Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Post Graduate Teacher Recruitment (North-East Region) Examination Held on 16-12-2017 Question Paper With Answer Key

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Post Graduate Teacher Recruitment (North-East Region) Examination Held on 16-12-2017


(1) General English

Directions- (Q. 1-3) In each of the following sentences improve the underlined part with the help of given options.

1. Such a job that you want is not available now.

(A)  as you want

(B)  which you wanted

(C)  that you wanted

(D)  which you want

Answer: (A)

2. If it did not rain you may reach there in time.

(A)  might have reached

(B)  may have reached

(C)  might reach

(D)  might reached

Answer: (A)

3. Keep him at an arm’s length lest you should suffer.

(A)  from an arm’s length

(B)  at arm’s length

(C)  at an arm long

(D)  from arms length

Answer: (B)

Directions-(Q. 4-6) Each of the following  idioms is followed by four meanings, Choose the one which best expresses its meaning.

4. on cloud nine

(A)  to be very proud

(B)  to reach the end of one’s career

(C)  to be very confused

(D)  to be very happy

Answer: (D)

5. for the hell of it

(A)  to be very unpleasant

(B)  just for fun

(C)  with an evil design

(D)  for the suffering it caused

Answer: (B)

6. a lick and a promise

(A)  to do something quickly and carelessly

(B)  to do something neatly and on time

(C)  to do something quickly and carefully

(D)  to enjoy something wholeheartedly

Answer: (A)

Directions – (Q. 7 to 9) In each of the following sentences, out of the given alternatives choose the one which best expresses the meaning the underlined word.

7. People generally avoid the company of garrulous

(A)  talkative

(B)  unkind

(C)  quarrelsome

(D)  arrogant

Answer: (A)

8. I try to keep myself away from mundane

(A)  foolish

(B)  legal

(C)  unexciting

(D)  mysterious

Answer: (A)

9. Relations between the two states have become glacial.

(A)  friendly

(B)  confused

(C)  cool

(D)  warm

Answer: (B)

Directions-(Q. 10-12) In each of the following sentences, one part may have an error. Choose the one which has the error, if any.

10. This goes only / a halfway / to explaining / what really happened.

(A)  This goes only

(B)  a halfway

(C)  to explaining

(D)  what really happened.

Answer: (C)

11. I asked / where was Ram / and she nodded / in the direction of the kitcken.

(A)  I asked

(B)  where was Ram

(C)  and she nodded

(D)  in the direction of the kitcken.

Answer: (D)

12. It is murder / in trying to reach / one’s office in such / are inclement weather.

(A)  It is murder

(B)  in trying to reach

(C)  one’s office in such

(D)  are inclement weather

Answer: (A)

Directions- (Q. 13-14) In the following items a word is followed by four explanatory expressions. Choose the expression which best describes the word.

13. Amnesty

(A)  revolt against the established government

(B)  lawlessness

(C)  general pardon

(D)  exemption from taking an oath

Answer: (C)

14. Kaleidoscope

(A)  a situation containing different parts that keep on changing.

(B)  a weapon used by the army to fire many shells at the same time.

(C)  a clock that gives time of various countries.

(D)  a telescope with different lenses.

Answer: (D)

Directions-(Q. 15-17) Choose the word most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the given word.

15. Indolence

(A)  dullness

(B)  laziness

(C)  diligence

(D)  prevention

Answer: (C)

16. Elaborate

(A)  cold

(B)  abridge

(C)  illustrate

(D)  inspire

Answer: (C)

17. Absolve

(A)  repeat

(B)  repent

(C)  blame

(D)  bless

Answer: (C)

Directions- (Q. 18-20) Complete the following sentences by using the correct form of the verb with the help of options that follow-

18. When I went to Mumbai, I realized that I …… there.

(A)  shall not have gone

(B)  needn’t have gone

(C)  must not have gone

(D)  need not to have gone

Answer: (B)

19. The sky is very cloudily it ………. soon.

(A)  is going to rain

(B)  is likely rain

(C)  would have rained

(D)  must have rained

Answer: (A)

20. New members ……. temporary identity cards tomorrow.

(A)  have been issued

(B)  were issued

(C)  will be issued

(D)  were going to be issued

Answer: (C)

सामान्य हिन्दी

Answer: (A)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (B)

Answer: (D)

Answer: (B)

Answer: (A)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (B)

Answer: (B)

Answer: (A)

Answer: (B)

Answer: (D)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (A)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (D)

Answer: (A)

Answer: (C)


(1) Current Affairs

41. Which of the following refers to the recently launched ‘Sagar Vani’?

(A)  An integrated information dissemination system related to education.

(B)  An integrated information dissemination system related to ocean alerts.

(C)  An integrated information dissemination system related to industries.

(D)  An integrated information dissemination system related to professional system related to professional skill development.

Answer: (B)

42. Which of the following government is recruiting a Special Rhino Protection Force (SRPF) to protect one-horned rhinos?

(A)  Kerala Government

(B)  Tamil Nadu Government

(C)  Assam Government

(D)  Bengal Government

Answer: (C)

43. Which of the following city hosted the Senior Asian Wrestling Championship 2017?

(A)  Sarajevo

(B)  Budapest

(C)  Belgrade

(D)  New Delhi

Answer: (D)

44. Which among the following was the theme of the World Environment Day in 2017?

(A)  Go Green

(B)  Connecting People of Nature

(C)  Biodiversity

(D)  Stop Pollution

Answer: (B)

45. Which of the following campaign has been recently launched by the Ministry of Environment to reduce the adverse environmental conditions?

(A)  Harit Diwali, Swasth Diwali

(B)  Swasth Diwali, Sab Ki Diwali

(C)  Is Diwali, Harit Diwali

(D)  Swasth Diwali, Meethi Diwali

Answer: (A)

46. Which among the following day was celebrated as ‘The International Tiger Day’ in 2017?

(A)  September 29

(B)  June 29

(C)  August 29

(D)  July 29

Answer: (D)

47. Which of the following refers to ‘Suchitwa Mission’ recently launched in Kerala?

(A)  It is a state nodal agency of sanitation and is promoting plastic free wedding ceremonies.

(B)  It is a mission to promote crop production.

(C)  It is a stat nodal agency of preserving water.

(D)  It is a state nodal agency of protecting elephants.

Answer: (A)

48. Under which of the following article of the Constitution, has the right to privacy been included as fundamental rights?

(A)  Article 20

(B)  Article 22

(C)  Article 18

(D)  Article 21

Answer: (D)

49. With whom of the following has Indian Council of Medical Research signed a pact for vaccine research and development recently?

(A)  International Vaccine Institute

(B)  National Vaccine Institute

(C)  International Institute of Vaccination

(D)  National Institute of Vaccine Immunology

Answer: (B)

50. Which of the following refers to ‘No Development Zone’ as declared by the National Green Tribunal recently?

(A)  A bridge will be built over river Ganga between Haridwar and Unnao.

(B)  Roads will be made connecting Haridwar to Unnao.

(C)  An area of 100 metres from the edge of Ganga between Haridwar to Unnao will be turned into green belts.

(D)  Haridwar and Unnao will be developed more

Answer: (C)

51. Which of the following anniversary of Quit India Movement was celebrated in 2017?

(A)  73rd Anniversary

(B)  76th Anniversary

(C)  75th Anniversary

(D)  74th Anniversary

Answer: (C)

52. Which of the following is the latest historic discovery?

(A)  Sun’s core and surface rotate at the same speed.

(B)  Sun’s core rotates four times faster than its surface.

(C)  Sun’s surface rotates four times faster than its core.

(D)  Sun’s core do not rotate.

Answer: (B)

53. Which of the following refers to GEF grant agreement recently signed between the Central Government and the World Bank?

(A)  Monetary Fund Regulation Project

(B)  Ecosystem Service Improvement Project

(C)  Trade and Tariffs Project

(D)  Employment Opportunities Project

Answer: (B)

54. Which one of the following is China’s next generation bullet train?

(A)  Ruxing

(B)  Beixing

(C)  Boxing

(D)  Fuxing

Answer: (D)

55. Which of the following government is set to launch ‘My Plant’ app to create database on tree plantation?

(A)  Maharashtra Govt.

(B)  Kerala Govt.

(C)  Karnataka Govt.

(D)  U.P. Govt.

Answer: (A)

56. Which of the following institute has recently launched India’s heaviest rocket which put GSAT-19 in space?

(A)  ISS




Answer: (C)

57. Which of the following app has been recently launched to help the disabled to find the accessible places?

(A)  Billion Ables

(B)  Million Ables

(C)  Trillion Ables

(D)  Tetra Ables

Answer: (A)

58. Who among the following won the Men’s Single Cincinnati Masters Championship in 2017?

(A)  N. Kyrgios

(B)  Simona Halep

(C)  G. Dimitrov

(D)  Rafael Nadal

Answer: (C)

59. In which of the following country was the Greco-Roman and Free style Wrestling World Cup for 2017 organized?

(A)  India

(B)  Iran

(C)  America

(D)  Pakistan

Answer: (B)

60. Who among the following won the Gold Medal in the Women’s 20 km Walk at World Athletics, 2017?

(A)  Yang Jiayu

(B)  Lyu Xiuzhi

(C)  Maria Guadalupe

(D)  Khushbir Kaur

Answer: (A)


(2) Reasoning and Numerical Ability

61. Find the number of triangle in the figure given below-

(A)  20

(B)  16

(C)  12

(D)  9

Answer: (B)

62. Two pipes A and B fill a tank in 15 and 30 minutes respectively. A third pipe C empties it in 20 minutes. If all the three pipes are opened simultaneously, then the time taken of fill the tank will be-

(A)  45 minutes

(B)  35 minutes

(C)  20 minutes

(D)  10 minutes

Answer: (C)

63. Find the number of triangles in the adjoining figure-

(A)  8

(B)  16

(C)  20

(D)  22

Answer: (D)

64. Find the next term in the series given below-






Answer: (B)

65. A fruit vender bought bananas at the rate of 10 bananas for Rs 8 and sold them at the rate of 8 bananas for Rs 10. His profit per cent was-

(A)  20.75%

(B)  28.25%

(C)  38.75%

(D)  56.25%

Answer: (D)

66. The medians of a triangle intersect at point inside it. The total number of triangles in the resulting figure are-

(A)  6

(B)  12

(C)  16

(D)  18

Answer: (C)

67. Find the order of appearance of the given words in the English Dictionary-

(a)   Preparation

(b)   Preoccupation

(c)   Premeditation

(d)   Preservation

(A)  a, b, d, c

(B)  d, b, a, c

(C)  b, c, d, a

(D)  c, b, a, d

Answer: (D)

68. A man walks 8 km towards South and then turns left. After walking 6 km, he turns partially left in such a way that while walking straight he reaches his starting point. The total distance travelled by him was-

(A)  14 km

(B)  19 km

(C)  24 km

(D)  30 km

Answer: (C)

69. Rakesh introduced a girl saying, “Her mother is the only daughter of my mother-in-law.” How is the girl related to Rakesh?

(A)  Daughter

(B)  Cousin

(C)  Sister

(D)  Wife

Answer: (A)

70. If ‘A’ is B’s brother, ‘C’ is A’s mother, ‘B’ is ‘D’s granddaughter and ‘F’ is A’s son, then how is ‘F’ related to ‘D’?

(A)  Grandson

(B)  Great Grandson

(C)  Grandson-in-law

(D)  Son-in-law

Answer: (B)

71. Two friends A and B have a total amount of Rs 1,200. If 7/12th of A’s amount is the same as 25% of B’s amount, how much amount does B have?

(A)  Rs 360

(B)  Rs 480

(C)  Rs 840

(D)  Rs 960

Answer: (C)

72. A town has 40% men and 35% women in its population. Of all the children in the town, 40% are girls. If the total number of girls is 1200 what is the total population?

(A)  15500

(B)  14000

(C)  12000

(D)  11500

Answer: (C)

73. The sum of two numbers is 33 and their difference is 7. Find the sum of their squares.

(A)  829

(B)  569

(C)  469

(D)  319

Answer: (B)

74. If (1/5)3y= 0.008, then find the value of (0.25)y.

(A)  1.00

(B)  0.75

(C)  0.50

(D)  0.25

Answer: (D)

75. Two students A and B appeared in an examination in which A scored 12 marks more than B. B scored what per cent less than A ?

(A)  20%

(B)  16.67%

(C)  12%

(D)  33.33%

Answer: (*)

76. If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 10% and denominator is decreased by 10%, then the per cent reduction in the value of the fraction would be-

(A)  10.5%

(B)  19.3%

(C)  22.2%

(D)  25.4%

Answer: (*)

77. A shopkeeper gives successive discounts of 20%, 10% and 5%. A customer bought an article for Rs 342. The marked price of the article was-

(A)  Rs 600

(B)  Rs 500

(C)  Rs 480

(D)  Rs 400

Answer: (B)

78. If50% of the difference between two numbers equals 30% of their sum, then what is the ratio between the numbers?

(A)  1 : 2

(B)  1 : 3

(C)  1 : 4

(D)  1 : 5

Answer: (*)

79. A student walks at a speed of 5 km/hr from home and reaches the school at 7 a.m. When he walks at the speed of 6 km/hr, he reaches 15 minutes earlier. The distance between home and school is-

(A)  4.5 km

(B)  5.5 km

(C)  6.5 km

(D)  7. 5 km

Answer: (D)

80. Two trains of length 120 m and 90 m run in the same direction with speeds of 72 km/hr and 64 km/hr respectively. The approximate time taken by the longer train to cross the shorter one will be-

(A)  45 seconds

(B)  65 seconds

(C)  95 seconds

(D)  115 seconds

Answer: (C)


(3) Teaching Methodology

81. Which of the following Psychologists defined General Intelligence as ‘a global capacity to think rationally, act purposefully and deal effectively with the environment’?

(A)  Spearman

(B)  Thurston

(C)  Thompson

(D)  Wescheler

Answer: (D)

82. Reliability of a test means-

(A)  Genuineness of the test

(B)  Originality of the test

(C)  Strength of measurement

(D)  Consistency of measurement

Answer: (D)

83. The idea of multipurpose school was mooted by-

(A)  Radhakrishnan Commission (1948-49)

(B)  Mudaliar Commission (1952-53)

(C)  Kothari Commission (1964-66)

(D)  National Policy on Education (1986)

Answer: (B)

84. In the post independence era the issue of vocationalization of education was dealt with by a committee chaired by-

(A)  Ishwar Bhai J. Patel

(B)  Laxmiswamy Mudaliar

(C)  Melcom Adisheshaiyah

(D)  D. S. Kothari

Answer: (D)

85. A learning theory given by Sheriff and Cantril is known as-

(A)  Field Theory

(B)  Insight Theory

(C)  Ego-Involvement Theory

(D)  Conditioning Theory

Answer: (C)

86. Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation mainly aims at promoting-

(A)  Competition among children

(B)  Competition among teachers

(C)  Academic excellence among children

(D)  Inclusive education

Answer: (D)

87. If some student create disturbance in your class, you will-

(A)  report their names to the Principal

(B)  ask them to get out of the class

(C)  Understand their potential and engage them in appropriate activities

(D)  assign them heavy homework

Answer: (C)

88. Which one of the following is not a guiding principle of National Curriculum Framework 2005?

(A)  Connecting knowledge to life outside the school

(B)  Ensuring that learning shifts away from rote methods

(C)  Ensuring that curriculum perfectly corresponds to the textbooks

(D)  Making examinations more flexible and integrating them with classroom life

Answer: (C)

89. Hinderance in Socialization is caused by-

(A)  Religion

(B)  Equality

(C)  Politics

(D)  Prejudices

Answer: (D)

90. World Literacy Day falls on-

(A)  8th March

(B)  11th July

(C)  8th September

(D)  10th December

Answer: (C)

91. Which one of the following statements does not correspond to the concept of special education?

(A)  very important to ensure optimum human resource development

(B)  a total program which is entirely different from the education of normal children.

(C)  one which includes some specific aspects of education in addition to the regular programmes for all children.

(D)  one which very much requires specific teaching methods that circumvent children’s deficiency.

Answer: (B)

92. A slow learner is one whose classroom achievement-

(A)  is much below the class average

(B)  does not improve even with remedial teaching

(C)  falls short to achievement of children with same I.Q

(D)  is below pass mark

Answer: (A)

93. Lecture method is most valuable is-

(A)  enhancing student’s participation

(B)  solving student’s problems

(C)  promoting self-study

(D)  providing in depth knowledge

Answer: (D)

94. The main characteristics of standardized tests is that they are free from-

(A)  Interpretive errors

(B)  Personal errors

(C)  Variable errors

(D)  Constant errors

Answer: (A)

95. When most of the students obtain high scores, the distribution is termed as-

(A)  Normal

(B)  Positively skewed

(C)  Negatively skewed

(D)  Leptokurtic

Answer: (B)

96. Which one of the following is not a principle of guidance?

(A)  Principle of individual differences

(B)  Principal of prescriptiveness

(C)  Principle of co-operativeness

(D)  Principle of wholeness of individual

Answer: (B)

97. A school dropout from class I aged 13 years will have to be admitted to which class as per RTE, Act 2009?

(A)  Class III

(B)  Class V

(C)  Class VI

(D)  Class VII

Answer: (D)

98. Constructivism theory was propounded by-

(A)  Chowmsky

(B)  Vygotsky

(C)  Piaget

(D)  Turman

Answer: (C)

99. Skinner’s Operant Conditioning theory can be best represented by-

(A)  R – S

(B)  S – R



Answer: (B)

100. Which agency has been assigned for monitoring of child’s Right to Education at the national level?

(A)  National Council of Educational Research& Training (NCERT)

(B)  National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)

(C)  Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

(D)  National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)

Answer: (D)

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