Madhya Pradesh Preliminary B.Ed. Examination Held on 24-4-2016 Question Paper With Answer Key

Madhya Pradesh Preliminary B.Ed. Examination Held on 24-4-2016
Madhya Pradesh Preliminary B.Ed. Examination Held on 24-4-2016 Question Paper With Answer Key

Madhya Pradesh (Pre.) B.Ed. Examination-2016

Held on 24-4-2016

General Ability

1. If DELHI is coded GIRPU, then, how is MUMBAI Coded?





Answer: (B)

2. In a certain code language, bey das kat means wise and clever; das som jona means clever young boy; zup jona oon means young means fresh. Which is the word for boy ii that code language?

(A)  som

(B)  das

(C)  kat

(D)  jona

Answer: (A)

3. If in a certain code TWELVE is written as 863203 and TWENTY is written as 863983, then what is the code for ELEVEN?

(A)  724532

(B)  323039

(C)  230393

(D)  273452

Answer: (B)

4. Complete the series choosing the missing letters-


(A)  a, b, b, a

(B)  c, a, b, a

(C)  a, c, b, a

(D)  b, a, c, b

Answer: (C)

5. Complete the series choosing the missing letters-

   mn_mmnn_ _ nn_

(A)  m, n, n, n

(B)  n, m, n, m

(C)  n, m, m, m

(D)  m, n, m, n

Answer: (C)

6. Complete the series choosing the missing number-

    6, 2, 7, 3, 8, 4, …..

(A)  5

(B)  6

(C)  9

(D)  10

Answer: (C)

7. Complete the series choosing the missing number-

     2, 5, 10, 17, 26, ……

(A)  31

(B)  35

(C)  36

(D)  37

Answer: (D)

8. In the following question there is certain relationship between the first two terms. Find the fourth term which has the similar relationship with the third term as in case of first two terms-

    JLN : SQO :: PRT :?

(A)  UYW

(B)  UTV

(C)  YWU

(D)  VUT

Answer: (C)

9. There are two words making the base pair. Find the similar pair of words from the following-

    Profit : Loss :: ?

(A)  Success : Failure

(B)  Rupee : Paisa

(C)  Whole : Part

(D)  Multiplication : Addition

Answer: (A)

10. The ages of Nelson and Michael are in the ratio of 3 : 5. After 9 years, the ratio of their ages will become 3 : 4. The present age of Michael is-

(A)  12 years

(B)  15 years

(C)  18 years

(D)  20 years

Answer: (B)

11. Twenty years ago, Ram was half of Sam in age. If the ratio of their present ages is 3 : 4, find the Ram’s and Sam’s present ages-

(A)  20, 40

(B)  30, 20

(C)  30, 40

(D)  40, 50

Answer: (C)

12. In a family it is known that Mabbra is the maternal uncle of Cabbra. Shabbra. Dabbra;s sister has a son Cabbra and a daughter Jabbra. Abbra is the son of Dabbra. What is Mabbra’s relation to Jabbra ?

(A)  Niece

(B)  Sister

(C)  Maternal Uncle

(D)  Nephew

Answer: (C)

13. A + B means that A is the brother of B

A & B means that A is married to B

A % B mans that A is B’s mother

If a relationship is represented as R% S; P& Q; and Q + R, then, how is P related to S?

(A)  P is the  uncle of S

(B)  P is the aunt of S

(C)  P s the niece of S

(D)  P is the nephew of S

Answer: (B)

14. Select the option, which is the logical equivalent of the statement given below-

“If the motor is not working, then the clutch has not worn out.”

(A)  If the clutch has not worn out, then the motor is working

(B)  If the clutch has worn out, then the motor is working

(C)  If the clutch has not worn out, then the motor is not working

(D)  If the clutch has worn out, then the motor is not working

Answer: (B)

15. Select the option that is true about the statement and conclusions given-

Statements : All cats are dogs.

Some dogs are black.

Conclusion :

Some cats are black.

Black dogs are not cats.

(A)  Only conclusion I follows

(B)  Only conclusion II follows

(C)  Both conclusion I and II follow

(D)  Neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows

Answer: (D)

16. Consider the details given below and answer the following question below-

The letters A, B, C, D, E F and G, not necessarily in that order, stand for seven consecutive integers from 1 to 10

(1) B is 2 less than A

(2) F is the middle term

(3) E is as 2 less than F and G is 2 greater than C

(4) D is greater than C

(5) G is positioned at 10

What is the letter at position 5 ?

(A)  E

(B)  F

(C)  A

(D)  B

Answer: (A)

17. Sushil stands fifth to the left in a row of boys and Mohammad stands sixth from the right. if the two boys interchange their positions, Sushil would be thirteenth from the left. What will be the Mohammed’s position from the right?

(A)  14

(B)  13

(C)  12

(D)  17

Answer: (A)

18. A and B together complete a piece of work in 25 days. A alone can do the same work in 40 days. If B works alone, then how many days will it take to complete the task ?


(B)  10 days



Answer: (D)

19. Two trains, each 100 m long, moving in opposite directions, cross each other in 12 sec. If one is moving twice as fast as the other, then the speed of the faster train is …………..

(A)  40 kmph

(B)  30 kmph

(C)  20 kmph

(D)  24 kmph

Answer: (A)

20. From a survey of factory products P, Q and R, it was found that 230 consumers liked Product P; 62 liked Product Q; and 48 liked Product R. Among them 24 liked Product P and Q; 59 liked Products P and R; 42 liked Products Q and R; and 132 liked all three products.

What is the total number of consumers ?

(A)  327

(B)  227

(C)  427

(D)  527

Answer: (B)

21. A college has 540 boys and girls in the ratio 5 : 4. If there is an increase of 20% in the number of girls, what is the new ratio o f boys to girls ?

(A)  25 : 24  

(B)  235 : 570

(C)  196 : 531

(D)  4 : 5

Answer: (A)

22. Rama bought goods at a discount of 20% of the list p rice. He marks them such that he can give discount of 20% on the marked price and still makes the profit of 20% on the selling price. What percent of list price is the marked price ?

(A)  100%

(B)  125%

(C)  175%

(D)  180%

Answer: (B)

23. If the surface areas of two spheres bear the ratio 4 : 1, then what will be the ratio of their volumes ?

(A)  2 : 1

(B)  8 : 1

(C)  4 : 1

(D)  1 : 4

Answer: (B)

24. A well with 21 m inner diameter is dug 10 m deep. Earth taken out of it has been evenly spread all around it to a width of 21 m to form an embankment. The height of the embankment is-

(A)  1 m

(B)  0.75 m

(C)  1.25 m

(D)  1.5 m

Answer: (C)

25. A word or group of words in a question will be followed by four options words. One of which is an Anagram of the question word. Anagram is a word formed not only by rearranging the letters of the question word but has synonymous, humorous or witty expressions of the word given. For example ‘Silent’ can be an Anagram of ‘Listen’.

Which of the following is an Anagram of ‘METAMOR-PHOSIS’?





Answer: (B)

26. Which of the following is the water is mage of the word STABLE?

Answer: (A)

27. In the sequence shown below, which figure comes next ?

Answer: (B)

28. If the following two squares overlap, which one of the following options is formed?

Answer: (D)

29. In the sequence shown below, which figure comes next ?

Answer: (C)

30. How many triangles are there in the following figures?

(A)  6

(B)  10

(C)  12

(D)  14

Answer: (C)

General Awareness

31. What is common among Rabindranath Tagore, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and C.V. Raman ?

(A)  All of them were freedom fighters

(B)  All of them were nominated for the Nobel Prize

(C)  All of them had been knighted

(D)  All of them were literary gems

Answer: (C)

32. After Independence, the three States that were the most difficult to integrate with the Union of India were-

(A)  Junagadh, Hyderabad and Kashmir

(B)  Rajasthan, Mysore and Punjab

(C)  Kashmir, Hyderabad and Mysore

(D)  Junagadh, Hyderabad and Rajasthan

Answer: (A)

33. Which city was known as ‘Avantika’ in ancient times ?

(A)  Ujjain

(B)  Gwalior

(C)  Jhansi

(D)  Bhopal

Answer: (A)

34. Chhattisgarh became a State on ……..

(A)  1 November, 2001

(B)  15 November, 2001

(C)  4 November, 2000

(D)  1 November, 2000

Answer: (D)

35. Hoshangabad district is part of which division ?

(A)  Rewa

(B)  Chambal

(C)  Narmadapuram

(D)  Sagar

Answer: (C)

36. Part I of the Flag code of India, 2002 refers to-

(A)  Display of the Flag

(B)  Display code of the Flag

(C)  General description of the Flag

(D)  Flag hoisting

Answer: (C)

37. Fiscal deficit refers to-

(A)  total expenditure exceeding total revenue excluding borrowing

(B)  total revenue minus total expenditure

(C)  revenue expenditure minus revenue receipt

(D)  borrowing minus interest payment

Answer: (A)

38. Which Plateau is called the ‘Rice bowl’ of Madhya Pradesh ?

(A)  Malwa

(B)  Rewa Panna

(C)  Bundelkhand

(D)  Baghelkhand

Answer: (A)

39. Madhya Pradesh earns a significant amount in foreign exchange from-

(A)  Rose

(B)  Cotton

(C)  Soya bean

(D)  Groundnut

Answer: (C)

40. The types of soil found in Madhya Pradesh are-

(A)  Black soil, Red soil, clay soil, laterite soil, mixed soil

(B)  Clay soil, Red soil, alluvial soil, laterite soil, mixed soil

(C)  Black soil, sandy soil, alluvial soil, laterite soil, mixed soil

(D)  Black soil, Red soil, alluvial soil, laterite soil, mixed soil

Answer: (D)

41. Which is the largest railway station in Madhya Pradesh ?

(A)  Bhopal

(B)  Indore

(C)  Itarsi

(D)  Habibganj

Answer: (C)

42. Which river is also known as ‘Vetrawati’ ?

(A)  Betwa River

(B)  Chambal River

(C)  Son River

(D)  Tapti River

Answer: (A)

43. Which one of the following gases is not included in the category of ‘Greenhouse Gases’ ?

(A)  Methane

(B)  Hydrogen

(C)  Nitrous oxide

(D)  Carbon dioxide

Answer: (B)

44. Weakening of bones in human beings occur due to deficiency of-

(A)  Calcium

(B)  Oxygen

(C)  Nitrogen

(D)  Carbon

Answer: (A)

45. The AKS Primality Test was created and published by three IIT Kanpur computer scientists ….., ……, and ………

(A)  Manindra Agrawal, Neeraj Kayal, Nitin Saxena

(B)  Manish Agrawal, Neeraj Kayal, Nitin Saxena

(C)  Manindra Agrawal, Neeraj Kayal, Dheeraj Saxena

(D)  Manindra Agrawal, Neeraj Kashyap, Nitin Saxena

Answer: (A)

46. The company that has the tag line ‘Connecting India’ is-

(A)  Airtel



(D)  Indian Telephone Industry

Answer: (B)

47. The Minister for Women and Child Development in Madhya Pradesh is……….. .

(A)  Smt. Maya Singh

(B)  Smt. Yashodhara Raje Scindia

(C)  Smt. Ranjana Baghel

(D)  Sushri, Kusum Mehdele

Answer: (A)

48. ISRO launched its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLVC-29 successfully with six satellites from which country –

(A)  Japan

(B)  Singapore

(C)  Malaysia

(D)  Thailand

Answer: (B)

49. Who was Chief Guest at the 67th Republic Day Parade ?

(A)  Li Peng

(B)  Shinzo Abe

(C)  Barack Obama

(D)  Francois Hollande

Answer: (D)

50. Which of the following cities is NOT included under the ‘Smart Cities’ Scheme of the Government of India?

(A)  Chennai

(B)  Bhopal

(C)  Ahmedabad

(D)  Bangalore

Answer: (D)

General Language

Answer: (B)

Answer: (B)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (B)

Answer: (A)

Answer: (D)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (C)

Answer: (C)


61. Complete the sentence choosing the right option ………, isn’t it ?

(A)  The office is just besides the railway station

(B)  The office is just beside the railway station

(C)  The office was just beside the railway station

(D)  The office has just been beside the railway station

Answer: (B)

62. Choose the appropriate usage to fill in the blank:

The want to bring …… their children …… an area which is posh and urban.

(A)  down, over

(B)  by, across

(C)  out, along

(D)  up, in

Answer: (D)

63. Choose the options that best transforms the given sentence without changing its meaning-

They feed the tigers at the zoo twice a day.

(A)  The tigers are being fed twice a day at the zoo

(B)  The tigers are feed by them twice a day at the zoo

(C)  The tigers are fed twice a day at the zoo

(D)  The tigers have been fed twice a day at the zoo

Answer: (C)

64. Choose the appropriate usage to fill in the blank:

I ….. with you  soon as I …. ready.

(A)  will come, am

(B)  shall be coming, shall be

(C)  am coming, will get

(D)  will come, will be    


Answer: (A)

65. Choose the option that best transforms the given sentence without changing its meaning :

The inspector said “ Is it a mixed school” ?

(A)  The inspector said that if it was a mixed school

(B)  The inspector asked if it was a mixed school

(C)  The inspector told that it was a mixed school

(D)  The inspector was saying if it was a mixed school

Answer: (B)

66. Choose the appropriate usage to fill in the blank –

I …….. have cooked; nobody ever liked my cookin !

(A)  mustn’t

(B)  can’t

(C)  needn’t

(D)  could

Answer: (C)

67. The synonym for the word ‘Except’ is-

(A)  Exception

(B)  Abstract

(C)  Summary

(D)  Extract

Answer: (D)

68. The antonym for the word ‘Destitute’ is-

(A)  Cheerful

(B)  Affluent

(C)  Depressed

(D)  Deserving

Answer: (B)

69. When will people learn to realize their mistakes? The assertive form of this sentence is-

(A)  People will earn to realize their mistakes

(B)  People will be never learning to realize their mistakes

(C)  Can people ever learn to realize their mistakes !

(D)  People will never learn to realize their mistakes

Answer: (D)

70. Complete the sentence choosing the right form of Prefix/Suffix –

Her …… responsible behaviour angered our principal. All monther’s responsib …….ceases to exist once their daughters get married.

(A)  non-, -ity

(B)  un-, -ily

(C)  over-, -tive

(D)  ir-, -ility

Answer: (D)

Teaching Aptitude

71. The prime quality of a good teacher is-

(A)  A good communicator

(B)  Graduate level education

(C)  Popularity

(D)  Pleasing manners

Answer: (A)

72. Which of the following is an important factor in effectiveness of teaching in a teacher ?

(A)  Qualification

(B)  Experience

(C)  Personality

(D)  Subject knowledge

Answer: (D)

73. A sympathetic relationship or understanding that allows a teacher to better understand his/her students is called …….. .

(A)  Rapport

(B)  Empathy

(C)  Sympathy

(D)  Apathy

Answer: (A)

74. Teachers need to be a ……. but not overly ….. .

(A)  Facilitator, docile

(B)  learner, enthusiastic

(C)  guide, democratic

(D)  leader, authorarian

Answer: (D)

75. “A teacher can never truly teach, unless he is still learning himself. A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame”. This quotation was said by-

(A)  M. K. Gandhi

(B)  Rabindranath Tagore

(C)  Dr. Radhakrishnan

(D)  Dr. Ambedkar

Answer: (B)

76. When a teacher is enthusiastic in classroom teaching, it means-

(A)  She was involved students in the teaching-learning process

(B)  She would like to hide her lack of proficiency to hold her student’s attention

(C)  She wants to extend her popularity with students

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (A)

77. Teachers ought to possess-

(A)  strong knowledge of their subjects

(B)  be patient and committed

(C)  be never good at just one thing

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (D)

78. There will be effective communication in classroom if the teacher-

(A)  Saves time for interaction by dictating notes

(B)  Prepares readymade notes

(C)  Talks extempore

(D)  Talks extempore drawing examples from other subjects

Answer: (D)

79. …….. and…….. are the two methods of communication that a teacher may make use of.

(A)  Lecturing. interaction

(B)  Teaching, testing

(C)  Speaking, counselling

(D)  Assessing, encouraging

Answer: (A)

80. One of the immediate outcomes of teaching is reflected when students-

(A)  start writing notes in class

(B)  start paying attention in class

(C)  change in their behaviour in a desirable direction

(D)  get selected for a suitable job

Answer: (C)

81. Which of the following can be detrimental to students in their overall goals of learning?

(A)  Practical thinking

(B)  Spoon-feeding a subject

(C)  Textbook teaching

(D)  Assessments

Answer: (B)

82. Why must a teacher have mastery over his subject?

(A)  To get promoted easily

(B)  To make an impact on the parents

(C)  For self interest

(D)  To make teaching effective

Answer: (D)

83. The authority model is a teacher-centered form of teaching that entails lengthy lecture sessions. What could be the demerit of such type of teaching?

(A)  It is not suited for students

(B)  There is minimum student-teacher interaction

(C)  It is difficult for students to take notes

(D)  It can be boring for the teacher and the taught

Answer: (B)

84. The term ‘kindergarten’ means…… .

(A)  Children’s

(B)  Children’s playground

(C)  Children’s home

(D)  Children’s school

Answer: (B)

85. Modern methods of teaching require different types of teacher like –

(A)  Analyst

(B)  Organizer

(C)  Negotiator

(D)  All of these

Answer: (D)

86. What is the most appropriate meaning of learning?

(A)  accumulation of knowledge

(B)  personal adjustment

(C)  modification of behaviour

(D)  acquisition of skills

Answer: (C)

87. Who should be given the responsibility of Guidance and Counselling in the primary stages ?

(A)  To School Teachers

(B)  To Principal

(C)  To Education Department

(D)  To Parents

Answer: (A)

88. Effective teaching methods in the modern day scenario –

(A)  engage gifted students

(B)  engage slow-learning children

(C)  engage students with attention deficit tendencies

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (D)

89. How can classroom teaching be made effective ?

(A)  By making students solve similar questions after classroom teaching

(B)  By giving Homework daily

(C)  By giving Homework sometimes

(D)  By taking extra classes

Answer: (A)

90. Development of teaching materials and teaching aids is critical to the successes of scientific and educational activities-

(A)  True

(B)  False

(C)  Depends on the subject

(D)  Can’t say

Answer: (A)

91. A teacher can bring about awareness in the country & society because

(A)  She is a conscious person

(B)  She can give right direction to students

(C)  She will think innovatively

(D)  She always reads

Answer: (B)

92. Communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are critical and are known as ….. skills.

(A)  Social

(B)  Generic

(C)  Technical

(D)  Evaluative

Answer: (B)

93. The complete process of education must comprises four elements-

(A)  Teacher, student, management and infrastructure

(B)  Teacher, student, subject matter and context or setting

(C)  Institution, peer learners, parents and subject matter

(D)  Teacher, parents, students and society

Answer: (B)

94. If student’s ask questions in the class then the teacher should –

(A)  encourage students to ask more questions

(B)  scold them and ask them to sit down

(C)  tell them to ask questions after teaching

(D)  give them a lecture on the importance of the question

Answer: (A)

95. Learner characteristics relating to demographic information such as age, gender, maturation, social economic status, etc are called ……. characteristics.

(A)  Academic

(B)  Personal

(C)  Social

(D)  All of these

Answer: (B)

96. Which of the following is a better and holistic method of teaching ?

(A)  Lecture Method

(B)  Text Book Method

(C)  Project Method

(D)  Tourism Method

Answer: (C)

97. When characteristics relate to attention span, memory, mental procedures, and intellectual skills, they are termed ……. .

(A)  Cognitive

(B)  Academic

(C)  Social

(D)  All of these

Answer: (A)

98. The National Council for Teacher Education Act was passed in –

(A)  1992

(B)  1973

(C)  1993

(D)  1995

Answer: (C)

99. Are learner characteristics highly individual ?

(A)  No

(B)  Can’t say

(C)  Yes

(D)  Depends on circumstances

Answer: (C)

100. The main objectives of teaching is to-

(A)  Complete the curriculum

(B)  Prepare students to pass their examination

(C)  Develop the cognitive skills of the students

(D)  To end indiscipline in students.

Answer: (C)

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