Madhya Pradesh Police Sub-Inspector Examination-2014 Held on 1-3-2015 General Knowledge Question Paper With Answer Key

Madhya Pradesh Police Sub-Inspector Examination-2014 Held on 1-3-2015

General Knowledge

1. Which of the following is called ‘Pearl of the orient’?

(A)  Philadelphia

(B)  Chicago

(C)  Kent

(D)  Singapore

Answer: (D)

2. Who was the author of the book Planned Economy for India?

(A)  Vishwesharayya

(B)  Dada Bhai Naoroji

(C)  Adam Smith

(D)  Malthus

Answer: (A)

3. What was the growth rate of National Income during First Five Year Plan ?

(A)  15%

(B)  16%

(C)  17%

(D)  18%

Answer: (D)

4. Which of the following is wrong ?

(A)  Food for Work Programme – 1977-78

(B)  Antyoday Yojana Programme – 1977-78

(C)  TRYSEM – 1979

(D)  DWCRA – 1980

Answer: (D)

5. In 1602 where was the world’s first organized share market was set up ?

(A)  Washington

(B)  Paris

(C)  Amsterdam

(D)  London

Answer: (C)

6. In 2004 where State Bank of India had launched its first floating ATM ?

(A)  Kochhi

(B)  Mangalore

(C)  Mumbai

(D)  Dehradoon

Answer: (A)

7. Which of the following is wrong ?

(A)  Indian Oil Corporation – New Delhi

(B)  Oil and Natural Gas Commission – Dehradoon

(C)  Bharat Electronics Limited – Bangalore

(D)  National Mineral Development Corporation – Chennai

Answer: (D)

8. In which year International Monetary Fund was set up ?

(A)  1944

(B)  1945

(C)  1946

(D)  1947

Answer: (B)

9. Where the next Summit of Non-algined movement will be held ?

(A)  India

(B)  Cuba

(C)  Zambia

(D)  Venezuela

Answer: (D)

10. Which country’s legislature is called National Peoples Congress ?

(A)  Russia

(B)  China

(C)  Iran

(D)  Nepal

Answer: (B)

11. Which of the following is not a Political Party ?

(A)  Sikkim Sangram Parishad

(B)  Vishwa Hindu Parishad

(C)  Forward Bloc

(D)  Aam Aadami Party

Answer: (B)

12. Who among the following propounded the concept of utilitarianism ?

(A)  Bentham

(B)  Mill

(C)  Hegel

(D)  Hobbes

Answer: (A)

13. Who regarded Swarajya better than Surajya ?

(A)  Vivekanand

(B)  Dayanand

(C)  M. N. Roy

(D)  Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Answer: (B)

14. Which of the following country is member of G-8 ?

(A)  Russia

(B)  China

(C)  Brazil

(D)  India

Answer: (A)

15. Who was t he president of Nehru Committee, 1928 ?

(A)  Motilal Nehru

(B)  Jawaharlal Nehru

(C)  Arun Nehru

(D)  Bipin Chandra Pal

Answer: (A)

16. In how many Varnas were the Indo-Aryans divided ?

(A)  Two

(B)  Three

(C)  Four

(D)  Five

Answer: (C)

17. In which year British Indian Government had passed Widow Remarriage Act ?

(A)  1856

(B)  1829

(C)  1830

(D)  1909

Answer: (A)

18. Who is the author of the book Fundamental Unity of India ?

(A)  Radhakumud Mukherji

(B)  Jawaharlal Nehru

(C)  Rajani Kothari

(D)  Max Weber

Answer: (A)

19. In which year State Reorganization Commission gave its report on the basis of language ?

(A)  1953

(B)  1954

(C)  1955

(D)  1956

Answer: (C)

20. How many elements of Karma have been mentioned in Bhagvad Gita ?

(A)  Five

(B)  Four

(C)  Three

(D)  Two

Answer: (C)

21. “Only sex instinct is important for proper development of human personality.” Who stated it?

(A)  Frayad

(B)  Kapadia

(C)  Kautilya

(D)  Manu

Answer: (A)

22. Who is the author of the book Social Service in India ?

(A)  Blunt

(B)  Hutton

(C)  Rizley

(D)  Hocart

Answer: (A)

23. Which of the following is correct regarding light year ?

(A)  1 Light year = 9.46 × 1015 metre

(B)  1 Light year = 9.45 × 1015 metre

(C)  1 Light year = 9.44 × 1015 metre

(D)  1 Light year = 9.43 × 1015 metre

Answer: (A)

24. Which of the following sound waves cannot be heard by human ear ?

(A)  Infrasonic waves

(B)  Audible waves

(C)  Ultrasonic waves

(D)  All the above three cannot be heard by human ear

Answer: (A)

25. Who had developed the computer language-FORTRAN ?

(A)  Darwin

(B)  Rutherford

(C)  J. W. Bachus

(D)  Newton

Answer: (C)

26. Which of the following is called as the brain of computer ?

(A)  RAM

(B)  ROM

(C)  Mother Board

(D)  CPU

Answer: (D)

27. What is the percentage of Hydrocarbon in natural Gas ?

(A)  90%

(B)  95%

(C)  98%

(D)  99%

Answer: (B)

28. What is the percentage of Carbon Monoxide in Water Gas ?

(A)  40%

(B)  45%

(C)  50%

(D)  55%

Answer: (C)

29. Which animal’s scientific name is BOS indicus ?

(A)  Frog

(B)  Cat

(C)  Dog

(D)  Cow

Answer: (D)

30. Who is regarded as father of Botany ?

(A)  Theophrastus

(B)  Eichler

(C)  Hugo-De-Vries

(D)  None

Answer: (A)

31. Before 1956, which class was given to Bhopal State?

(A)  Class A

(B)  Class B

(C)  Class C

(D)  Class D

Answer: (C)

32. Which of the following is not a river of Madhya Pradesh ?

(A)  Dudhi

(B)  Barnar

(C)  Chameli

(D)  Luni

Answer: (C)

33. Which of the following is not a correct pair ?

(A)  Vikram University – Ujjain

(B)  Gramodaya University – Chitrakoot

(C)  Indira Kala Sanskrit University – Indore

(D)  Makhan Lal Chaturvedi National Journalism University – Bhopal

Answer: (C & D)

34. Which of the following pair is wrong ?

Dam                           River

(A)  Rajghat dam – Betawa River

(B)  Tawa dam – Tawa River

(C)  Ban Sagar dam – Son River

(D)  Bargi dam – Barna River

Answer: (D)

35. With which district Matatila dam Project is not associated ?

(A)  Gwalior

(B)  Sagar

(C)  Bhind

(D)  Datiya

Answer: (B)

36. Ghatigaon wildlife sanctuary is located at-

(A)  Gwalior

(B)  Hoshangabad

(C)  Dhar

(D)  Rajgarh

Answer: (A)

37. Who was not the Governor of Madhya Pradesh ?

(A)  Kunwar Mahmood Ali Khan

(B)  Ram Prakash Gupta

(C)  K. C. Reddy

(D)  Bhagwantrao Mandloi

Answer: ()

38. Which of the following politician of Madhya Pradesh was a member of Constituent Assembly ?

(A)  Ravi Shankar Shukla

(B)  Dwarika Prasad Misra

(C)  Arjun Singh

(D)  Prakash Chandra Sethi

Answer: (A)

39. Which of the following pair is not correct ?

Name            Year of Establishment

(A)  M. P. Kala Parishad – 1952

(B)  M. P. Sahitya Parishad – 1954

(C)  M. P. Hindi Granth Academy – 1970

(D)  M. P. Urdu Academy – 1976

Answer: (C)

40. Kanada dance is mainly performed by-

(A)  Washerman

(B)  Barbers

(C)  Carpenters

(D)  Weavers

Answer: (A)

41. How many zeroes are there in 50 million ?

(A)  5

(B)  6

(C)  7

(D)  8

Answer: (C)

42. Solve the following –

(A)  1

(B)  2

(C)  3

(D)  4

Answer: (B)

43. Which is the smallest among the following fractions ?

(A)  13/16

(B)  15/19

(C)  17/21

(D)  7/8

Answer: (B)

44. Solve the following-

8016.34 + 106.9 – 2006.85 – 131.428 = ?

(A)  5984.152

(B)  6074.962

(C)  5984.962

(D)  5974.962

Answer: (C)

45. Solve the following-

(A)  .005

(B)  0.5

(C)  5

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (D)

46. Solve the following –

– baa – abb – a – a – baa

(A)  bbaab

(B)  acbba

(C)  baabb

(D)  ababa

Answer: (D)

47. Solve the following-

b – ab – a – – ba – b

(A)  aabaa

(B)  baabb

(C)  bbbaa

(D)  ababa

Answer: (D)

48. In a code language MOON is written as 4665, then in the same code language, how PKTU will be written ?

(A)  7334

(B)  7332

(C)  7223

(D)  6223

Answer: (C)

49. Solve the following –

EJOT : 5101520 : : ABCD : ?

(A)  1234

(B)  3421

(C)  3142

(D)  1234

Answer: (A)

50. Solve the following-

RAT : 912 : : ? : UAM

(A)  431

(B)  143

(C)  512

(D)  314

Answer: (D)

51. If in a row, the place of Santosh is 16th from t he beginning, and from t he last, his place is 10th. How many people are sitting in that row ?

(A)  25

(B)  26

(C)  27

(D)  22

Answer: (A)

52. If English alphabet is given in the reverse way, then what will be the 20th alphabet from the beginning ?

(A)  T

(B)  Q

(C)  R

(D)  G

Answer: (D)

53. Solve the following-

A, C, E, G, I, K, …….. what will be the next alphabet?

(A)  P

(B)  N

(C)  O

(D)  M

Answer: (D)

54. Which is different from the other three ?

(A)  Lemon

(B)  Apple

(C)  Orange

(D)  Grapes

Answer: (B)

55. Which one is different from the other three ?

(A)  Publisher

(B)  Editor

(C)  Press

(D)  Writer

Answer: (C)

56. Which one of the following is different from the other three ?

(A)  TS

(B)  PO

(C)  FG

(D)  XW

Answer: (C)

57. If TATA is written as PAPA, then how TALK will be written ?





Answer: (C)

58. A is brother of B, B’s father husband of A’s mother. Who is the sister of A?

(A)  B

(B)  Mother of B

(C)  C

(D)  None

Answer: (D)

59. While pointing towards his son, a person says to a woman that his mother, is your mother’s only daughter. What is the relationship between that person and woman ?

(A)  Husband-wife

(B)  Father-daughter

(C)  Brother-sister

(D)  None

Answer: (A)

60. Which is the missing number ?

5, 11, 17, 23, 31, …..

(A)  26

(B)  14

(C)  30

(D)  41

Answer: (D)

61. How many chapters are there in the Charter of United Nations Organization ?

(A)  17

(B)  18

(C)  19

(D)  20

Answer: (C)

62. Which of the following is not an official language of United Nations Organization ?

(A)  Chinese

(B)  Arabic

(C)  Spanish

(D)  Persian

Answer: (D)

63. How many judges are there in the International Court of Justice ?

(A)  15

(B)  18

(C)  20

(D)  25

Answer: ()

64. In which year ASEAN was set up ?

(A)  1965

(B)  1966

(C)  1967

(D)  1968

Answer: ()

65. Where is K. D. Singh Babu stadium situated ?

(A)  Kanpur

(B)  Lucknow

(C)  Bhopal

(D)  Indore

Answer: (B)

66. Which Indian has recently been given French Award-‘Legend of Planet’?

(A)  Medha Patekar

(B)  Aruna Roy

(C)  Vandana Shiva

(D)  Bindeshwari Pathak

Answer: (D)

67. In which country recently Shangri-La Dialogue had taken place ?

(A)  Philippines

(B)  Singapore

(C)  Brunei

(D)  Laos

Answer: (B)

68. “The principle of an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. Who said this ?

(A)  Jawahar Lal Nehru

(B)  Nelson Mandella

(C)  Mahatma Gandhi

(D)  Gautam Buddha

Answer: ()

69. In which district of Chhattisgarh, the naxalites killed 26 people in May 2013 ?

(A)  Bastar

(B)  Raipur

(C)  Bhilai

(D)  Durg

Answer: (A)

70. What is the number of Central Public Sector Units in India ?

(A)  Approximately 250

(B)  Approximately 260

(C)  Approximately 270

(D)  Approximately 280

Answer: (A)

71. The first university of the world was-

(A)  Harvard

(B)  Cambridge

(C)  Oxford

(D)  Taxila

Answer: (D)

72. Which of the following is not correct ?

(A)  U.S.A. – Associated Press

(B)  Iran – IRNA

(C)  Egypt – MENA

(D)  France – REUTERS

Answer: (D)

73. Which of the following is not a political party of England ?

(A)  Conservative Party

(B)  Likud Party

(C)  Labour Party

(D)  Liberal Democratic Party

Answer: (B)

74. Which country’s Parliament is known as Diwan Nigara ?

(A)  Malaysia

(B)  Turkey

(C)  Mongolia

(D)  Taiwan

Answer: (A)

75. ‘Mukhyamantri Yuva Swarojgar Yojana’ to motivate the youth to go for self-employment is scheme of-

(A)  Uttar Pradesh

(B)  Madhya Pradesh

(C)  Gujarat

(D)  Rajasthan

Answer: (B)

76. World’s first cow sanctuary is to be established in which district of Madhya Pradesh ?

(A)  Gwalior

(B)  Jabalpur

(C)  Shajapur

(D)  Bhind

Answer: (C)

77. Which state is to the south of Madhya Pradesh ?

(A)  Bihar

(B)  Rajasthan

(C)  Maharashtra

(D)  Haryana

Answer: (C)

78. When is the World Redcross Day celebrated ?

(A)  May 6

(B)  May 7

(C)  May 8

(D)  May 9

Answer: (C)

79. Who was the builder of Dargah of Khwaja Garib Nawaj of Ajmer ?

(A)  Sultan Kutbuddin

(B)  Sultan Gyasuddin

(C)  Mohammad Tughlaq

(D)  Firozshah Tughlaq

Answer: (B)

80. When was Indo-Tibetan Border Police was set up ?

(A)  1960

(B)  1962

(C)  1964

(D)  1965

Answer: (B)

81. A team of 8 persons participated in shooting competition. The best shooter scored 85 points. If he had scored 92 points, then the average score would have been 84. How many points entire team scored ?

(A)  665

(B)  672

(C)  695

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

82. Ram started a shop after investing Rs 30,000. After two months Shyam invested Rs 45,000 in the shop and became a partner. After the end of year, there was the profit of Rs 54,000. What was the profit of ram ?

(A)  Rs 24,000

(B)  Rs 30,000

(C)  Rs 36,000

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

83. Solve the following-

(A)  5

(B)  25

(C)  50

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

84. Prakash is 34 years older than Lokesh Before 10 years the total of their age was 48 years. What is the present age of Prakash?

(A)  17 years

(B)  34 years

(C)  51 years

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

85. Solve the following-


(B)  1/2

(C)  12/49

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

86. Solve the following-

5463 + 546.3 – 54.63 + ? = 599.3

(A)  0.5463

(B)  0.05463

(C)  5.463

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (D)

87. Solve the following-

23149 – 12302 – 10447 = ?

(A)  300

(B)  3000

(C)  400

(D)  4000

Answer: (C)

88. Which country was defeated by Japan in 1905 ?

(A)  Russia

(B)  China

(C)  Korea

(D)  Mongolia

Answer: (A)

89. In which year U. S. A. joined the Second World War ?

(A)  1939

(B)  1940

(C)  1941

(D)  1942

Answer: (C)

90. When the First World War had come to an end ?

(A)  August 11, 1918

(B)  September 11, 1918

(C)  October 11, 1918

(D)  November 11, 1918

Answer: (D)

91. Who was defeated by Babur in the battle of Chandri in 1528 ?

(A)  Medanirai

(B)  Ibrahim Lodi

(C)  Rana Sanga

(D)  Hemu

Answer: (A)

92. In which year George Yule had presided over the Session of Congress ?

(A)  1887

(B)  1888

(C)  1889

(D)  1890

Answer: (B)

93. Who was the founder of Atmiya Sabha ?

(A)  Devendra Nath Thakur

(B)  Dada Bhai Naoroji

(C)  Jyotiba Phule

(D)  Raja Rammohan Roy

Answer: (D)

94. How many provinces were there during Aurangzeb’s rule ?

(A)  20

(B)  22

(C)  25

(D)  28

Answer: (A)

95. Which state of India, is the largest producer of Cement ?

(A)  Madhya Pradesh

(B)  Rajasthan

(C)  Uttar Pradesh

(D)  Andhra Pradesh

Answer: (B)

96. Cholamu lake is in the province of-

(A)  Mizoram

(B)  Manipur

(C)  Sikkim

(D)  Meghalaya

Answer: (C)

97. Which of the following state is surrounded by Bangladesh from three sides ?

(A)  Nagaland

(B)  Assam

(C)  Arunachal Pradesh

(D)  Tripura

Answer: (D)

98. Which of the following is wrong ?

(A)  Switzerland – Franc

(B)  Sweden – Krona

(C)  Serbia – Dinar

(D)  Netherland – Euro

Answer: (*)

99. Which of the following is wrong ?

(A)  Madagascar – Arctic Ocean

(B)  Britain – North Atlantic Ocean

(C)  Cuba – Carribean Sea

(D)  Ireland – North Atlantic Ocean

Answer: (A)

100. Which of the following is wrong ?

(A)  Sydney – Darling

(B)  Dundi – Kizil

(C)  Khartoum – Nile

(D)  Perth – Swan

Answer: (B)

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