National Insurance Company Ltd. Administrative Officers Examination Held on 12-4-2015 General Awareness Question Paper With Answer Key

National Insurance Company Ltd. Administrative Officers Examination Held on 12-4-2015

General Awareness

1. Mohammad Nasheed who was arrested recently, is the former President of which country ?

(A)  Philippines

(B)  Myanmar

(C)  Bangladesh

(D)  Maldives

(E)  Malaysia

Answer: (D)

2. Which IT firm has been ranked as Top Employer in Europe ?

(A)  Abbott

(B)  Tata Consultancy Services

(C)  Bentley


(E)  Samsung

Answer: (B)

3. The country, which set up two commissions on February 10, to investigate human rights abuses and disappearances during nation’s decade long civil war-

(A)  Syria

(B)  Iraq

(C)  Nepal

(D)  Tunisia

(E)  Afghanistan

Answer: (C)

4. In ‘SIFI’, ‘S’ stands for-

(A)  Science

(B)  School

(C)  Systematically

(D)  Structural

(E)  System

Answer: (C)

5. Air India headquarters located at-

(A)  Hyderabad

(B)  Kolkata

(C)  Chennai

(D)  New Delhi

(E)  Ahmedabad

Answer: (D)

6. As per the World Bank’s Index of Ease of Doing Business 2014 India was ranked-

(A)  138th

(B)  189th

(C)  123rd

(D)  142nd

(E)  154th

Answer: (D)

7. How many Bank Accounts were opened under “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana” on its inaugural day ?

(A)  2.00 crores

(B)  1.25 crores

(C)  1.50 crores

(D)  1.00 crores

(E)  None of these

Answer: (C)

8. What is the operational range of Shaheen III?

(A)  2750 km

(B)  2500 km

(C)  2250 km

(D)  3000 km

(E)  3150 km

Answer: (A)

9. Ganga Talao is a crater lake situated in a secluded mountain area in the district of Savanne, deep in the heart of-

(A)  Indonesia

(B)  Maldives

(C)  Mauritius

(D)  Malaysia

(E)  Thailand

Answer: (C)

10. Which one of the following rivers of India is called ‘biological desert’ ?

(A)  Noyyal

(B)  Damodar

(C)  Bhiwani

(D)  Bhadar

(E)  Naramada

Answer: (B)

11. Researchers of which country have developed a candidate vaccine to protect against the deadly Ebola virus which will soon undergo human clinical trials in Africa ?

(A)  Sweden

(B)  China

(C)  Britain

(D)  Russia

(E)  India

Answer: (D)

12. Which of the following authorities is approached for insurance related complaints ?

(A)  Governing Body of Insurance Council (GBIC)

(B)  Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA)

(C)  Insurance Ombudsman

(D)  National Insurance Corporation Limited (NICL)

(E)  United India Insurance Corporation (UIIC)

Answer: (B)

13. Which of the following states is the winner of the recently held Ranji Trophy 2014-15?

(A)  Tamil Nadu

(B)  Maharashtra

(C)  Mumbai

(D)  Karnataka

(E)  Vidarbha

Answer: (D)

14. The currency of Belgium is-

(A)  Belgian Franc

(B)  Euro

(C)  Dollar

(D)  Pound

(E)  Yen

Answer: (B)

15. Parliament has passed Insurance Laws (amendment) Bill, 2015 in Rajya Sabha on-

(A)  12 January, 2015

(B)  12 February 2015

(C)  10 February, 2015

(D)  10 March, 2015

(E)  12 March, 2015

Answer: (E)

16. On March 8, which of the following days is celebrated ?

(A)  Army Day

(B)  Women’s Day

(C)  Labour Day

(D)  AIDS Day

(E)  Navy Day

Answer: (B)

17. Kidambi Srikanth is associated with which of the following sports ?

(A)  Chess

(B)  Cricket

(C)  Badminton

(D)  Lawn Tennis

(E)  Hockey

Answer: (C)

18. According to the Insurance Amendment Bill 2015, a health insurance company is required to maintain an equity capital sum of how much ?

(A)  Rs 25 crores

(B)  Rs 22 crores

(C)  Rs 30 crores

(D)  Rs 25 crores

(E)  Rs 100 crores

Answer: (E)

19. According to the census 2011, what is the literacy rate in India ?

(A)  74.04%

(B)  65.46%

(C)  82.14%

(D)  61.80%

(E)  67.02%

Answer: (A)

20. National Insurance Academy (NIA) is situated at-

(A)  Hyderabad

(B)  New Delhi

(C)  Ahmedabad

(D)  Kochi

(E)  Pune

Answer: (E)

21. Which of the following countries has Copenhagen as its capital ?

(A)  Austria

(B)  Denmark

(C)  Argentina

(D)  Sweden

(E)  Germany

Answer: (B)

22. ‘The Substance and Shadow’ is an autobiography of which of the following eminent personality ?

(A)  R. K. Laxman

(B)  Dilip Kumar

(C)  Amitabh Bachchan

(D)  Lata Mangeshkar

(E)  Hema Malini

Answer: (B)

23. What is the maximum age limit to open Sukanya Samridhi Account ?

(A)  10 years

(B)  12 years

(C)  15 years

(D)  5 years

(E)  8 years

Answer: (A)

24. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) head- quarters are located at-

(A)  New York, USA

(B)  Geneva, Switzerland

(C)  Paris, France

(D)  Vienna, Austria

(E)  Berlin, Germany

Answer: (B)

25. Match 10, 2015 is the foundation day of which organization ?

(A)  IIT Bombay

(B)  Life Insurance Corporation of India


(D)  Public Health Foundation of India

(E)  Andhra Pradesh Foundation Day

Answer: (A)

26. The tennis legend who brought up his 1000th victory at tour level on January 11, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia, is-

(A)  David Ferrer

(B)  Roger Federer

(C)  Stanislas Wawrinka

(D)  Rafael Nadal

(E)  Novak Djokovic

Answer: (B)

27. Maximum shares in NICL is held by-

(A)  Scheduled Commercial Banks

(B)  Reserve Bank of India

(C)  Government of India


(E)  Both (B) and (D)

Answer: (C)

28. The Union Budget 2015-16 announced additional surcharge for the super rich with income of over Rs 1 crore. At what rate will this surcharge be charged ?

(A)  1%

(B)  2%

(C)  3%

(D)  4%

(E)  6%

Answer: (B)

29. With reference to which sector of Indian economy did the Economic Survey say that it is suffering from “double financial representation” ?

(A)  Services sector

(B)  Infrastructure sector

(C)  Banking sector

(D)  Only (A), (B) and (C)

(E)  Insurance sector

Answer: (C)

30. Which of the following is the winner of the best picture for Oscar Awards 2015?

(A)  The Theory of Everything

(B)  The Grand Budapest Hotel

(C)  Boyhood

(D)  Birdman

(E)  Whiplash

Answer: (D)

31. As per the Income Tax Regulations, E-ring of the income tax returns is mandatory for individuals, including salaried tax payers, earning more than ………. taxable income during the financial

(A)  Rs 10.00 lakhs

(B)  Rs 7.50 lakhs

(C)  Rs 2 lakhs

(D)  Rs 5 lakhs

(E)  None of these

Answer: (D)

32. The full form of NBFC is-

(A)  Non-Banking Foreign Company

(B)  Non-Business Foreign Company

(C)  New-Business Financial Corporation

(D)  New-Business Finance Company

(E)  Non-Banking Financial Company

Answer: (E)

33. In which of the following countries, the next SAARC summit will be held ?

(A)  India

(B)  Pakistan

(C)  Malaysia

(D)  Sri Lanka

(E)  China

Answer: (B)

34. In insurance sector,, FDI is raised from 26% to-

(A)  47%

(B)  50%

(C)  49%

(D)  40%

(E)  60%

Answer: (C)

35. Which of the following firm has the highest revenue ?

(A)  Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)

(B)  Bharat Petroleum

(C)  Hindustan Petroleum

(D)  Reliance Industries

(E)  State Bank of India

Answer: (A)

36. Ranthambore National Park is situated in which of the following states ?

(A)  Gujarat

(B)  Uttarakhand

(C)  Karnataka

(D)  Assam

(E)  Rajasthan

Answer: (E)

37. Which amongst the following is not an insurance company functioning in India ?

(A)  ICICI prudential

(B)  ING Vysya

(C)  National Securities Depsitory Limited

(D)  New India Insurance Company

(E)  None of these

Answer: (C)

38. Which of the following is not related to the insurance sector ?

(A)  Indemnity

(B)  Coverage

(C)  Misuse Alert

(D)  Annuity

(E)  Life Insurance

Answer: (C)

39. Which of the following types of companies/ organizations issue ULIP ?

(A)  Insurance companies

(B)  Banks


(D)  RBI


Answer: (A)

40. ‘Kepler 78b’ is the name given to a recently discovered-

(A)  Island in the Arctic ocean

(B)  Unidentifying flying object

(C)  Planet beyond Solar System

(D)  Comet in the Solar System

(E)  Particle tested as ‘Positive Boson’

Answer: (C)

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