Preparation Tips for LAW Graduates


Law is set of rules that enforced in the society to create a fear in them to not make any mistake or any crime. Law has been mainly developed in the society to create an awareness in the people to follow various rules and regulations in them Many of the citizen who have aim to take this a their profession a they have a passion in this field. The interested people need not be good in their speech. While in the course of time during their education, practice and by their hard work they can develop their skills in this field. The main skill of the lawyer is to create questions about the situations around them.Preparation Tips for LAW Graduates

The qualification of a lawyer is he/she must have a LLB degree. The private and government law colleges prevail in the country. There are about 1500 law colleges. These colleges must be recognized by the Bar Council of India. Students can option two types of streams which are 3 years and 5 years course period. Five years course period is for candidates who option law after completing their 10th/12th. Three years course period are referred for candidates who option after completing any Bachelor’s degree. At present there are 17 specialized Law Universities which conduct a common admission test for their candidates for an admission at their respective Universities.

Law graduates can opt different careers for them. The lawyers can be at courts for solving the disputes or litigation of the public. A legal lawyer can be hired by an organization for their confidential and legal problem. When a lawyer higher studies or research in their studies, they can pursue their career as a professor/Lecturer in various law colleges which are more wanted currently.

The students who are willing to join Law colleges who are in Economically Weaker Sections can select government aided colleges for their financial support. The National Law colleges are more expensive. The fees may be between 30,000 to 1,20,000 per annum excluding their boarding, transportation and other charges.

 The great leaders in the society were lawyers. The lawyers must have confidence to solve any problem. The skill developed by them must be helpful to the society. Lawyers can build a society with less crime rate.