Odisha Postal Circle Postman and Mail Guard Examination Held on 16.04.2017 Question Paper with Answer Key

Odisha Postal Circle Postman and Mail Guard Examination Held on 16.04.2017

Part-A (General Knowledge)

1. How long can a person continue to be a Minister without being a Member of either House of Parliament ?

(A)  3 months

(B)  6 months

(C)  1 year

(D)  No time limit

Ans: 6 months


2. The concept of judicial review in our Constitution has been taken from the Constitution of –

(A)  England

(B)  USA

(C)  Canada

(D)  Australia

Ans:  USA


3. The largest living animals living animals belong to the group of_____.

(A)  Mammals

(B)  Birds

(C)  Reptiles

(D)  Fishes

Ans:  Mammals


4. Ramila is taller than Veena, but smaller than Anisha. Anuja is smaller than Veena, but taller than Meena. Who is the tallest among them?

(A)  Anuja

(B)  Veena

(C)  Meena

(D)  Anisha



5. Which of the following parts of the plant is used in making the saffron spice?

(A)  Leaf

(B)  Petal

(C)  Sepal

(D)  Stigma

Ans: Stigma


6. Complete the series.

ABC, ZYX, DEF, WVU,  (…)

(A)  GIH

(B)  GIK

(C)  GHI

(D)  STU

Ans: GHI


7. The practice of military governorship was first introduced in India by the-

(A)  Greeks

(B)  Sakas

(C)  Parthians

(D)  Mughals

Ans: Greeks


8. Who presides over the meetings of the Rajya Sabha ?

(A)  President

(B)  Vice President

(C)  Prime Minister

(D)  Speaker

Ans: Vice President


9. Who wrote the patriotic song ‘Saare Jahan Se Acheha’?

(A)  Rabindrnath Tagore

(B)  Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

(C)  Muhammad Iqbal

(D)  Kavi Pradeep

Ans: Muhammad Iqbal


10. C. Roy Trophy is associated with which sport?

(A)  Cricket

(B)  Hockey

(C)  Football

(D)  Kabaddi

Ans: Football


11. Which of the following is the type of currency whose value may depreciate rapidly or that is difficult to convert into other currencies ?

(A)  Hard currency

(B)  Soft currency

(C)  Flat currency

(D)  Alternative currency



12. The first attempt to initiate economic planning in India was made by-

(A)  Jawaharlal Nehru

(B)  M. Visvesvaraya

(C)  Mahatma Gandhi

(D)  Dadabhai Naoroji

Ans: M. Visvesvaraya


13. Who was the founder of the Indian Association of Calcutta?

(A)  Dadabhai Nasoroji

(B)  Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(C)  A.O. Hume

(D)  Surendranath Banerjee

Ans: Surendranath Banerjee


14. Which company has become the new sponsor of the Indian Cricket team?

(A)  Oppo

(B)  Star India

(C)  Reliance

(D)  Vodafone

Ans: Oppo


15. With which country does India share the longest international boundary?

(A)  Nepal

(B)  Pakistan

(C)  China

(D)  Bangladesh

Ans: Bangladesh


16. Zuari river is the largest river in the State of-

(A)  Goa

(B)  Assam

(C)  Kerala

(D)  Punjab

Ans: Goa


17. Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title?

(A)  Geet Sethi

(B)  Wilson Jones

(C)  Michael Ferreira

(D)  Manoj Kothari

Ans: Wilson Jones


18. Which of the following is the brightest planet as viewed from Earth?

(A)  Jupiter

(B)  Moon

(C)  Mercury

(D)  Venus

Ans: Venus


19. Which of the following folk dance forms is associated with Gujarat?

(A)  Kathak

(B)  Bhangra

(C)  Kathakali

(D)  Garba

Ans: Garba


20. Which of the following is NOT found on the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka?

(A)  Bull

(B)  Deer

(C)  Elephant

(D)  Horse

Ans: Deer


21. Which ruler of Bengal founded the ancient university called ‘Vikramshila’?

(A)  Dharmapala

(B)  Gopala

(C)  Devpala

(D)  Mahipala

Ans: Dharmapala


22. The first venture of Gandhi in All India Politics was the-

(A)  Non-cooperation movement

(B)  Rowlatt satyagraha

(C)  Champaran movement

(D)  Dandi march

Ans: Rowlatt satyagraha


23. Fort St George (White town), the first English (British) fortress in India was founded at-

(A)  Bombay

(B)  Chinsurah

(C)  Madras

(D)  Calcutta

Ans: Madras


24. The Union of India consists of:

1. States

2. Union Territories

3. Acquired Territories

Which of the following statements is true?

(A)  Only 1

(B)  Only 2

(C)  1 and 2

(D)  1, 2 and 3

Ans: 1, 2 and 3


25. INDOSAN-2016 is related to-

(A)  Trade

(B)  Cleanliness

(C)  Military exercise

(D)  Cybersecurity

Ans: Cleanliness

Part-B (Mathematics)

26. Bindhu and Sindhu started a business with initial investments in the ratio 14 : 10 and their annual profits were in the ratio of 7 : 3. If Bindhu invested the money for 10 months, for how many months did Sindhu invest her money?

(A)  5 months

(B)  6 months

(C)  7 months

(D)  8 months



27. The product of two numbers is 2025 and their HCF is 15, their LCM is :

(A)  135

(B)  150

(C)  245

(D)  280

Ans: 135


28. The Compound Interest on Rs. 2000 at 5% per annum, compounded yearly, for 2 years is-

(A)  Rs. 205

(B)  Rs. 315

(C)  Rs. 425

(D)  None of these



29. Choose the greatest 4 digit number which is exactly divisible by 6, 8, 12.

(A)  9984

(B)  9987

(C)  9996

(D)  9999



30. In a bag, there are coins of 5 p, 25 p and 10 p in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 3. If there is Rs. 68 in all, how many 5 p coins are there?

(A)  40

(B)  80

(C)  90

(D)  100



31. The average of 11 results is 50. If the average of first six results is 48 and that of the last six are 53, find the sixth result.

(A)  36

(B)  46

(C)  56

(D)  66



32. A merchant allows a discount of 15% on the clothes purchased. Manohar purchases clothes worth Rs. 470. The money he will give is-

(A)  Rs. 70.50

(B)  Rs. 399.50

(C)  Rs. 469

(D)    Rs. 470.50



33. Convert 0.903 to fraction.







34. The length and breadth of a rectangular piece of land are in the ratio of 5 : 3. The owner spent Rs. 3000 for surrounding it from all the sides at Rs. 7.50 per metre. Find the difference between its length and breadth.

(A)  25 m

(B)  50 m

(C)  75 m

(D) 100 m



35. Convert the following into a decimal value.

(A)  60.41

(B)  62.41

(C)  64.41

(D)    65.41



36. If a + b = 20 and ab = 40, find a2 + b2.

(A)  300

(B)  320

(C)  340

(D)  360



37. If sin 3A = cos (A – 26°) where 3A is an acute angle, find the value of A.

(A)  26°

(B)  29°

(C)  30°

(D)  64°



38. A shop-keeper has a sale of Rs. 6500, Rs. 6527, Rs. 6800, Rs. 6230 and Rs. 6513 for 5 consecutive months. How much sale must he have in the sixth month so that he gets an average sale of Rs. 6000?

(A)  Rs. 3420

(B)  Rs. 3430

(C)  Rs. 3440

(D)  Rs. 3450



39. Danvanth does a work in 4 days and Daksh does the same work in 12 days. In how many days will they do the same work together?

(A)  2

(B)  3

(C)  4

(D)  12



40. How much time will it take for an amount of Rs. 900 to yield Rs. 81 as interest at 4.5% per annum of Simple Interest?

(A)  2 years

(B)  3 years

(C)  1 year

(D)  4 years



41. With a uniform speed, a car covers a distance in 8 hours. If the speed is increased by 3 km/hr, the same distance will be covered in 7 hours. Calculate the distance covered.

(A)  128 km

(B)  148 km

(C)  158 km

(D)  168 km



42. Aryan began a business with Rs. 75000. After sometime, Baskar joined the business with Rs. 45000. For how much period does Baskar join, if the profits at the end of the year are divided in the ratio of 2 : 1?

(A)  7 months

(B)  8 months

(C)  9 months

(D)  10 months



43. Sara sold a washing machine for Rs. 9499 at a gain of 15%. Find the cost p rice of the washing machine.

(A)  Rs. 8000

(B)  Rs. 8100

(C)  Rs. 8260

(D)    Rs. 8300




(A)  1

(B)  10

(C)  100

(D)    1000



45. The price of a house is decreased from Rs. 1700000 to Rs. 1360000. Find the percentage of decrease.

(A)  3%

(B)  10%

(C)  15%

(D)  20%



46. Find the HCF of 204, 1190 and 1445.

(A)  17

(B)  34

(C)  85

(D)  204



47. Two ships are sailing in the sea on the two sides of a lighthouse. The angles of elevation of the top of the lighthouse as observed from the ships are 30° and 45° If the lighthouse is 500 m high, the distance between the two ships is :

(A)  1366 m

(B)  1400 m

(C)  1563 m

(D)  1656 m



48. The diagonals of a rectangle are-

(A)  Equal to each other

(B)  Not equal

(C)  One is double of the other

(D)  None of these



49. If 16% of 25% of a number is 10, then the number is:

(A)  150

(B)  200

(C)  250

(D)    300



50. What was the percentage drop in the number of B type tyres manufactured between 2013 and 2014 ?.

(A)  10%

(B)  15%

(C)  20%

(D)    25%



Part-C English


51. Choose the correct alternative which will improve the quoted part of the given sentence. My brother “is good at” languages.

(A)  Is good for

(B)  is good in

(C)  Is good of

(D)  No improvement



52. Choose the correct word/phrase to complete the following sentence. Within four or five days of eating contaminated foods, a person _____ to experience diarrhoea.

(A)  Began

(B)  Begun

(C)  Is beginning

(D)  Will begin



53. Complete the proverb :

A _____ in hand is worth two in the bush.

(A)  Dog

(B)  Bird

(C)  Book

(D)  Rabbit

Ans: Bird


54. Choose the MISSPELT word.

(A)  Extingushed

(B)  Submersion

(C)  Unwholesome

(D)  Translucent

Ans: Extingushed


55. Choose the correct preposition from the given options to complete the sentence. I am found ____ reading novels.

(A)  On

(B)  In

(C)  Of

(D)  Out



56. Choose the most appropriate verb from the given options to complete the sentence. Students ____ leave the classroom before the bell rings.

(A)  Must

(B)  Should

(C)  Should not

(D)  Would



57. Choose from the four options, the word that best substitutes the given phrase. Not letting the light pass through.

(A)  Opaque

(B)  Transparent

(C)  Translucent

(D)  Dark



58. Use the appropriate article for the sentence given below.

___ dinner hosted by Ramya was good.

(A)  The

(B)  An

(C)  A

(D)  No article



59. Choose the correct antonym of the given word from the options given


(A)  Attending

(B)  Main

(C)  Dangerous

(D)  Powerful



60. In the following question, each sentence has four pars marked P, Q, R and S. Choose the part of sentence with the error and mark as your answer.

Vijaya is not only eminent (P) / for his writing in English, (Q) / but also for his (R) / paintings on spiritual themes. (S)

(A)  P

(B)  Q

(C)  R

(D)  S



61. Choose the correct synonym of the given word from the options given below.


(A)  Opponent

(B)  Rebel

(C)  Supporter

(D)  Scientist



62. Choose the correct antonym of the given word from the options given below.


(A)  Bottom

(B)  Bankrupt

(C)  Falsehood

(D)  Trustful



63. In the following question, each sentence has four portions marked P, Q, R and S. Rearrange it in the proper sequence in order to make a meaningful sentence.

The great advantage of early rising (P) / in our day’s work (Q) / it gives us (R) / is the good start (S)







64. Choose the correct tense from the given options to complete the sentence.

I ______ in Delhi next week.

(A)  Will go

(B)  Will be

(C)  Shall go

(D)  Would



65. Choose the correct synonym of the given word from the options given below.


(A)  Wipe

(B)  Chest

(C)  Change

(D)  Oscillate



66. Choose the correct conjunction from the given options to complete the sentence _____ you have any doubt, please ask me.

(A)  Incase

(B)  Because

(C)  Since

(D)  Until



67. Choose the correct particle from the given options to complete the sentence.

Get ______ as we have to leave for the party hurriedly.

(A)  Dress

(B)  Dressing

(C)  Dressed

(D)  Is Dressed



68. Choose the meaning of the given idiomatic expression from the options given in quotes. He ‘did me a good turn’ by recommending me for the post of Vice-Principal.

(A)  Returned my kindness

(B)  Did an act of kindness

(C)  Improved my prospects

(D)  Became suddenly good



69. Choose the correct adverb from the given options to complete the sentence.

I was too nervous to go ______ than halfway up the tower.

(A)  Higher

(B)  More high

(C)  Most higher

(D)  High



70. Identify the correct sentence from the options given below

(A)  I need to get new job

(B)  I need to get a new job

(C)  I need get new job

(D)  I need to get jobs



Directions (Q. 71 – 75) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given  below.

W humans are sued to thinking that our minds separate us from other animals. But new studies show that animals are quite intelligent and sensitive. Animal intelligence is not found only in mammals. It can be found in other animals, such as birds. Although we sometimes call people “birdbrains” as an insult. Our feathered friends can be very smart. Some can solve puzzles. For example, ravens can untie knots. Some birds can use tools. Some crows, for example, use twigs as spears. Some birds can even use our language.

An African grey parrot named Alex does more than just imitate human sounds. This parrot can name dozens of objects. It also seems to understand the ideas of “same”, “different” and “amount”.

Animals are able to feel emotions, too. This ability can be as painful for them as it is for humans. For example, some baboons live in groups, where the leaders control through fear, Low – ranking baboons can live in a constant state of stress. This stress can cause health problems, just as it does in humans. Some animals feel sadness when a family member dies. Elephants show interest even in decades-old elephant bones. Like humans, they are connected to each other in many ways.

71. What would be a suitable title for the above passage ?

(A)  The human mind of birds

(B)  Stress as a health problem for birds

(C)  Baboons are a lot like birds

(D)  Baboons feel emotions like humans



72. What can you conclude about baboon societies after reading the passage?

(A)  Baboons are different from other monkeys

(B)  Baboons fight all of the time

(C)  Baboons are a lot like birds

(D)  Baboons feel emotions like humans



73. Who lives in a constant state of stress according to the passage ?

(A)  Baboons

(B)  Ravens

(C)  Birds

(D)  Elephants



74. How can Alex, the parrot, understand human sounds?

(A)  Because the has practice

(B)  Because he is very intelligent

(C)  Because he mimics whatever her hears

(D)  Because he grew up in a pet store



75. What details in the text supports the idea that birds are smart ?

(A)  Birds show interest and live in a constant stress

(B)  Birds have their own language and user twigs as spears

(C)  Some birds use tools and imitate human sounds

(D)    Birds have large brains and feel stress


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