RPSC Lecturer (School Education) Examination Held on July 17, 2016 Paper-I Question Paper With Answer Key

RPSC Lecturer (School Education) Examination Held on July 17, 2016



Answer: (a)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (a)

Answer: (a)

5. Select the correct suffix to make adjective of the following : Hazard

(a)  ly

(b)  ing

(c)  ous

(d)  y

Answer: (c)

6. In the sentence given below change into the passive voice by selecting the correct alternative :

Why did your brother scold you?

(a)  Why your brother scolded you?

(b)  Why you were scolded by your brother?

(c)  Why did were scolded by hour brother?

(d)  Why were your scolded by your brother?

Answer: (d)

7. Select the correct sentence in ‘Direct’ speech from the given options, for the sentence below :

An old mouse asked who would bell the cat.

(a)  An old mouse said, ‘Who can bell the cat?’

(b)  An old mouse said, ‘Who will have bell the cat’?

(c)  An old mouse said, ‘Who will bell the cat?

(d)  An old mouse said, ‘Who would have bell the cat’?

Answer: (c)

8. Choose from the options a suitable word for the expression given below:

Undue favour shown by holder of high office to his relatives.

(a)  Oligarchy

(b)  Vandalism

(c)  Nepotism

(d)  Perjury

Answer: (c)

9. Which of the following statements is not true about the ‘Quit India Movement’?

(a)  In several districts ‘Independent’ Governments were proclaimed.

(b)  Socialist members of the Congress were active in the underground resistance.

(c)  It was launched after the failure of Cripps India Mission.

(d)  Gandhiji led this movement in spite of being in jail.

Answer: (d)

10. The cause of Bardoli Satyagrah was

(a)  revenue collection continued in spite of famine.

(b)  against the increased land revenue rates.

(c)  absence of famine relief work.

(d)  acquisition of land of the peasants by government.

Answer: (b)

11. Which of the following statements about Non-Cooperation movement is not true?

(a)  This movement made Gandhiji the supreme leader of the Congress.

(b)  This movement was withdrawn after the incidence of Chauri-Chaura.

(c)  This was a people’s movement.

(d)  Withdrawal of this movement led to a split in the Congress.

Answer: (d)

12. During the tenure of which of the following viceroys did the INA trail take place?

(a)  Wellington

(b)  Wavell

(c)  Mountbatten

(d)  Linlithgow

Answer: (b)

13. Which of the following sessions of the Congress was presided over by Subhash Chandra Bose?

(a)  Calcutta

(b)  Ahmedabad

(c)  Belgaon

(d)  Haripura

Answer: (d)

14. Fill in the blanks :


(a)  bcca

(b)  aabc

(c)  cbab

(d)  cbba

Answer: (c)

15. Number of prime factors of 63 × 314 × 117 × 654 is

(a)  31

(b)  Cannot be determined

(c)  35

(d)  28

Answer: (c)

16. Which of the following statements about education during Mughal period is not true?

(a)  There were separate regular schools for imparting education to women.

(b)  The rich appointed tutors to teach their daughters.

(c)  Women education was not completely ignored.

(d)  Muslim girls in their childhood attended schools along with boys and learnt the Quaran.

Answer: (a)

17. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(a)  Nanak – Nirguna Bhakti

(b)  Pipa – Saguna Bhakti

(c)  Raidas – Nirguna Bhakti

(d)  Suradas – Saguna Bhakti

Answer: (b)

18. Pointing towards a photo, X said ‘His mother is wife of son of my father. I have no brother or sister’. X is pointing to whose photo?

(a)  Nephew

(b)  Son

(c)  Cousin

(d)  Uncle

Answer: (b)

19. Which are the features of Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana?

1. Scheme launched on October 2, 2014.

2. Focus on community participation.

3. Aims to develop five Adarsh Grams chosen by MPs by March, 2019.

4. It is an infrastructure centred scheme.

5. Aims at holistic development of the village.

Select the correct answer by using the codes given below :

(a)  2 and 5

(b)  1, 2, 3 and 5

(c)  1, 2 and 5

(d)  1, 3 and 4

Answer: (b)

20. Who is the author of the book ‘Accidental Prime Minister : The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh?

(a)  Chetan Bhagat

(b)  Ek Nayanar

(c)  Sanjaya Baru

(d)  Kuldip Nayar

Answer: (c)

21. If the polynomial (2x4 + ax3 – 75a) is divided by x, the remainder is 150, then the value of ‘a’ is

(a)  −2

(b)  2

(c)  −1

(d)  1

Answer: (a)

22. From a right circular cylinder of radius 2 cm and height 3 cm a right circular cone with radius of the base 2 cm and height 3 cm is carved out, then the volume of the remaining part of the cylinder is

(a)  8π

(b)  4π

(c)  12π

(d)  6π

Answer: (a)

23. Who is the recent recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke Award?

(a)  Shashi Kapoor

(b)  Dilip Kumar

(c)  Manoj Kumar

(d)  Gulzar

Answer: (c)

24. Which is not a characteristic feature of parliamentary form of government?

(a)  Dual executive

(b)  The Cabinet is collectively responsible to Parliament.

(c)  Supremacy of Parliament

(d)  The real executive is a plural body.

Answer: (c)

25. Bureaucratic neutrality implies

1. No association of administrators with any political party.

2. Administrators not expressing any views in public on political issues.

3. Administrators should take objective decisions on all socioeconomic matters.

4. Administrators should given correct advice to ministers.

Select the correct answer by using the codes given below:

(a)  2, 3 and 4

(b)  Only 1

(c)  1, 2 and 3

(d)  1 and 2

Answer: (d)

26. A State can remain under President’s Rule for a maximum period of

(a)  One year

(b)  Three years

(c)  Six months

(d)  Two years

Answer: (b)

27. Which article of the Constitution of India specifies certain duties of the Prime Minister in relation to President?

(a)  Article-75

(b)  Article-79

(c)  Article-74

(d)  Article-78

Answer: (d)

28. NITI Aayog is

(a)  created by an Act of Parliament

(b)  created under an ordinance

(c)  a constitutional body

(d)  created by an Executive order

Answer: (d)

29. Which of the following is not an objective of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA)?

(a)  Removing economic and disability barriers.

(b)  Universal access to senior secondary level education by 2017.

(c)  Removing gender gaps.

(d)  Universal retention to secondary level education by 2020.

Answer: (b)

30. Which of the following is incorporated in the school mapping?

(a)  Demographic dimension

(b)  Norms, spatial and demographic dimension

(c)  Spatial and instructional facilities

(d)  Spatial and demographic dimension

Answer: (b)

31. Which one of the following districts produces the maximum ‘feldspar’ in Rajasthan?

(a)  Jaipur

(b)  Pali

(c)  Sikar

(d)  Ajmer

Answer: (d)

32. The district of Rajasthan touching the boundaries of the maximum number of districts, is

(a)  Bhilwara

(b)  Pali

(c)  Nagpur

(d)  Ajmer

Answer: (b)

33. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below :

(a)  A – 2; B – 3; C – 4; D – 1

(b)  A – 4; B – 2; C – 1; D – 3

(c)  A – 1; B – 2; C – 3; D – 4

(d)  A – 3; B – 4; C – 2; D – 1

Answer: (a)

34. Minimum number of working hours per week for the teacher in RTE Act, 2009, is

(a)  40 teaching plus preparation hours

(b)  45 teaching plus preparation hours

(c)  35 teaching plus preparation hours

(d)  45 teaching hours

Answer: (b)

35. Which of the following strategy does not match with the idea of school as a unit of decentralized planning?

(a)  Educational Management Information System

(b)  School Mapping

(c)  School Report Cards

(d)  Micro Planning

Answer: (d)

36. Which of the following statements is not true about School Management Committee?

(a)  Ensure the enrolment and continued attendance.

(b)  Prepare a  plan of teacher training.

(c)  Communicate in simple ways to the population in the neighbourhood of the school, the rights of children.

(d)  Monitor the implementation of Mid-day Meal in school.

Answer: (d)

37. The eligible educational blocks for establishment of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya from April 1, 2008 are

(a)  Educationally backward block with rural female literacy below 40%.

(b)  Educationally backward block with rural female literacy below 36.13%.

(c)  Educationally backward block with rural female literacy below 30%.

(d)  Educationally backward block with rural female literacy below 46.13%.

Answer: (b)

38. SIQE stands for

(a)  State initiatives for Quality Education

(b)  State Improvement programme of Quality Education

(c)  State Institute of Quality Education

(d)  State Initiative of Quality Education

Answer: (a)

39. Which is the State nodal agency for educational guidance and support to IASEs, CTEs and DIETs of all districts?

(a)  RMSA

(b)  RSTB

(c)  SIERT

(d)  SSA

Answer: (c)

40. Monthly meeting of SMC takes place on

(a)  Fourth Saturday

(b)  Amavasya

(c)  Second Saturday

(d)  Purnima

Answer: (b)

41. As per Norms and Standards of RTE Act, 2009 for Primary Section (1 to 5 Class), number of teachers upto 200 students should be

(a)  5

(b)  7

(c)  4

(d)  6

Answer: (a)

42. Which of the following institutes has been declared as Academic Authority of State under Clause-29(i) of RTE Act, 2009?

(a)  SIERT

(b)  RMSA (Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan)

(c)  BSER (Board of Secondary Education)

(d)  SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan)

Answer: (a)

43. In which country, 23rd World Jamboree of Bharat Scouts and Guides took place in August, 2015?

(a)  Sri Lanka

(b)  Thailand

(c)  China

(d)  Japan

Answer: (d)

44. English medium schools run by State government, which are affiliated by CBSE and are established as centre of excellence are

(a)  Military Schools

(b)  Swami Vivekanand Government Model Schools

(c)  Novadaya Vidyalayas

(d)  Sharde Balika Hostels

Answer: (b)

45. Which statement is more appropriate in regards to guiding principles of NCF-2005?

(a)  To ensure that learning is free from craming.

(b)  All the statements are correct.

(c)  Linking knowledge with outside school life.

(d)  To make examination system more flexible and link it with classroom activities.

Answer: (b)

46. Under continuing Education and Literacy Department, in ‘Sakshar Bharat Karyakram’, which of the following components were additionally incorporated?

(a)  Legal literacy

(b)  Disaster Management and Securities of citizens

(c)  Electoral and Financial Literacy

(d)  All of these

Answer: (b)

47. What is the original name of Vijay Singh Pathik?

(a)  Narendra Nath

(b)  Ramdas

(c)  Bhup Singh

(d)  Mool Shanker

Answer: (c)

48. Who was the main architect of Kumbhalgarh Fort?

(a)  Mandan

(b)  Mahendra

(c)  Vidyadhar

(d)  Keshvdas

Answer: (a)

49. In the 19th century, the weekly newspaper ‘Rajputana Samachar’ published in Hindi and Urdu was edited by whom?

(a)  Master Kanhaiya Lal

(b)  Bakshi Laxmandas

(c)  Lalit Narayan

(d)  Hanuman Singh

Answer: (a)

50. In whose Presidentship Haroti Prajamandal was founded?

(a)  Saraswati Das

(b)  Manikyalal Verma

(c)  Nayanuram Sharma

(d)  Arjunlal Sethi

Answer: (b)

51. Who used the word ‘Rajasthan’ in his renowned work?

(a)  George Thomas

(b)  VA Smith

(c)  Col. James Tod

(d)  Maxmuller

Answer: (c)

52. The renowned ‘Satyarth Prakash’ written by Swami Dayanand Saraswati was published from

(a)  Jodhpur

(b)  Jaipur

(c)  Ajmer

(d)  Udaipur

Answer: (d)

53. Archaeologist who contributed to excavation at Kalibanga during 1950-53 is

(a)  John Marshal

(b)  Amlananda Ghosh

(c)  Daya Ram Sahani

(d)  Dr. Neelkanth Shastri

Answer: (b)

54. Water in a canal, 6 mwide and 1.5 m deep, is flowing with a speed of 10 km/h. If 8 cm of standing water is needed, then how much area will it irrigate in 30 min?

(a)  80.76 hectares

(b)  56.25 hectares

(c)  76.56 hectares

(d)  91.47 hectares

Answer: (b)

55. The given figure shows the food liking of 1080 people of a city

The percent of the people who like pasta, i s

(a)  60%

(b)  12.5%

(c)  45%

(d)  30%

Answer: (b)

56. ‘Bhogilal Pandya’ was associated with which Prajamandal Andolan?

(a)  Banswara Prajamandal Andolan

(b)  Dungarpur Prajamandal Andolan

(c)  Mewar Prajamandal Andolan

(d)  Jaipur Prajamandal Andolan

Answer: (b)

57.  The diameter of the wheel of a car is 84 cm and the speed of car is 72 km/h. The number of revolutions made by the wheel in 11 min, is

(a)  500

(b)  600

(c)  5000

(d)  6000

Answer: (c)

58. A cubical wooden block of side 9 cm has been cut into small cubes of side 3 cm each. The ratio  of surface area of wooden block to the total surface area of new cubes made, is

(a)  1 : 3

(b)  2 : 1

(c)  3 : 1

(d)  1 : 1

Answer: (a)

59. Sahitya Akademi Award, 2015 for Rajasthani language has been awarded for this literary work

(a)  Gawaad

(b)  Anthyoi Nahi Din Hal

(c)  Joon Jatra

(d)  Sunder Nain Sudha

Answer: (a)

60. The code name of the Air Force exercise held at Pokaran in March, 2016 is

(a)  Operation Steel Curtain

(b)  Operation Garuda V

(c)  Operation Iron Fist

(d)  Operation Sard Hawa

Answer: (c)

61. Which city stood first is the selection of round one of Central government’s Smart City Plan?

(a)  Bhubaneswar

(b)  Allahabad

(c)  Gwalior

(d)  Bhopal

Answer: (a)

62. The simple interest on a sum of money is 1/16 of the sum. If the number of years is numerically equal to the rate percent per annum, then the rate percent per annum is





Answer: (c)

63. If x2 – 3x + 1 = 0, then value of  equal to

(a)  108

(b)  123

(c)  97

(d)  126

Answer: (b)

64. A sphere of radius 10.5 cm is melted and then recast into small cones each of radius 3.5 cm and height 3 cm. The number of cones formed is

(a)  126

(b)  140

(c)  108

(d)  132

Answer: (a)

65. Which of the following books is not written by APJ Abdul Kalam?

(a)  Rebooting India

(b)  India 2020

(c)  Turning Points

(d)  Wings of Fire

Answer: (a)

66. Which of an alloy is used for welding electrical wires together?

(a)  Copper and Lead

(b)  Lead and Zinc

(c)  Lead and Tin

(d)  Copper and Zinc

Answer: (c)

67. In the production of soap, by product is

(a)  sodium hydroxide

(b)  glycerol

(c)  fatty acid

(d)  sodium salt

Answer: (b)

68. The Noble Prize for Economics for 2015 was awarded to

(a)  Robert J. Amann

(b)  Aziz Sancar

(c)  Angus Deaton

(d)  None of these

Answer: (c)

69. Where is the SAARC Secretariat situated?

(a)  Colombo

(b)  Kathmandu

(c)  Islamabad

(d)  New Delhi

Answer: (b)

70. For which one of the following schemes Rajasthan has received the National Gold Award for e-Governance 2015-16?

(a)  Bhamashah scheme

(b)  Mid-day Meal scheme

(c)  NREGA scheme

(d)  Janani Suraksha Yojana

Answer: (a)

71. The velocity of light is the highest in

(a)  air

(b)  glass

(c)  water

(d)  vacuum

Answer: (d)

72. The raw materials used in commercial manufacture of DDT are

(a)  chlorobenzene and chloromethane

(b)  chlorobenzene and BHC

(c)  chlorobenzene and chloroform

(d)  chlorobenzene and chloral

Answer: (d)

73. Bt. in Bt, Plant means

(a)  Bacillus thriungiensis

(b)  Bharat technology

(c)  Biotechnology

(d)  Botanical technology

Answer: (a)

74. Genetic engineering is concerned with the alternation of

(a)  organic acids

(b)  lipids

(c)  carbohydrates

(d)  nucleic acids

Answer: (d)

75. A peacock eats snakes, which eats insects thriving on plants. The peacock is

(a)  primary decomposer

(b)  the apex of the food pyramid

(c)  primary consumer

(d)  final decomposer

Answer: (b)

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