RPSC College Lecturer Examination-2014 Held on April 24, 2016 Paper-III Question Paper With Answer Key

RPSC College Lecturer Examination-2014 Held on April 24, 2016



1. Rammat is a

(a)  folk dance

(b)  folk music

(c)  folk drama

(d)  musical instrument

Answer: (c)

2. Morchang is a

(a)  dancing style

(b)  singing style

(c)  musical instrument

(d)  painting style

Answer: (c)

3. Who among the following rulers was not from the Chauhan dynasty of jalore?

(a)  Vatsraj

(b)  Kirtipal

(c)  Samar Singh

(d)  Udal Singh

Answer: (a)

4. Where have the archaeological remains related to Buddhism been found?

(a)  Bairath

(b)  Nagar

(c)  Naliasar (Sambhar)

(d)  Kalibangan

Answer: (a)

5. Who was the leader of uprising in Kota in 1857?

(a)  Kushal Singh

(b)  Ram Singh

(c)  Jaidayal

(d)  Bakht Singh

Answer: (a)

6. Which fair is held twice in a year?

(a)  Banganga

(b)  Shri Mahavirji

(c)  Kaila Devi

(d)  Karni Mata

Answer: (a)

7. Carefully read the following statements about Matheran community of Bikaner:

I. Their contribution in the development of Bikaner Painting style is immense.

II. Matherans got patronage in the time of Maharaja Anup Singh.

III. Matherans are particularly known for drawing personal pictures of the rulers.

IV. Matherans who also call themselves Mahatma are a Jain community.

Which of the following above statements are correct?

(a)  I and III

(b)  I, II and III

(c)  II and III

(d)  All of these

Answer: (a)

8. Timniya is worn by

(a)  men on their arms

(b)  women non their neck

(c)  women on their forehead

(d)  men on their hand

Answer: (b)

9. Match the following:

(a)  A – 4; B – 3; C – 2; D – 1

(b)  A – 4; B – 1; C – 2; D – 3

(c)  A – 3; B – 1; C – 4; D – 2

(d)  A – 1; B – 2; C –3; D – 4

Answer: (a)

10. The famous 10th century Ambika Temple is in

(a)  Ahad

(b)  Osian

(c)  Jagat

(d)  Nagada

Answer: (c)

11. Mewar Pukar was

(a)  a petition of demand prepared by Motilal Tejawat and presented to Mewar Maharana

(b)  the weekly newspaper of Mewar Prajamandal

(c)  a ballad of valour written by Kesrisingh Barahat

(d)  a monthly magazine edited by Jaynarayan Vyas

Answer: (a)

12. Choose the incorrect pair:

Answer: (a)

13. In which physical region of Rajasthan Mukandra Hills are located?

(a)  Shekhawati region

(b)  Hadoti plateau

(c)  Southern Aravalli

(d)  Mahi basin

Answer: (c)

14. Anas, Erau and Som are the tributaries of river

(a)  Mahi

(b)  Banas

(c)  Sabarmati

(d)  Kali Sindh

Answer: (a)

15. Degana is known for mining of

(a)  iron ore

(b)  tungsten

(c)  coal

(d)  copper

Answer: (b)

16. Which of the following pair of districts is main producer of ‘Kattha’ (Acacia catechu) in Rajasthan?

(a)  Udaipur and Chittorgarh

(b)  Bharatpur and Alwar

(c)  Banswara and Baran

(d)  Sikar and Hanumangarh

Answer: (a)

17. ‘National Desert Park’ is also known as

(a)  Vegetation Park

(b)  Wildlife Park

(c)  Grassland Park

(d)  Fossil Park

Answer: (d)

18. Which is not traditional method of water conservation in Rajasthan?

(a)  Naadi

(b)  Khadeen

(c)  Tank

(d)  Toba

Answer: (c)

19. On the basis of nature and availability of natural resources, which one of the following input-based industries could presently play a vital role in industrial development of Rajasthan?

(a)  Livestock based

(b)  Mineral based

(c)  Agriculture based

(d)  Oilseed based

Answer: (b)

20. Which of the following breed is related to Camel in Rajasthan?

(a)  Pugal

(b)  Barbari

(c)  Gurha

(d)  Mewati

Answer: (d)

21. In which Census year, the highest percentage of decadal growth of population was recorded in Rajasthan?

(a)  1981

(b)  1991

(c)  2001

(d)  2011

Answer: (a)

22. In which of the following districts of Rajasthan ‘Red Loam’ soil is found?

(a)  Udaipur – Kota

(b)  Bhilwara – Ajmer

(c)  Banswara – Dungarpur

(d)  Jaipur – Dausa

Answer: (c)

23. Which of the following is not an objective of ‘Rajasthan Forestry and Biodiversity Project’?

(a)  Afforestation

(b)  Conservation of Biodiversity

(c)  Flood Control

(d)  Ground Water Conservation

Answer: (c)

24. In Rajasthan, winter rainfall is due to

(a)  local winds

(b)  South-East monsoon

(c)  North-East monsoon

(d)  Western disturbances

Answer: (d)

25. The steep sloppy and rugged hills in Sirohi district are locally known as

(a)  Bhakar

(b)  Bhorat

(c)  Uparmal

(d)  Girwa

Answer: (a)

26. Which is not a river of inland drainage?

(a)  Sabi

(b)  Kantali

(c)  Kakani

(d)  Khari

Answer: (a)

27. Which one of the following districts was having the highest forest-area in Rajasthan during 2011-12?

(a)  Karauli

(b)  Sirohi

(c)  Udaipur

(d)  Pratapgarh

Answer: (c)

28. Which is not a breed to sheep in Rajasthan?

(a)  Malvi

(b)  Nali

(c)  Malpuri

(d)  Sonari

Answer: (a)

29. In 2011, the percentage of urban population in Rajasthan was

(a)  23.39%

(b)  22.88%

(c)  31.12%

(d)  24.90%

Answer: (d)

30. ‘Walara’ is a type of agriculture in Rajasthan

(a)  Shifting cultivation

(b)  Dry farming

(c)  Wet and dry farming

(d)  Mountain farming

Answer: (a)

31. When was the ‘Magra Area Development Programme’ introduced in Rajasthan?

(a)  2001-02

(b)  2004-05

(c)  2005-06

(d)  2010-11

Answer: ()

32. On which river is the Bisalpur Dam located?

(a)  Kali Sindh

(b)  Banas

(c)  Jakham

(d)  Luni

Answer: (b)

33. How many Schedule Caste women are the members of 14th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly?

(a)  12

(b)  11

(c)  10

(d)  9

Answer: (a)

34. Which assembly constituency of Rajasthan is spread over more than one district (in 2013 Assembly Election)?

(a)  Nathdwara

(b)  Chhabra

(c)  Jahajpur

(d)  Siwana

Answer: (b)

35. Which articles of the Constitution are related to subordinate courts?

(a)  Article-214 to 231

(b)  Article-227 to 232

(c)  Article-233 to 237

(d)  Article-234 to 240

Answer: (c)

36. Who was the first Chairman of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission?

(a)  SK Ghosh

(b)  SC Tripathi

(c)  BS Tiwari

(d)  MM Verma

Answer: (a)

37. Consider the following statements:

I. The institution of Lokayukta was established in Rajasthan in the year 1973

II. Justice ID Dua was the first lokayukta in the State of Rajasthan.

(a)  Only I is correct.

(b)  Only II is correct.

(c)  Both I and II are correct.

(d)  Both I and II are incorrect.

Answer: (a)

38. What is the tenure of Lokayukta in Rajasthan?

(a)  5 years or the age of 65 years, whichever is earlier.

(b)  5 years of the age of 66 years, whichever is earlier.

(c)  5 years or the age of 60 years, whichever is earlier.

(d)  5 years or the age of 62 years, whichever is earlier.

Answer: (a)

39. Which Article of the Constitution of India states that ‘There shall be a Governor for each State’?

(a)  Article-154

(b)  Article-155

(c)  Article-153

(d)  Article-164

Answer: (a)

40. Which one is not a function of Rajasthan State Commission for Women?

(a)  To hear complaint against harassment of women.

(b)  To supervise implementation of constitutional provisions for women.

(c)  Efforts for women empowerment.

(d)  To punish accused of women harassment.

Answer: (d)

41. Where is t he Cantonment Board situated in Rajasthan?

(a)  Naseerabad

(b)  Mount Abu

(c)  Jodhpur

(d)  Barmer

Answer: (a)

42. When was the State Election Commission constituted in Rajasthan?

(a)  1992

(b)  1994

(c)  1993

(d)  1993

Answer: (b)

43. Which Panchayat Samit is not a beneficiary of the M POWER scheme?

(a)  Bayatu

(b)  Abu Road

(c)  Sanchore

(d)  Bilara

Answer: (d)

44. Who is the Chairman of the Business Advisory Committee in the 14th State Assembly in Rajasthan?

(a)  Kailash Chandra Meghwal

(b)  Gulab Chand Kataria

(c)  Kalicharan Sarraf

(d)  Pradyuman Singh

Answer: (c)

45. From which district in Rajasthan highest number of women members of Legislative Assembly have been elected to the 14th Legislative Assembly?

(a)  Ganganagar

(b)  Ajmer

(c)  Alwar

(d)  Bharatpur

Answer: (a)

46. When was President’s Rule imposed in Rajasthan due to unclear majority in assembly elections?

(a)  1977

(b)  1980

(c)  1967

(d)  1992

Answer: (c)

47. Who among the following was the first non-Congress speaker of Rajasthan Assembly?

(a)  Gopal Singh

(b)  Shantilal Chaplot

(c)  Hari Shankar Bhabhra

(d)  Laxman Singh

Answer: (d)

48. The total number of Panchayat Samitees in Rajasthan as on March 31, 2016 is

(a)  302

(b)  295

(c)  276

(d)  273

Answer: (b)

49. Last time, when the President’s Rule was imposed in Rajasthan, who was the Governor here?

(a)  Vasant Rao Patil

(b)  M. Chenna Reddy

(c)  Raghukul Tilak

(d)  Devi Prasad Chattopadhyay

Answer: (b)

50. In which Assembly Election, the strength of Rajasthan legislative Assembly was raised from 184 to 200?

(a)  Fourth

(b)  Fifth

(c)  Sixth

(d)  Seventh

Answer: (c)

51. In which year the Integrated Watershed Development Programme was started in Rajasthan?

(a)  1974

(b)  1977

(c)  1989

(d)  1999

Answer: (d)

52. In January, 2016, the District Collector of which district has started ‘Charan Paduka Scheme’?

(a)  Jalore

(b)  Jhalawar

(c)  Churu

(d)  Baran

Answer: (a)

53. The largest source of Tax Revenue in Rajasthan is

(a)  Excise Duty

(b)  VAT

(c)  Custom Duty

(d)  None of these

Answer: (d)

54. APMC Act in Rajasthan is implemented to

(a)  facilitate exports

(b)  facilitate imports

(c)  facilitate marketing of agriculture produce

(d)  increase agriculture productivity

Answer: (c)

55. Contribution of Service Sector in Rajasthan’s GSDP at constant price (2004-05) in 2014-15 was

(a)  50%

(b)  30.58%

(c)  19.43%

(d)  42.20%

Answer: (a)

56. Estimated Fiscal Deficit as percentage of GSDP in Rajasthan for 2016-17 is

(a)  3.50%

(b)  2.99%

(c)  8.29%

(d)  9.90%

Answer: (a)

57. Out of total installed capacity of power in Rajasthan, what is the approximate ratio of thermal power?

(a)  90%

(b)  60%

(c)  33%

(d)  80%

Answer: (b)

58. Inclusive of livestock, what has been the contribution of agriculture in NSDP of Rajasthan in 2014-15?

(a)  33%

(b)  25%

(c)  22%

(d)  18%

Answer: (b)

59. According to World Bank’s Report on East of Doing Business (2015), what was the rank of Rajasthan within India?

(a)  Third

(b)  Sixth

(c)  Ninth

(d)  Eleventh

Answer: (b)

60. Free Medicine for livestock scheme in Rajasthan was launched in

(a)  2012

(b)  2008

(c)  2015

(d)  2006

Answer: ()

61. Rajasthan Energy Development Authority was established in

(a)  1982

(b)  1983

(c)  1985

(d)  1993

Answer: (c)

62. ‘UDAY’ scheme is mean for

(a)  the financial turn-around of power distribution companies

(b)  development of solar energy

(c)  development of solar energy

(d)  development of bio fuel

Answer: (a)

63. Rajasthan government’s Bhamashah Rojgar Srujan Yojana (BRSY) is lined with which scheme of central government?

(a)  MUDRA


(c)  PMGSY

(d)  TRY

Answer: (c)

64. Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme 2014 is applicable to

(a)  new and existing enterprises making investment for setting up new units

(b)  existing enterprises making investment for expansion

(c)  sick enterprises making investment for its revival

(d)  All of the above

Answer: (a)

65. In Rajasthan, Nirmal Gram Award Scheme has been initiated to

(a)  constructing highest number of toilets

(b)  providing highest number of safe drinking water connections

(c)  doing excellent work in creating awareness about cleanliness

(d)  achieving the desired levels of sanitation in Panchayat Samiti

Answer: (d)

66. What has been the level of Per Capita income at current prices in Rajasthan (2014-15) ?

(a)  Rs 92150

(b)  Rs 88533

(c)  Rs 72156

(d)  Rs 60167

Answer: (c)

67. Rajasthan’s first Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme is

(a)  Agriculture Subsidy Scheme

(b)  Bhamashaha Yojana

(c)  Investment Subsidy Scheme

(d)  Transport Subsidy Scheme

Answer: (b)

68. In which year, Nineteenth Livestock Census in Rajasthan was conducted?

(a)  2010

(b)  2011

(c)  2012

(d)  2013

Answer: (c)

69. Which distinct of Rajasthan tops in the production of Gypsum?

(a)  Ajmer

(b)  Barmer

(c)  Jaisalmer

(d)  Udaipur

Answer: (c)

70. National Mustard Research Centre (NMRC) was established in ‘Sewar’ in

(a)  1993

(b)  2003

(c)  2004

(d)  2007

Answer: ()

71. District Innovation Fund (DIF) was established by

(a)  XI Finance Commission

(b)  X Finance Commission

(c)  XII Finance Commission

(d)  XIII Finance Commission

Answer: (d)

72. The scheme of Mahatma Gandhi Library was announced in the Rajasthan’s which budget?

(a)  2011-12

(b)  2012-13

(c)  2013-14

(d)  2014-15

Answer: (c)

73. The Leader of Opposition in Fourteenth Rajasthan Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) is

(a)  Rameshwar Lal Dudi

(b)  Ashok Gehlot

(c)  Sachin Pilot

(d)  Bhanwar Lal Sharma

Answer: (a)

74. In which district, the Central University of Rajasthan is situated?

(a)  Jodhpur

(b)  Ajmer

(c)  Udaipur

(d)  Banswara

Answer: (b)

75. Identify the incorrect pair of the district and the mascot, issued by Forest Department of Rajasthan government :

(a)  Ajmer : Kharmor Bird

(b)  Bharatpur : Saras (Cranes)

(c)  Dausa : Alligator

(d)  Jalore : Bear

Answer: (c)

76. Number of woman members in 16th Lok Sabha elected from Rajasthan is

(a)  1

(b)  3

(c)  4

(d)  None

Answer: (a)

77. Two cities of Rajasthan selected in the first round of Central government’s Smart City Plan are

(a)  Ajmer and Jaipur

(b)  Jaipur and Udaipur

(c)  Udaipur and Jodhpur

(d)  Jodhpur and Bikaner

Answer: (b)

78. Where the India-Russia joint military exercise took place in 2015 ?

(a)  Barmer

(b)  Bikaner

(c)  Jaislamer

(d)  Jodhpur

Answer: (b)

79. The organization, which has been awarded Amrita Devi Bishoni Award in Forest Development and Wildlife Protection category for the year 2015 is

(a)  Jaldhara Vikas Sansthan, Bhilwara

(b)  Van Vikas Sansthan, Pratapgarh

(c)  Gram Van Suraksha Evam Prabandh Samiti, Soorajgarh

(d)  Adivasi Van Vikas Sansthan, Mount Abu

Answer: (b)

80. Where is the new Technical University proposed to be established in the Rajasthan State Budget 2016-17?

(a)  Jaipur

(b)  Jhalawar

(c)  Udaipur

(d)  Bikaner

Answer: (d)

81. To which event of shooting, Shagun Chaudhary is related?

(a)  10 m Air Rifle

(b)  50 m Pistol

(c)  Double trap

(d)  25 m Pistol

Answer: (c)

82. Which amongst the following statements about Nand Ghar Scheme is correct?

I. To provide home to orphan children is the main objective of this scheme.

II. This scheme is launched to increase community partnership to run Anganvadi centres.

III. In this scheme, crèches are being opened to look after the children of single working women.

Choose the correct answer.

(a)  I and II

(b)  I and III

(c)  Only II

(d)  Only III

Answer: (c)

83. Who is Jitendra Rai Goyal?

(a)  Chairman, Rajasthan Information Commission

(b)  Chairman, Rajasthan State Other Backward Classes Commission

(c)  President, Rajasthan Chambers of Commerce and Industries.

(d)  None of the above

Answer: (b)

84. Identify the incorrect pair of Parliamentary Secretary (as on March 31, 2016) and the Assembly Constituency he represents:

(a)  Suresh Singh Rawat : Pushkar

(b)  Vishwanath Meghwal : Gudamalani

(c)  Jitendra Kumar Gothwal : Khandar

(d)  Bhera Ram Chaudhary : Osian

Answer: (b)

85. ‘Operation Sard Hawa’ is related to

(a)  Army

(b)  Air Force

(c)  Central Reserve Police Force

(d)  Border Security Force

Answer: (d)

86. Who chairs the high level committee to consider the proposals to constitute new districts in Rajasthan?

(a)  Adarsh Kishore

(b)  Meenakshi Hooja

(c)  Parmesh Chandra

(d)  Ravi Mathur

Answer: (c)

87. Hakim Khan Sur Award by Maharana Mewar Foundation in the year 2016 is given to

(a)  Rahul Kanwal

(b)  Raveesh Kumar

(c)  Prasoon Joshi

(d)  Devi Lal Paliwal

Answer: (b)

88. The First Constitution Day was celebrated on

(a)  January 26, 1950

(b)  January 26, 2016

(c)  November 26, 2015

(d)  November 26, 1949

Answer: (c)

89. What educational qualification is laid mandatory for the candidates, contesting for Zila Parishadi Seat in Rajasthan, other than the Scheduled Areas?

(a)  Class V pass

(b)  Class VIII pass

(c)  Class X pass

(d)  Class XII pass

Answer: (b)

90. Which agreement has recently been signed by Rajasthan government with South Australia?

(a)  Trade agreement

(b)  Sister-State agreement

(c)  Cultural exchange agreement

(d)  Tourism agreement

Answer: (b)

91. Who among the following author of Rajasthani language has be awarded Sahitya Akademi Award For 2015?

(a)  Ambika Dutt Chaturvedi

(b)  Arjun Dev Charan

(c)  Madhu Acharya ‘Ashawadi’

(d)  Nand Bhardwaj

Answer: (c)

92. With the Hockey Academy of which country, the Hockey Academy of Rajasthan State Sports Council has signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understandings) in November, 2015 for advance coaching?

(a)  Australia

(b)  England

(c)  Netherlands

(d)  Germany

Answer: (c)

93. In Rajasthan, where inscription of Ashoka found?

(a)  Badali

(b)  Barnala

(c)  Bairath

(d)  Buchkala

Answer: (c)

94. At which of the following place, Someshwar temple is situated in Rajasthan?

(a)  Kiradu (Barmer)

(b)  Osian (Jodhpur)

(c)  Abhaneri (Dausa)

(d)  Chandravati (Jhalawar)

Answer: (c)

95. Which of the following Indus sites of Rajasthan is situated on the banks of river Ghaggar?

(a)  Gilund

(b)  Ahar

(c)  Pilibangan

(d)  Kalibangan

Answer: (d)

96. In which painting style, Rasraj, a 19th century Hindi literary work of Matiram, was used as a subject for depiction?

(a)  Marwar

(b)  Mewar

(c)  Bundi

(d)  Alwar

Answer: (a)

97. Neja is

(a)  the five-coloured flag of Ramdevaji

(b)  a sword-like weapon

(c)  offering to a diety

(d)  Garbha Griha of a temple

Answer: (a)

98. Sitaram Sadhu was related to which of the following movements?

(a)  Shekhawati peasant movement

(b)  Hadauti peasant movement

(c)  Bijolia peasant movement

(d)  Mewat peasant movement

Answer: (c)

99. In which year the Mewar Bhil Corps was established?

(a)  1818

(b)  1852

(c)  1832

(d)  1837

Answer: (d)

100. Where was the historical battle between Rana Sanga and Babur fought?

(a)  Haldighati

(b)  Khanwa

(c)  Ratighati

(d)  Panipat

Answer: (b)

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