Medical PG Forensic

Medical PG Forensic

1. Which organ Putrefies last in females?

(A) Prostate

(B) Uterus 

(C) Brain

(D) Breast

Answer: (B)

2. Hyoid fracture is common in

(A) Hanging

(B) Strangulation

(C) Throttling

(D) Choking

Answer: (C)

3. In which of the following conditions is a person held responsible for a crime?

(A) Alcoholic paranoia 

(B) Delirium tremens 

(C) Voluntary drunkenness 

(D) Dhatura intoxication 

Answer: (C)

4. All the following are Cardiac poisons except

(A) Aconite

(B) Opium

(C) Oleander

(D) Nicotine

Answer: (B)

5. The most poisonous Mercury salt is

(A) Chloride 

(B) Oxide

(C) Cyanide

(D) Chromate

Answer: (A)

6. The earliest manifestations of Chronic lead poisoning include

(A) Colic acid Constipation 

(B) Encephalopathy

(C) Punctate basophilia

(D) Lower limb paralysis 

Answer: (A)

7. A sea snake is

(A) Neurotoxic

(B) Hemotoxic

(C) Musculotoxic

(D) All of the above 

Answer: (C)

8. Clinical features of Organophosphorus poisoning include all expect

(A) Pinpoint pupils 

(B) Marked miosis 

(C) Tachycardia

(D) Clinical picture simulating Bronchial asthma 

Answer: (C)

9. Leading questions are permitted only in

(A) Examination in chief 

(B) Cross examination 

(C) Dying declaration 

(D) Re-examination 

Answer: (C)

10. Mummification is due to

(A) Putrefaction

(B) Dessication

(C) Saponification

(D) Necrosis

Answer: (B)

11. Diatoms are

(A) Algae

(B) Parasites

(C) Bacteria

(D) Fungi

Answer: (A)

12. Gettler’s test is positive in

(A) Hanging

(B) Drowning

(C) Strangulation

(D) Firearm injury 

Answer: (B)

13. Brush burn is due to

(A) Friction injury 

(B) Firearm injury 

(C) Electrical injury 

(D) Graze abrasion 

Answer: (D)

14. Gastric lavage is contraindicated in poisoning with

(A) Sulphuric acid 

(B) Organophosphorus compounds 

(C) Arsenic

(D) Dhatura

Answer: (A)

15. All the following are features of chronic lead poisoning except

(A) Encephalopathy

(B) Burtonian line 

(C) Cutaneous blisters

(D) Constipation

Answer: (C)

16. ‘Macewan sign’ is seen in

(A) Alcoholic intoxication 

(B) Organophosphorus poisoning 

(C) Barbiturate poisoning 

(D) Dhatura poisoning 

Answer: (A)

17. Which of the following agents causes delirium?

(A) Opium


(C) Cocaine

(D) Dhatura

Answer: (D)

18. All the following are characteristic of Dhatura poisoning except

(A) Delirium

(B) Diplopia

(C) Pin-point pupils 

(D) Dysphagia

Answer: (C)

19. Poisoning with all the following causes constriction of the pupils except

(A) Dhatura

(B) Morphine

(C) Organophosphorus compounds 

(D) Pontine hemorrhage 

Answer: (A)

20. Charas is

(A) Leaves of Cannabis Indica 

(B) Flowers of Cannabis Indica 

(C) Stem of Cannabis Indica 

(D) Resin exudates of Cannabis Indica 

Answer: (D)

21. Fragmented medullary hair are found in 

(A) Negros

(B) Mongols

(C) Caucasians

(D) Europeans

Answer: (A)

22. Cutis anserina is seen in

(A) Drowning

(B) Firearm injury 

(C) Hanging

(D) Strangulation

Answer: (A)

23. Pugilistic attitude is due to

(A) Lipolysis

(B) Protein coagulation 

(C)  Carbohydrate coagulation 

(D) Lipogenesis

Answer: (B)

24. Pond’s fractures are common in which age group?

(A) Children

(B) Adolescent

(C) Adult

(D) Old age 

Answer: (A)

25. Mc Naughten’s rule is for

(A) Criminal responsibility 

(B) Civil responsibility of the insane

(C) Testamentary capacity 

(D) Capacity of the witness 

Answer: (A)

26. Transvestism is

(A) Viewing sexual acts secretly 

(B) Wearing clothes of the opposite sex 

(C) Pleasure in inflicting pain 

(D) Discussion on pornography 

Answer: (B)

27. Mercury poison acts on

(A) Proximal convoluted tubule 

(B) Distal convoluted tubule 

(C) Loop of Henle 

(D) Collecting ducts 

Answer: (A)

28. Pralidoxime is not useful is poisoning with

(A) Edrophonium

(B) Malathion

(C) Parathion

(D) DFP 

Answer: (A)

29. Best method for identification of a person is :

(A) Dactylography

(B) Anthropometry

(C) Personal appearance after death 

(D) Colour change of hair 

Answer: (A)

30. Chromosomal defect is a feature amongst all of the following except :

(A) Inter sex 

(B) Concealed sex 

(C) Pseudo hermaphrodite 

(D) True hermaphrodite 

Answer: (B)

31. In a decomposed body the first sign seen is :

(A) Greenish dislocation of skin over right iliac fossa 

(B) Greenish dislocation of skin over left iliac fossa 

(C) Purplish black dislocation on face 

(D) Purplish black dislocation over lower extremity 

Answer: (A)

32. Postmortem caloricity is seen in :

(A) Strychinine poisoning 

(B) Organophosphorus poisoning 

(C) Dhatura poisoning 

(D) Ergot poisoning 

Answer: (A)

33. The poison that can be detected in h air long after death is :

(A) Lead

(B) Mercury

(C) Arsenic

(D) Cannabis

Answer: (C)

34. Arsenic poisoning presents with symptoms mimicking :

(A) Cholera 

(B) Dhatura poisoning 

(C) Barbiturates poisoning 

(D) Morphine poisoning 

Answer: (A)

35. Barbiturates excretion in urine may be increased by :

(A) Diuretics

(B) Alkalinization

(C) Acidification

(D) Dialysis

Answer: (B)

36. Urine appears ‘Liquid Gold’ in which poisoning

(A) Heavy metals (222-M) 

(B) Barbiturates

(C) Organophosphorous

(D) Lead poisoning 

Answer: (B)

37.  Absent fragmented medulla of hair is seen in all except :

(A) Mongols

(B) Negroid

(C) Causcasions

(D) Servocrotarians

Answer: (B)

38. Goose skin or cutis anserine seen in :

(A) Drowning

(B) Lightening

(C) Strangulation

(D) Fir arm injury 

Answer: (A)

39. Pugillistic attitudes is due to

(A) Lipolysis

(B) Protein coagulation 

(C) Carbohydrate coagulation 

(D) Lipogenesis

Answer: (B)

40. Pond’s # is common in :

(A) Children

(B) Adult

(C) Elderly

(D) Menopausal woman 

Answer: (A)

41. In Nulliparous, cervical opening is :

(A) Longitudinal

(B) Circular

(C) Transverse

(D) Fimbriated

Answer: (B)

42. Necrosis of Proximal convoluted tubules is caused by :

(A) Arsenic

(B) Phenol

(C) Alcohol

(D) Amanita phalloids 

Answer: (A)

43. Smell of bitter almonds is seen in poisoning with :

(A) Phosphorus

(B) Hydrocyanic acid

(C) Nitric acid

(D) Oxalic acid 

Answer: (B)

44. Haemodialysis may be used for each of the following poisonings except :

(A) Kerosine oil 

(B) Barbiturates

(C) Alcohol

(D) Aspirin

Answer: (A)

45. Sodium fluoride may be used for preservation of :

(A) Cyanide

(B) Arsenic

(C) Alcohol

(D) Urine

Answer: (C)

46. Suspended animation may be seen with :

(A) Electrocution

(B) Strangulation/hanging

(C) Drowning

(D) Burn

Answer: (A)

47. Paltauf’s haemorrhage may be seen in :

(A) Hanging

(B) Drowning

(C) Strangulation

(D) Carbon Monoxide poisoning 

Answer: (B)

48. Contre-coup injury is a feature of injury to :

(A) Brain

(B) Stomach

(C) Spleen

(D) Heart

Answer: (A)

49. ‘Lucid Interval’ may be seen in

(A) Intracerebral haemorrhage 

(B) Insanity

(C) Subdural haemorrhage 

(D) Alcohol intake 

Answer: (B)

50. BAL is used as an antidote poisoning by :

(A) Morphine

(B) Aconite

(C) Phenol

(D) Mercury

Answer: (D)

51. Karyotyping of foetus may be done from all of the following except :

(A) Lymphocyte

(B) Monocyte

(C) Aminocyte

(D) Fibroblast

Answer: (B)

52. Transvestism is :

(A) Wearing clothes of opposite sex 

(B) Touching ones own private parts to other 

(C) Desire for sexual intercourse with dead bodies 

(D) Orgasm from visualization part of the body of a woman 

Answer: (A)

53. Postmortem finding in carbon monoxide poisoning is:

(A) Cherry red blood 

(B) Intense cyanosis 

(C) Excessive salivation 

(D) Pin point pupil 

Answer: (A)

54. Most common consistent feature after a child has been taken out from pond died from drowning is:

(A) Water in lungs alveoli 

(B) Petechial haemorrhages 

(C) Washer woman skin 

(D) Cyanosis

Answer: (A)

55. Injury that comes under sec 320 IPC

(A) Abrasion over face 

(B) Nasal bone fracture 

(C) Epistaxis

(D) Lacerated wound over scalp 

Answer: (B)

56. Atropine is used for following except:

(A) Organophosphorus poisoning 

(B) Mushroom poisoning 

(C) Physostigmine overdose 

(D) Glaucoma

Answer: (D)

57. Rigor mortis in winter season in Northern India lasts for

(A) 24-48 HR 

(B) >24 HR 

(C) 2-3 days 

(D) >3 days 

Answer: (A)

58. In organophosphorous poisoning, following are seen except:

(A) Pupillary dilatation 

(B) Salivation

(C) Bronchospasm 

(D) Sweating

Answer: (A)

59. Which is excreted typically in lead poisoning?

(A) Urobilinogen

(B) Coproporphyrin

(C) Bilirubin

(D) Bile salts

Answer: (B)

60. Maggots in rainy day are seen within

(A) 6 hours 

(B) 1-2 days 

(C) 2-4 days 

(D) 5-6 days 

Answer: (C)

61. Adipocere formation is characterized by all except:

(A) Hydrolysis and hydrogenation of fat 

(B) Foul smell 

(C) Cheesy odour 

(D) Develops in dampy clay soil in whole body

Answer: (C)

62. Burn (heat) haematoma is seen between:

(A) Skull and dura 

(B) Brain and arachnoid

(C) Arachnoid and Pia

(D) Pia and dura 

Answer: (A)

63. Putrefaction is facilitated by following except :

(A) Very high temp 

(B) Free air 

(C) Damp environment 

(D) Shallow grave 

Answer: (A)

64. Heavy metal poisoning causing PCT necrosis is:

(A) Cadmium

(B) Lead

(C) Mercury

(D) Gold

Answer: (C)

65. Antemortem and postmortem blisters can be differentiated by :

(A) Size

(B) Colour of blister fluid 

(C) Chloride & albumin content 

(D) PM blister is dry 

Answer: (C)

66. Postmortem caloricity is :

(A) ↑ed temp within 2 hours of death 

(B) Rapid fall in temp after death 

(C) ↑ed temp after 6-8 hours of death 

(D) Decreases in temperature followed by rise 

Answer: (A)

67. Lacerated wound looks like incised wound over:

(A) Scalp

(B) Abdomen

(C) Thigh

(D) Forearm

Answer: (A)

68. In aluminium phosphide poisoning, not true is:

(A) Accumulation of acetylcholine at NM junction 

(B) Cytochrome oxidase 

(C) Phosphine formation 

(D) Metabolic acidosis 

Answer: (A)

69. Diatom test is to determine death due to:

(A) Drowning

(B) Strangulation

(C) Hanging

(D) Burns

Answer: (A)

70. Suspended animation is defined as:

(A) Apparent death from which person can be aroused 

(B) True death from which person can not be aroused 

(C) May last for days or weeks 

(D) Can not be produced voluntarily 

Answer: (A)

71. First internal sign of putrefaction is found :

(A) Below the liver 

(B) In mediastinum 

(C) Below the spleen 

(D) In kidney 

Answer: (A)

72. Most common type in dactylography is :

(A) Wholrls

(B) Loops

(C) Composite

(D) Arches

Answer: (B)

73. Hanging causes large amount of injury to :

(A) Vertebral artery 

(B) Carotid A 

(C) Trachea

(D) Oesphagus

Answer: (C)

74. Most specific and sensitive for identification is:

(A) Anthropometry

(B) Dactylography

(C) Skull

(D) Pelvis

Answer: (B)

75. Rigor mortis starts in:

(A) Eyelids

(B) Heart

(C) Voluntary muscles 

(D) Limbs

Answer: (B)

76. Pugilistic attitude is due to :

(A) Coagulation of proteins 

(B) Cadaveric spasm 

(C) Rigor mortis 

(D) Coagulation of fats 

Answer: (A)

77. Testamentary capacity refers to :

(A) Ability to make a valid will 

(B) Criminal liability 

(C) Right to vote 

(D) Ability to give evidence 

Answer: (A)

78. Mc naughten’s rule refers to :

(A) Person is not responsible if he is not of a sound mind 

(B) Person is held responsible even if he is not of sound mind 

(C) Person is always held responsible 

(D) Any of the above 

Answer: (A)

79. The principal using nitrate in cyanide poisoning is to reduce :

(A) Methemoglobin production 

(B) Sufl Hb production 

(C) To correct metabolic abnormalities 

(D) Carboxy Hb production 

Answer: (A)

80. Specimens for toxicological studies is preserved in :

(A) 10% of formaldehyde 

(B) Alcohol

(C) Supersaturated solution of common salt 

(D) Normal saline 

Answer: (C)

81. The fetus can be considered viable if the following ossification center appears :

(A) Calcaneum

(B) Manubrium sterni 

(C) Lower end of femur 

(D) None of the above 

Answer: (C)

82. Marsh test is for detection of :

(A) Lead

(B) Strychnine

(C) Arsenic

(D) Opium

Answer: (C)

83. All are seen in drowning except :

(A) Miosis

(B) Wet heavy lungs 

(C) Water and weeds in stomach and lung 

(D) Froth from mouth 

Answer: (A)

84. Dhatura poisoning is characterized by :

(A) Pinpoint pupil 

(B) Dilated salivary gland 

(C) Dilated pupil with facial flush 

(D) Decrease temp 

Answer: (C)

85. Pin point pupil is seen in A/E :

(A) Pontine haemorrhage 

(B) Organo phosphorus poisoning

(C) Opium poisoning 

(D) Barbiturate poisoning 

Answer: (D)

86. Proximal tubule proteinuria and painful bone lesions are seen in overdose of :

(A) Cadmium

(B) Lead

(C) Mercury

(D) Phenol

Answer: (A)

87. Depressed # of skull results from :

(A) Heavy object with small striking surface 

(B) Heavy object with large striking surface 

(C) Fall over the ground 

(D) Light object 

Answer: (A)

88. Preservative used for toxicological specimen :

(A) 20% formalin 

(B) Saturated sodium chloride 

(C) 20% alcohol 

(D) 10% alcohol 

Answer: (B)

89. Sites notorious for incised looking wound are all except :

(A) Chest

(B) Zygoma

(C) Iliac crest 

(D) Shin

Answer: (A)

90. Use of wadding in a smooth bore gun rifle produces all except :

(A) Causes fatal injuries 

(B) Helps in lubrication 

(C) Optimum pressure 

(D) Sealing the air 

Answer: (A)

91. Best bone to assess age between 20-50 yrs. :

(A) Skull

(B) Ribs

(C) Sternum

(D) Symphysis pubis 

Answer: (A)

92. 99% sex difference can be done by all features of pelvic bones except :

(A) Subpubic angle 

(B) Greater sciatic notch 

(C) Preauricular sulcus 

(D) None of these 

Answer: (D)

93. Post mortem lividity persist till :

(A) 24 hours 

(B) 18 hours 

(C) 2-3 days 

(D) Merges with putrefactive changes 

Answer: (D)

94. Paraphilias are all except :

(A) Bisexuality

(B) Homosexuality

(C) Bestiality

(D) Frottuerism

Answer: (A)

95. The Widmark formula is used in estimation of:

(A) Cocaine

(B) Arsenic

(C) Alcohol

(D) Carbon monoxide 

Answer: (C)

96. McNaughten rule is applicable to:

(A) Calculate length of fetus 

(B) Estimate height 

(C) Insanity

(D) Dactyglography

Answer: (C)

97. Wood mark formula is used in which poisoning?

(A) Alcohol

(B) Barbiturate

(C) Carbolic acid 

(D) Clephos poisoning 

Answer: (A)

98. Amylnitrate is used in which of the following poisoning?

(A) Hydrocyanide poisoning 

(B) Red phosphorus 

(C) Yellow phosphorus 

(D) Arsenic poisoning 

Answer: (A)

99. Blue hypostasis is seen poisoning due to :

(A) H₂S 

(B) Phosphorus

(C) Organophosphorus compounds 

(D) Arsenic

Answer: (A)

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