Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Trained Graduate Teacher Recruitment Examination Held on 8-1-2017 Compulsory Paper Question Paper With Answer Key

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Trained Graduate Teacher Recruitment Examination Held on 8-1-2017

Compulsory Paper


Directions – (Q. 1 and 2) Out of the given alternatives choose the word which most closely fits each definition.

1. Medicine used against a poison –

(A)  Antidote

(B)  Antiseptic

(C)  Antimony

(D)  Antipode

Answer: (A)

2. An old unmarried woman-

(A)  Maid

(B)  Spinster

(C)  Virgin

(D)  Chaperon

Answer: (B)

Directions – (Q. 3-5) Each of the following sentences has been divided into four parts : (A), (B), (C) and (D). There is an error in one of the parts. Identify the part which has the error.

3. Just / three minutes before / the

    (A)          (B)

train was to reach Patna / she   


suddenly screeched to a halt.    


Answer: (D)

4. There is going / to be a election /

         (A)                         (B)

of office-bearers / of t he cooperative society.       

        (C)                           (D)    

Answer: (B)

5. You must go / to my village /

        (A)                  (B)

and see my property / before you returned. 

          (C)                           (D)  

Answer: (D)

Directions – (Q. 6 and 7) Each of the following idioms is followed by four meanings of which one is correct. Choose the correct one.

6. To look down upon.

(A)  To examine superficially

(B)  To scorn at

(C)  To look at something from a height

(D)  To search for something

Answer: (B)

7. To pull strings-

(A)  To manipulate

(B)  To act as a mediator

(C)  To tighten up

(D)  To become alert

Answer: (A)

Directions (Q. 8 and 9) Choose the word from the given options which best expresses the meaning of the bold word.

8. Solicit

(A)  Claim

(B)  Require

(C)  Beseech

(D)  Demand

Answer: (C)

9. Amicable

(A)  Affectionate

(B)  Friendly

(C)  Interesting

(D)  Loving

Answer: (B)

Directions- (Q. 10 and 11) In each of the following items, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

10. Enough

(A)  Deficit

(B)  Less

(C)  Inadequate

(D)  Scarce

Answer: (C)

11. Discount

(A)  Profit

(B)  Concession

(C)  Interest

(D)  Premium

Answer: (D)

Directions – (Q. 12 and13) In each group of words given below, one word is spelt wrongly. Choose the word.


(A)  Accidentally

(B)  Across

(C)  Adharence

(D)  Arbitrage

Answer: (C)


(A)  Omission

(B)  Villain

(C)  Forcast

(D)  Forego

Answer: (C)

Directions – (Q. 14 and 15) Choose the correct alternative to complete each of the sentences given below :

14. ………… my brother come, give him this message.

(A)  Should

(B)  Will

(C)  Would

(D)  Ought

Answer: (A)

15. Work hard lest you ………. fail.

(A)  should

(B)  should not

(C)  may

(D)  may not

Answer: (A)

Answer: (D)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (D)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (A)

Answer: (B)

Answer: (A)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (A)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (D)

Answer: (A)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (D)


31. The Harvard Foundation’s 2015 Humanitarian of the Year Award has been given to ……….

(A)  Bill and Melinda Gates

(B)  Kailash Satyarthi

(C)  Baba Amte

(D)  Malala Yousufzai

Answer: (B)

32. In Rio Olympics 2016, after having played for 90 minutes at what score was the football final match tied between Brazil and Germany ?

(A)  2-2

(B)  3-3

(C)  0-0

(D)  1-1

Answer: (D)

33. UNESCO Confucius Prize-2016 has been awarded to-

(A)  Step-by-Step, Nagor

(B)  Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Mallapuram

(C)  Saksharata Niketan, Lucknow

(D)  National Institute of Open Schooling, Delhi

Answer: (B)

34. The recent meet of BRICS Women Parliamentarians was held at-

(A)  Jodhpur

(B)  Mt. Abu

(C)  Ajmer

(D)  Jaipur

Answer: (D)

35. First rank in Sustainable Development Index (SDI) 2016 was given to-

(A)  Sweden

(B)  U.K.

(C)  Finland

(D)  Norway

Answer: (A)

36. The International Court of The Hague in July 2016 rejected China’s claim over-

(A)  South China Sea

(B)  Yellow Sea

(C)  East China Sea

(D)  Taiwan Straits

Answer: (A)

37. First Indian woman cricketer to be honoured with MCC life membership is-

(A)  Mithali Raj

(B)  Neetu David

(C)  Anjum Chopra

(D)  Jhulan Goswami

Answer: (C)

38. The Delhi High Court has recently granted Indian citizen ship to those Tibetans who were born here between-

(A)  January 01, 1952-August 15, 1990

(B)  January 31, 1960-March 31, 1990

(C)  August 15, 1947-July, 30, 1987

(D)  January 26, 1950-July 01, 1987

Answer: (D)

39. Scramjet Rocket Engine as successfully test fired recently by-





Answer: (C)

40. According to Forbes, 100 Richest Indians List, number one rank is held by ……..

(A)  Dilip Shangvi

(B)  Mukesh Ambani

(C)  Nusli Wadia

(D)  Azim Premji

Answer: (B)

41. The first Indian woman to win a Gold medal in Paralympic Games 2016 is-

(A)  Varuna Bhati

(B)  Alka Grace

(C)  Sakshi Malik

(D)  Deepa Malik

Answer: (D)

42. Donald Trump is the ………….. President of the USA.

(A)  46th

(B)  47th

(C)  44th

(D)  45th

Answer: (D)

43. The new Director of Press Trust of India with effect from Sept. 2016, is-

(A)  Prannoy Roy

(B)  Riyad Matthew

(C)  Shyam Benegal

(D)  Hormusji N. Cama

Answer: (B)

44. Who was the chief guest on our R-Day Parade 2016 ?

(A)  Sheikh of Dubai

(B)  Sheikh Of Qatar

(C)  Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

(D)  King of UAE

Answer: (*)

45. How many candidates of Indian origin won election (2016) to Canada’s House of Commons ?

(A)  17

(B)  19

(C)  12

(D)  15

Answer: (B)

46. Central Board of Direct Taxes launched

e-nivaran facility to help the taxpayers.

It relates to :

(a)   Income Tax Refunds

(b)   Income Tax Returns

(c)   Tax Deducted at Source

(A)  (c) is true and (a) is false

(B)  All (a), (b) and (c) are true

(C)  (a)  is true and (b) is false

(D)  (b) is true and (c) is false

Answer: (C)

47. The Reserve Bank of India has directed all the bank to make ………. cards mandatory for all transactions w.e.f. January 1, 2017.

(A)  Credit

(B)  ATM

(C)  Voter ID

(D)  Adhaar

Answer: (D)

48. Match the books recently published with their authors :


(a) Tiger : The Life of Tipu Sultan

(b) All of us in our own life

(c) All of us in our own life

(d) The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi


(i) Neena Gopal

(ii) Manjushree Thapa

(iii) Kate Brittle Bank

(A)  (a) – (ii); (b) – (i); (c) – (iii)

(B)  (a) – (iii); (b) – (i); (c) – (ii)

(C)  (a) – (iii); (b) – (ii); (c) – (i)

(D)  (a) – (i); (b) – (ii); (c) – (iii)

Answer: (C)

49. Expressing its opinion on the defamation Law, the Supreme Court has said :

(A)  Freedom of speech has no constitutional validity

(B)  Political leaders should be careful about their speech and expression

(C)  Freedom of speech and expression is not an absolute right

(D)  Right to reputation supersedes the right to freedom of speech

Answer: (C)

50. Union Cabinet on Aug. 31, 2016 gave its approval to the radical changes in the FDI regime by allowing increase upto 100% in-

(A)  Indian education system

(B)  Farms and farm products

(C)  Defence Sector

(D)  Telecommunication industry

Answer: (*)

51. Which of the following states is Not going to have elections to the state assembly in 2017?

(A)  Punjab

(B)  Uttarakhand

(C)  Uttar Pradesh

(D)  Rajasthan

Answer: (D)

52. Irom Sharmila has recently formed a new political party called-

(A)  Resurgence and Justice Alliances of people

(B)  People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance

(C)  People’s Political Alliance

(D)  People’s Justice Alliance

Answer: (B)

53. Who won the Filmfare best actor award for the year 2015?

(A)  Ranveer Singh

(B)  Shah Rukh Khan

(C)  Amitbah Bacchan

(D)  Akshay Kumar

Answer: (C)

54. From 21st September 2016 onwards, the official residence of our Prime Minister will be called-

(A)  Panchwati

(B)  Pradhan Mantri Nilayam

(C)  7, RCR

(D)  Lok Kalyan Niwas

Answer: (D)

55. Name the Indian gymnast who narrowly missed a bronze medal-

(A)  Dipa Karmakar

(B)  Diana Kunju

(C)  Deepika Kumar

(D)  Deepti Karmarkar

Answer: (A)

56. Which one is ‘odd-man-out’ ?

(A)  World Mental Health Day-Oct. 10

(B)  World Food Day-Oct. 10

(C)  World Polio Day-Oct. 24

(D)  World Teacher’s Day-Oct. 5

Answer: (B)

57. The newly drafted Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill permits surrogacy for the parents-

(a) who have been married for five years and can’t have children naturally.

(b) who lack access to other reproductive technologies.

(A)  Both (a) and (b) are true

(B)  Both (a) and (b) are false

(C)  (a) is true and (b) is false

(D)  (b)  is true and (a) is false

Answer: (C)

58. Who was the captain of Indian Women’s Hockey team for Rio Olympics?

(A)  Poonam Rani

(B)  Deepika

(C)  Rani Rampal

(D)  Sushila Chanu

Answer: (D)

59. After meeting between President Barack Obama and Myanmar State Consellor Aung San Suu Kyi, the US seems to be prepared :

(A)  to lift all sanctions on Myanmar

(B)  to provide military support to the new government

(C)  to support her government against the military Junta

(D)  to rehabilitate the Muslim refugees

Answer: (A)

60. India’s oldest aircraft carrier recently decommissioned was-

(A)  INS Arihant

(B)  INS Konkan

(C)  INS Viraat

(D)  IINS Vikrant

Answer: (C)

61. Who won the (Filmfare) best actress award for the year 2015?

(A)  Bhumi Padnekar

(B)  Sonakshi Sinha

(C)  Kareena Kapoor

(D)  Deepika Padukone

Answer: (D)

62. International Peace Day was celebrated all over the world on-

(A)  September28, 2016

(B)  September 16, 2016

(C)  Sept ember 19, 2016

(D)  September 21, 2016

Answer: (D)

63. “Indian Banks have recently recalibrated their AMs.”

Here ATM stands for :

(A)  Automated Teller Machine

(B)  Automated Transfer Machine

(C)  Automatic Transfer of Money

(D)  Automated Transfer of Money

Answer: (A)

64. The Nobel Prize for Medicine 2016 has been awarded to-

(A)  Frazer Stodart

(B)  Bob Dylan

(C)  Yoshonori Oshumi

(D)  David Thoules

Answer: (C)

65. In July2016 ………… was appointed the new Chairman of Airports Authority of India.

(A)  A. B. Pandey

(B)  Ashok Prasad

(C)  A. K. Patnaik

(D)  Guruprasad Mohapatra

Answer: (D)

66. 8th BRICS Summit held in October2016 took place in-

(A)  Agra

(B)  Mumbai

(C)  Goa

(D)  Ahmedabad

Answer: (C)

67. Nobel Peace Prize 2016 winner, Juan Manual Santos is the President of-

(A)  Colombia

(B)  Venezuela

(C)  Ecuador

(D)  Paraguay

Answer: (A)

68. India’s multitask supersonic fighter plane was named “Tejas” by-

(A)  Atal Behari Bajpai

(B)  Air Marshal Jasbir Wali

(C)  Narendra Modi

(D)  Abdul Kalam

Answer: (A)

69. The Supreme Court has reprimanded BCCI and given it an ultimation to-

(A)  Implement Lodha panel’s recommendations

(B)  Dissociate itself from  International Cricket Conference

(C)  Release funds for upcoming test series

(D)  Appoint a subpanel to review Lodha pannel’s recommendations

Answer: (A)

70. As per data released by the central statistics office, India’s projected GDP growth in Q1 of 2016-17 is-

(A)  7.2%

(B)  7.9%

(C)  7%

(D)  7.1%

Answer: (D)

71. If the every vowel of the word ‘INTERNATIONAL’ is changed to its next letter in English alphabet and every consonant is changed to its previous letter is English alphabet, then what should be the fifth letter from the left ?

(A)  N

(B)  Q

(C)  F

(D)  M

Answer: (B)

72. ‘Square’ is related to ‘Cube’ in the same way as ‘Rectangle’ is related to ……..

(A)  Polygon

(B)  Cuboid

(C)  Sphere

(D)  Cone

Answer: (B)

73. Which of the following alternatives has same relationship as that of JAN : JUL ?

(A)  APR : AUG

(B)  NOV : DEC

(C)  MAR : SEP

(D)  FEB : OCT

Answer: (C)

Directions-(Q. 74 and 75) are based on the following information-

   In a group of 6 professionals, there are two couples. One of the couple is Doctor and the other is Teacher, others are Lawyer and Banker. Banker’s wife is not a professional whereas lawyer is still bachelor.

74. How many female members are there in this group of 6 professionals ?

(A)  Two or Three

(B)  Three

(C)  Only One

(D)  Only Two

Answer: (A)

75. How many male members are three in this group of 6 professionals ?

(A)  Three or Four

(B)  Four

(C)  Only Two

(D)  Only Three

Answer: (A)

76. Take the given statements as true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and decide which of the conclusions logically follows from the statements.

Statements : All Mangoes are fruits. Some fruits are vegetables. No vegetable is cereal.

Conclusions :

I. Some fruits are Mangoes.

II. Some cereals are vegetables.

III. Some fruits are cereals.

(A)  Only conclusion (II) follows

(B)  Only conclusion (II) and (III)follows

(C)  Only conclusion (I) follows

(D)  Only conclusion (I) and (II) follow        

Answer: (C)

77. Konika Said, “Vivek is my Mother’s only Son and Father of Jaya’s Only Daughter Sonal.” How is Sonal related to Konika?

(A)  Sister

(B)  Grand daughter

(C)  Sister-in-law

(D)  Niece

Answer: (D)

78. Which of the following has the same relationship as that of Brother : Sister ?

(A)  Father : Son

(B)  Father : Daughter

(C)  Father : Mother

(D)  Husband : Wife

Answer: (C)

79. Which of the following diagram can depict the exact relation between Table, Chair and Furniture ?

Answer: (C)

Directions-(Q. 80-83) are based on the following information-

   Seven  persons ABCDEF and G, travelling in a bus belong to different states viz. Gujarat, Assam, and Delhi. Not less than two and not more than three persons belong to one state. Each of them wearing different colour outfit viz. Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown and Black but not necessary in same order.

    E doesn’t belong to Gujarat and wearing Brown colour outfit. The one who is wearing red colour belongs to Assam A belongs to Delhi as well as D too. B is wearing Yellow and belongs to same state as C and F. Nobody who belongs to state of Gujarat is wearing White or Blue. C is not wearing Green and A is not wearing Blue.

80. Which of the following combination represent the persons from Gujarat ?

(A)  BCE

(B)  CEF

(C)  ABC

(D)  BCF

Answer: (D)

81. Which of the following combinations of person – state – outfit colour is correct ?

(A)  C-Gujarat-Yellow

(B)  F-Gujarat-Green

(C)  E-Delhi-Brown

(D)  A-Assam-Red

Answer: (B)

82. What is the colour of utfit of D?

(A)  Black

(B)  Red

(C)  White

(D)  Blue

Answer: (D)

83. Who is wearing Red coloured Outfit?

(A)  D

(B)  G

(C)  A

(D)  C

Answer: (B)

84. Choose the correct alternative which will complete the given number series.

10, 11, 15, 24, 40, 65, ……….

(A)  101

(B)  95

(C)  100

(D)  90

Answer: (A)

85. Select the one which is different from other three-

(A)  Godavari

(B)  Narmada

(C)  Ganga

(D)  Yamuna

Answer: (B)

86. Arrange the following words according to the English dictionary arrangement-

(a) peremptory

(b) perceptible

(c)  perceptual

(d) perforation

(e) percentile

(A)  (e), (b), (c), (d), (a)

(B)  (e), (c), (b), (d), (a)

(C)  (e), (b), (c), (a), (d)

(D)  (e), (c), (b), (a), (d)

Answer: (C)

87. Choose the correct alternative which will complete the given letter-series.






Answer: (D)

Directions – (Q. 88-90) are based on the following information :

   Eight executive A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are attending a meeting around the rectangular table. ‘E’, is sitting second to the right of ‘C’. Whereas ‘C’, is sitting right to ‘A’ which is to the right of ‘F’. A is sitting just opposite to ‘B’. ‘D’ is sitting in between ‘F’ and ‘H’. None of them are sitting on the corners. Equal number of executives are sitting on opposite sides of table. Three executives are sitting on one side of table.

88. Who is sitting in between C and E ?

(A)  H

(B)  B

(C)  F

(D)  G

Answer: (D)

89. Who is sitting immediate right to D ?

(A)  F

(B)  H

(C)  A

(D)  B

Answer: (A)

90. What is the position of ‘G’ in respect of ‘C’ ?

(A)  Second to its right

(B)  Just opposite

(C)  Immediate right

(D)  Immediate left

Answer: (C)

91. How many pairs of letters are there in the given word which have as m any letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet?


(A)  3

(B)  4

(C)  1

(D)  2

Answer: (B)

Directions- (Q. 92-94) are based on the following information :

    Kalpana is standing 6 mts south of Alka. Cinthia is standing 12 mts East of Kalpana. Sameera is standing 10 mts South of Cinthia. Sameera is also 12 mts East of Ella and Jasmine is 8 mts North of Ella.

92. If Kalpana walked 4 mts toward her South, how far is she standing from Ella?

(A)  6 mts

(B)  10 mts

(C)  4 mts

(D)  5 mts

Answer: (A)

93. How far is Kalpana standing from Jasmine ?

(A)  8

(B)  10

(C)  1

(D)  2

Answer: (D)

94. In a class of thirty three students, Mohan’s rank is 12th from t he top, but his twin brother Mohit is 4 ran above from him. What is Mohit’s rank from the bottom ?

(A)  25

(B)  21

(C)  29

(D)  26

Answer: (D)

95. Choose the cube from alternatives that will be similar to the cube formed by folding the given figure.

(A)  Only (III)

(B)  Only (IV)

(C)  Only (I)

(D)  Only (II)

Answer: (C)

96. Select the figure from alternatives which will continue the given series.

Answer: (A)

97. Kushal is working in government organization at good regular position. He works very honestly. He is the most liked employee in the office. He supports his subordinates and assists his seniors. He works hard but sometimes people mis-understand him. Which of the following statements is true according to the given information?

(A)  He respects his seniors

(B)  He is not able to express himself

(C)  Kaushal is kind hearted man

(D)  Kaushal is a Govt. employee

Answer: (D)

98. By assuming the given statement to be true and on the basis of the information given in the statement, decide which of the suggested course(s) of action logically follows for pursuing?

Statement : A large population of New Delhi is diagnosed by Dengue.

Course of Action :

I. The Municipal Corporation should immediate carry out extensive fumigation on most affected areas of New Delhi.

II. Extensive publicity should be done on how avoid mosquito bites and prevent out spread of disease.

(A)  Either Action (I) or (II) follows

(B)  Both Action (I) and (II) follow

(C)  Only Action (I) follows

(D)  Only Action (II) follows

Answer: (B)

99. Consider the given statement to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts, and decide which of the given conclusions logically follow(s) from the statements.

Statements : Private school teachers are hard-working.

Conclusions :

I. Some hard-working teachers are private school teachers.

II. Government employees are not hard-working.

(A)  Both conclusions (I) and (II) follow

(B)  Neither conclusion (I) nor (II) follows

(C)  Only conclusion (I) follows

(D)  Only conclusion (II) follows

Answer: (B)

Directions- (Q. 100-102) Select a suitable figure from the four alternatives that would complete the given matrix.


Answer: (B)


Answer: (A)


Answer: (C)

103. Salmaan is nine year old boy. He is the only child of his parents. He use to play with his friends every evening. Salmaan’s father usually come home in the late evening. His mother cooks tasty dinner for the family of three. Now, find the statement that must be true according to the given information.

(A)  Salmaan’s mother likes cooking

(B)  Salmaan plays football with his friends

(C)  Salmaan’s parents don’t play with him

(D)  Salmaan doesn’t have any sibling

Answer: (D)

104. From the given alternatives select the word which cannot be formed by using the letters of the given word.






Answer: (D)

105. From the given alternatives select the word which cannot be formed by using the letters of the given word.






Answer: (D)

106. Select that pair of words from the alternatives that expresses similar relationship as in given pair of words.

Fibre : Fabric

(A)  Hair : Comb

(B)  Pulp : Paper

(C)  Thread : Needle

(D)  Seed : Tree

Answer: (B)

107. Select from the alternatives that combination of numbers, which will form a meaningful word if given letters are arranged accordingly.

(A)  652314

(B)  314652

(C)  413652 

(D)  251462

Answer: (B)

Directions – (Q. 108-110) are based on the following information-

      A ∆ B means A is not smaller than B.

     A * B means A is neither smaller than and nor equal to B.

     A @ B means A is neither greater than and nor equal to B.

     A + B means A is not greater than B.

     A % B means A is neither greater than nor smaller than B.

108. Statements : [email protected], Q + R, R % T

Conclusions :

I. P @ T

II. Q + T

III. P * R

(A)  Only (I) and (II) are true

(B)  Only (III) is true

(C)  Only (I) is true

(D)  Only (II) is true

Answer: (A)

109. Statements : P * Q, Q ∆ R, R * T

Conclusions :

I. P * T

II. P ∆ R

III. Q ∆ T

(A)  Only (I) and (II) are true

(B)  Only (II) and (III) are true

(C)  Only (I) is true

(D)  Only (II) is true

Answer: (C)

110. Assuming the given statements are true decide which of the conclusions are true on the basis of these statements.

Statements : P + Q, Q % R, R @ T

Conclusions :

I. P @ T

II. Q + T

III. P + R

(A)  Only (III) true

(B)  Only (I) and (III) are true

(C)  Only (I) is true

(D)  Only (I) and (II) are true

Answer: (B)

111. The lecture method would be most appropriate when used to-

(A)  ensure complete coverage of material

(B)  teach controversial topics

(C)  hold the attention of the unruly class

(D)  develop interest and supplement the text

Answer: (D)

112. The basic purpose of supervision is to-

(A)  help teachers become skilled in dealing with children

(B)  help children learn more effectively

(C)  help teacher improve their techniques of teaching

(D)  help teachers  improve their understanding of children

Answer: (A)

113. The chief ‘selling point’ of the essay examination is its-

(A)  High reliability

(B)  Ability to measure skill in summarizing and organizing

(C)  High validity

(D)  High diagnostic value

Answer: (B)

114. The most important function of the teacher is to-

(A)  provide effective teaching

(B)  maintain order and discipline in the class

(C)  guide pupils growth

(D)  provide remedial help wherever needed

Answer: (A)

115. What is basic reason for studying the individual pupil?

(A)  To find out what one has learned, hence start instruction at that point

(B)  To keep update in respect of educational theory and practice

(C)  To place him homogeneously, hence facilitate educational administration

(D)  To help develop the potentialities and identify his weaknesses

Answer: (C)

116. What does the abbreviation ADHD stand for ?

(A)  All DIET Hyperactivity Disorder

(B)  Attention Deficit Hyper Ventilating Disorder

(C)  Attentive Design Hand Disorder

(D)  Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder

Answer: (D)

117. The most important advantage of the true-false test is-

(A)  the validity of its items

(B)  the high diagnostic value

(C)  its elimination of guessing through correction

(D)  its wide sampling

Answer: (D)

118. The field Theory of Learning places primary emphasis upon-

(A)  The purposiveness of behaviour

(B)  The role, the attainment of one’s goals plays, in what is learned

(C)  The wholeness of learning process

(D)  The wholeness of learning situation

Answer: (D)

119. Creative children cannot be identified through-

(A)  interview

(B)  battery of I.Q. tests

(C)  certain observational techniques

(D)  aptitude tests

Answer: (C)

120. It is a pragmatic position that-

(A)  What is good for the individual is inherently good

(B)  The purpose of  play is to improve the ability to work

(C)  No institution is too sacred to escape critical analysis

(D)  The opposite of an evil  is good

Answer: (C)

121. The basic ideal of a democratic society is-

(A)  Respect for the enlightened individual

(B)  Frequent criticism of whatever one thinks as wrong

(C)  Powerful leadership

(D)  Belief in the opinions of the leader

Answer: (C)

122. Which of the following is not true about teaching ?

(A)  Teaching is characterized by a special relationship between the teacher and the taught

(B)  Teaching is necessary but not a sufficient condition of education

(C)  As a result on teaching the students must learn

(D)  Teaching involves the intention that some one must learn something

Answer: (C)

123. The primary purpose served by A. V. aids is to-

(A)  Permit meaningful student participation in actual learning experiences.

(B)  Quiet down a class whenever it gets restless and noisy

(C)  Clarify certain aspects of the learning experience

(D)  Provide variety from too exclusive a use of a verbal approach

Answer: (C)

124. To educate according to nature means-

(A)  To return to the natural as opposed to the artificial in life

(B)  To set up educational institutions in the lap of nature like the Ashrams in good old days

(C)  To educate according to ‘natural laws’ of human development

(D)  To study natural laws and apply them to the educational process

Answer: (C)

125. Preparation of a test according to test specification in the blue print mostly enhances-

(A)  Concurrent validity

(B)  Construct validity

(C)  Reliability

(D)  Content validity

Answer: (D)

126. Which of the following statements concerning the validity and reliability of a test is most accurate ?

(A)  A test cannot be reliable unless it is valid

(B)  A test cannot be reliable unless it is standardized

(C)  A test cannot be valid unless it is reliable

(D)  A test cannot be valid unless it is objective

Answer: (C)

127. A type of grading that asserts fixed proportion of learners at different grade points is known as-

(A)  Relative grading

(B)  Absolute grading

(C)  Direct grading

(D)  Indirect grading

Answer: (C)

128. When school children become mischievous, explosive, rebellious, or apathetic, the teacher should first look into-

(A)  The sociometric structure of the class

(B)  The undermining influence of home and community

(C)  The atmosphere of the ho me which the child comes from

(D)  The appropriateness of the work assigned and the demands made on them

Answer: (D)

129. Arrange the following stages of counseling in which these are followed?

1. Establishing empathic understanding

2. Termination and follow up

3. Initial procedures

4. Intervention strategies

(A)  1, 2, 4, 3

(B)  1, 4, 2, 3

(C)  4, 3, 2, 1

(D)  1, 3, 4, 2

Answer: (B)

130. Objectives of education are not helpful in-

(A)  Designing learning experiences

(B)  Preparing evaluation  tools

(C)  Understanding child development

(D)  Selecting instructional material

Answer: (B)

131. Integrated education for the disabled implies-

(A)  only special teachers to teach such children

(B)  part schooling in special schools and then part in normal schools

(C)  admitting disabled children in special school pertaining to their abilities

(D)  providing them education along with normal children from the beginning

Answer: (D)

132. In which of the following methods the existing knowledge is used to draw conclusions ?

(A)  Survey method

(B)  Positivistic method

(C)  Inductive reasoning method

(D)  Deductive reasoning method

Answer: (C)

133. Those whose educational philosophy is rooted in pragmatism-

(A)  Claim that knowledge is tentative; truth is relative

(B)  Consider that I.Q. is innate and constant

(C)  Reject the scientific method of experimentation

(D)  Maintain that complete objectivity is possible

Answer: (B)

134. Three of the following are essential for teachers to do if schools are to fulfil the expectations of the society. Which one is not ?

(A)  They must known the cultural heritage of students

(B)  They must relate school activities to cultural patterns

(C)  They must record and guide behaviour in social interaction

(D)  They must make the school a replica of adult society

Answer: (C)

135. Micro-teaching is-

(A)  Practising different teaching skills separately

(B)  Teaching micro-concepts of the subject

(C)  Teaching at micro level

(D)  Providing detailed explanation of concepts and principles

Answer: (C)

136. In which type of thinking does a person begin with multiple ideas and reaches ‘one’ solution?

(A)  Divergent thinking

(B)  Convergent thinking

(C)  Vertical thinking

(D)  Brain storming

Answer: (B)

137. Which of the following is an example of a Specific Learning Disability?


(B)  Autistic Spectrum Disorders

(C)  Mental retardation

(D)  Dyslexia

Answer: (D)

138. Which one of the following is the proper order of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of human needs?

(A)  Self-esteem, physiological, love/ belongingness, safety, self actualization

(B)  Physiological, safety, love/ belongingness, self-esteem, self-actualization

(C)  Physiological, love/ belongingness, safety, self-esteem, self-actualization

(D)  Love/belongingness, physiological, self-esteem, safety, self-actualization

Answer: (C)

139. For learning to be effective, a goal must be meaningful in terms of-

(A)  The learner’s needs and purposes

(B)  The standard of the school

(C)  The curricular objectives

(D)  The intellectual ideas involved

Answer: (A)

140.  Research studies reveal that indoctrinating children in religious creeds and ideology-

(A)  Produced a drastic reduction in crimes

(B)  Resulted in a significant decrease in socially approved behaviour

(C)  Made no significant increase in socially approved behaviour

(D)  Resulted in 60% increase in socially approved behaviour

Answer: (A)

141.  Which one of the following is often true about mental retardation ?

(A)  The children of extremely poor families are bound to be mentally retarded

(B)  Almost all types of physical injuries and trauma may cause mental retardation

(C)  The parents of mentally retarded children are usually mentally retarded

(D)  Chronic infection and diseases of the mother may cause mental retardation

Answer: (A)

142. Which one of the following is often true about mental retardation ?

(A)  The children of extremely poor families are bound to be mentally retarded

(B)  Almost all types of physical injuries and trauma may cause mental retardation

(C)  The parents of mentally retarded children are usually mentally retarded

(D)  Chronic infection and diseases of the mother may cause mental retardation

Answer: (C)

143. Social development is essentially a matter of-

(A)  The integration of one’s  purposes with those of the social order

(B)  The development of social skills

(C)  Conformity to the demands of the social order

(D)  Achievement of social security and acceptance

Answer: (B)

144. Which of the following is not correct about the NCERT?

(A)  An autonomous organization under the Govt. of India

(B)  Its main concern is to improve the quality of school education

(C)  It is a statutory body created by the Act of Parliament

(D)  A registered society under Registration of Societies Act

Answer: (D)

145. The curriculum of the school exists for the purpose of-

(A)  Providing the child with skills necessary for effective and meaningful living

(B)  Providing the child with organized meaningful educative experiences

(C)  Setting standards of academic attainments

(D)  Providing uniformity in Indian education

Answer: (A)

146. Which of the following cannot be achieved by using objective type test items?

(A)  Problem solving ability

(B)  High degree of reliability

(C)  Objectivity in scoring

(D)  Wide content coverage

Answer: (A)

147. Cumulative frequency graph is known as-

(A)  Histogram

(B)  Bar diagram

(C)  Ogive

(D)  Pie-diagram    

Answer: (C)

148. The most common model a child selects to guide his life is-

(A)  A person whose conduct approaches perfection

(B)  A person who approximates the child’s ideal

(C)  An older sibling

(D)  A  parent, a teacher or a person in authority

Answer: (B)

149. As to the question of values-

(A)  The idealist and realist both obtain their values from intuition and reason

(B)  The pragmatist and the realist reject supernaturalism as a satisfactory source of values

(C)  The realist and idealist both obtain their values from man’s experiences

(D)  The pragmatist and the idealist derive their values from sources outside of man

Answer: (B)

150. Joyce and Weil (1980) classified different teaching models into four distinct family. Which of the following does not belong to the group ?

(A)  Electric learning family

(B)  Behaviour modification family

(C)  Information processing family

(D)  Personal family

Answer: (A)

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