IGNOU B.Ed. Entrance Exam Previous Year Question Paper 2010 With Answer Key

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IGNOU B.Ed. Entrance Test 2010



Directions: Read the following passage carefully and pick out the best answer out of the four choices given in each question:

Adventure is the spirit that motivates persons to undertake difficult tasks. However the spirit of adventure tends to be restrained by caution. Sometimes this caution gives warning of the potential dangers, when our foremost thoughts are of safety first. Yet in some men the urge for adventure may  be so strong that it overwhelms the primary instinct of self preservation and inspires them to attempt the impossible.

     Adventure may not always be successful. It is enough if adventure is impelled by courage. Indeed the failure of a gallant enterprise often touches our heart deeply even more than if it were a success.

     There has never been a person, who knew no fear, but the finer the courage of the person, the lesser will one betray fear. When the think of persons who go after adventure with a complete disregard for danger. We should remember that their bodies are as sensible to agony as ours, and their mind suffers from same anxieties.

1. According to the writer, the spirt of adventure is to-

(A)  take all work

(B)  undertake difficult tasks

(C)  readiness to take risk

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

2. Sometimes the caution acts as warning to-

(A)  nature of task

(B)  not to go for the task

(C)  potential dangers

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (B)

3. In some person; the urge for adventure is so strong that-

(A)  it discourages the person

(B)  it overwhelms the primary instinct

(C)  it gives the time to think

(D)  it always shows the danger

Answer: (B)

4. According to this passage, a courageous person-

(A)  doesn’t care for any danger

(B)  doesn’t easily express fear

(C)  cannot express fear

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

5. According to this text the adventure is impelled by-

(A)  Success

(B)  Courage

(C)  Danger

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (B)

6. A truly courageous persons are also-

(A)  Sensitive to their body

(B)  Sensitive to their mind

(C)  Gain control over their body and mind

(D)  Sensitive to their mind and body

Answer: (D)

7. Adventurous persons always-

(A)  prefer to live happy life

(B)  inspires to attempt the impossible

(C)  love to live together

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (D)

8. Adventure is a-

(A)  Characteristics of a person

(B)  Courage of a person

(C)  Both A and B

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

9. According to this text, the adventure and courage have a-

(A)  negative correlation

(B)  positive correlation

(C)  zero correlation

(D)  Both A and B

Answer: (B)

10. The passage expressed that-

(A)  Adventure is always successful

(B)  Adventure cannot be unsuccessful

(C)  Adventure may not always be successful

(D)  Adventure will never be successful

Answer: (C)


Direction (Q. 11-15): Find the best suited missing number from the given alternatives.

11. 1, 4, 8, 11, 15, ?, 22

(A)  19

(B)  18

(C)  20

(D)  17

Answer: (B)

12. 1, 4, 9, 16, ?

(A)  23

(B)  24

(C)  25

(D)  30

Answer: (C)

13. 1, 2, 6, 24, ?

(A)  120

(B)  144

(C)  30

(D)  140

Answer: (A)

14. 1, 3, 9, ?, 81

(A)  12

(B)  15

(C)  27

(D)  25

Answer: (C)

15. A, E, ?, O, U

(A)  F

(B)  I

(C)  G

(D)  L

Answer: (B)

Direction (Q. 16-20): Three words are given, first two words are related. Find the appropriate word from the given options for third word.

16. Taka : Bangladesh : : Rupiah : ?

(A)  Spain

(B)  Denmark

(C)  Indonesia

(D)  Malaysia

Answer: (C)

17. Ghalib : Poetry : : Picasso : ?

(A)  Drama

(B)  Literature

(C)  Sculpture

(D)  Painting

Answer: (D)

18. Tarlatan : Muslin : : Poplin : ?

(A)  Jute

(B)  Wool

(C)  Cotton

(D)  Rayon

Answer: (C)

19. Ottawa : Canada : : Canberra : ?

(A)  Argentina

(B)  Switzerland

(C)  Austria

(D)  Australia

Answer: (D)

20. King : Throne : : Rider : ?

(A)  Seat

(B)  Saddle

(C)  Horse

(D)  Chair

Answer: (B)

21. If UMESH is coded as ‘FNVHS’, POT will be coded as-

(A)  JLG

(B)  KMG

(C)  KLG

(D)  LKG

Answer: (C)

22. If BEAT is coded as YVZG, MILD will be coded as-





Answer: (D)

23. If NUMBER is coded as UNBMRE, GHOST will be coded as-





Answer: (D)

24. If RADIO is coded as UDGLR; PHOTO will be coded as-





Answer: (C)

25. If WORLD is coded as ASVPH; GLOBE will be coded as-





Answer: (B)

26. If it was Saturday on day before yesterday, which day will it be two days after day tomorrow.

(A)  Monday

(B)  Tuesday

(C)  Sunday

(D)  Friday

Answer: (D)

27. Out of the following words, which word will cover at serial no. 2 in the dictionary.

(A)  Practice

(B)  Practical

(C)  Practicable

(D)  Practise

Answer: (B)

28. Seven men eat 28 fruits in 4 minutes. How much will one man take to eat one fruit?

(A)  4 minutes

(B)  3 minutes

(C)  20 seconds

(D)  1 minute

Answer: (D)

29. If order of English alphabet is reversed, which will be letter no. 11 from left?

(A)  P

(B)  Q

(C)  N

(D)  M

Answer: (A)

30. Moham said Beena, “Your father is the son of my mother’s sister”. What is Beena’s relation with Mohan?

(A)  Brother

(B)  Niece

(C)  Cousin sister

(D)  Niece (sister’s daughter)

Answer: (B)


31. Right to education to all children between the age of 6 to 14 years is related to the article-

(A)  Article 20

(B)  Article 21

(C)  Article 22

(D)  Article 23

Answer: (B)

32. The state of India where female literacy is lowest-

(A)  Bihar

(B)  Uttar Pradesh

(C)  Rajasthan

(D)  Madhya Pradesh

Answer: (A)

33. Vishwanathan Anand is a champion of-

(A)  Chess

(B)  Billiards

(C)  Snooker

(D)  Archery

Answer: (A)

34. Who accompanied Edmund Hilary on Mount Everst?

(A)  Tenzing Norgay

(B)  Sherpa Lepzing

(C)  Chirstopher

(D)  Dilip Sardesai

Answer: (A)

35. BIHU is the festival of……….

(A)  Bihar

(B)  Asom

(C)  Uttarakhand

(D)  Meghalaya

Answer: (B)

36. First May is observed as-

(A)  International Women’s Day

(B)  International Worker’s Day

(C)  World Environment Day

(D)  World Health Day

Answer: (B)

37. Whose signatures are found on one rupee note?

(A)  Finance Secretary

(B)  Governor of RBI

(C)  Finance Minister

(D)  Deputy Finance Minister

Answer: (A)

38. World famous Rock Garden is situated at-

(A)  Kolkata

(B)  Jaipur

(C)  Chandigarh

(D)  Bengaluru

Answer: (C)

39. The nuclear test site Pokharan is situated in the state of-

(A)  Haryana

(B)  Rajasthan

(C)  Madhya Pradesh

(D)  Jammu & Kashmir

Answer: (B)

40. 97th Constitutional Amendment deals with-

(A)  Elementary Education

(B)  Power of Vice President

(C)  Power of the Election Commission

(D)  Anti Defection Bill

Answer: (A)

41. Which of the following is not included in four Vedas?

(A)  Rigveda

(B)  Samaveda

(C)  Atharvveda

(D)  Ayurveda

Answer: (D)

42. Which one of the following is the sacred book of Sikhs?

(A)  Adi Granth Sahib

(B)  Guru Granth Sahib

(C)  Govind Granth Sahib

(D)  Maha Granth Sahib

Answer: (A)

43. The Mauryan Capital city was-

(A)  Prayag

(B)  Pataliputra

(C)  Vaishali

(D)  Ujjaini

Answer: (B)

44. Fatehpur Sikri was built by-

(A)  Babur

(B)  Jahangir

(C)  Humayun

(D)  None of these

Answer: (D)

45. In the eye donation, which part of the eye is transplanted from the donor?

(A)  Cornea

(B)  Lens      

(C)  Retina

(D)  The whole eye

Answer: (A)

46. The full form of ISRO is-

(A)  Indian Space Research Organization

(B)  International Satellite Research Organization

(C)  Indian Satellite Research Organization

(D)  International Space Research Organization

Answer: (A)

47. Zero as a numeral was discovered by the-

(A)  Arabs

(B)  Egyptians       

(C)  Greeks

(D)  Indians

Answer: (D)

48. The stupa at Sanchi was built by-

(A)  Kanishka

(B)  Harshavardhan

(C)  Ashoka

(D)  Samudragupta

Answer: (C)

49. Akbar tried to found a new religion because-

(A)  He wanted to become famous as a religious hero

(B)  He had a vision telling him to do so

(C)  He wanted to unite the people of many religious who lived in his empire under one religion

(D)  He did not believe in the old religion

Answer: (B)

50. Hiuen Tsang, the famous Chinese pilgrim visited India during the reign of-

(A)  Ashoka

(B)  Chandragupta II

(C)  Kanishka

(D)  Harshvardhan

Answer: (D)

51. The construction of Qutub Minar was initiated by Qutab-Uddin-Aibak and completed by-

(A)  Balban

(B)  Firoj Tuglak

(C)  Iltutmish

(D)  Alauddin Khilji

Answer: (C)

52. The universal blood donor group is-

(A)  A

(B)  O

(C)  B

(D)  AB

Answer: (B)

53. Jim Corbett National Park is in-

(A)  Uttarakhand

(B)  Assam

(C)  Maharashtra

(D)  Madhya Pradesh

Answer: (A)

54. The language spoken by the largest number of people in the world is-

(A)  English

(B)  Hindi

(C)  Chinese 

(D)  French

Answer: (C)

55. NSSO means-

(A)  National Sample Survey Organization

(B)  National Survey of Survivors Organization

(C)  National Simple Survey Organization

(D)  National Study on Surgical Operation

Answer: (A)


56. By which method the students learn to the maximum extent?

(A)  Be seeing

(B)  By reading

(C)  By listening

(D)  By doing themselves

Answer: (D)

57. Which quality of the teacher is liked the most by the students?

(A)  Punctuality

(B)  Impartiality

(C)  Love for discipline

(D)  Dominance

Answer: (B)

58. What should be teacher do to maintain the interest of students in class teaching?

(A)  Maximum use of blackboard

(B)  Extensive use of examples from the practical life

(C)  Extensive use of teaching materials/aids

(D)  Giving ample opportunity to students for discussion/deliberations

Answer: (C)

59. You think that the surprise tests is justified because-

(A)  Students remain frightened due to these

(B)  You do not need to prepare yourself at  home

(C)  You can escape the teaching session

(D)  The abilities and knowledge levels of students can  be truly judged through such tests

Answer: (D)

60. A teacher should work according to-

(A)  His own liking

(B)  The need of the time

(C)  His capacity to work

(D)  His needs

Answer: (B)

61. Children with disabilities must get education because-

(A)  They are vulnerable

(B)  They have special needs

(C)  It is a basic constitutional right

(D)  They are poor

Answer: (C)

62. Which of the following is a sensory disorder?

(A)  Hearing Impairment

(B)  Mental Retardation

(C)  Cerebral Palsy

(D)  Neuro muscular Disorder

Answer: (D)

63. International Disability Day is-

(A)  1st December

(B)  3rd December

(C)  6th January

(D)  4th December

Answer: (B)

64. Rehabilitation Council of India was established in-

(A)  1992

(B)  1980

(C)  1994

(D)  1986

Answer: (D)

65. PWD Act was enacted in-

(A)  1996

(B)  1997

(C)  1995

(D)  1996

Answer: (C)

66. CBR is short form of-

(A)  Custom Based Rehabilitation

(B)  Community Based Rehabilitation

(C)  Committee Based Rehabilitation

(D)  Cost Based Rehabilitation

Answer: (B)

67. Itinerant teacher is-

(A)  Another name for resource teacher

(B)  Serves only one school

(C)  Serves more than one school

(D)  Both A and C

Answer: (D)

68. Congenital Disability means disability which occurs-

(A)  By birth

(B)  After one year

(C)  After birth

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

69. Multiple disability means-

(A)  Cerebral Palsy

(B)  Low vision

(C)  Mental Retardation

(D)  More than disability

Answer: (D)

70. How many categories of professionals are covered under RCI Act?

(A)  12

(B)  16

(C)  15

(D)  3

Answer: (B)

71. How many disabilities are recognized by PWD Act 1995?

(A)  3

(B)  7

(C)  6

(D)  10

Answer: (B)

72. The National Institute for Mentally Handicapped is located at-

(A)  Delhi

(B)  Kolkata

(C)  Srinagar

(D)  Secunderabad

Answer: (D)

73. The most recent International legal Instrument in the field of disability is-

(A)  Biwako Millenium Frame Work

(B)  Beijing Declaration

(C)  UN Standard Rules

(D)  UN convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Answer: (D)

74. Braille is based on-

(A)  Dots

(B)  Lines

(C)  Raised

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

75. Decible is the unit for measuring-

(A)  Visual acquity

(B)  Hearing level

(C)  Mental level

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (B)

76. Registration of rehabilitation professional is the work is-

(A)  MCI


(C)  RCI


Answer: (C)

77. Accident may result in-

(A)  Orthopaedic Impairment

(B)  Visual Impairment

(C)  Hearing Impairment

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (D)

78. Mental Retardation is-

(A)  A disease

(B)  Absence of brain

(C)  Slow function of brain

(D)  A condition

Answer: (C)

79. Learning depends on-

(A)  Intelligence

(B)  Parental attitude

(C)  Peer attitude

(D)  None of these

Answer: (A)

80. Blindness and Deafness are-

(A)  Sensory deficits

(B)  Mental deficits

(C)  Motor deficits

(D)  Neuro deficits

Answer: (C)


Section-V (I) : SCIENCE

81. Lime water contains-

(A)  Calcium carbonate

(B)  Calcium hydroxide

(C)  Calcium bicarbonate

(D)  Sodium sulphate

Answer: (A)

82. Which of the following represents a chemical change?

(A)  Evaporation of alcohol

(B)  Sublimation of iodine

(C)  Heating of a platinum wire in Bunsen flame

(D)  Heating of mercuric oxide powder

Answer: (C)

83. Pencillin is obtained from-

(A)  Algae fungi

(B)  Fungi

(C)  Synthetics

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

84. Isotopes differ in-

(A)  Number of electrons

(B)  Number of protons

(C)  Number of neutrons

(D)  Protons and neutrons

Answer: (C)

85. The drug most widely used to relieve pain is-

(A)  Paracetamol

(B)  Aspirin

(C)  Morphine

(D)  Nimusulide

Answer: (B)

86. A person climbing a hill bends forward in order to-

(A)  Avoid slipping

(B)  Increase speed

(C)  Reduce fatigue

(D)  Increase stability

Answer: (D)

87. The technique used to transmit audio signals in television broadcast is-

(A)  Amplitude modulation

(B)  Frequency modulation

(C)  Pulse code modulation

(D)  Time division multiplexing

Answer: (B)

88. Which of the following is the most elastic?

(A)  carbon

(B)  rubber

(C)  glass

(D)  paper

Answer: (A)

89. Energy is measured in the same unit as that of-

(A)  Work

(B)  Power

(C)  Momentum

(D)  Inertia

Answer: (A)

90. A device used in converting a.c. current into d.c. is called-

(A)  Transformer

(B)  Rectifier

(C)  Induction coil

(D)  Dynamo

Answer: (D)

91. Which of the following blood group is universal recipient?

(A)  A

(B)  B

(C)  AB

(D)  O

Answer: (B)

92. Which of the following is most important for digestion?

(A)  Proteins

(B)  Milk

(C)  Fat

(D)  Vitamins

Answer: (D)

93. The human skull consists of-

(A)  22 bones

(B)  14 bones

(C)  8 bones

(D)  None of these

Answer: (B)

94. The first life of earth came-

(A)  In water

(B)  On land

(C)  In air

(D)  On mountains

Answer: (A)

95. DNA is concentrated in the-

(A)  Microsome

(B)  Nucleus

(C)  Protoplasm

(D)  Chromatin

Answer: (B)

96. Why is 28th February is observed as National Science Day?

(A)  Birth of Dr. Bhabha

(B)  First Indian atomic explosion

(C)  The world came to know about Raman Effect

(D)  A SLVD-1 launched

Answer: (C)

97. Which of the following is neither an element nor a compound?

(A)  Air

(B)  Water

(C)  Glucose

(D)  Gold

Answer: (A)

98. Which of the following gas does not pollute air?

(A)  Carbon dioxide

(B)  Carbon monoxide

(C)  Nitrogen oxide

(D)  Sulphur dioxide

Answer: (C)

99. The main atmospheric gas responsible for green house effect is-

(A)  Nitrogen

(B)  Oxygen

(C)  Ozone

(D)  Carbon dioxide

Answer: (D)

100. The atmospheric layer nearest to earth is-

(A)  Stratosphere

(B)  Troposphere

(C)  Ionosphere

(D)  Mesosphere

Answer: (B)


101. Which of the following is not a prime number-

(A)  1

(B)  2

(C)  131

(D)  157

Answer: (A)

102. Express 36 as a product of prime number-

(A)  2 × 3 × 6

(B)  6 × 6

(C)  2 × 2 × 3 × 3

(D)  4 × 9

Answer: (C)

103. Complete the series-

1, 2, 4, 7, 13, 24, 44, ?

(A)  81

(B)  80

(C)  64

(D)  66

Answer: (A)

104. The value of (42)3 is-

(A)  4 × 2 × 3

(B)  16 × 3

(C)  43

(D)  46

Answer: (D)

105. One of the factors of 6x2 – 19x – 36 is (3x + 4). State the other factor-

(A)  (2x – 9)

(B)  (6x – 9)

(C)  (6x – 9)

(D)  (2x – 19)

Answer: (A)

106. If 3x2 + 5x – 2 = 0, find the value of x-





Answer: (A)

107. The mean of reciprocals of x and y is equal to-





Answer: (C)

108. If (2x)x = 512, then x is equal to-

(A)  2

(B)  3

(C)  4

(D)  5

Answer: (B)

109. Find the sum of all numbers upto 100-

(A)  4950

(B)  5100

(C)  5000

(D)  5050

Answer: (D)


(A)  −1/3

(B)  1/2

(C)  −1/2

(D)  1/3

Answer: (B)


(A)  3

(B)  5

(C)  6

(D)  6.4

Answer: (C)

112. The value of  is-





Answer: (A)

113. What is the 20% of 30% of 40%?

(A)  2.4%

(B)  3.0%

(C)  24%

(D)  30%

Answer: (A)

114. A book publisher sold 250 books and had a gain equal to selling price of 50 books. Find profit per cent of the publisher.

(A)  25

(B)  20

(C)  50

(D)  10

Answer: (B)

115. 20 boys finish a work in 30 days, then 40 boys can finish in-

(A)  20 days

(B)  10 days

(C)  25 days

(D)  15 days

Answer: (D)

116. Which is correct?

(A)  log1 (Mn) = log a M + log a n

(B)  log a (M + n) = log a M + log a n

(C)  log a (M – n) = log M – log a n

(D)  log a (M/n) = log a M + log a n

Answer: (A)

117. The ratio of 1 hour and 15 minutes to 5 hours is-

(A)  2 : 5

(B)  4 : 15

(C)  3 : 8

(D)  1 : 4

Answer: (D)

118. If 





Answer: (A)

119. The value of  is-

(A)  0

(B)  1/2

(C)  ∞

(D)  1

Answer: (D)

120. If the volume of a sphere is divided b its surface area, the result is 27 cm. Find the radius of the sphere.

(A)  9 cm

(B)  27 cm

(C)  81 cm

(D)  63 cm

Answer: (C)


121. The planet nearest to sun is-

(A)  Mars

(B)  Mercury

(C)  Venus

(D)  Neptune

Answer: (B)

122. Thimpu is the capital of-

(A)  Sikkim

(B)  Meghalaya

(C)  Bhutan

(D)  Mizoram

Answer: (C)

123. Railways was introduced in India in the year-

(A)  1901

(B)  1883

(C)  1853

(D)  1908

Answer: (C)

124. Kolar gold mines are in the state of-

(A)  Madhya Pradesh      

(B)  Karnataka

(C)  Tamil Nadu

(D)  Orissa

Answer: (B)

125. The novel ‘Devdas’ is written by-

(A)  Sharatchandra Chatterjee

(B)  Rabindranath Tagore

(C)  Prem Chandra

(D)  Bankimchandra Chattopadhyaya

Answer: (A)

126. Ballarpur is known for-

(A)  Writing paper

(B)  Coal mines

(C)  Fertilizers

(D)  Cement plant

Answer: (A)

127. India is a ‘republic’ because-

(A)  Democratic rule exists here

(B)  Its head of state (country) is elected

(C)  Its constitution is written   

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (D)

128. The duration of ‘Zero hour’ in Lok Sabha is-

(A)  15 minutes

(B)  Half-an-hour

(C)  One hour

(D)  Not-specified

Answer: (C)

129. Lakshadweep is a group of ………. islands.

(A)  22

(B)  27

(C)  32

(D)  35

Answer: (D)

130. The Sikh Guru who faught against the Mughals was-

(A)  Guru Nanak Dev

(B)  Guru Arjun Dev

(C)  Guru Tegh Bahadur

(D)  Guru Gobind Singh

Answer: (C)

131. How many spokes are there in our national emblem ‘Ashok Chakra’?

(A)  12

(B)  15

(C)  20

(D)  24

Answer: (D)

132. The first Indian film in colour was-

(A)  Jhansi ki Rani

(B)  Aan

(C)  Sairandhri

(D)  Ramrajya

Answer: (C)

133. British shifted their capital from Calcutta to Delhi in-

(A)  1905

(B)  1909

(C)  1911

(D)  1914

Answer: (C)

134. Who gave the slogan ‘Jai Hind’?

(A)  Mahatma Gandhi

(B)  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

(C)  Subhash Chandra Bose

(D)  Bhagat Singh

Answer: (C)

135. The number of seats allotted to different states in the Lok Sabha is determined on the basis of state’s-

(A)  Population

(B)  Size

(C)  Resources

(D)  Location

Answer: (A)

136. The Andes Mountain range is in-

(A)  Europe

(B)  North America

(C)  Africa

(D)  South America

Answer: (D)

137. Konkan Railway runs between-

(A)  Mumbai-Manglore

(B)  Mumbai-Goa

(C)  Manglore-Trivendram

(D)  Goa-Kanya Kumari

Answer: (C)

138. The Indus Valley people had trade relations with-

(A)  Greece   

(B)  Egypt

(C)  Ceylon

(D)  Mesopotamia

Answer: (D)

139. Which of the following is not an essential elements of the state?

(A)  Territory

(B)  Society

(C)  Government

(D)  Population

Answer: (B)

140. When a bill is referred to a joint meeting of both the houses of the Indian Parliament, it has to be passed by-

(A)  A simple majority

(B)  Three-fourth majority

(C)  Two-third majority

(D)  Absolute majority of total membership

Answer: (A)


141. Fill up the blanks-

I tried to give him good advice but he …….. to listen.

(A)  prevented

(B)  avoided

(C)  refused

(D)  denied

Answer: (C)

142. I am given to ………. that you want to be a doctor.

(A)  learn

(B)  understand

(C)  think

(D)  predict

Answer: (C)

143. Rita always sets her alarm so that she can ……… at 8.00 am.

(A)  think over

(B)  write down

(C)  think through

(D)  wake up

Answer: (D)

144. If you are agitated too much it will …….. your judgement.

(A)  impede

(B)  impair

(C)  impose

(D)  impel

Answer: (B)

145. She always insisted on the need to …….. between ends and means.

(A)  analyze

(B)  define

(C)  distribute

(D)  distinguish

Answer: (D)

146. Choose the word with correct spellings.

(A)  Sychology

(B)  Sykology

(C)  Psychology

(D)  Psykology

Answer: (C)

147. The synonym of the word ‘infinite’ is-

(A)  unique

(B)  indefinite

(C)  vague

(D)  endless

Answer: (D)

148. Choose the wrongly spelt word.

(A)  Believe

(B)  Relieve

(C)  Grieve

(D)  Decieve

Answer: (D)

Directions: Choose the appropriate set from those given below to fill in the blanks.

149. Hundred students competed …….. one another ……… a single scholarship.

(A)  with : over

(B)  with : for

(C)  among : over

(D)  between : for

Answer: (B)

150. We went ……. the room and sat down …….. a sofa.

(A)  to : in

(B)  into : on

(C)  from : upon

(D)  in : on

Answer: (B)

151. Substitute with one word- “events which happened at the same time”.

(A)  Coincidently

(B)  Incidently

(C)  Simultaneously

(D)  Momentarily

Answer: (C)

Directions: Fill up the blanks with correct preposition.

152. Gopal is born ……. poor parents.

(A)  to

(B)  for

(C)  of

(D)  froms

Answer: (A)

153. You are senior ……. me.

(A)  by

(B)  to

(C)  than

(D)  of

Answer: (B)

154. Yogesh is certainly stronger ……….. the two.

(A)  among

(B)  between

(C)  of

(D)  than

Answer: (C)

155. I am not …….. sure of its as you are.

(A)  quite

(B)  so

(C)  very

(D)  perfectly

Answer: (B)

156. He was kind enough to accede ……… his request.

(A)  in

(B)  to

(C)  with

(D)  over

Answer: (B)

Directions: Find out the word of same meaning from 4 words for the word given above.

157. Sentimental

(A)  over sensitive

(B)  aroused

(C)  sensible

(D)  overwhelmed with emotions

Answer: (D)

158. Unanimous

(A)  timely

(B)  judicious

(C)  half hearted

(D)  agreed upon by everyone

Answer: (D)

159. Ample

(A)  Sufficient

(B)  Very little

(C)  Plentiful

(D)  Inadequate

Answer: (A)

160. Vulgar

(A)  Uncivilized

(B)  Rough

(C)  Nauseatic

(D)  Stubborn

Answer: (A)

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