51%

Answer: (B)

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