Madhya Pradesh Police Constable Cadre [Head Constable (Computer)-ASI (Computer)] Recruitment Examination Held on September 19, 2017 Question Paper With Answer Key

Madhya Pradesh Police Constable Cadre [Head Constable (Computer)/ASI (Computer)] Recruitment Examination Held on September 19, 2017

Part A General Knowledge & Logical Knowledge

1. Some friends are seated in a circle

Who is seated opposite to Jatin?

(a)   Rahul

(b)   Jayant

(c)   Mohan

(d)   Sudhir

Answer: (b)

2. Which of the following is India’s National Aquatic Animal?

(a)   Gangetic Dolphins

(b)   Goonch Catfish

(c)   Mugger Crocodile

(d)   Golden Mahseer

Answer: (a)

3. Which of the following bodies replaced Planning Commission in 2015?

(a)   NIYAM Aayog

(b)   NAGRIK Aayog

(c)   NITI Aayog

(d)   None of these

Answer: (c)

4. Which of the following days is observed as ‘National Girl Child Day’ in India?

(a)   March 8

(b)   January 21

(c)   January 24

(d)   March 10

Answer: (c)

5. Which Bill can be introduced only in the Lok Sabha?

(a)   Financial Bill

(b)   Exchange Bill

(c)   Ordinary Bill

(d)   Money Bill

Answer: (d)

6. In the Mahajanapad yug, the Ujjain was the capital of

(a)   Matsya

(b)   Ashok

(c)   Vajji

(d)   Avanti

Answer: (d)

7. Amarkantak is located in the …….. district.

(a)   Shahpura

(b)   Bhojpur

(c)   Anuppur

(d)   Itarsi

Answer: (c)

8. If NOVEMBER is coded REBMEVON and DECEMBER is coded REBMECED, then how is OCTOBER coded?





Answer: (d)

9. The largest State by population in India is

(a)   Uttar Pradesh

(b)   Andhra Pradesh

(c)   Maharashtra

(d)   Madhya Pradesh

Answer: (a)

10. The largest free literature festival in the world is held in India annually. What is it called?

(a)   Jaipur Literature Festival

(b)   Bengaluru Literature Festival

(c)   Mumbai Literature Festival

(d)   Delhi Literature Festival

Answer: (a)

11. The river that follows parallel to the Narmada is

(a)   Denwa

(b)   Tawa

(c)   Shipra

(d)   Tapti

Answer: (d)

12. ‘Bihu’ is the festival that is mainly observed in

(a)   Bihar

(b)   Assam

(c)   Kerala

(d)   Rajasthan

Answer: (b)

13. Jim Corbett National Park is situated in which State?

(a)   Uttarakhand

(b)   Uttar Pradesh

(c)   Himachal Pradesh

(d)   Assam

Answer: (a)

14. Who was known as the Grand Old Man of India?

(a)   Gopal Krishan Gokhale

(b)   Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(c)   Mahatma Gandhi

(d)   Dadabhai Naoroji

Answer: (d)

15. The ancient city of Ujjain lies on the banks of ……….. River.

(a)   Narmada

(b)   Kyashypa

(c)   Shipra

(d)   Tapti

Answer: (c)

16. Who is the current director of CBI?

(a)   RK Dutta

(b)   Satish Mathur

(c)   Alok Kumar Verma

(d)   Anil Sinha

Answer: (c)

17. Find the odd one out:

(a)   ink and inkpot

(b)   pen and nib

(c)   oil and lamp

(d)   water and bucket

Answer: (b)

18. Find the odd one out

2, 5, 10, 17, 27, 37

(a)   10

(b)   17

(c)   27

(d)   37

Answer: (c)

19. In a certain code language, ‘veny heny steny’ means ‘get out man’; steny shomy shelt’ means ‘out of danger’. Which is the word for ‘steny’ in that code language ?

(a)   man

(b)   of

(c)   out

(d)   danger

Answer: (c)

20. If HANDLE is coded AHDNEL, then how is DISTANCE coded?





Answer: (a)

21. Which of the following animals do not appear on the national emblem?

(a)   Cow

(b)   Bull

(c)   Horse

(d)   Lion

Answer: (a)

22. National Defence Day is observed on

(a)   October

(b)   April 5

(c)   December 8

(d)   March 3

Answer: (d)

23. What is the probability of getting two odd numbers in two throws of a dice?

(a)   1/4

(b)   2/3

(c)   1/3

(d)   1/2

Answer: (a)

24. Complete the series choosing the missing number:

1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ………

(a)   21

(b)   24

(c)   18

(d)   17

Answer: (a)

25. Complete the series choosing the missing number:

6, 13, 27, 48, ………

(a)   76

(b)   94

(c)   136

(d)   121

Answer: (a)

26. Complete the series choosing the missing number

18, 16, 13, 9 ……..

(a)   4

(b)   2

(c)   6

(d)   7

Answer: (a)

27. India’s first Defence University is being set-up in

(a)   Haryana

(b)   Delhi

(c)   Punjab

(d)   Uttar Pradesh

Answer: (a)

Directions (Q. Nos. 28-31) Select the option that is true about the statement and conclusions given.

a. Neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows

b. Both conclusion I and II follow

c. Only conclusion II follows

d. Only conclusion I follows

28. Statements All candles are lanterns.

All lanterns are bulbs.

Conclusions I. All lanterns are candles.

II. All bulbs are candle.

Answer: (a)

29. Statements All kerchiefs are towels.

All towels are blankets.

Conclusions I. All kerchiefs are blankets.

II. All blankets are vowels.

Answer: (d)

30. Statements

Some interviews are exams.

All exams are tests.

Conclusions I. All tests are exams.

II. Some tests are interviews.

Answer: (c)

31. Statements

All word files are excel files.

No excel file is a power point presentation.


I. No word file is a power point presentation.

II. Some excel files are word files.

Answer: (b)

32. Total number of districts in Madhya Pradesh are

(a)   50

(b)   33

(c)   49

(d)   51

Answer: (d)

33. Children’s Day in India is observed on

(a)   November 14

(b)   November 15

(c)   November 13

(d)   November 12

Answer: (a)

34. The series given below contains a sequence of numbers. Identify the incorrect combination :

10, 14, 28, 32, 64, 68, 132

(a)   28

(b)   32

(c)   132

(d)   64

Answer: (c)

35. Who is the Chairperson of t he Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)?

(a)   Asha Parekh

(b)   Parasoon Joshi

(c)   Pahlaj Nihalani

(d)   Anupam Kher

Answer: (b)

36. Complete the series choosing the missing letters:

X, V, T, R, P, ………….

(a)   N

(b)   O

(c)   M

(d)   L

Answer: (a)

37. Consider a group comprising of 4 students; Reena, Beena, Meena, and Neena, who stand in a row. Reena and Beena stand in 6th and 7th positions respectively from the left. Meena and Neena stand in the 4th and 5th positions respectively from the right. When Beena and Meena exchange their positions, then Beena will be 15th from the left.

Reen’s position from the right is

(a)   6

(b)   18

(c)   13

(d)   14

Answer: (c)

38. The series given below contains a sequence of numbers. Identify the incorrect combination

32, 43, 45, 54, 65, 76

(a)   76

(b)   43

(c)   54

(d)   45

Answer: (d)

39. In a certain code ‘nek pek dek’ means ‘read my book’ and ‘dek sek wek’ means a ‘book stand’. Which is the word for ‘book’ in that language?

(a)   dek

(b)   wek

(c)   sek

(d)   nek

Answer: (a)

40. + = > Multiply

⋆ = > Division

/ = > Addition

− = > Equal to

= = > Minus

15 = 3 + 4/2 ⋆ 2

(a)   6

(b)   25

(c)   5

(d)   2

Answer: (*)

Part B Mental Ability & Mental Aptitude

41. In the sequence show below, which figure comes next?

Answer: (a)

42. In the following two squares shown below overlap, which one of the following options is formed?

Answer: (d)

43. In the sequence shown below, which figure comes next?

Answer: (d)

44. In what ratio must the water be mixed with milk costing Rs 40 per liter to obtain a mixture worth of Rs 36 per liter.

(a)   9 : 1

(b)   3 : 4

(c)   1 : 8

(d)   1 : 9

Answer: (d)

45. Three men, A, B and C can do a piece of work in 10 days. B and C can do it in 20 days; while C alone can do it in 30 days. In how many days can A and B do the work together?

(a)   10

(b)   20

(c)   5

(d)   15

Answer: (d)

46. How many numbers between 100 and 500 are divisible by 4, 5 and 6?

(a)   5

(b)   6

(c)   7

(d)   8

Answer: (c)

47. The product of ages of Mark and John are 15. If John’s age is subtracted from Mark’s age, the result is 2. Find Mark’s age.

(a)   3

(b)   5

(c)   10

(d)   6

Answer: (b)

48. A shopkeeper bought 6 tons of wheat and sold 4.7 tons of it. How many kilograms of wheat does he have with him now?

(a)   13 kg

(b)   1300 kg

(c)   130 kg

(d)   13000 kg

Answer: (b)

49. A shopkeeper bought 6 tons of wheat and sold 4.7 tons of it. How many kilograms of wheat does he have with him now?

(a)   13 kg

(b)   1300 kg

(c)   130 kg

(d)   13000 kg

Answer: (b)

50. When I asked my friend Rajani about her age, she said that, she has two siblings, for sure not twins, and the product of the ages of three is 45 and the sum of their ages is an odd number where both the digits were different. What is my friend’s age if she is the eldest of the three?

(a)   5%

(b)   13%

(c)   7%

(d)   15%

Answer: (d)

51. A an bought 240 roses at Rs 9 per dozen. If he sells them at Rs 1 each, what is his profit percentage?





Answer: (a)

52. Arpit can make a table in three days, while his friend, Mukul, can make it in six days. If Arpit and Mukul work together, both of them can make the table in:

(a)   1 day

(b)   2 days

(c)   4 days

(d)   3 days

Answer: (b)

53. Average marks of a class of 25 decreases by 2 marks when the marks of 30 students second class are to first class. If average marks of second class students is 65, what were average marks of first class?

(a)   68.7

(b)   60.7

(c)   55

(d)   45

Answer: (a)

54. If the average weight of 30 men is 65 kg and that of 20 women is 52 kg, then what is the average weight of all 50 persons together?

(a)   57 kg

(b)   60 kg

(c)   67 kg

(d)   50 kg

Answer: (b)

55. A person saves 8% of his income. His income increases by 16%, but the savings remain the same. Find the increase in the expenditure.

(a)   17.3%

(b)   10%

(c)   12.5%

(d)   14.9%

Answer: (a)

56. If a boat takes thrice as much time to go upstream as it takes to go downstream, what is the ratio of the speed of the boat in still water to the speed of the stream?

(a)   1 : 2

(b)   3 : 1

(c)   2 : 1

(d)   1 : 3

Answer: (c)

57. A pencil and a rubber currently have the same price. How much more will it cost to buy 3 pencils and 3 rubbers, if the price of the pencils rises by 5% and the price of rubber rises by 3%?

(a)   4%

(b)   5%

(c)   3%

(d)   2%

Answer: (a)

58. Two years ago, the average age of three numbers of a club was 30. When two more members have joined the club, today the average age of these five members remains unchanged. If the age difference between the new members is six years, then what is the age of the younger of the two new members?

(a)   24 yr

(b)   28 yr

(c)   30 yr

(d)   33 yr

Answer: (a)

59. In a test, 40% of the students passed in Science; 50% passed in English and 10% passed in both the subjects. Find the percentage of students who have failed.

(a)   25%

(b)   20%

(c)   10%

(d)   15%

Answer: (b)

60. The sum of the place values of 5 and 3 in the number 275438 is:

(a)   2

(b)   5438

(c)   51

(d)   5030

Answer: (a)

61. If an 80 m train takes 15 minutes to cross a 70 m platform, then how long will it take to cross another train, of 120 m, which is stationed on another parallel track?

(a)   20 min

(b)   30 min

(c)   50 min

(d)   40 min

Answer: (a)

62. The area of the sector of a circle of radius 6 cm, whose angle at the centre is 42° will be

(a)   15.4 sq cm

(b)   12.1 sq cm

(c)   14.3 sq cm

(d)   13.2 sq cm

Answer: (d)

63. The allotted seats in an engineering college for computer science, electronics and mechanical in the ratio 5 : 8 : 9. There is proposal to increase the number of seats by 40%, 25% and 50%, respectively. Find the new ratio of the increased seats.

(a)   15 : 17 : 19

(b)   19 : 21 : 20

(c)   14 : 20 : 21

(d)   20 : 19 : 21

Answer: (*)

64. Find the average of first 15 natural numbers?

(a)   4

(b)   6

(c)   10

(d)   8

Answer: (d)

65. A train, 100 m long is running at the speed of 45 km/h. Find the time taken by it to pass a m an standing near the railway track.

(a)   8 sec

(b)   10 sec

(c)   12 sec

(d)   2 sec

Answer: (a)

66. Anuj started a business by investing a sum of Rs 20000. Six months later, Pankaj joined him with a capital of Rs 15000; after another three months, Puneet joined the team by investing Rs 50000. Find the ratio of the profit the three get at the end of two years.

(a)   3 : 2 : 1

(b)   8 : 3 : 5

(c)   14 : 12 : 11

(d)   16 : 9 : 25

Answer: (d)

67. Which one of the following four addresses is not exactly same as the one given below?

Walter C. Brown

49-Featherstone Street

London EC1Y 8SY

United Kingdom

(i) Walter C. Brown

49-Faatherstone Street

London EC1Y 8SY

United Kingdom

(ii) Walter C. Brown

49-Featherstone Street

London EC1Y 8SY

United Kingdom

(iii) Walter C. Brown

49-Featherstone Street

London EC1Y 8SY

United Kingdom

(iv) Walter C. Brown

49-Featherstone Street

London EC1Y 8SY

United Kingdom

(a)   iii

(b)   iv

(c)   ii

(d)   i

Answer: (d)

68. Find the sum of the given series :

1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 + 128 + 256 + 512 + 1024

(a)   2047

(b)   2235

(c)   2389

(d)   2014

Answer: (a)

69. Find the average

112, 118, 126, 132, 142 and 156

(a)   131

(b)   127

(c)   130

(d)   129

Answer: (a)

70. The series given below contains a sequence of alphabets and numbers. Identify the incorrect combination:

i. qcrt8512tcrq ii. qcrt8512fcrq

iii. qcrt8512tcrq      iv. qcrt8512tcrq

(a)   iii

(b)   iv

(c)   ii

(d)   i

Answer: (c)

Part C Science & Simple Arithmetic

71. In the given figure, PQ | | RS | | TU and ∠PTU = 82°, then ∠SRT = ……. .

(a)   89°

(b)   80°

(c)   82°

(d)   98°

Answer: (d)


(a)   1/2

(b)   −1/2

(c)   −1

(d)   1

Answer: (c)

73. A man buys a plot of agricultural land for Rs 300000. He sells one-third at a loss of 20% and two-fifth at a gain of 25%. At what price must he sell the remaining land so as to make an overall profit of

(a)   Rs 150000

(b)   Rs 90000

(c)   Rs 120000

(d)   Rs 100000

Answer: (d)

74. ABCD is a parallelogram and its diagonal meet at O. If OB = 4 cm and AC is 5 cm more than BD, then OA = ……… .

(a)   3 cm

(b)   7 cm

(c)   13 cm

(d)   6.5 cm

Answer: (d)

75. Find the value of x, if 4x – 982 – 882.

(a)   186

(b)   564

(c)   465

(d)   1860

Answer: (c)

76. Three numbers are in the ratio one another is 2 : 3 : 4. The sum of their cu bes is 33957. The numbers are

(a)   6, 9, 12

(b)   14, 21, 28

(c)   7, 14, 21

(d)   8, 12, 16

Answer: (b)

77. 5929 Students are sitting in an auditorium in such a manner that there are as many students in a row as there are rows in the auditorium. The number of rows in the auditorium are:

(a)   72

(b)   77

(c)   35

(d)   78

Answer: (b)

78. If an equilateral triangle ABC in inscribed in a circle with centre O, the measure of AOB = …… .

(a)   120°

(b)   90°

(c)   60°

(d)   150°

Answer: (a)

79. A hollow cylindrical pipe is 21 dm long. Its outer and inner diameters are 10 cm and 6 cm, respectively. The volume of the copper used in making the pipe is:

(a)   105.6 cm3

(b)   10560 cm3

(c)   105600 cm3

(d)   1056 cm3

Answer: (b)

80. The difference between the simple and compound interest on a certain sum for 3 years at 10% per annum is Rs 186. Which of the following is the sum?

(a)   Rs 6500

(b)   Rs 6000

(c)   Rs 9000

(d)   Rs 12000

Answer: (b)

81. What percentage of an hour is 2 minutes?

(a)   10/3%

(b)   20%

(c)   200%

(d)   20/3%

Answer: (a)

82. Health is a determinant factor for being will in order to

(a)   function efficiently only

(b)   be mentally alert only

(c)   be actively involved in society only

(d)   All of the above

Answer: (d)

83. The cells are thin walled and enclose large intercellular spaces. The cells are living and they store food. The above mentioned features are applicable to

(a)   Sclerenchyma

(b)   Merissstematic cells

(c)   Collenchyma

(d)   Parenchyma

Answer: (d)

84. To digest cellulose, termites have ………. in their intestine.

(a)   bacteria

(b)   protozoa

(c)   viruses

(d)   fungi

Answer: (a)

85. If # ÷ 3x2 yz = 2xyz, then # stands for

(a)   6x2yz

(b)   6x2y2z2

(c)   6x3y2z2

(d)   5x3y2z2

Answer: (c)

86. The photoreceptor cells of the eye, sensitive to bright light is

(a)   cones

(b)   rods

(c)   iris

(d)   pupil

Answer: (a)

87. Group of organisms that resemble each other are

(a)   biosphere

(b)   community

(c)   species

(d)   biotic community

Answer: (c)

88. Which one of the below mentioned diseases can be prevented by vaccination?

(a)   Diabetes

(b)   Hepatitis

(c)   Cancer

(d)   AIDS

Answer: (b)

89. Use of agriculture farming system with minimum or no use of chemicals, use of maximum input of manure, farm wastes and bioagents is known as

(a)   Biofertilizer farming

(b)   Organic farming

(c)   Genetic manipulation

(d)   Biochemical farming

Answer: (b)

90. Name the phylum in which the animals have water vascular system.

(a)   Molluscs

(b)   Platyhelminthes

(c)   Coelenterate

(d)   Echinodermata

Answer: (d)

91. Electrolysis of aluminum oxide is an example of

(a)   formation reaction

(b)   decomposition reaction

(c)   displacement reaction

(d)   double decomposition reaction

Answer: (b)

92. The disease caused by breathing polluted air is

(a)   chicken pox

(b)   jaundice

(c)   asthma

(d)   cholera

Answer: (c)

93. Earth’s magnetic field is directed towards

(a)   South

(b)   East

(c)   North

(d)   West

Answer: (c)

94. Identify the incorrect statement from the following

(a)   Epithelial tissue is present in the lining of lung alveoli.

(b)   Epithelial tissue has lot of intercellular space.

(c)   Epithelial tissue layer is permeable layer.

(d)   Epithelial tissue is protective tissue in animal body.

Answer: (b)

95. When there is an electric current passing through a wire, the particles moving through the wire are

(a)   protons

(b)   atoms

(c)   ions

(d)   electrons

Answer: (d)

96. An image that cannot be obtained on a screen is

(a)   Virtual image

(b)   Real image

(c)   Refracted image

(d)   Inverted image

Answer: (a)

97. Which one of t he following responsible for the difference in the voices of men, women and babies?

(a)   Vocal cords

(b)   Lungs

(c)   Pharynx

(d)   Wind pipe

Answer: (a)


(a)   −2

(b)   3

(c)   1

(d)   −1

Answer: (c)

99. The following pie chart shows the marks secured by Ravi in different subjects. If he scored 80 marks in Mathematics, then the marks scored in chemistry is

(a)   90

(b)   80

(c)   85

(d)   68

Answer: (d)

100. The base of a parallelogram is thrice its height. If the area is 867 cm2, then the height of the parallelogram is

(a)   21 cm

(b)   24 cm

(c)   51 cm

(d)   25.5 cm

Answer: (*)

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