IGNOU B.Ed. Entrance Exam Previous Year Question Paper 2009 With Answer Key

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IGNOU B.Ed. Entrance Test 2009



Direction: Read the following passage carefully and answer these questions from the given options.

   It is known that science is not a great opponent to humanity but ware. Science only reflects social powers. Obviously, Science is creative in the age of  peace but at the time of war it changes into destruction. Generally, scientific weapons are not responsible for war but make the war horrible. Till now, these weapons brought us to the edge of ruins. Instead of ban science, main problem to us is, stop war. We have to establish a global government, who makes relations better among the nations and ensures no use of power. In this effort people’s participation is must, including scientists. Hiroshima bombing warns us to take effective measures soon. More time have passed but no action has been taken. Now, the big question to us is- Can education and tolerance, intimacy and creative thinking win over our destructive ability? Necessarily, it must be answer. Science would help us, but we have to develop our decisive capacity, too.

1. According to author real enemy of humanity is not science but war Why-

(A)  Science only invents weapons, by which war is made

(B)  At the time of war, science becomes destructive

(C)  Scientific weapons are real cause of war

(D)  Only scientific weapons not caused the war but it make the war horrible.

Answer: (D)

2. War can be stopped if-

(A)  Science is not permitted to ruin all

(B)  By law and international ruling, we can control over enforcement and anarchy

(C)  Advantages of science are used only at the time of war

(D)  Scientific weapons may not be used for announcement of war

Answer: (B)

3. According to author, our problem is-

(A)  To stop the science making the real image of social powers

(B)  To ban the scientific activity everywhere

(C)  To ensure stoping war

(D)  To stop scientist from destructive scientific activity

Answer: (C)

4. To control destructive attitude-

(A)  Social strength is encouraged

(B)  Education and enlarged view

(C)  Inner approach and constructive thinking

(D)  (B) and (C) both

Answer: (D)

5. Brought us to the edge of ruins, means-

(A)  Brought near the death and ruin

(B)  Brought on the new door3 of future

(C)  To evolve in destructive activity

(D)  To indicate mystric fate

Answer: (D)

6. Which of the followings is not included in the passage-

(A)  People blame science without any reason for war

(B)  Uses of science for destructive movie

(C)  There is no contribution of science and its invented weapons to show the war fear

(D)  For the establishment of World Peace, the role of science comes after man

Answer: (A)

7. World peace is established by-

(A)  Use of power

(B)  Communal harmony

(C)  National government

(D)  None of these

Answer: (C)

8. Meaning of – “Our work is likely begun” is-

(A)  It is not begun yet

(B)  Recently it is begun

(C)  Half it is completed

(D)  It is begun, but not completed till now

Answer: (A)

9. What is the meaning of ‘Tolerance’ in the passage-

(A)  make distance

(B)  make equality

(C)  make challange

(D)  Communal intimacy

Answer: (C)

10. Which of the following is appropriate title?

(A)  Science and social powers

(B)  Science and dreadful sighs of war

(C)  Science and world peace

(D)  Science and new generation

Answer: (B)


Direction: (Q. 11-14) : Select the right answer in the following series?

11. 5, 10, 30, …….., 600

(A)  50

(B)  60

(C)  120

(D)  200

Answer: (C)

12. 42, 24, 53, 35, 64, …….

(A)  46

(B)  48

(C)  75

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

13. 0, 7, 26, 63, ……

(A)  93

(B)  103

(C)  121

(D)  124

Answer: (D)

14. B, ……, J, P, V

(A)  C

(B)  F

(C)  G

(D)  H

Answer: (D)

Direction: (Q. 15-18) : There is a code for each English word. Choose the right option on the basis of code, from the given options.

15. Code ‘CZMBD’ is for ‘DANCE’, then what will be for ‘ENGLISH’?





Answer: (B)

16. Code ‘WVZI’ is for ‘DEAR’ then what will be for ‘PALE’?





Answer: (A)

17. Code ‘UVTKMG’ is for ‘STRIKE’ then the code ‘KMLMBW’ will be for which word?





Answer: (C)

18. Code ‘IDHEL’ is for ‘DELHI’ then what will be for ‘TUFAN’?





Answer: (C)

19. If 14 February comes 4 days prior to Monday in a superannuation, then which day will on 17 march?

(A)  Monday

(B)  Tuesday

(C)  Wednesday

(D)  Sunday

Answer: (B)

20. First E is as far as second E in the word ‘PRECIPITATE’, give the name of that letter which is situated at the same distance from the third letter in the English alphabet.

(A)  J

(B)  K

(C)  L

(D)  M

Answer: (B)

Direction: (Q. 21-24) : Read the following passage.

   When Varun born, his father Tarun was 30. Paternal aunt of Varun, Urvashi is 3 year younger than her brother Tarun and 5 year younger than her husband Yogesh. There are three children of Yogesh and Urvashi-Kamal, Jalaj and Vaishali. Kamal born on his father’s 28th birthday. After 10 year  his brother Jalaj is of less than 7 years of half of his father and his sister Vaishali will be of 1/3 of her mother’s age. Kamal was born 12 years earlier.

21. Which one is correct in descending order, according to age?

(A)  Yogesh, Kamal, Varun, Vaishali

(B)  Tarun, Yogesh, Vaishali, Varun

(C)  Urvashi, Yogesh, Varun, Vaishali

(D)  Jalaj, Vaishali, Kamal, Varun.

Answer: (A)

22. Which one is correct in ascending order according to age?

(A)  Varun, Vaishali, Jalaj, Kamal

(B)  Varun, Tarun, Urvashi, Vaishali

(C)  Vaishali, Jalaj, Makal, Urvashi

(D)  Vaishali, Kamal, Jalaj, Varun

Answer: (C)

23. Elder sister of Varun, Sarita can be younger than-

(A)  Vaishali

(B)  Kamal and Vaishali

(C)  Jalaj

(D)  Urvashi

Answer: (B)

24. Who among the family is younger than as many people, as he is elder?

(A)  Vaishali

(B)  Kamal

(C)  Varun

(D)  Jalaj

Answer: (B)

Direction: (Q. 25-27) : There are some  problematic figures and after that four options are given. There is one figure which is in order of problematic figure. Choose the figure.






Answer: (C)






Answer: (C)






Answer: (A)

Direction : (Q. 28-30): Two conclusion I and II are given in the following question which are derived from first two statement. Assume that both statement are true and decide whether the conclusions are correct or not. Choose the right option.

28. Statement:

No one human is animal.

Some animals are intelligent


I. Some human are intelligent.

II. Some intelligent are human.

(A)  Only I is true

(B)  Only II is true

(C)  I and II both are true

(D)  No one is true

Answer: (D)

29. Statement:

All chairs are pen.

All pens are also pencils.


I. Some pencils are chairs.

II. All pencils are chairs.

(A)  Only I is true

(B)  Only II is true

(C)  I and II both are true

(D)  No one is true

Answer: (A)

30. Statement:

All children are not students.

Some students are not  appointed.


I. Some children are not appointed.

II. Some are appointed but they are not children.

(A)  Only I is true

(B)  Only II is true

(C)  I and II both are true

(D)  No one is true

Answer: (D)


31. Who is the first Satyagrahi, selected by Mahatma Gandhi to lead the Personal Civil Disobedience Movement in October 1940?

(A)  Vinoba Bhave

(B)  Jawahar Lal Nehru

(C)  C. Rajgopalachari

(D)  Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Answer: (A)

32. India is the leading producer and consumer of which crop-

(A)  Rice

(B)  Tea

(C)  Pulses

(D)  Oil seeds

Answer: (B)

33. Who is awarded by Nobel prize for Economics?

(A)  Pope John Paul-II

(B)  Condiliza Rice

(C)  John Maikken

(D)  Paul Krugman

Answer: (D)

34. Which of the following is the movement path of stars/plants around the Sun?

(A)  Elliptical

(B)  Circular

(C)  Parabolic

(D)  Linear

Answer: (C)

35. Who is awarded by Booker Prize for the novel ‘The White Tiger’?

(A)  Amitabh Ghosh

(B)  Arundhati Roy

(C)  Arvind Adiga

(D)  Mahashweta Devi

Answer: (C)

36. Which river makes ‘Shiva Samundram’ waterfall in South India?

(A)  Narmada

(B)  Kaveri

(C)  Krishna

(D)  Godavari

Answer: (B)

37. If the President of India has to resign, to which person he/she will write?

(A)  Chief Election Commissioner

(B)  Speaker of the Lok-Sabha

(C)  Prime Minister

(D)  Vice-President

Answer: (D)

38. Who established India’s first Women University?

(A)  M. G. Ranade

(B)  Dhondho Keshav Karve

(C)  R. G. Bhandarkar

(D)  Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Answer: (A)

39. Which Sikh Guru was hanged by the order of Badshah (ruler) Jahangir?

(A)  Guru Arjun Deo

(B)  Guru  Teg Bahadur

(C)  Guru Govind Singh

(D)  Guru Ramdas

Answer: (A)

40. Aga Khan Palace is situated in-

(A)  Ahmedabad

(B)  Mumbai

(C)  Chennai

(D)  Pune

Answer: (D)

41. The number of Chromosomes in the human body are-

(A)  42

(B)  44

(C)  46

(D)  48

Answer: (C)

42. Which pair is false among the followings-

(A)  Venus-the brightest planet

(B)  Jupitor-the biggest planet

(C)  Murcury-the fastest planet

(D)  Mars-Closest planet to the earth

Answer: (D)

43. ‘World Ozone Day’ is celebrated on-

(A)  14 July

(B)  5 September

(C)  16 September

(D)  10 November

Answer: (C)

44. Which language is not mentioned in the eighth schedule of Indian constitution?

(A)  Urdu

(B)  Sanskrit

(C)  English

(D)  Nepali

Answer: (D)

45. Most of the active volcanoes are situated around-

(A)  Indian Ocean

(B)  Atlantic Ocean

(C)  Pacific Ocean

(D)  Arctic Ocean

Answer: (C)

46. Jawahar Navodya Vidyalaya was established on the recommendation of-

(A)  National Education Policy (1986)

(B)  Programme of Action (amendment 1992)

(C)  Indian Education Commission (1966)

(D)  Review Committee of the National Education Policy (1986)

Answer: (D)

47. Who was the Chairman of the committee constituted for the investigation related to giving moral education during 1958-59.

(A)  Dr. Sampurna Nand

(B)  Dr. M.C. Changla

(C)  Sri Svaram Singh

(D)  Sri Sriprakash

Answer: (A)

48. Who recommended work experience in the school syllabus, as its integral part?

(A)  Melcom Adishehaiya Committee

(B)  Ishwar Bhai Patel Committee

(C)  Tarachand Committee

(D)  Abaut-Vud-Committee

Answer: (B)

49. As a constitutional body N.C.T.E (National Council of Teachers Education) was established on-

(A)  1985

(B)  1986

(C)  1992

(D)  1995

Answer: (D)

50. By the reluctant of National Education Policy (1986), ‘Operation Blackboard’ was Commenced on-

(A)  1988

(B)  1990

(C)  1992

(D)  1995

Answer: (A)

51. A student had made you fool prior to one day. What will be your reaction when the same student gives you a good suggestion.

(A)  You expect it

(B)  You will say another student to evaluate it

(C)  You will accept it happily

(D)  You will evaluate it yourself

Answer: (A)

52. Which was the first committee, established to evaluate the problem of expenditure and obstruction in growth?

(A)  Jakir Hussain Committee

(B)  Rammurthy Committee

(C)  Hunting Committee

(D)  Sri Prakash Committee

Answer: (C)

53. Which age group of children are included in ‘Sarvashikhsha Abhiyan’?

(A)  0 – 14 years

(B)  6 – 14 years

(C)  3 – 18 years

(D)  6 – 18 years

Answer: (B)

54. Which Indian political party was established in Tashkent?

(A)  Indian National Congress

(B)  Farmers and Labours Party

(C)  Gadar Party

(D)  Indian Communist Party

Answer: (D)

55. Who was the chairman of Secondary Education Commission (1952-53)?

(A)  Dr. S. Radha Krishnan

(B)  Dr. Lakshmiswami Mudalier

(C)  Dr. Ligun Sea

(D)  Dr. D. S. Kothari

Answer: (B)


56. Which can not be the reason of discipline-

(A)  To accept the importance of obey the rules

(B)  To accept the personal right and dignity

(C)  To accept the value of freedom, equality and Justice.

(D)  To accept its good role to achieve the aim.

Answer: (D)

57. Which can not be the reason of discipline-

(A)  To accept the importance of obey the rules

(B)  To accept the personal right and dignity

(C)  To accept the value of freedom, equality and Justice.

(D)  To accept its good role to achieve the aim.

Answer: (B)

58. Which is the best medium of broadcasting for a scholar?

(A)  Teacher

(B)  Media

(C)  Communication

(D)  Excellence conversation

Answer: (D)

59. When a student gives wrong answer to any question, then what is the appropriate treatment for him?

(A)  Snapped not for learning the Chapter.

(B)  To re-struct the question so that right answer can be given

(C)  To re-struct the question, giving the clue

(D)  To give the right answer with explanation

Answer: (D)

60. From the following which can make a teacher effective?

(A)  If he uses instruction supportive materials

(B)  If he helps in motive search of readable chapter

(C)  If he gives examples and asks questions from the lesson

(D)  If he helps students to know the answer

Answer: (C)

61. Which technic is not suitable to learn science?

(A)  Observation method

(B)  Equipment method

(C)  Conclusion method

(D)  Listening method

Answer: (D)

62. Many specialists advocate the system of “Open Book Exam System”. On this-

(A)  Large number of books will be needed for Board

(B)  More potential will be needed to make question papers

(C)  Student’s participation will be needed

(D)  Special examiners/evaluaters will be needed to examine answer sheets

Answer: (B)

63. If students did not understand the lesson taught by you, what should you do?

(A)  Prior knowledge of students will be reexamined.

(B)  Lesson will be taught again

(C)  Lesson will be taught again with more examples.

(D)  It will be left at present to teach in future.

Answer: (C)

64. ‘Pedagogy’ is called-

(A)  Teaching science

(B)  Art of learning

(C)  Teaching-excellence-Science and Art both

(D)  Communication (Presentation) Science

Answer: (C)

65. Which order will be most suited?

[If M → Motivation, I → Clarification, P → Presentation and R → Conclusion]





Answer: (B)

66. What does not come in the newly proposed concept ‘CCE’ (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation)

(A)  Soft planning of evaluation

(B)  To keep the teachers busy in the evaluation work

(C)  Determination of teaching and non-teaching aspects of learner

(D)  Evaluation through Portfolio/documentation

Answer: (A)

67. Why is it necessary to participate the community in school education?

(A)  Supervision of teacher’s work

(B)  To improve the school-environment

(C)  To collect extra resources

(D)  For the growth of best human resources

Answer: (B)

68. Which is not the meaning of Alternative school?

(A)  Charwaha School

(B)  Education to not the school going children

(C)  Education of neighbour child in that surroundings

(D)  Child education near the construction sites

Answer: (A)

69. A best teacher is, who ….. (exact option)

(A)  inspires the students

(B)  provides all necessary help to students

(C)  helps to score good marks

(D)  maintains discipline in the class

Answer: (B)

70. In making time-table what should be cared most?

(A)  Principle of Justice

(B)  Principle of case of tiredness

(C)  Principle of differentiation

(D)  Principle of flexibility

Answer: (B)

71. What will be the best mode for development of Co-operate-value?

(A)  To make an arrangement of lectures on this subject

(B)  To organize cultural programmes

(C)  Arrangement of a camp for one month

(D)  To play an ideal role

Answer: (D)

72. Which of the followings can increase the quality of education?

(A)  To extend one hour time-period

(B)  Service period teacher training

(C)  Solution and treatment teaching

(D)  By help-books

Answer: (B)

73. What is the main difference between formal schools and open schools?

(A)  First are organized

(B)  Second use less facial factor in their education system

(C)  Second use modern equipments

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

74. In the view of social agency, school can be called a …….. agent.

(A)  Primary

(B)  Secondary

(C)  Complementary

(D)  Tertiary

Answer: (C)

75. Various types of competitions should be organized in schools, because-

(i) sufficient fund is available for this.

(ii) It helps to develop mutual understanding among different groups.

(A)  Only (i) is relevant

(B)  Only (ii) is relevant

(C)  Both (i) & (ii) are relevant

(D)  Both (i) & (ii) are irrelevant

Answer: (C)

76. Which can not be the stage of learning?

(A)  Procedure

(B)  Difference-perception

(C)  Exercise

(D)  Imagination

Answer: (A)

77. Which of the following is decisive for teaching work?

(A)  To make effective the excellence

(B)  To educate

(C)  True management of classes

(D)  Communication with students

Answer: (A)

78. What will be indication when a group of students gets more marks in the question-paper mad by any teacher?

(A)  It is a group of high achiever

(B)  Teacher has taught well

(C)  Question-paper is good

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

79. Conclusion of any communication is perceivable senses based on our sensible organ which-

(A)  sends direct code information to the brain

(B)  explains received information

(C)  works by selected process on received information

(D)  processes only the information

Answer: (D)

80. Which of the following is not the quality of questions to know the answer of asked questions to the children?

(A)  clear meaning

(B)  not necessary of references

(C)  use of two negative words in a sentence

(D)  to be specific answers.

Answer: (D)



81. Jaundice is due to the infection of-

(A)  Brain

(B)  Liver

(C)  Kidney

(D)  Spleen

Answer: (B)

82. In a normal person average rate of heart beat is-

(A)  82

(B)  92

(C)  72

(D)  98

Answer: (C)

83. EEG is used for the observation of which part of the body?

(A)  Heart

(B)  Lungs

(C)  Brain

(D)  Muscles

Answer: (C)

84. Colour of cows milk is light yellow due to-

(A)  Zenthophil

(B)  Riboflevin

(C)  Ribulos

(D)  Kerotin

Answer: (D)

85. Which of the following is infectious-

(A)  Diabetes

(B)  Diphtheria

(C)  Arthritis

(D)  Cancer

Answer: (B)

86. Which of the following is less in Anaemia?

(A)  Haemoglobin

(B)  Collagen

(C)  Highoglobin

(D)  Myosin

Answer: (A)

87. Which of the following disease spreads through air?

(A)  Plague

(B)  Typhoid

(C)  Tuberculosis

(D)  Cholera

Answer: (A)

88. Cereals are rich sources of-

(A)  Starch

(B)  Glucose

(C)  Fructose

(D)  Maltose

Answer: (A)

89. Aspirin is the ordinary name of-

(A)  Salicylic acid

(B)  Salicylate

(C)  Methyl Salicylate

(D)  Acetylsalicylic acid

Answer: (D)

90. Reason of small Pox is-

(A)  Rubiola Virus

(B)  Variola Virus

(C)  Varicela

(D)  Mixovirus

Answer: (B)

91. Carbon Monoxide is an inflammable gas. Which of the following is also an inflammable gas-

(A)  Helium

(B)  Nitrogen

(C)  Oxygen

(D)  Hydrogen

Answer: (D)

92. In the Aerobic Respiration which of the following is needed-

(A)  Heat

(B)  Water

(C)  Oxygen

(D)  Sunlight

Answer: (C)

93. Which of the following does not produce Hydrogen in reaction with water-

(A)  Potassium

(B)  Cadmium

(C)  Sodium

(D)  Lithium

Answer: (B)

94. Ozone contains-

(A)  Only Oxygen

(B)  Oxygen and Nitrogen

(C)  Hydrogen and Carbon

(D)  Oxygen and Carbon

Answer: (A)

95. Which of the following liquid is of low density-

(A)  Fresh water

(B)  Salt water

(C)  Petrol

(D)  Mercury

Answer: (C)

96. Which of the following theory is used to produce low-temperature-

(A)  Super conductivity

(B)  Joule-Kelvin effect

(C)  Thermoelectric effect

(D)  Adiabatic demagnetisation

Answer: (A)

97. Photoelectric cell transforms-

(A)  Mechanical energy into electrical energy

(B)  Heat energy into mechanical energy

(C)  Light energy into chemical energy

(D)  Light energy into electrical energy

Answer: (D)

98. Two stones of different masses if fallen down from the peak of the building-

(A)  small stone reaches before on the ground

(B)  big stone reaches before on the ground

(C)  both stones reach together on the ground

(D)  it depends on the construction of stones

Answer: (C)

99. Pulsar are-

(A)  stars moving towards earth

(B)  stars moving far away to earth

(C)  fastest moving stars

(D)  stars having high temperature

Answer: (C)

100. Ozone hole in the atmosphere is situated at-

(A)  Above the Arctic ocean

(B)  Above the Antarctica

(C)  Above the India

(D)  Above the Alaska

Answer: (B)


101. Find the value of 





Answer: (C)

102. Some people collected 72 rupees by giving equal amount. If three persons were less then each had to give 4 rupees more. How many people were there?

(A)  8

(B)  9

(C)  12

(D)  24

Answer: (B)

103. If 25n – 1 = 52n – 1 – 100, then what is the value of n?

(A)  0

(B)  1

(C)  2

(D)  −1

Answer: (C)

104. The difference of simple interest and recurring interest of any amount in 3 years by the rate of 10% is 31 rupees. What will be the principal amount?

(A)  1331

(B)  1200

(C)  1000

(D)  800

Answer: (C)

105. There are 5 : 2 ratio of milk and water in any mixture of 35 litre. If 5 litre more milk is mixed in it then what will be the ratio of milk and water in the new?

(A)  3 : 1

(B)  25 : 10

(C)  30 : 25

(D)  2 : 7

Answer: (A)

106. If the speed of a passenger train is enhanced with 10 km per hour, then it takes 3 hours less time to cover a distance of 360 km. Find the average speed of the train.

(A)  25 km/hour

(B)  30 km/hour

(C)  40 km/hour

(D)  60 km/hour

Answer: (B)

107. If 25 people finished one project in 15 days doing 8 hours job, then how many days will be taken by 20 people for doing two-times more job?

(A)  50 days

(B)  40 days

(C)  30 days

(D)  25 days

Answer: (C)

108. Monthly average income of a person (January, February, and March) was 1500 rupees, and monthly average income of February, March and April was 1800 rupees. If his income of April is 1600 then what was his January’s income?

(A)  Rs. 700

(B)  Rs. 800

(C)  Rs. 1000

(D)  Rs. 1200

Answer: (A)

109. A person buys two pen in 150 rupees, he sells one of them at 12% profit and the other at 12% loss. He realizes that he has sold both of them at same price, then what will be the ratio of buying price of both pen?

(A)  1 : 2

(B)  3 : 2

(C)  4 : 5

(D)  11 : 14

Answer: (D)

110. If , then what will be the value of .

(A)  7/12

(B)  3/5

(C)  1/12

(D)  1/7

Answer: (B)

111. What will be the value of tan 5° tan 10° tan 45° tan 80° tan 85°?

(A)  0

(B)  1

(C)  −1

(D)  2

Answer: (B)

112. Angle of elevation of top of a high building and a helicopter flying right above the building are 30° and 60° respectively from a point ‘P’ on the ground. Find out the height of helicopter from ground.

(A)  30 metre

(B)  45 metre

(C)  60 metre

(D)  70 metre

Answer: (A)

113. Mean of 11 numbers is 35. If the mean of first 6 number and the meanof last 6 numbers are gradually 32 and 37 then what will be the 6th number?

(A)  27

(B)  28

(C)  29

(D)  30

Answer: (C)

114. If the length of any rectangle is increased by 50% and the breadth decreased by 50%, a new rectangle is formed, what will be the area of a new rectangle?

(A)  50% less than first rectangle

(B)  50% m ore than first rectangle

(C)  25% more than first rectangle

(D)  25% less than first rectangle

Answer: (D)

115. If the radius of any circle is increased by two times then what will increase in its surface area?

(A)  400%

(B)  300%

(C)  200%

(D)  100%

Answer: (B)

116. Ratio of radius and height of a right circular cone is 5 : 12. If volume of the cone is 314 cm3 then find the slant height of the cone?

(A)  13 cm

(B)  12 cm

(C)  8 cm

(D)  5 cm

Answer: (A)

117. Sixth and seventh observations of twelve observations which are arranged in an increasing order are 14 and 15, then what is the median of all the twelve observations?

(A)  14.5

(B)  14

(C)  15

(D)  15.5

Answer: (A)

118. What is the distance of a pt(1, 2) from the mid pt of a line segment joining (6, 8) and (2, 4)?

(A)  4

(B)  5

(C)  6

(D)  8

Answer: (B)

119. What is the common difference of an A.P. if mth term of the A.P. is 1/m and nth term is 1/n?

(A)  1/mn

(B)  −1/mn

(C)  m/n

(D)  n/m

Answer: (B)

120. If two coins are tossed simultaneously then what will be the probability of getting at least one head?

(A)  1/4

(B)  1/3

(C)  3/4

(D)  4/3

Answer: (C)


121. Three bigha corridor combines-

(A)  India and Pakistan

(B)  India and China

(C)  Bangladesh and Pakistan

(D)  Bangladesh and India

Answer: (D)

122. Who built the Vijaya Stambh in Chittor?

(A)  Maharana Pratap

(B)  Rana Sangram Singh

(C)  Rana Kumbha

(D)  Rana Ratan Singh

Answer: (C)

123. Which religious book was called as ‘mother’ by Gandhiji?

(A)  Ramayana

(B)  The New Testament

(C)  Bhagvatgeeta

(D)  Kuran Sharif

Answer: (C)

124. Tihari water electrical complex is situated on the bank of river-

(A)  Alakananda

(B)  Mandakini

(C)  Dhauli Ganga

(D)  Bhagirathi

Answer: (D)

125. The person who had made the design of Rashtrapati Bhawan was-

(A)  Adward Stone

(B)  Le Kaburje

(C)  Advin Lutians

(D)  Tarun Dutta

Answer: (C)

126. ‘Quit India’ movement 1942 was commended in the month of-

(A)  January

(B)  March

(C)  August

(D)  December

Answer: (C)

127. Match the following-


(a) Keshav Chandra Sen

(b) Dayanand Saraswati

(c) Atmaram Pandurang

(d) Syed Ahmed Khan


1. Prathana Samaj

2. Brahma Samaj

3. Aligarh Movement

4. Arya Samaj

(A)  (a) – 4; (b) – 1; (c) – 3; (d) – 2

(B)  (a) – 1; (b) – 4; (c) – 2; (d) – 3

(C)  (a) – 2; (b) – 4; (c) – 1; (d) – 3

(D)  (a) – 3; (b) – 2; (c) – 4; (d) – 1

Answer: (C)

128. Who was the first British President of Indian National Congress?

(A)  George Yule

(B)  William Vederbern

(C)  A. O. Hume

(D)  Henery Coton

Answer: (A)

129. Which person is known as ‘Grand old man of India’?

(A)  Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(B)  Dada Bhai Nauroji

(C)  Moti Lal Nehru

(D)  Lal Lajpat Rai

Answer: (B)

130. Who wrote the ‘Akbarnama’?

(A)  Akbar

(B)  Birbal

(C)  Abul Fajal

(D)  Bhagwan Das

Answer: (C)

131. In India, Panchayati Raj System was introduced-

(A)  In 1950

(B)  In 1945

(C)  In 1959

(D)  In 1962

Answer: (C)

132. The person who was elected twice as the Vice-President was-

(A)  Dr. S. Radhakrishanan

(B)  Shri R. Venkat Raman

(C)  Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma

(D)  Shri V. V. Giri

Answer: (A)

133. By which amendment of Indian constitution two words – Socialist and Secular was added in the Preamble?

(A)  28

(B)  40

(C)  42

(D)  52

Answer: (C)

134. Indian constitution adhered to-

(A)  26 January, 1950

(B)  26 January, 1952

(C)  15 August, 1948

(D)  26 November, 1949

Answer: (A)

135. Who was the first lady governor of a state in free India?

(A)  Smt. Sarojini Naidu

(B)  Smt. Sucheta Kriplani

(C)  Smt. Indira Gandhi

(D)  Smt. Vijaya Luxmi Pandit

Answer: (A)

136. Name the parliamentary committee which scrutinizes the report of Comptroller and Auditor General.

(A)  Estimates Committee

(B)  Select Committee

(C)  Public Accounts Committee

(D)  None of these

Answer: (C)

137. Which of the following shows the joining line of the places where rainfall are equal?

(A)  Iisohips

(B)  Iisohelienj

(C)  Isobar

(D)  Isohytes

Answer: (D)

138. Equator line is-

(A)  the line which joints the North and South pole

(B)  the imaginary line which moves exactly in the centre of the earth of North and South Pole

(C)  A girdle around Saturn (planet)

(D)  An axis of rotation of earth

Answer: (B)

139. Which is not correct when the interest rate is high in the economic system?

(A)  saving increases

(B)  process of lend decreases

(C)  cost of production increases

(D)  resultant of capital increases    


Answer: (D)

140. Labour Intensive Technique will be selected in-

(A)  In labour surplus economy

(B)  It capital surplus economy

(C)  In developed economy

(D)  In developing economy

Answer: (A)


Direction: (Q. 141-142): Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.


(A)  Grieve

(B)  Endure

(C)  Forgive

(D)  Ignore

Answer: (B)


(A)  Absolve

(B)  Respect

(C)  Estimate

(D)  Confirm

Answer: (D)

Directions: (Q. 143-144) : Choose the one which is most opposite in meaning.


(A)  Protect

(B)  Promote

(C)  Pacify

(D)  Praise

Answer: (D)


(A)  Civil

(B)  Cool

(C)  Calm

(D)  Civilized

Answer: (D)

145. Change the following active voice into passive one-

Does the noise disturb you?

(A)  You are disturb by the noise

(B)  Are you disturb by the noise

(C)  You are disturbing by the noise

(D)  Are you disturbing by the noise

Answer: (B)

146. Change the Narration-

He said,  ‘where is the book?’

(A)  He asked me where the book is

(B)  He asked me where the book was

(C)  he asked me where was the book

(D)  he asked me where is the book 


Answer: (B)

Directions: (Q. 147-148) : Give one word for the following expressions-

147. One who is honourably discharged from service.

(A)  Retired

(B)  Emeritus

(C)  Relieved

(D)  Emancipated

Answer: (B)

148. A statement that can have a double meaning.

(A)  Verbose

(B)  Ambivalent

(C)  Epigraph

(D)  Ambiguous

Answer: (D)

Directions (Q. 149-151): The Italic part of the sentence may have an error. Make the given sentence meaningful and correct by replacing from the given alternatives.

149. Are you more cleverer than us?

(A)  more cleverer to us

(B)  cleverer to us

(C)  cleverer than us

(D)  No improvement

Answer: (C)

150. If I were him I would have not accepted the offer.

(A)  If I was him

(B)  If I were he

(C)  If I had he

(D)  No improvement

Answer: (B)

151. We thought that she…. the job.

(A)  Isn’t it?

(B)  Do  you?

(C)  Can’t you?

(D)  No improvement

Answer: (C)

152. We thoughts that she… the job.

(A)  gets

(B)  is getting

(C)  will get

(D)  would get

Answer: (D)

153. I shall not be late for dinner …..

(A)  unless the train will be late

(B)  unless the train will not be late

(C)  unless the train will not be late

(D)  unless the train is late

Answer: (C)

Directions: (Q. 154-155) : Choose the word/phrase nearest better/correct in meaning to the Italic part of the given sentence.

154. These are people who always eulogize the achievements of others-

(A)  exaggerate

(B)  appreciate

(C)  approve

(D)  encourage

Answer: (B)

155. When I went to see my friend, I found that he was gone out

(A)  Had gone

(B)  Has gone

(C)  Had been going

(D)  No improvement

Answer: (A)

156. Caesar and Cleopatra is a play written by-

(A)  Shakesperare

(B)  Marlowe

(C)  George Bernard Shaw

(D)  Dryden

Answer: (C)

157. Who holdes the view that “Poetry divorced from morality is value-less”?

(A)  Wordsworth

(B)  Arnold

(C)  T.S. Eliot

(D)  Milton

Answer: (A)

158. Who said “I admire Jonson, but love Shakespeare”?

(A)  Dryden

(B)  Dr. Johnson

(C)  Arnold

(D)  Pope

Answer: (A)

159. Who is the author of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire?

(A)  Ruskin

(B)  Edmund Burke

(C)  Edward Gibbon

(D)  William Robertson

Answer: (C)

160. Which is the first regular tragedy in English?

(A)  Roister Doister

(B)  Gorboduc

(C)  Morte de Arthur

(D)  Troylus and Cryseyde

Answer: (B)

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