Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (Pre.) Examination Held on 31-5-2016 General Ability Question Paper with Answer Key

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (Pre.) Exam., 2016

Held on 31-5-2016

General Ability Test


Directions – (Q. 1-5) For each of the following words below, a context is provided. From the given alternatives, pick the word or phrase that is closest in meaning in the given context.

1. Consignment : Courier companies suspect someone is leaking details of their consignments leading to thefts.

(A)  Goods sent for delivery

(B)  Documents

(C)  Petrol

(D)  Delivery boy

Ans: (A)

2. Hoarded : The government has seized 5000 tonnes of hoarded pulses.

(A)  Hidden or stored away

(B)  Purchased

(C)  Of poor quality

(D)  Imported

Ans: (A)

3. Marginal : There is a marginal drop in the growth of companies this quarter –

(A)  Large change

(B)  Increase

(C)  Small change

(D)  Decrease

Ans: (C)

4. Exhilarated : The monkeys were exhilarated at the sight of bananas.

(A)  Unhappy

(B)  Sad

(C)  Very happy

(D)  Aggressive

Ans: (C)

5. Dismantle : The shops on roadside were dismantled during widening of the road.

(A)  Relocated

(B)  Destroyed

(C)  Vacated

(D)  Decorated

Ans: (B)

Directions – (Q. 6-10) Read the following excerpt and answer the question asked at the end. The answers to the questions should be based on the excerpt –

      In various parts of India, the common people displayed a heroism which was of an unprecedented character. Thus, while long processions of unarmed men and women proceeded in file to take possession of police stations, they were fired upon by Indian constabulary. Scores were shot dead, many wounded; yet the processions proceeded after brief interruption. In one case, an old woman was shot dead after three rounds of fire; and yet as she died, she held aloft the National Flag with which she had voluntarily marched at the head of the file. She had done so because she did not want young men to lay down their lives while there were people like her with all their age.

6. Long processions of unarmed men and women proceeded in line-

(A)  to take possession of the National Flag

(B)  to shoot the Indian constabulary

(C)  to take possession of police stations

(D)  to briefly interrupt the processions

Ans: (C)

7. The unarmed men and women were fired upon by-

(A)  those who were holding the National Flag aloft

(B)  the military

(C)  the British

(D)  the Indian constabulary

Ans: (D)

8. The word ‘scores’ in the excerpt means-

(A)  music

(B)  drumbeat

(C)  many

(D)  procession

Ans: (C)

9. The old woman laid down her life because –

(A)  she did not realize that the Indian constabulary will shoot her

(B)  she was forced to by her children

(C)  she did not want the young to die while older people of her age were alive

(D)  the procession was interrupted

Ans: (C)

10. After many were shot dead and wounded, the processions-

(A)  stopped immediately

(B)  consisted only of older people

(C)  consisted only of leaders and no common people

(D)  were resumed after brief interruption

Ans: (D)

Directions (Q. 11 to 15) : Read the following excerpt and answer the questions asked at the end. The answers to the question should be based on the excerpt-

       Even today, people in the countryside are alive to the neem’s versatile virtues. It is seldom cut down and is still planted in and around human settlements. Tradition decrees that, when the Indian new year comes round about midsummer (in April) and the neem bursts into prodigal, fragrant white blossom, its tiny flowers mixed with jiggery should be cooked into a special side dish, both as tonic relish to mark the commencement of fresh year, and to remind people that life is an admixture of sweet and bitter experiences. The latter sentiment seems largely imaginative, for neem flowers are not bitter, though the leaves and fruits are. They have a characteristic resinous aroma and are mildly astringent.

11. Which of the following statements is true ?

(A)  The neem fruits, flowers and laves are bitter

(B)  The neem leaves are bitter; the fruits and flowers are not

(C)  The neem fruits are bitter; the leaves and flowers are not

(D)  The neem fruits and leaves and bitter; the flowers are not

Ans: (D)

12. The neem flowers are-

(A)  fragrant and are yellow in colour

(B)  white in colour and are bitter

(C)  very big and have characteristic resinous aroma

(D)  white and are fragrant with a resinous aroma

Ans: (D)

13. Indian new year comes-

(A)  during the middle of the summer

(B)  at the beginning of the summer

(C)  at the end of the summer

(D)  any time during the summer

Ans: (B)

14. Neem trees-

(A)  are often cut down

(B)  are usually cut down

(C)  are necessarily cut down during midsummer

(D)  are rarely cut down

Ans: (D)

15. Even today, people in the countryside –

(A)  are aware of the many good properties and uses of neem

(B)  are not aware of the many good properties and uses of neem

(C)  often cut down neem trees

(D)  avoid planting neem trees close to where they live

Ans: (A)

16. You subordinate has submitted a report to you,, and you find out that parts of the report are plagiarized. What will you do?

(A)  Accept the report as it is

(B)  Chane the plagiarized parts yourself without telling the subordinate

(C)  Tell your subordinate to make only cosmetic changes to the plagiarized parts

(D)  Ask your subordinate to completely rewrite the plagiarized parts in his own words

Ans: (D)

17. You are a shopkeeper. One of your regular customers asks you to give a bill for a higher amount that what he paid. What will you do?

(A)  Tell him that you can only give a bill for the correct amount

(B)  Agree to give the bill if he pays you a fraction of the excess amount

(C)  Tell him you do not have a receipt book

(D)  Agree to give the bill for higher amount

Ans: (A)

18. You are working in a car company and you found that one of the pars in the engine is not up to the specifications, which can lead to more toxic emissions. Despite informing your immediate superior no action is taken. What will you do ?

(A)  Transfer to a different division

(B)  Leak this news to a newspaper

(C)  Report to the head to your division

(D)  Take no action

Ans: (C)

19. You are in a car with your colleague and you are late for an important meeting. Your colleague wants to jump the next red light. What will you do ?

(A)  Offer to check whether a traffic policeman is present or not

(B)  Tell your friend to obey traffic rules

(C)  Tell your friend to speed up so that you do not get caught

(D)  Tell your friend that it is OK to jump the signal if there is no traffic on the road

Ans: (B)

20. Your neighbours have cut a lot of trees in their compound because they say that the house is very dark due to the thick foliage. How will you handle this ?

(A)  Ignore it

(B)  Fight with the neighbours

(C)  Report to the appropriate authorities

(D)  Plant trees in your compound to compensate

Ans: (C)

21. You are a police officer. You hear about a trouble brewing in your jurisdiction, which can become a full-blown riot if immediate action is not taken. What will you do ?

(A)  Inform your superiors and wait

(B)  Take immediate action and inform your superiors

(C)  Decide on the course of action purely based on who will be affected by the riot

(D)  Wait for the riot to start before taking action

Ans: (C)

22. You are the warden of a hostel. The students want to have a ‘rain dance’, which will involved wastage of a lot of water at a time when there is drought everywhere. How will you deal with this situation ?

(A)  Talk to the students and convince them to celebrate without wasting water

(B)  Allow the party because otherwise the students will be unhappy        

(C)  Deny permission without explaining the reason to the students

(D)  Given permission if the students agree to pay for a tanker of water

Ans: (A)

23. A lady working in your office is being harassed by her ex-boyfriend, who is your colleague. She asks you for advice on how to deal with this problem. What will you tell her ?

(A)  Tell her that you will talk to your colleague about this

(B)  Talk to h is friends and family and ask them to advice the boy

(C)  Tell her that she brought it upon herself

(D)  Tell her to report the harassment to Women’s Cell of the organization

Ans: (A)

24. You and two of your friends are travelling by train your ticket status is RAC, i.e., Reservation Against cancellation. When the ticket checker comes, he agrees to give you three berths if you give him a bribe. What will you do ?

(A)  Agree to give the bribe since it is a long journey

(B)  Refuse to give the bribe and travel sitting in your allotted seats

(C)  Forcibly occupy the berths by threatening the occupants

(D)  Call your friend who is an officer in the railways to ask the ticket checker to give you a berth anyway, without paying the bribe

Ans: (D)

25. Find the number when added to itself 13 times yields 112.

(A)  8

(B)  9

(C)  10

(D)  11

Ans: (A)

26. How many squares are present in the following figure ?

(A)  13

(B)  14

(C)  15

(D)  16

Ans: (C)

27. Kumar’s paternal grandfather has one son and no daughter. Mr. Kumar’s daughter has two paternal aunts and three paternal uncles. Therefore, Mr. Kumar’s paternal grandfathers has what numbers of granddaughters and grandson respectively ?

(A)  2, 3

(B)  2, 4

(C)  3, 3

(D)  4, 2

Ans: (B)

28. K, L, M and N are four persons. K is the oldest but not the poorest. M is the richest but not the oldest. L is older than N but not that K or M. K is richer than L but not than N. The four persons can be ordered (ascending), in respect of age and richness, respectively as-





Ans: (B)

29. A gardener has made changes to his existing rectangular garden by decreasing its length by 40% and increasing its width by 20%. The area of the new garden-

(A)  has decreased by 12%

(B)  has decreased by 20%       

(C)  has decreased by 28%

(D)  is exactly same as the old area

Ans: (C)

Directions – (Q. 30-33) Study the information given below carefully and answer the questions-

     A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I are nine houses C is 2 km east of B. A is 1 km north of B and H is 2 km south of A. G is 1 km west of H while D is 3 km east of G and F is 2 km north of G. I is situated just in the middle of B and C while E is just in the middle of H and D.

30. The distance between E and G is-

(A)  2 km

(B)  1 km

(C)  1.5 km

(D)  5 km

Ans: (A)

31. The distance between E and I is-

(A)  1 km

(B)  2 km

(C)  3 km

(D)  4 km

Ans: (A)

32. The distance between A and F is-

(A)  1.41 km

(B)  1 km

(C)  2 km

(D)  3 km

Ans: (B)

33. The distance between E and C is-

(A)  1.41 km

(B)  1 km

(C)  2 km

(D)  1.45 km

Ans: (A)

34. Choose the correct mirror image of the following figure.

Ans: (D)

35. Find the odd one ourt-

(A)  D22R

(B)  G29M

(C)  T36P

(D)  V24B

Ans: (B)

36. There is a specific relation between figures 1 and 2. For establishing the similar relationship between figures 3 and 4, identify the right one for figure 4.

Ans: (A)


Which is the missing square ?

Ans: (B)

38. How many squares are there in the following figure ?

(A)  10

(B)  11

(C)  13

(D)  15

Ans: (C)

39. If PALE is coded as 7865 and EARTH as 58432, then ALERT is coded as-

(A)  84543

(B)  86743

(C)  86543

(D)  86453

Ans: (C)

40. In a coding system, GODREJ is written as KEFSEPH. In such a coding system, RED will be written as-

(A)  EPH

(B)  ESF

(C)  SFE

(D)  EFS

Ans: (D)

41. Carefully observe the pair of numbers to the left part of ::, which has creation relationship. Using the same relationship, what should be the missing number of the pair on the right side ?

6 : 42 : : 9 : ?

(A)  99

(B)  54

(C)  36

(D)  None of the above

Ans: (D)

42. In the given context, identify the meaning of the word ‘constitution’-

“His delicate constitution could not withstand the high heat and humidity in Mumbai.”

(A)  Physical character of the body

(B)  A book or a document

(C)  Set of rules

(D)  Mental makeup of a person

Ans: (A)

43. In the following sentence, identify the meaning of the word ‘sharpens’.

“Learning Mathematics sharpens one’s logical analytical skills.”

(A)  Makes pointed

(B)  Causes to improve

(C)  Makes dull

(D)  Makes dangerous

Ans: (B)

44. Newspaper should ideally be a medium of communication of-

(A)  rumour

(B)  paranoia

(C)  propaganda

(D)  information and facts

Ans: (D)

45. Choose the option indicating the correct sequence of the following sentences-

1. Add salt to taste.

2. Boil 1/2 kg of potatoes.

3. Fry onions and add the potatoes.

4. Peel the boiled potatoes and chop them into small pieces

5. Heat the oil and add the spices and onions to it.

(A)  1, 2, 3, 4, 5

(B)  1, 3, 4, 5, 2

(C)  4, 2, 1, 3, 5

(D)  2, 4, 5, 3, 1

Ans: (D)

46. In a basketball match, all ten players shake hands with each other once after match. How many handshakes will be there?

(A)  20

(B)  45

(C)  55

(D)  90

Ans: (B)

47. Shyam buys pineapples and coconuts. A pineapple costs Rs. 70 and a coconut costs Rs. 50. If Shyam spends a total amount of Rs. 380m, how many pineapples does he purchase ?

(A)  2

(B)  3

(C)  4

(D)  Data is insufficient   

Ans: (D)

48. In the past, consumers would rarely walk into an ice cream store and order low-fat ice cream. But that is not the case today. AN increasing health consciousness combined with a much bigger selection of tasty low-fat items in all categories has made low-fat ice cream a very profitable item for ice cream store owners.

The statement that best supports this paragraph is-

(A)  low-fat ice cream is more profitable to the store owner

(B)  customers were very selective in the past

(C)  customers are very selective now

(D)  customers do not worry about the taste now 

Ans: (C)

49. Some sportspersons are rich. Some are arrogant. These imply that-

(A)  sportspersons are generally rich and arrogant.

(B)  sportspersons are generally poor and arrogant

(C)  all sportspersons are arrogant irrespective of whether they are rich or poor

(D)  there are some sports-persons who are rich,  but not arrogant

Ans: (D)

50. Death penalty is given only in rarest of rare crimes in our country. Even then, there is a strong demand for scrapping this mode of punishment in a modern society like ours. The main argument in this direction is based on the fact that several countries have scrapped it recently. This implies that-

(A)  death penalty does not exist elsewhere

(B)  many people get death penalty every year in our country

(C)  only your country awards death penalty now

(D)  many people feel that death penalty is not a good method of punishment

Ans: (D)

51. In a local train starting from station A, the number of female passengers is half the number of male passengers. At the next station, 10 male passengers leave the train and 5 female passengers board the train which makes the number of male and female passengers equal. How many passengers entered the local train at station A?

(A)  15

(B)  30

(C)  36

(D)  45

Ans: (D)

52. A group of friends organized a party and planned to spend Rs. 960 for total expenses. Four of them could not make it. Hence, the remaining people had to pay Rs. 40 per head to cover the expenses. The number of people who attended the party were was-

(A)  8

(B)  12

(C)  16

(D)  24

Ans: (D)

53. John points out to a lady and say, “She is the mother of his son’s wife’s daughter.” What is the relation of the lady with John ?

(A)  Uncle

(B)  Nephew

(C)  Daughter-in-law

(D)  None of the above

Ans: (C)

54. These days almost all festivals have lost their traditional fervour and enthusiasm. The main reason for this is excessive commercialization of such festivals. Market forces dictate the way these festivals are to be celebrated. The only plus point of this scenario is that many of these festivals have surpassed their original regional nature.

The statement that best supports this paragraph is-

(A)  everyone celebrates festivals these days

(B)  most of the festivals are celebrated region-wise

(C)  nature of celebration has changed over a period of time

(D)  these days we celebrate many more festivals compared to the past

Ans: (C)

Directions- (Q. 55-59) In each of the question below, there is a statement followed by two assumptions I and II. Consider the statement and given assumptions, and decide which of them is implicit in the given statement. Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives.

55. Statement : In one-day cricket math, the total runs scored by a team were 200, out of which 150 were by spinners.

Assumptions :

I. The team had 75% spinners.

II. Fast bowlers outperformed the spinners.

(A)  Assumption I is strong

(B)  Assumption II is strong

(C)  Both the assumptions are strong

(D)  Neither assumption is strong

Ans: (D)

56. Statement: The ‘Swachh Bharat Campaign’ led by the honourable Prime Minister has a great impact on the society.


I. People understood the importance of cleanliness.

II. People across the country liked the campaign.

(A)  Assumption I is strong

(B)  Assumption II is strong

(C)  Both the assumptions are strong

(D)  Neither assumption is strong

Ans: (C)

57. Statement : All meticulous people find suitable time to take rest. Rain in spite of his busy schedule, finds time to take rest.


I. Raju is a meticulous person.

II. Raju is a hard-working person.

(A)  Assumption I is strong

(B)  Assumption II is strong

(C)  Both the assumptions are strong

(D)  Neither assumption is strong

Ans: (B)

58. Statement : All women’s organization have welcomed the new sexual harassment law.


I. Sexual harassment crimes were very few in the past.

II. There is a new awareness about sexual harassment in the society.

(A)  Assumption I is strong

(B)  Assumption II is strong

(C)  Both the assumptions are strong

(D)  Neither assumption is strong

Ans: (C)

59. Statement : Nowadays all departmental stores do have surveillance video monitoring cameras to curb stealing of items.


I. People have general tendency to steal things.

II. Video monitoring helps in preventing theft.

(A)  Assumption I is strong

(B)  Assumption II is strong

(C)  Both the assumptions are strong

(D)  Neither assumption are strong

Ans: (B)

Directions – (Q. 60 to 64) The data on 450 students who gave an examination in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry in Class XI in a school is given below-

Passed in all subjects : 167

Failed in all subjects : 60

Failed in Physics : 175

Failed in Mathematics : 199

Failed in Chemistry : 191

Passed in Physics only : 62

Passed in Mathematics only : 48

Passed in Chemistry only : 52

60. How many failed in Physics only ?

(A)  15

(B)  21

(C)  30

(D)  42

Ans: (A)

61. How many failed in one subject only ?

(A)  152

(B)  144

(C)  61

(D)  56

Ans: (C)

62. How many passed in Mathematics and at least one more subject ?

(A)  210

(B)  203

(C)  170

(D)  94

Ans: (B)

63. How many failed in two subjects only ?

(A)  56

(B)  61

(C)  152

(D)  162

Ans: (D)

64. How many passed in at least one subject ?

(A)  450

(B)  390

(C)  304

(D)  167

Ans: (B)

Directions – (Q. 65-69) There are five persons P, Q, R, S and T. One is tennis p layer, one is chess player and one is hockey player. P and S are unmarried women and do not play any sport. None of the women plays either chess or tennis. Among them there is a married couple in which T is the husband. Q is the brother of R and is n either a chess player nor a hockey player.

65. Who is the tennis player ?

(A)  P

(B)  Q

(C)  R

(D)  S

Ans: (B)

66. Who is the hockey player ?

(A)  P

(B)  Q

(C)  R

(D)  S

Ans: (C)

67. Who is the chess player ?

(A)  P

(B)  Q

(C)  R

(D)  S

Ans: (D)

68. Who is the wife of T ?

(A)  P

(B)  Q

(C)  R

(D)  S

Ans: (C)

69. The three ladies are-

(A)  P, Q, R

(B)  Q, R, S

(C)  P, Q, S

(D)  P, R, S

Ans: (D)

70. Rahul was four times as o ld as his son 8 years ago. After 8 years, Rahul will be twice as old as his son. What are the present ages of Rahul and h is son ?

(A)  323 years 12 years

(B)  40 years 16 years

(C)  56 years 22 years

(D)  64 years 24 years

Ans: (B)

Directions – (Q. 71 and 72) See the sequence of numbers below and answer the following questions-






71. Which of the following will be the second digit of the third number from the top when they are arranged in the descending order, after the first digit in each number is changed to the next highest digit ?

(A)  2

(B)  3

(C)  5

(D)  7

Ans: (B)

72. Which of the following will be the last digit of the second highest number, after the positions of the digits in each number are reversed ?

(A)  1

(B)  2

(C)  4

(D)  7

Ans: (D)

73. In a cage, there are ducks and rabbits. If the total number of heads is 28 and that of feet is 72, how many ducks and rabbits are in the cage ?

(A)  16, 12

(B)  20, 8

(C)  24, 4

(D)  14, 14

Ans: (B)

74. Rohit scored 30% marks and failed by 15 marks. Mohan scored 40% marks and obtained 35 marks more than those required to pass. The pass percentage is-

(A)  28%

(B)  33%

(C)  35%

(D)  42%

Ans: (B)

75. Ajay ranked 9th from the top and 38th from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class ?

(A)  45

(B)  46

(C)  47

(D)  48

Ans: (B)

Directions – (Q. 76-77) Study the following pie charge and table carefully to answer the question given below-

        The pie charge shows percentage wise distribution of the number of cars sold by two distributors (A and B) together during first six months. The total number of cars sold is 1500. The table shows the respective ratio between the number of cars sold by company A and company B during six months-

76. The number of cars sold by company A during January is approximately what per cent of the number of cars sold during June by the same company

(A)  75%

(B)  90%

(C)  130%

(D)  160%

Ans: (C)

77. What is the total number of cars sold by company B during February and March together ?

(A)  370

(B)  210

(C)  150

(D)  110

Ans: (A)

78. The following operations are carried out sequentially on a number to yield the same starting number-

First divide by two, then take square root and finally take the cube.

What is this number

(A)  64

(B)  27

(C)  8

(D)  216

Ans: (C)

79. In a workshop, it is observed that in a day each woman can make 20 pots while each man can make 10 pots. A total of exactly 120 pots need to be made in a day. It is also required that the all women together should make exactly 60 pots in a day. The number of men to be employed in the workshop to achieve the above is-

(A)  1

(B)  3

(C)  6

(D)  12

Ans: (C)

80. If A + B = C + D and A + D > B + C, then which one of the following is definitely wrong ?

(A)  A > B

(B)  A > C

(C)  C > D

(D)  B > D

Ans: (D)

81. The average weight of three persons is equal to 140 kg. The ratio of these three persons’ weight is 1 : 2 : 4. What is the weight (in kg) of the heaviest person ?

(A)  140

(B)  120

(C)  60

(D)  240

Ans: (D)

Direction- (Q. 82-84) If letters from A to M were written, leaving space for one letter between every two letters, and then the remaining letters were inserted beginning with N and ending the series with Z after M, answer the following questions.

82. Which letter would be third to the right of the seventh letter from the left ?

(A)  C 

(B)  O

(C)  R

(D)  S

Ans: (C)

83. Which letter will be exactly between D and K ?

(A)  S

(B)  T

(C)  V

(D)  W

Ans: (B)

84. Which letter would be exactly in the middle of the 18th letter from the beginning and the 15th letter from the end ?

(A)  G

(B)  H

(C)  J

(D)  L

Ans: (B)

85. Choose the best alternative as the answer.

Atmosphere always has-

(A)  oxygen

(B)  air

(C)  germs

(D)  dust

Ans: (B)

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