Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC)State Services Preliminary Examination Held on February 12, 2017 Question Paper with Answer Key

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MP PSC)

State Services Preliminary Examination Held on February 12, 2017



1. Sound waves travel fastest in

(a)  solids

(b)  liquids

(c)  gases

(d)  vacuum

Answer: (a)

2. In human eyes, the image of an object is formed on

(a)  cornea

(b)  iris

(c)  pupil

(d)  retina

Answer: (d)

3. The kidneys in human beings are a part of system for

(a)  nutrition

(b)  transportation

(c)  excretion

(d)  respiration

Answer: (c)

4. Which of the following diseases is caused by protozoa?

(a)  Cholera

(b)  Diphtheria

(c)  Penumonia

(d)  Malaria

Answer: (d)

5. Transfer of heat by convection can take place in

(a)  solids and liquids

(b)  solids and vacuum

(c)  gases and liquids

(d)  vacuum and gases

Answer: (c)

6. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(a)  Vitamin-A – Maculan

(b)  Vitamin-B – Maculan

(c)  Vitamin-C – James Lind

(d)  Vitamin-D – Paul Muller

Answer: (c)

7. The power of a lens is measured in

(a)  dioptre

(b)  aeon

(c)  lumen

(d)  candela

Answer: (a)

8. Which of the following is also used as a lubricant?

(a)  Cuprite

(b)  Graphite

(c)  Haematite

(d)  Cryolite

Answer: (b)

9. The ‘laughing gas’ is

(a)  hydrogen peroxide

(b)  nitrous oxide

(c)  carbon  monoxide

(d)  sulphur dioxide

Answer: (b)

10. Lightning can even burn a tree because it contains tremendous amount of

(a)  heat energy

(b)  electric energy

(c)  chemical energy

(d)  nuclear energy

Answer: (a)

11. Eight years-old Tajamul Islam of Jammu and Kashmir related to which game?

(a)  Squash

(b)  Kickboxing

(c)  Swimming

(d)  Football

Answer: (b)

12. Who among the following was a hockey player of Madhya Pradesh?

(a)  Sameer Dad

(b)  Kirti Patel

(c)  Michael Nath

(d)  Amit Banerjee

Answer: (a)

13. The tradition of which game started with the setting up of the Parsee club?

(a)  Hockey

(b)  Football

(c)  Cricket

(d)  Table Tennis

Answer: (c)

14. Where is Roop Singh Stadium located?

(a)  Gwalior

(b)  Indore

(c)  Bhopal

(d)  Jabalpur

Answer: (a)

15. With which game is Amitabh Vijayvargiya associated?

(a)  Hockey

(b)  Football

(c)  Cricket

(d)  None of these

Answer: (c)

16. What was the name of the Cricket World Cup played in 1987?

(a)  Reliance Cup

(b)  Benson and Hedges Cup

(c)  Wills Cup

(d)  None of the above

Answer: (a)

17. In which year was Sachin Tendulkar given the Arjuna Award?

(a)  1990

(b)  1994

(c)  1997

(d)  1999

Answer: (b)

18. In which year were the Commonwealth Games started?

(a)  1922

(b)  1925

(c)  1927

(d)  1930

Answer: (d)

19. Which of the following countries has never been a winner in the T-20 Cricket World Cup (Men)?

(a)  India

(b)  Australia

(c)  England

(d)  Pakistan

Answer: (b)

20. In which of the following years were Olympics not held in London?

(a)  2012

(b)  1968

(c)  1948

(d)  1908

Answer: (b)

21. The service of the Internet that provides ‘audio’ and ‘video’ conversation, is called

(a)  chat

(b)  e-mail

(c)  video conferencing

(d)  video chat

Answer: (c)

22. Which of the following is not a Web browser?

(a)  Opera

(b)  Google Apps

(c)  Vivaldi

(d)  Mozilla Firefox

Answer: (b)

23. In the context of computer security, crackers are also known as

(a)  Black hat hackers

(b)  White hat hackers

(c)  Elite hackers

(d)  Script kiddie

Answer: (a)

24. DuckDuckGo is a

(a)  search engine

(b)  web browser

(c)  virus

(d)  news web site

Answer: (a)

25. Ethernet is an example of

(a)  MAN

(b)  LAN

(c)  WAN

(d)  Wi-Fi

Answer: (b)

26. A modem converts

(a)  analog signals into digital signals

(b)  digital signals into analog signals

(c)  Both of the above

(d)  None of the above

Answer: (b)

27. Which of the following Acts introduced the ‘Principle’ of Constitutional Autocracy?

(a)  The Indian Councils Act of 1909

(b)  The Government of India of 1919

(c)  The Government of India Act of 1935

(d)  The Indian Independence Act of 1947

Answer: (c)

28. Ghazi Malik was the founder of which dynasty?

(a)  Tughlaq

(b)  Khilji

(c)  Sayyid

(d)  Lodi

Answer: (a)

29. Who is called the ‘Father of Indian Archaeology’?

(a)  Alexander Cunningham

(b)  John Marshall

(c)  Mortimer Wheeler

(d)  James Prinsep

Answer: (a)

30. Who adorned Ram Mohan Roy with the title of ‘Raja’?

(a)  Aurangzeb

(b)  Robert Clive

(c)  Mahatma Gandhi

(d)  Mughal Emperor Akbar II

Answer: (d)

31. The Act of 1909 was associated with

(a)  introduction of separate electorate

(b)  decentralization

(c)  dyarchy

(d)  legislative councils

Answer: (a)

32. Whom had Muhammad Ghori defeated in 1194 in the Battle of Chandawar?

(a)  Kumarpal

(b)  Jaichand

(c)  Govindraj

(d)  Bhim II

Answer: (b)

33. Which dynasty of Delhi Sultanate ruled for the shortest period?

(a)  Khilji

(b)  Tughlaq

(c)  Sayyid

(d)  Lodi

Answer: (a)

34. An important event of Lord Dufferin’s tenure as Viceroy was

(a)  establishment of Ramakrishna Mission

(b)  establishment of Muslim League in Dhaka

(c)  establishment of Indian National Congress

(d)  beginning of the first Census

Answer: (c)

35. Who among the following was the youngest person to become the President of the Indian National Congress?

(a)  Jawaharlal Nehru

(b)  Abul Kalam Azad

(c)  Ananda Mohan Bose

(d)  Bhupendra Nath Bose

Answer: (b)

36. From which year was regular and scientific Census started in India?

(a)  1861

(b)  1871

(c)  1881

(d)  1891

Answer: (b)

37. Who among the following had not participated in the Second Round Table Conference?

(a)  Mahadev Desai

(b)  Pyarelal Desai

(c)  Madan Mohan Malaviya

(d)  Jawaharlal Nehru

Answer: (d)

38. Which of the following countries does not form border with the Caspian sea?

(a)  Azerbaijan

(b)  Iran

(c)  Iraq

(d)  Kazakhstan

Answer: (c)

39. What is the Kayal?

(a)  Terai Plain

(b)  Ganges Delta

(c)  Regur of Deccan Plateau

(d)  Lagoon of Kerala

Answer: (d)

40. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(a)  Canyon-River

(b)  Zeugen-Wind

(c)  Inselberg-Glacier

(d)  Moraine-Glacier

Answer: (c)

41. Stromboli is a/an

(a)  dormant volcano

(b)  active volcano

(c)  extinct volcano

(d)  None of these

Answer: (b)

42. In which year was the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Act enforced?

(a)  1980

(b)  1974

(c)  1981

(d)  None of these

Answer: (b)

43. According to 2011 Census, the density of population in India was

(a)  325

(b)  335

(c)  382

(d)  385

Answer: (c)

44. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(a)  Lipulekh – Uttarkhand

(b)  Nathu La – Arunachal Pradesh

(c)  Rohtang – Himachal Pradesh

(d)  Palghat – Kerala

Answer: (b)

45. Peneplain is related to

(a)  wind

(b)  underground water

(c)  glacier

(d)  river

Answer: (d)

46. Which of the following regions is the original habitat of the ‘Toda Tribe’?

(a)  Jaunsar Hills

(b)  Garo Hills

(c)  Nilgiri Hills

(d)  Jaintia Hills

Answer: (c)

47. Where is Ras Tanura Oil Refinery located?

(a)  Iran

(b)  United States of America

(c)  Saudi Arabia

(d)  Iraq

Answer: (c)

48. What is the botanical name of opium?

(a)  Emblica officinalis

(b)  Papaver somniferum

(c)  Rauwolfia serpentina

(d)  Cinchona sp

Answer: (b)

49. Smallpox was declared eradicated from the world in

(a)  1975

(b)  1980

(c)  1996

(d)  2008

Answer: (b)

50. Which of the following countries did President Pranab Mukherjee visit in May, 2016?

(a)  Japan

(b)  Myanmar

(c)  China

(d)  France

Answer: (c)

51. A bacteriophage is a

(a)  bacterium with a tail

(b)  newly formed bacterium

(c)  bacterium infecting virus

(d)  virus infecting bacterium

Answer: (d)

52. To study meiosis in plants, the best part would be

(a)  shoot apex

(b)  root apex

(c)  anthers

(d)  leaf cells

Answer: (c)

53. Sania Mirza’s mixed doubles partner Ivan Dodig is from which country?

(a)  Sweden

(b)  Switzerland

(c)  Russia

(d)  Croatia

Answer: (d)

54. What is the name of that book of Suhel Seth. Which was released in London in June, 2016?

(a)  Mantras for Success

(b)  Dark Horse

(c)  Wings of Fire

(d)  Masiha

Answer: (a)

55. What was the name of the sculpture stolen from the Khajuraho temple which was handed over by the Prime Minister of Canada t the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

(a)  Golden Parrot

(b)  Signing Parrot

(c)  Talkative Parrot

(d)  Parrot Lady

Answer: (d)

56. Which one of the following books is not written by Kalidasa?

(a)  Meghadutam

(b)  Kumarasambhavam

(c)  Uttararamacharitam

(d)  Ritusamharam

Answer: (c)

57. Where is oldest music college of Madhya Pradesh, ‘Madhav Sangeet College’ located?

(a)  Raipur

(b)  Indore

(c)  Bhopal

(d)  Gwalior

Answer: (d)

58. A ‘closed economy’ is an economy in which

(a)  the money supply is fully controlled

(b)  deficit financing takes place

(c)  only exports take place

(d)  neither exports nor imports take place

Answer: (d)

59. The period of the 12th Five Year Plan is

(a)  2007-12

(b)  2012-17

(c)  2010-15

(d)  2006-11

Answer: (b)

60. ‘India Vision 2020’ is prepared by

(a)  SP Gupta Committee

(b)  Panth Committee

(c)  Malhotra Committee

(d)  Narasimham Committee

Answer: (a)

61. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(a)  First World Climate Conference – 1979

(b)  First Earth Summit – Agenda 21

(c)  Earth Summits -1977

(d)  Carbon  Trading – Montreal Protocol

Answer: (d)

62. Which of the following statements is correct with regard to ‘International Monetary Fund’?

(a)  It can grant loans to any country.

(b)  It can grant loans to only developed countries.

(c)  It grants loans to member countries only.

(d)  It grants loans to the Central Bank of a country

Answer: (c)

63. Who was declared ‘Man of the Series’ in the India-Zimbabwe One Day Cricket Series in 2016?

(a)  Jasprit Bumrah

(b)  Virat Kohli

(c)  Ajinkya Rahane

(d)  KL Rahul

Answer: (d)

64. The final match of IPL-9 (2016) was played in the stadium of which State?

(a)  Karnataka

(b)  Maharashtra

(c)  Haryana

(d)  West Bengal

Answer: (a)

65. Who was the author of the book, Rashmirekha?

(a)  Gajanan Madhav ‘Muktibodh’

(b)  Bal Krishna Sharma ‘Naveen’

(c)  Harishankar Parsai

(d)  Bhawani Prasad Mishra

Answer: (b)

66. In which district of Madhya Pradesh was Chandrashekhar Azad born?

(a)  Khargone

(b)  Gwalior

(c)  Jhabua

(d)  Satna

Answer: (c)

67. Who among the following was not a king of the Parmar dynasty?

(a)  Upendra

(b)  Munj

(c)  Gangeyadev

(d)  Udayaditya

Answer: (c)

68. Dhangdev was the ruler of which dynasty?

(a)  Chandelas of Jejakabhukti

(b)  Parmar of Malwa

(c)  Kalchuri of Mahishmati

(d)  Kachuri of Tripuri

Answer: (a)

69. At which of the following places was Habib Tanvir born?

(a)  Raipur

(b)  Jhabua

(c)  Indore

(d)  Rathlam

Answer: (a)

70. Under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention Atrocities) Act, 1989 in which section there is a provision for the arrangement of a Special Court?

(a)  14

(b)  7

(c)  21(1)

(d)  21(3)

Answer: (a)

71. In how many days will the investigating officer submit his report for the offences committed under the Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989?

(a)  15

(b)  20

(c)  25

(d)  30

Answer: (d)

72. Which one of the following Brahamana texts belong to the Rigveda?

(a)  Aitareya Brahamana

(b)  Gopatha Brahmana

(c)  Shatapatha Brahmana

(d)  Taittiriya Brahmana

Answer: (a)

73. The ‘Goods and Services Tax’ was proposed by a task force, whose President was

(a)  Vijay Kelkar

(b)  Montek Singh Ahluwalia

(c)  Arun Jaitley

(d)  Narsimham

Answer: (c)

74. When were the Fundamental Duties mentioned in the Constitution?

(a)  At the time of framing of Constitution

(b)  On January 26, 1950

(c)  In the 42nd Constitutional Amendment

(d)  In the 41st Constitutional Amendment

Answer: (c)

75. The States and the Central government derive power from

(a)  the Constitution of India

(b)  the President of India

(c)  the Prime Minister of India

(d)  the Parliament of India

Answer: (a)

76. Which of the following may be considered a Pressure Group?

(a)  Members of the Lok Sabha

(b)  Members of a Panchayat

(c)  Members of the Cabinet

(d)  Members of a Trade Union

Answer: (d)

77. Who is the inventor of ‘www’?

(a)  Bill Gates

(b)  Tim Berners-Lee

(c)  Tim Bil

(d)  Ray Tomlinson

Answer: (b)

78. A batsman hits a cricket ball which the rolls on a level ground. After covering a short distance, the ball comes to rest. The ball slows to a stop because

(a)  the batsman did not hit the ball hard enough

(b)  velocity is proportional to the force exerted on the ball

(c)  there is a force on the ball opposing the motion

(d)  there is no unbalanced force on the ball, so the would try to come to rest

Answer: (c)

79. Which of the following rulers got the Jantar Mahal of Mandu constructed?

(a)  Mahamud Shah Khilji

(b)  Alauddin Khilji

(c)  Bhoj Parmar

(d)  Hoshang Shah

Answer: (d)

80. Ain-ul-Mulk Multani did not serve under which of the following rulers?

(a)  Alauddin Khilji

(b)  Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

(c)  Firoz Tughlaq

(d)  Iltutmish

Answer: (d)

81. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(a)  President of Switzerland-Johann Schneider Ammann

(b)  President of Mexico-Enrique Pena Nieto

(c)  President of Namibia-Hage Geingob

(d)  President of Cote d’Ivoire-Angela Merkel

Answer: (d)

82. Which one of the following mountain ranges is spread over only one State in India?

(a)  Aravali

(b)  Satpura

(c)  Ajanta

(d)  Sahyadri

Answer: (c)

83. The tenure of the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission is

(a)  3 years

(b)  4 years

(c)  5 years

(d)  6 years

Answer: (a)

84. Who among the following was the first leader to organize labour movement in India?

(a)  BP Walia

(b)  Lala Lajpat Rai

(c)  NM Lokhande

(d)  NG Ranga

Answer: (c)

85. Joe Root is associated with which game?

(a)  Cricket

(b)  Chess

(c)  Polo

(d)  Golf

Answer: (d)

  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi me Jacob Zuma in July, 2016, who is the President of

(a)  Namibia

(b)  Qatar

(c)  Mexico

(d)  South Africa

Answer: (d)

87. In which year was the Mohan Bagan Club of football founded?

(a)  1850

(b)  1879

(c)  1889

(d)  1901

Answer: (c)

88. In which of the following countries, a woman became the President for the first time in May, 2016?

(a)  Taiwan

(b)  Myanmar

(c)  Angola

(d)  Namibia

Answer: (a)

89. Who won the men’s singles title of French Open 2016?

(a)  Ivan Dodig

(b)  Novak Djokovic

(c)  Andy Murray

(d)  Roger Federer

Answer: (b)

90. Manohar Aich was called ‘Pocket Hercules’. he was a/an

(a)  boxer

(b)  athlete

(c)  swimmer

(d)  bodybuilder

Answer: (d)

91. What are ‘Ranjit sub-I’ and ‘Bahadur sub-I’?

(a)  Two fighter planes

(b)  Two submarines

(c)  Two new varieties of paddy

(d)  Two new varieties of wheat

Answer: (c)

92. In May, 2016,Rodrigo Duterte was elected the President of which country?

(a)  Thailand

(b)  Switzerland

(c)  Mexico

(d)  Philippines

Answer: (d)

93. Who administered the oath of the Chief Minister of West Bengal to Mamata Banerjee on May 27, 2016?

(a)  Ram Naik

(b)  Keshari Nath Tripathi

(c)  TS Thakur

(d)  P. Sathasivam

Answer: (b)

94. The first Indian State to start State Data Centre (SDC) is

(a)  Telangana

(b)  Rajasthan

(c)  Chhattisgarh

(d)  Himachal Pradesh

Answer: (d)

95. In which of the following States, Bharatiya Janta Party formed government for the first time in 2016?

(a)  Assam

(b)  Rajasthan

(c)  Kerala

(d)  Odisha

Answer: (a)

96. Bhawani Prasad Mishra’s birth-place was

(a)  Sagar

(b)  Ujjain

(c)  Indore

(d)  Hoshangabad

Answer: (d)

97. Sunil Lanba is

(a)  the author of the novel ‘Masiha’

(b)  a famous Hindi novelist

(c)  the 23rd Naval Chief of India

(d)  the Director General of Border Security Force (BSF)

Answer: (c)

98. Who among the following was elected as the Chairman of world’s biggest commercial organization the International Chamber of Commerce’ In June 2016?

(a)  Mukesh Ambani

(b)  Adi Godrej

(c)  Lakshmi Narain Mittal

(d)  Sunil Bharti Mittal

Answer: (d)

99. When was the State Bank of India established?

(a)  1954

(b)  1955

(c)  1956

(d)  1957

Answer: (b)

100. In which post was the former police commissioner of Delhi, BS Bassi appointed in May, 2016?

(a)  The Chairman of Union Public Service Commission

(b)  The Governor of Meghalaya

(c)  The Director General of Border Security Force

(d)  The Member of Union Public Service Commission

Answer: (d)

Paper-2 General Studies

Directions (Q. Nos. 1-4) These questions are based on the following information

There are two families enjoying dinner around a round table, facing its centre. The distance between any neighbouring people is same. The details of the Two families are as follows:

The above people are sitting with the following details :

• Arun is sitting diametrically opposite to Bhaskar.

• Asha is sitting diametrically opposite to Beena.

• Asha is sitting at the East most position around the table.

• Bhaskar is sitting just to the right of his wife.

• The sons are sitting next to their fathers.

• The daughters are sitting next to their mothers.

1. Who is sitting at the north most point of the table?

(a)  Biju

(b)  Arup

(c)  Bhaskar

(d)  Arun

Answer: (b)

2. Who is sitting to the right of Biju?

(a)  Anjali

(b)  Brinda

(c)  Arun

(d)  Bhaskar

Answer: (a)

3. The immediate neighbours of Bhaskar are

(a)  Biju and Asha

(b)  Biju and Beena

(c)  Arup and Beena

(d)  Biju and Brinda

Answer: (b)

4. Who is sitting in the exact North-East direction of Beena?

(a)  Arup

(b)  Biju

(c)  Anjali

(d)  Brinda

Answer: (a)

5. A circular clock has all the three hands-hour, minute and second. All the three hands coincide at 12:00 hours. What i s the angle, in degrees, between the hour and second hands at 12 : 10 hours?

(a)  25

(b)  2

(c)  5

(d)  55

Answer: (c)

6. Kanchan is standing at a point A and his friend, Kumar, is standing at a point B, which is exactly in the East direction of Kanchan. Kanchan starts walking straight in the North Direction. At the same time, Kumar also starts walking straight at double the speed of Kanchan. Both Kanchan and Kumar meet each other after Kanchan has walked 5 km. The distance between A and B is equal to

(a)  5√3 km

(b)  3√5 km

(c)  2√3 km

(d)  3√2 km

Answer: (a)

7. If 6 × 4 = 12, 7 × 5 = 20, 5 × 8 = 21, then 5 × 7 = ?

(a)  20

(b)  18

(c)  24

(d)  35

Answer: (b)

Directions (Q. Nos. 8-9): These questions are based on the following information

Six persons (A, B, C, D E and F) read a novel, for which there is only one copy with them. Therefore, only one person can read the novel at a time. The following are observed in the way they are reading this novel :

• Two persons have read the novel before E.

• C gives the novel to the last person.

• Before F reads, B and D have already finished reading the novel.

• There are three persons who have read the book between A and F.

• A does not receive the novel from D.

8. Who is the first person to read the novel?

(a)  D

(b)  A

(c)  B

(d)  F

Answer: (c)

9. Who is the fourth person to read the novel?

(a)  D

(b)  A

(c)  B

(d)  F

Answer: (a)

10. Today, the age of the father is twice that of his son. Twenty years later, father will be thrice his son’s age today. What is the age of the son today?

(a)  10 yr

(b)  20 yr

(c)  30 yr

(d)  40 yr

Answer: (b)

11. A special dice is made such that each side has one of the numbers from 1 to 6 marked on it. This dice comes to rest after being thrown. In this position, it is observed that all the numbers on the sides, other than the top and bottom of the dice, add up to a value equal to 10. The numbers on the top and bottom of the dice will be

(a)  4 and 5

(b)  4 and 6

(c)  5 and 6

(d)  2 and 6

Answer: (c)

12. An office has old number of cabins. In each cabin, there are fans and bulbs fitted. The number of bulbs in each cabin is twice the number of fans in the cabin. All cabins have the same number of bulbs. The total number of bulbs and fans in all the cabins together is equal to thirty. How many cabins are there in the office?

(a)  3

(b)  5

(c)  7

(d)  9

Answer: (b)

13. A picture on a Xerox copier to 75% of its original size and this copy was then reduced by 20%. What percentage of the size of the original picture was the final copy?

(a)  15

(b)  10

(c)  12

(d)  18

Answer: (a)

14. The square root of a two-digit number gives a prime number. The sum of two digit of such a number is equal to

(a)  8

(b)  13

(c)  10

(d)  15

Answer: (b)

15. The sum of the five consecutive numbers is greater than 665 but less than 675. The sum of the even numbers in the above set of five numbers is equal to

(a)  406

(b)  404

(c)  402

(d)  400

Answer: (c)

16. A basket contains red and blue balls. From this basket, if one each of red and blue balls are removed, it is observed that in the remaining balls, the red balls are twice in number to that of the blue balls. From these remaining balls, three each of red and blue balls are further removed, after which it is observed that the number of the final remaining red balls is thrice that of the remaining blue balls. The numbers of blue balls in the starting basket is equal to

(a)  7

(b)  13

(c)  14

(d)  26

Answer: (a)

17. A lake supplies water to a town, In the first and the second month, it is observed that the town consumes the same amount of water. For the next four months, the monthly rate of consumption of the water is reduced by half as compared to the first two months. After this, it is observed that the remaining water in the lake is half of the initial starting volume. The ratio of the water consumed in the second month to the starting capacity of the lake is equal to

(a)  1/6

(b)  1/8

(c)  1/12

(d)  1/10

Answer: (b)

18. The difference between cube and square of number is observed to be square of twice of itself. The number is

(a)  4

(b)  5

(c)  6

(d)  8

Answer: (b)

19. Ramesh spends 40% of his monthly salary on food. Out of the remaining money left with him, he spends 10% on phone bill, 20% on electricity and 10% on laundry bill. After all the expenditure, he has Rs. 7200 left with him. Ramesh’s monthly salary equal to

(a)  Rs. 16364

(b)  Rs. 36000

(c)  Rs. 20000

(d)  Rs. 22909

Answer: (c)

20. A clock is currently marked at a price, which is 20% more than its actual manufacturing cost. If a shopkeeper decides to sell the clock at a price which is 10% lesser than the marked price, what is the percentage of profit shopkeeper makes?

(a)  8%

(b)  10%

(c)  12%

(d)  14%

Answer: (a)

21. A sequence of three numbers is generated such that the next number in the sequence is square of the previous number. The total of all these three numbers in the sequence has a magnitude between 50 and 99. The magnitude between 50 and 99. The magnitude of the ratio between the first and the second digit of the total is equal to

(a)  2

(b)  5

(c)  3

(d)  0.33

Answer: (c)

22. The average weight of four persons P, Q, R and S is equal to 40 kg. Q weighs twice of P, S weighs 10 kg less than R and the weight difference between Q and R is equal to 55 kg. The weights of P and S, respectively are

(a)  15 and 40

(b)  40 and 15

(c)  25 and 80

(d)  80 and 25

Answer: (b)

23. The average marks of a class are 40. On removing one student from the class, it is found that the new average marks of the class are 30. It is also observed that the total marks of these remaining students are 60% of the total of the full class. The total number of students in the class is equal to

(a)  10

(b)  8

(c)  5

(d)  4

Answer: (c)

24. In a solution prepared by a chemist, the volume of water is 30% of the total volume. On adding 5 L of water to the above solution, it is observed that the volume of the water increases to 40%. How much water, was there in the original solution?

(a)  35 L

(b)  30 L

(c)  14 L

(d)  9 L

Answer: (d)

Directions (Q. Nos. 25-29) Answer the give questions after studying the following pie chart, which gives the typical monthly budget of a family earning Rs. 36000 Per month.

25. What is the difference in the amounts budgeted for the food and medical expenses?

(a)  Rs. 18000

(b)  Rs. 14400

(c)  Rs. 5000

(d)  Rs. 9000

Answer: (b)

26. The family spent Rs. 3800 on telephone bill in the current month. Assuming that all the other expenses are same as budgeted amount, how much money the family has saved/invested in this current month?

(a)  Rs. 2000

(b)  Rs. 1200

(c)  Rs. 2800

(d)  Rs. 7200

Answer: (b)

27. The family spent Rs. 4500 on food on a particular month. What percentage of the budgeted amount for food has the family spent on that month?

(a)  40

(b)  50

(c)  60

(d)  80

Answer: (b)

28. The family spent only 80% of the budgeted amount on entertainment during a particular month, which is equal to

(a)  Rs. 4600

(b)  Rs. 4000

(c)  Rs. 14400

(d)  Rs. 14600

Answer: (b)

29. For the month of November, the family salary increases by an amount equal to the combined budgeted amount for house rent, children education and telephone bill from the earlier month. During November, the family spends exactly the budgeted amount on house rent and children education based on the earlier salary. i.e., before the increment. What is the percentage of the amount spend on house rent and children education together in November, based on the increased salary in November?

(a)  10%

(b)  15%

(c)  20%

(d)  25%

Answer: (d)

30. The square root of a two-digit number is observed to be equal to the sum of the two digit itself. The students in a class are equal to such a two-digit number. Prem’s rank in the class is such that the number of students below her is four times the number of students above her. Prema’s rank in the class is

(a)  13

(b)  15

(c)  17

(d)  19

Answer: (c)

31. Varun travels a distance of 5 km at a speed of 30 km/h. Then he travels the next 10 km at a speed of 40 km/h. Finally he travels the next 35 km at a speed of 60 km/h. What is the average speed of Varun, in km/h, for the entire travel?

(a)  35

(b)  40

(c)  45

(d)  50

Answer: (d)

32. You are a police office. A patient has died in a hospital and the relatives think that the doctor is responsible. You are informed that the relatives are attacking the doctor. What do you do?

(a)  Wait till the attack is over

(b)  Immediately reach the hospital and stop the relatives from attacking the doctor

(c)  Report to your superiors and wait for orders

(d)  Tell your subordinates to visit the hospitals after some time.

Answer: (b)

33. You are a doctor in a private hospital. You get a patient, who has insurance cover up to a few lakhs. Your colleague wants to order some tests which are not really necessary. What do you do?

(a)  Allow your colleague to order the tests

(b)  Suggest a few more tests of your own

(c)  Reduce a few tests from you colleague’s list

(d)  Order only the necessary tests and sensitise your colleague about the need for doing so

Answer: (d)

34. You are an official in the municipal corporation. Some volunteers of a non-governmental organization have painted one of the schools. However, they have not taken permission from you before painting. What do you do?

(a)  Take strict legal action against the volunteers

(b)  Meet with the volunteers and explain why permission are necessary and give retrospective permission

(c)  Ask the volunteers to undo the painting

(d)  Arrest the volunteers on charges of defacing government property

Answer: (b)

35. You are a government official. You are getting pressurized by some local political group to transfer one of your subordinates since he has refused to favour their leader for a contract. What do you do?

(a)  Stand by y our colleague’s decision and refuse to transfer him

(b)  Transfer the colleague so that the political group does not create trouble for you

(c)  Ask your colleague to go on leave and favour the political group leader in his absence

(d)  Inform the other political groups of this pressure so that the political pressure is removed.

Answer: (a)

36. You are a government official. You are asked some information under the RTI Act. You believe, you know the person who has asked for the information and you are also convinced that the information will be misused. What do you do?

(a)  Find a way of denying the information

(b)  Give the information

(c)  Give wrong information so that the possibility of misuses is minimized

(d)  Delay in giving the information as much as possible

Answer: (b)

37. You are the advisory council member for a company against which a complaint is lodged. The local municipal corporation has made you a member of their fact-finding committee. What do you do?

(a)  Resign from the council membership before accepting the committee work

(b)  Refuse to accept the committee membership citing conflict of interest

(c)  Either of the option (a) or (b) above

(d)  Accept the committee membership so that the report of the committee is favourable to the company

Answer: (b)

38. You are the member of a governing board of a educational institution. You are also the member of local municipal corporation. The other members of the governing board urge you to use your membership in the municipal corporation to promote the educational institution. What do you do?

(a)  Refuse since it is unethical

(b)  Agree to promote but do not take any initiative

(c)  Agree to promote and take active measures

(d)  Refuse in public but actively promote in private.

Answer: (a)

39. You are a freelance journalist for a publication. One of your friends wants to promote his product and offers you money if you can submit their publicity material for publication under your name. What do you do?

(a)  Agree to publish but refuse money since you are helping your friend

(b)  Agree to promote and take money

(c)  Do not agree since it is unethical

(d)  Do not agree; refer your friend to some other journalist

Answer: (c)

40. You are in a movie theatre. Before the movie, National Anthem is played. While the Anthem i s being played, some college students are still sitting in their seats and are talking. What do you do?

(a)  Assault the students

(b)  Take their photo and put it on Facebook

(c)  Request them not to talk and ask if they have any difficulty in standing up

(d)  Stop movie screening till the students are removed from the hall

Answer: (c)

41. A person working as an assistant in your lab comes from a poor family and is really interested in doing a PhD. How best would you help this person get into the PhD programme at your institute?

(a)  Talk to the head of the selection committee and request her to favour this candidate because he is

(b)  Help the candidate prepare well for their entrance exam by providing him with relevant textbooks

(c)  Do  nothing since it is up to him to get through the selection exam

(d)  Fight with the committee members after the selection process to get this candidate into the selected list

Answer: (b)

Directions (Q. Nos. 42-45) For each of the following words, a context is provided. From the alternatives, pick the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the given context.

42. Aide : An aide of the minister answered the questions on his behalf.

(a)  Follower

(b)  Assistant

(c)  Opponent

(d)  Friend

Answer: (b)

43. Seek : The murderer seeks pardon from the victim’s family.

(a)  Ask for

(b)  Blame

(c)  Deny

(d)  Refuse

Answer: (a)

44. Disappoint : The manager was disappointed with the performance of the programmer.

(a)  Unhappy because expectations are not met

(b)  Happy because expectations are met

(c)  Impressed with the performance

(d)  Afraid

Answer: (a)

45. Break : The tennis player broke the earlier word record.

(a)  Surpass

(b)  Fail to meet

(c)  Refused to play

(d)  Cheated

Answer: (a)

Directions (Q. Nos. 46-50) Read the following excerpt and answer the questions asked at the end. The answers to the questions should be based on the excerpt.

Panthers or leopards are more cunning than tigers; a tiger is a gentlemen when all is said and done-at least that is what Jim Corbett had said. A p[anther is more likely to enter a village or even a house than a tiger is. He will lie in wait beside a hut for an unsuspecting child to come out, [and] then seize him by the neck. There will be no sound, the child just disappears. A tiger will rarely trouble himself with a child, there is too little in it for him. It is a questions of cost-benefit. The energy he will expends in capturing and killing, a child provides him with very little food. He would rather kill a buffalo or other hoofed wild game, which provides him with much more food. A tiger weighs 180-230 kilos, while a panther may be around 50 kilos or so. Panthers sometimes take to child lifting even though normal food like dogs, goats and chicken are easily available.

46. A tiger would rather kill a buffalo than a child

(a)  because it is easy to kill a buffalo

(b)  because it is hard to kill a child

(c)  because tigers are not cunning

(d)  because the energy the tiger will expends in capturing and killing a child gives him very little food

Answer: (d)

47. Panthers take a child lifting

(a)  when normal food is not available

(b)  even when normal food is available

(c)  when tigers hunt for buffaloes

(d)  when they enter villages

Answer: (b)

48. Which one of the following statements is false?

(a)  Tigers are more likely to enter a village or eve a home.

(b)  Panthers are m ore likely to enter a village or even a home.

(c)  Tigers will rarely hunt children

(d)  Dogs, goats and chicken are normal food for panthers.

Answer: (a)

49. Jim Corbett said that

(a)  panthers are cunning animals

(b)  tigers are cunning animals

(c)  panthers are gentlemen

(d)  tigers are gentlemen

Answer: (d)

50. Panthers

(a)  eat other children

(b)  eat only dogs and goats

(c)  eat only chicken

(d)  eat dogs, goats, chicken and children

Answer: (d)

Directions (Q. Nos. 51-55) Read the following excerpt and answer the question asked at the end. The answer to the questions should be based on the excerpt.

Of the different groups of tropical insects, butterflies and ants are probably the most taxonomically well-known. While butterflies can be very good indicators of environmental changes, the adults fill only a few ecological niches, most species being pollinators or scavengers. Ants, on the contrary, play a much more variable role in any ecosystem. Ants are considered to run much of the terrestrial world as the premier soil turners and channelers of energy. They also play the role of predators, pollinators, harvesters and decomposers in any terrestrial ecosystem.

51. Which one of the following statements is true?

(a)  Both ants and butterflies play the role of pollinators.

(b)  Butterflies play the role of pollinators, ants do not.

(c)  Ants play the role of pollinators, butterflies do not.

(d)  Neither ants nor butterflies play the role of pollinators.

Answer: (a)

52. Butterflies

(a)  are taxonomically not very well-known

(b)  are good indicators of environmental changes

(c)  are predators, pollinators, harvesters and decomposers

(d)  run much of the terrestrial system

Answer: (b)

53. Ants are considered to run much of the terrestrial system as

(a)  they are the pollinators and scavengers

(b)  they are well-known taxonomically

(c)  they play variable role in the ecosystem

(d)  they are premier soil turners and channelers of energy

Answer: (d)

54. Ants and butterflies

(a)  are good indicators of environmental changes

(b)  are tropical insects

(c)  are not well-known taxonomically

(d)  play no role in ecosystem

Answer: (b)

55. Most species of butterflies are pollinators and scavengers. hence

(a)  they play a variable role in any ecosystem as compared to ants

(b)  they run much of the terrestrial system

(c)  they are very well-known taxonomically

(d)  they fill only a few ecological niches

Answer: (d)

56. India faces severe energy crisis. In order to meet this crisis without compromising the environmental concerns, the best option before the government is to

(a)  allow people to cut trees to use for cooking

(b)  go for large area installation of solar panels

(c)  go for nuclear energy without worrying about the nuclear safety issues

(d)  allow people to use more diesel generators.

Answer: (b)

57. A person asked his friend about the registration number of this newly purchased car. Instead answering directly, he answered his way, the registration number has four alphabets and six digits. The first two alphabets represent the Member of Parliament and the last three alphabets represent a writing instrument. The sum of all the digits gives 20 and the sum of the first two digits is 3. The registration number is

(a)  MP12AT5435

(b)  MP12AW5345

(c)  MP12EN3456

(d)  MP03EN5435

Answer: (d)

58. In order to encourage farming, the district administration decided to supply free seeds and subsidized fertilizers. This means

(a)  the fertilizers are cheap

(b)  seeds are cheaper than the fertilizers      

(c)  many people like farming

(d)  many people are moving away from farming

Answer: (d)

59. Heads of governments of almost all the countries have decided to take many urgent initiatives to reduce CO2 emission since the steps taken so far are not found to be yielding good results. This shows that

(a)  there were no steps taken in the past

(b)  the steps taken in the past were very good

(c)  the challenge due to CO2 emission is very serious today

(d)  there was no challenge due to CO2 emission in the past

Answer: (c)

60. Friendship is important, but choosing the correct friends is more important, otherwise, friendship becomes a burden. This implies that

(a)  one should have many friends

(b)  it is better to have no friends if one cannot get good friends

(c)  friendship is always a burden

(d)  The statement implies that it in better to have no friends if one can’t good friend

(e)  The statement implies that it in better to have no friends if one can’t good friend.

Answer: (*)

61. The new Principal of the school has urged each student in the school to take up at least one extra-curricular activity. She is of the opinion that studies and the extra-curricular activities should go hand in hand. The Principal thinks that

(a)  extra-curricular activities are as important as studies

(b)  studies were neglected before she took over as Principal

(c)  the school has a good talent in extra-curricular activities

(d)  every student will take many extra-curricular activities

Answer: (a)

62. The government has taken many steps to implement Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. It has requested many celebrities to become ambassadors of this movement. This shows that

(a)  the celebrities will do a better job than the government

(b)  the celebrities will contribute financially to this programme

(c)  more citizens can be motivated into this programme by the celebrities

(d)  the government is not every serous in executing this programme

Answer: (c)

63. All that glitters is not gold. This means that

(a)  one should not judge a person by his appearance

(b)  appearance always gives the correct idea about a person

(c)  a shining person is definitely good

(d)  a shining person will never be good

Answer: (a)

Directions (Q. Nos. 64-69) In each of the questions given below is given a statement followed by two assumptions I and II. Consider the assumptions and decide, which of them is/are strong in the given statement. Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives.

a. Assumption I is strong

b. Assumption II is strong

c. Assumption I and II are strong

d. Neither assumption I nor II is strong

64. Statement Conservation of rivers is very important today.


I. It will reduce water scarcity.

II. It protects our ecosystem.

Answer: (c)

65. Statement Many services related to government are now brought under the Right to Information (RTI) Act.


I. It will bring in more transparency.

II. It will bring in more accountability.

Answer: (c)

66. Statement All citizens have the right to challenge a lower court verdict in higher courts.


I. Lower courts are not efficient, while the higher ones are better.

II. The possibility of error in the judgement may exist.

Answer: (b)

67. Statement Parliamentary democracy works in many countries


I. It represents the overall opinion of the public.

II. It always fulfills people’s aspirations.

Answer: (a)

68. Statement For most of the appointments, initial one or two years are treated as probation and the service is confirmed only after the probation period.


I. The employer does not know much about the recruitee.

II. The employer wants to extract more work during the probation.

Answer: (a)

69. Statement Now-a-days many entrance examination are slowly getting shifted from ‘offline’ to ‘online’ examinations.


I. Online system is more efficient.

II. Online system creates more job opportunities.

Answer: (a)

Directions (Q. Nos. 70-73) In each of the question below is given a statement followed by two arguments I and II. Consider the arguments and decide which is/are strong. Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives.

a. Argument I is strong

b. Argument II is strong

c. Arguments I and II are strong

d. Neither argument I nor II is strong

70. Statement In metro cities, there is shortage of water supply to all the houses. This is partly due to the huge leakage of water from water pipelines.


I. There should be 24 × 7 maintenance and water leakage should be fixed.

II. With the same or less expense, we should pump more water.

Answer: (a)

71. Statement Using mobile phones while driving should be banned.


I. Yes, it causes road accidents.

II. No, it will hamper business.

Answer: (a)

72. Statement Children below 6 years cannot be admitted to Class I in many States.


I. The child should have the necessary mental and physical growth.

II. The child should be with their parents in the initial years.

Answer: (a)

73. Statement Should education be made compulsory for all children up to Class XII?


I. No, industries employing school dropped-out children will be affected.

II. Yes, school education forms the basis for higher education and a better future.

Answer: (b)

74. Consider the numbers bearing certain relationship among themselves along the columns in the table below

Which one of the following numbers is the missing number indicated above by ‘x’?

(a)  11

(b)  2

(c)  6

(d)  3

Answer: (d)

75. Which one of the following figures is the odd one?

(a)  (1)

(b)  (2)

(c)  (3)

(d)  (4)

Answer: (a)

76. The figures (P), (Q), (R), (S) have certain common features. Identify a figure amongst the figures (1), (2), (3), (4) which has those similar common features.

(a)  (1)

(b)  (2)

(c)  (3)

(d)  (4)

Answer: (c)

77. Identify the correct vertical mirror image of the following word

Answer: (d)

78. Consider that (i) Abhay is taller than Bhaskar; (ii) Chandra is taller than Abhay; (iii) Eswar is taller than Chandra, and Dhiraj is the tallest of all. If they are made to sit in the above order of their heights, who will occupy the mid-position?

(a)  Abhay

(b)  Bhaskar

(c)  Chandra

(d)  Dhiraj

Answer: (c)

79. When a dice has been thrown four times, it produces the following result each time :

Which one of the following numbers appears opposite to the number ‘3’ in the dice?

(a)  1

(b)  4

(c)  5

(d)  6

Answer: (b)

80. In a certain code language, DAM is written as WZN. How will TABLE be written in the same code?

(a)  GZYOV

(b)  EYXNU

(c)  FZXNU

(d)  HZANW

Answer: (a)

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