S.S.C. Combined Graduate Level Tier-I Examination Held on 2-9-2016 General Awareness & General Intelligence Question Paper and Answer Key

S.S.C. Combined Graduate Level Tier-I Exam., 2016

Held on 2-9-2016

General Awareness

1. Which of the following is known as the Manchester of South India ?

(A)  Kochi

(B)  Vishakapatnam

(C)  Coimbatore

(D)  Bangalore

Ans: (C)

2. Who was the flag bearer of India at Rio Olympics 2016 ?

(A)  P.V. Sindhu

(B)  Jwala Gutta

(C)  Yogeshwar Dutt

(D)  Abhinav Bindra

Ans: (D)

3. Which of the following is the first cricketer to score 1000 runs in an innings ?

(A)  Sachin Tendulkar

(B)  Vinod Kamble

(C)  Pranav Dhanawade

(D)  Virat Kholi    

Ans: (C)

4. Which of the following is the largest irrigation plan in India ?

(A)  Buckingham Canal

(B)  Indira Gandhi Canal

(C)  Upper Ganges Canal

(D)  Tajewala Canal

Ans: (B)

5. The soil of Kerala is rich in which of the following soils ?

(A)  Alluvial Soil

(B)  Laterite Soil

(C)  Sandy Soil

(D)  Loamy Soil

Ans: (B)

6. Which of the process is known as nitrification ?

(A)  Reaction of Nitrogen Monoxide with oxygen to form nitric acid

(B)  Reaction of nitrogen dioxide with water to form nitric acid

(C)  Conversion of ammonia to nitrites

(D)  Conversion of nitrite to nitric oxide

Ans: (C)

7. Asbestos is found maximum in which of the following countries ?

(A)  Australia

(B)  Canada

(C)  Africa

(D)  Russia

Ans: (D)

8. Which country announces the imposition of a three-month state emergency after failed coup ?

(A)  Turkey

(B)  Syria

(C)  Sudan

(D)  Iran

Ans: (A)

9. Beighton Cup is related to which of the following sport ?

(A)  Football

(B)  Hockey

(C)  Badminton

(D)  Cricket

Ans: (B)

10. Sun temple is situate in which of the following states ?

(A)  Odisha

(B)  Gujarat

(C)  Karnataka

(D)  Tamil Nadu

Ans: (A)

11. The growth of bacteria is measured by –

(A)  hemacytometer

(B)  spectrophotometer

(C)  calorimeter

(D)  auxanometer

Ans: (B)

12. The sideways erosion which widens the river valley called ?

(A)  Lateral Corrosion

(B)  Vertical Corrosion

(C)  Side Corrosion

(D)  Mean Corrosion

Ans: (C)

13. The Constitution-

(A)  is silent on the President’s re-election to the office

(B)  allows re-election of a person to the President’s post

(C)  restricts a person to remain President for only two terms

(D)  has been amended to allow a person only one term as President

Ans: (B)

14. Smooth muscles are likely to be found in-

(A)  muscles of legs

(B)  muscles of arms

(C)  stomach

(D)  heart

Ans: (D)

15. Synagogue is the place of worship of-

(A)  Zoroastrianism

(B)  Taoism

(C)  Judaism

(D)  Shintoism

Ans: (C)

16. The civilian airport of highest altitude is in-

(A)  Tibet

(B)  Nepal

(C)  India

(D)  China

Ans: (A)

17. The branch of biology which deals with extinct organisms is called-

(A)  Palynology

(B)  Phylogeny

(C)  Palaeobotany

(D)  Palaentology

Ans: (B)

18. The least distance of distinct vision is-

(A)  35 cm

(B)  25 cm

(C)  45 cm

(D)  15 cm

Ans: (B)

19. When will demand become a grant ?

(A)  When a demand is proposed

(B)  After the discussion on demand is over

(C)  After the demand is granted

(D)  When the budget session is closed

Ans: (A)

20. Summer rains in Australia broadly decreases from-

(A)  east to west

(B)  west to east

(C)  north to south

(D)  south to north

Ans: (C)

21. The blue revolution is related with-

(A)  Fish production

(B)  Food grain production

(C)  Oil seed production

(D)  Milk Production

Ans: (A)

22. Which is post-harvest folk dance in Assam ?

(A)  Ankia Nat

(B)  Bihu

(C)  Raut Nacha

(D)  Namgen

Ans: (B)

23. The substrate of photorespiration is-

(A)  Fructose

(B)  Pyruvic acid

(C)  Glycolate

(D)  Glucose

Ans: (C)

24. The UNIX operating system is suitable of-

(A)  Multi user

(B)  Real-Time Processing

(C)  Distributed Processing

(D)  Single user

Ans: (A)

25. Sink hole is a phenomenon of-

(A)  Plain     

(B)  Desert

(C)  Tundra

(D)  Karst

Ans: (D)

General Intelligence

Directions- (Q. 1 to 3) Find the odd words/letters/numbers from the given alternative.

1. (A)  AEFJ




Ans: (D)

2. (A)  81: 243

(B)  16 : 64

(C)  64 : 192

(D)  25 : 75

Ans: (B)

3. (A)  Distinguish

(B)  Scatter

(C)  Differentiate

(D)  Classification

Ans: (B)

4. Arrange the following words as per the English dictionary and find the last word-

(A)  Root

(B)  Fruit

(C)  Stem

(D)  Leaf

Ans: (C)

5. How many triangles are there in the given figure ?

(A)  5

(B)  7

(C)  8

(D)  9

Ans: (A)

6. In a certain code language, APPROACH is coded as CHOAPRAP. How will RESTRICT be coded ?





Ans: (C)

7. Select the related word/letter/number from the given alternative series –

Apes : Gibber : : Camels : ?

(A)  Grunt

(B)  Cheep

(C)  Bleat

(D)  Whine

Ans: (A)

8. TSR : FED : : WVU : ?

(A)  CAB

(B)  MLK

(C)  PQS

(D)  GFH

Ans: (B)

9. 7 : 32 : : 28 : ?

(A)  126

(B)  136

(C)  116

(D)  128

Ans: (C)

10. John, in the morning, started walking towards North and then turn towards opposite side of the sun. He then turn left again and stops. Which direction is he facing now ?

(A)  North

(B)  West

(C)  South

(D)  East

Ans: (C)

11. If 64 + 7 = 460

43 + 8 = ?

25 + 8 = 212

(A)  360

(B)  376

(C)  332

(D)  356

Ans: (D)

12. In a village there are landlords of which some are literate. Which of the following best expresses the relationship between them ?




(D)  None of these

Ans: (C)

13. Which one of the given figure completes the given figure ?

Ans: (D)

14. What is the mirror image of the following figure ?

Ans: (B)

15. If the given words are arranged in descending order then which of the following be last ?

Sapling Tree Plant Seed

(A)  Sapling

(B)  Plant

(C)  Seed

(D)  Tree

Ans: (C)

16. Which one is wrong number in the given series ?

7          56      447    3584  28672

(A)  3584

(B)  56

(C)  7

(D)  447

Ans: (D)

17. In this question, a statement is followed by assumption I and II. You have to consider the statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from the commonly known facts. You have to decide which of the following assumptions logically follows from the given statement.

Statement : Only good singers are invited in the conference. No one without sweet vice is a good singer.

Assumption :

I. All invited singers in the conference have sweet voice.

II. Those singers who do not have sweet vice are not invited in the conference.

(A)  Only I follows

(B)  Neither I nor II follow

(C)  Both I and II follows

(D)  Only II follows

Ans: (C)

18. If ‘+’ mean ‘×’, ‘−’ means ‘÷’, ‘×’ means ‘−’ and ‘÷’ means ‘+’ then find the value of the following equation –

6 + 64 – 8 ÷ 45 × 8

(A)  85

(B)  76

(C)  87

(D)  75

Ans: (A)

19. Which of the following has the given figure embedded in it ?

Ans: (B)

20. Find the missing number from the given alternative-

1  4   2  3  2 ?

(A)  2

(B)  5

(C)  3

(D)  4

Ans: (C)

21. Find the missing number from the given alternative –

(A)  13

(B)  15

(C)  17

(D)  19

Ans: (B)

Directions – (Q. 22 and 23) Find the missing number/letter/from the given alternative.

22.   AEN   MQZ   CGP ?

(A)  OSB

(B)  PUE

(C)  MPX

(D)  OTC 

Ans: (A)

23. 0   4   18   48   ?   180

(A)  58

(B)  68

(C)  84

(D)  100

Ans: (D)

24. Select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word –



(B)  SEA



Ans: (D)

25. A word is represented by only one set of numbers as given in any one of the alternatives. The sets of numbers given in the alternatives are represented by two classes of alphabets by two matrices given below. The columns and row of Matrix I are numbered from 0 to 4 and that of Matrix are numbered from 5 to 9. A letter from these matrices can be represented first by its row and next by its column. Ex : ‘U’ can be represented by 03, 14, 32 etc. and ‘O’ can be represented by 56, 67, 75 etc. Similarly you have to identify the set for the word given in the question.

(A)  69, 14, 04, 98

(B)  34, 76, 31, 79

(C)  04, 32, 87, 59

(D)  69, 99, 31, 00

Ans: (B)

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