SSC CGL (Tier-1) Preliminary Examination Held on August 23, 2017 Question Paper With Answer Key

SSC CGL (Tier-1) Preliminary Examination Held on August 23, 2017

1. Select the related word from the given alternatives.

River : Stream : : Ocean : ?

(a)   Current

(b)   Pond

(c)   Dam

(d)   Sea

Answer: (a)

2. Select the related letters from t he given alternatives.

WUS : DFH : : MKI : ?

(a)   LJH

(b)   GEC

(c)   OQS

(d)   NPR

Answer: (d)

3. Select the related number from the given alternatives.

(a)   2/9

(b)   −9/2

(c)   7/2

(d)   −2/9

Answer: (d)

4. Select the odd word from the given alternatives.

(a)   Mother-in-Law

(b)   Nephew

(c)   Grandson

(d)   Great grandfather

Answer: (a)

5. Select the odd letters from the given alternatives.

(a)   GHI

(b)   XYZ

(c)   VUT

(d)   CDE

Answer: (c)

6. Select the odd number from the given alternatives.

(a)   43

(b)   22

(c)   13

(d)   41

Answer: (b)

7. A series is given, with one word missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.

Shy, Food, Plate, Recess, ?

(a)   Monsoon

(b)   Soon

(c)   Eat

(d)   Lunch

Answer: (a)

8. A series is given, with one term missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.




(c)   IIIIIX

(d)   XIIIIX

Answer: (c)

9. A series is given, with one number missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.

49, 64, ?, 100, 121

(a)   74

(b)   80

(c)   75

(d)   81

Answer: (d)

10. Nasir’s birthday is on Thursday May 18. On what day of the week will be Rehan’s Birthday in the same year if Rehan was born on August?

(a)   Wednesday

(b)   Saturday

(c)   Friday

(d)   Thursday

Answer: (b)

11. The weights of 4 boxes are 30, 40, 50 and 100 kg respectively. Which of the following cannot be the total weight, in kilograms, of any combination of these boxes and in a combination a box can be used only once?

(a)   190

(b)   180

(c)   160

(d)   140

Answer: (c)

12. From the given alternative words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word :


(a)   NIECE

(b)   CREATE



Answer: (b)

13. If ETHANOL is coded as HWKDQRO, the how will MIX be coded as?

(a)   PLA

(b)   RFV

(c)   BGT

(d)   NHY

Answer: (a)

14. In a certain code language, ‘+’ represents ‘×’, ‘−‘ represents ‘+’ ‘×’ represents ‘÷’ and ‘÷’ represents ‘−‘. What is the answer to the following question?

24 × 6 – 8 + 2 = ?

(a)   25

(b)   50

(c)   40

(d)   20

Answer: (d)

15. If 10$25 = 8, 12$25 = 10 then what is the value of 14$53 = ?

(a)   13

(b)   15

(c)   11

(d)   9

Answer: (a)

16. Select the missing number from the given responses :

(a)   0

(b)   68

(c)   2

(d)   10

Answer: (c)

17. X and Y start from the same point. X walls 40 m North, then turns West and walks 80 m, then turns to his right and walks 50 m. At the same time, Y walks 90 m North. Where is Y now with respect to the position of X?

(a)   Y is 30 m to the East of X.

(b)   Y is 80 m to the West of X.

(c)   Y is 30 m to the West of X.

(d)   Y is 80 m to the East of X.

Answer: (d)

18. In the question a statement is given, followed by two arguments, I and II. You have to consider the statement to be true even if it seems to be at variance from commonly known facts. You have to decide which of the given arguments, if any, is a strong argument.

Statement : Should one year of army training be compulsory for all Indian citizens?

Argument I : No, the costs of training will be prohibitive and one year of labour will  be lost.

Argument II : Yes, army training helps make better citizens.

(a)   if only argument I is strong.

(b)   if only argument II is strong.

(c)   if both I and II are strong.

(d)   if neither I nor II is strong.

Answer: (d)

19. Find the number of triangles in the figure.

(a)   8

(b)   9

(c)   11

(d)   12

Answer: (d)

20. In the following figure, square represents lawyers, triangle represents cyclists, circle represents men and rectangle represents post-graduates. Which set of letters represents men who are not cyclists?

(a)   B, C, D

(b)   E

(c)   G, F

(d)   G, F, H, A

Answer: (a)

21. Which answer figure will complete the pattern in the question figure?

Answer: (c)

22. From the given answer figures, select the one in which the question figure is hidden/embedded

Answer: (d)

23. A piece of paper is folded and cut as shown below in the question figure. From the given answer figures, indicate how it will appear when opened?

Answer: (c)

24. If a mirror is placed on the line MN, then which of the answer figures is the right image of the given figure?

Answer: (b)

25. In this question, the sets of numbers given in the alternatives are represented. The columns and rows of Matrix I are numbered from 0 to 4 and that of Matrix II are numbered from 5 to 9. A letter from these matrices can be represented first by its row and next by its column, e.g., O can be represented by 03, 14 etc and ‘K’ can be represented by 56, 65, etc. Similarly you have to identify the set for the word ‘EASE’

(a)   55, 85, 44, 42

(b)   77, 85, 88, 44

(c)   77, 66, 31, 44

(d)   00, 98, 23, 98

Answer: (b)

Part 2 General Knowledge and General Awareness

26. India’s first official Census operation was undertaken in which year?

(a)   1841

(b)   1881

(c)   1921

(d)   1961

Answer: (b)

27. The change in the optimal quantity of a goods when its price changes and the consumer’s income is adjusted so that she can just buy the bundle that she was buying before the price change is called?

(a)   Law of demand

(b)   Substitution effect

(c)   Problem of choice

(d)   Optimal choice

Answer: (b)

28. ‘Relief of the disabled and unemployable’ is listed in the ……… list given in the Seventh Schedule in the Constitution of India.

(a)   Union

(b)   State

(c)   Global

(d)   Concurrent

Answer: (b)

29. ……………. amends the Constitution.

(a)   Ministry of Defence

(b)   Prime Minister’s Office

(c)   Parliament

(d)   Securities and Exchange Board of India

Answer: (c)

30.  According to the categories of land mentioned in the Chola inscriptions ……… was known as the land gifted to temples

(a)   Vellanvagai

(b)   Brahmadeya

(c)   Shalabhoga

(d)   Devadana

Answer: (d)

31. Rajendra I was the son of?

(a)   Bindusara I

(b)   Devabhuit I

(c)   Skanda Gupta I

(d)   Rajaraja I

Answer: (d)

32. ……………… is a cold desert lying the Great Himalayas.

(a)   Ladakh

(b)   Satpura

(c)   Aravalli

(d)   Vindhya

Answer: (a)

33. The method of soil conservation in which different crops are grown in alternate rows and are sown at different times to protect the soil from rain wah is called

(a)   Mulching

(b)   Intercropping

(c)   Rock dam

(d)   Terrace farming

Answer: (b)

34. In each testes in a male reproductive system, there are …………. compartments called testicular lobules.

(a)   150

(b)   200

(c)   250

(d)   300

Answer: (c)

35. The predominant stage of the life cycle of moss is the gametophyte which consists of two stages. The second stage is the ……….. stage.

(a)   Agar

(b)   Leafy

(c)   Chlorella

(d)   protonema

Answer: (b)

36. In Animal Kingdom classification, which of the following is not a Phylum?

(a)   Mollusca

(b)   Chordata

(c)   Coelomates

(d)   Annelida

Answer: (c)

37. Friction is caused by the ……. on the two surfaces in contact.

(a)   irregularities

(b)   smoothness

(c)   densities

(d)   gaps

Answer: (a)

38. The motion of a freely falling body is an example of ……….. motion.

(a)   uniformly accelerated

(b)   non-uniformly accelerated

(c)   constant velocity

(d)   constant speed

Answer: (a)

39. …………….. (HHDD) is a technology where the conventional disk drive is combined with non-volatile flash memory of typically 128 MB or more to cache data during normal use.

(a)   Hyper Hard Disk Drive

(b)   Hybrid Hard Disk Drive

(c)   Hybrid Helium Disk Drive

(d)   Hyper Helium Disk Drive

Answer: (b)

40. Chemical formula for sulphurous acid is

(a)   H2SO4

(b)   H2SO3

(c)   H3SO3

(d)   H3SO4

Answer: (b)

41. The temperature at which a solid melts to become a liquid at the atmospheric pressure is called its

(a)   Crystallization

(b)   Melting point

(c)   Evaporation

(d)   Galvanization

Answer: (b)

42. …………… is the interaction in which one species benefits and the other is neither harmed nor benefited.

(a)   Predation

(b)   Commensalism

(c)   Competition

(d)   Parasitism

Answer: (b)

43. …………… scheme by the Central government aims at providing affordable aviation by making domestic flight charges economically accessible for middle-class citizens of India.

(a)   Uday Desh Ka Aam Nagrik

(b)   Urja Ganga

(c)   Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat

(d)   Namami Ganga Yojana

Answer: (a)

44. Who invented the hot air balloon?

(a)   Montgolfier brothers

(b)   Wright brothers

(c)   Lisitsyn brothers

(d)   Walton brothers

Answer: (a)

45. Which nation won the highest number of medals at 2016 Rio Olympics?

(a)   Great Britain

(b)   The USA

(c)   China

(d)   Russia

Answer: (b)

46. Group of monuments at Hampi is located in

(a)   West Bengal

(b)   Gujarat

(c)   Karnataka

(d)   Tamil Nadu

Answer: (d)

47. Which of the following is India’s highest civilian award?

(a)   Padma Bhushan

(b)   Param Vir Chakra

(c)   Padma Vibhushan

(d)   Bharat Ratna

Answer: (d)

48. Which of the statements given below are correct?

1. The author of the novel ‘An Affair Downstairs’ is Sherri Browning.

2. The author of the novel ‘White Teeth’ is Zadie Smith.

3. The author of the novel ‘Atonement’ is Ian McEwan.

(a)   1 and 2

(b)   2 and 3

(c)   1 and 3

(d)   All of the above

Answer: (d)

49. Recently, scientists have found second Great Spot 24000 km across and 12000 km wide on which planet?

(a)   Saturn

(b)   Mars

(c)   Jupeter

(d)   Mercury

Answer: (c)

50. The Sundarbans Reserve Forest (SRF) which is adjacent to India’s Sundarbans National Park is located in which neighbouring country?

(a)   Bhutan

(b)   Pakistan

(c)   Bangladesh

(d)   Nepal

Answer: (c)

Part 3 Quantitative Aptitude

51. Convert binary 10110 to decimal

(a)   22

(b)   20

(c)   18

(d)   16

Answer: (a)

52. A, B and C can do a job working alone in 12, 16 and 24 days respectively. In how many days they can do the job if they worked together?

(a)   16/3

(b)   15/4

(c)   17/3

(d)   19/4

Answer: (a)

53. The diagonal of a square is 10 cm. What is the length of it side?

(a)   5 cm

(b)   5√2 cm

(c)   10√2 cm

(d)   5/√2 cm

Answer: (b)

54. If on a Sale there is 40% discount on the marked price of Rs 1000, but the sale is done at Rs 510 only, then what additional discount did the customer get?

(a)   25%

(b)   15%

(c)   10%

(d)   30%

Answer: (b)

55. What is the third proportional to 9 and 45?

(a)   405

(b)   225

(c)   5

(d)   81

Answer: (b)

56. In a class of 39 students there are 26 girls. The average weight of these girls is 42 kg and average weight of the full class is 48 kg. What is the average weight of the boys of the class?

(a)   54 kg

(b)   66 kg

(c)   60 kg

(d)   62 kg

Answer: (c)

57. If a saree is sold for Rs 2880 the seller will face 10% loss, at what price should he sell to gain 20% profit?

(a)   Rs 4830

(b)   Rs 3840

(c)   Rs 3480

(d)   Rs 4380

Answer: (b)

58. Priya got 9 marks more in History than what she got in Geography. Her History marks are 56% of the sum of her History and Geography marks. What are her Geography marks?

(a)   42

(b)   65

(c)   53

(d)   33

Answer: (d)

59. To travel 720 m, a Express train takes 6 hours more than Duronto. If however, the speed of the Express train is doubled, it takes 2 hours less than Duronto. The speed of Duronto is?

(a)   60 km/h

(b)   72 km/h

(c)   66 km/h

(d)   78 km/h

Answer: (b)

60. What is the difference between the compound interests on Rs 1000 for 1 year at 10% per annum compounded yearly and half-yearly?

(a)   Rs 1.5

(b)   Rs 0.5

(c)   Rs 2.5

(d)   Rs 3.5   

Answer: (c)

61. If  then the value of x is

(a)   7

(b)   20

(c)   −7

(d)   −20

Answer: (c)

62. If a + b = 8 and ab = 15, then what is the value of a3 + b3?

(a)   98

(b)   152

(c)   124

(d)   260

Answer: (b)

63. The sum of a non-zero number and 4 times its reciprocal is 17/2. What is the number?

(a)   8

(b)   12

(c)   16

(d)   4

Answer: (a)

64. The 5th and 9th term of an arithmetic progression are 7 and 13 respectively. What is the 15th term?

(a)   22

(b)   21

(c)   55

(d)   59

Answer: (a)

65. What is the reflection of the point (6, −3) in the line y = 2?

(a)   (−2, −3)

(b)   (6, 7)

(c)   (−6, 7)

(d)   (−2, 3)

Answer: (b)

66. Point A (4, 2) divides segments BC in the ratio 2 : 5. Co-ordinates of B are (2, 6) and C are (7, y). What is the value of y?

(a)   8

(b)   −8

(c)   6

(d)   −6

Answer: (b)

67. At what point does the line 2x – 3x = 6 cuts the X axis?

(a)   (−3, 0)

(b)   (0, 3)

(c)   (0, −3)

(d)   (3, 0)

Answer: (d)

68. ∆ABC is right angled at B. BD is an altitude. AD =4 cm and DC = 9 cm. What is the value of BD?

(a)   5 cm

(b)   4.5 cm

(c)   5.5 cm

(d)   6 cm

Answer: (d)

69. tan 45° + cosec 60° = tan 45° + cosec 60° =





Answer: (d)

70. ∆XYZ is right angled at Y. If m ∠Z = 60°, then cosec X =

(a)   2

(b)   1/√2

(c)   1/√2

(d)   1/√3

Answer: (a)

71. If  then cot θ = ?

(a)   17/8

(b)   15/8

(c)   8/15

(d)   17/15

Answer: (b)

Directions (Q. Nos. 72-75) The bar graph shows the number of males and females (in crores) in India during 1951-91. Read the graph and answer the following questions.

72. What was the approximate percentage of female population in India during 1991?

(a)   48.23%

(b)   48.02%

(c)   48.03%

(d)   48.33%

Answer: (a)

73. What was the approximate number of males in India in 1971 per thousands females?

(a)   913

(b)   1075

(c)   1077

(d)   1175

Answer: (c)

74. What is the ratio of the numbers of females in India in 1961 per thousands males in India in 1991 per thousand females?

(a)   943 : 10777

(b)   1077 : 943

(c)   1073 : 913

(d)   913 : 1073

Answer: (d)

75. Assuming that the rate of increase in the total population in India during 1991-2001 remains the same as that was during the period 1981-91, estimate the total population in India in 2001.

(a)   105.62 crore

(b)   106.25 crore

(c)   106.52 crore

(d)   105.26 crore

Answer: (b)

Part 4 English Comprehension

Directions (Q. Nos. 76-77) In the following questions, some part of the sentence may have errors. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and select the appropriate option. If a sentence is free from error, select ‘No Error’.

76. While he went beside (a)/ with our decisions, we were (b) / never sure he totally agreed. (c) No error (d)

(a)   a

(b)   b

(c)   c

(d)   d

Answer: (a)

77. The after morning (a) / she woke to the first ray of (b) / light through the window. (c) No error (d)

(a)   a

(b)   b

(c)   c

(d)   d

Answer: (a)

Directions (Q. Nos. 78-79) In the following questions, the sentence given with blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Select the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by selecting the appropriate option.

78. The psychopath get a ……. sense of enjoyment from torturing animals.

(a)   perverse

(b)   agreeable

(c)   happy

(d)   resonable

Answer: (a)

79. When Jaspal got angry, he started to ……….. his feelings. with his hands.

(a)   participate

(b)   immolate

(c)   intoxicate

(d)   gesticulate

Answer: (d)

Directions (Q. Nos. 80-83) In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, select the word similar in meaning to the word given.

80. Fossilise

(a)   Amalgamate

(b)   Dissolve

(c)   Flex

(d)   Liquefy

Answer: (a)

81. Depict

(a)   Conceal

(b)   Distort

(c)   Characterize

(d)   Suppress

Answer: (c)

82. Differ

(a)   Alter

(b)   Concur

(c)   Digress

(d)   Vary

Answer: (b)

83. Salve

(a)   Cerate

(b)   Liniment

(c)   Remedy

(d)   Blockage

Answer: (d)

Directions (Q. Nos. 84-85) In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

84. Gnash your teeth

(a)   Express rage

(b)   Brush your teeth

(c)   Laugh hysterically

(d)   Take a big bite

Answer: (a)

85. Let something slip through one’s fingers

(a)   Lose a wedding ring

(b)   Not be able to understand a difficult concept

(c)   Let go of certain unpleasant things

(d)   to waste an opportunity to achieve something

Answer: (d)

Directions (Q. Nos. 86-87) In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, select the alternative which will improve the bracketed part of the sentence. In case no improvements is needed, select ‘no improvement’.

86. What would you like (to do it) for your birthday?

(a)   to do

(b)   doing

(c)   does

(d)   No improvement

Answer: (a)

87. You must (be mistake).

(a)   be mistakenly

(b)   be mistaken

(c)   be  mistook

(d)   No improvement

Answer: (b)

Directions (Q. Nos. 88-89) In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, select the alternative which is the best substitute of the words/sentence.

88. Complete with regard to every detail

(a)   Thorough

(b)   Lackadaisical

(c)   Lax

(d)   Cursory

Answer: (a)

89. The faculty or power of using one’s will

(a)   Antagonism

(b)   Aversion

(c)   Rejection

(d)   Volition

Answer: (d)

Directions (Q. Nos. 90-91) In the following questions, four words are given out of which one word is correctly spelt, select the correctly spelt word.


(a)   Jukstapose

(b)   Jaxtapuse

(c)   Juxtapose

(d)   Jaxtapose

Answer: (c)


(a)   Amusemant

(b)   Ammusement

(c)   Ammusemant

(d)   Amusement

Answer: (d)

Directions (Q. Nos. 92-93) Each of these questions below consists of a set of labeled sentences. Out of the four options given, select the most  logical order of the sentences to form a coherent paragraph.

92. Evidently it was too

X-of a deadly-looking cobra or

Y-two we saw no reptiles

Z-dry for game, and with the exception

(a)   YZX

(b)   YXZ

(c)   XZY

(d)   ZXY

Answer: (d)

93. Some of these

X-height of more than

Y=2000 feet above the sea

Z=rocks rise to the

(a)   YZX

(b)   ZXY

(c)   YXZ

(d)   XZY

Answer: (b)

94. In the following question, a sentence has been given in Active/Passive voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive/Active voice.

I will wash the car every Sunday.

(a)   The car is washed by me every Sunday.

(b)   Every Sunday by me the car is to be washed.

(c)   Every Sunday by myself the car is to be washed.

(d)   The car will be washed by me every Sunday.

Answer: (d)

95. In the following question, a sentence has been given in Direct/Indirect speech. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Indirect/Direct speech.

The watchman said, thief ! thief ! catch him!?

(a)   The watchman shouted to t he crowd to catch the thief.

(b)   The watchman shouted to the crowd, thief, thief, catch him.

(c)   The watchman shouted to the crowd, catch the thief.

(d)   The watchman shouted to the crowd, catch him.

Answer: (a)

Directions (Q. Nos. 96-100) A passage is given with five questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.

There’s more than the 101-seater dining table at the Falaknuma palace that is awe inspring. The library done in rosewood and mahogany is a p lace that will force anyone to pause, if only to admire the fine original polish, the furniture and the walnut carved high roof. The last is supposedly and imitation of the one at Windsor Castle.

The library is almost the size of a large banquet hall and acts an the passage to other parts o the palace including the dining area. For years the palace had no librarian because they couldn’t find the right person to do justice to the treasure trove of books collected by the Nizam’s family they found Asif Husain Arastu who belongs to the family that owned the famous. AA Husain book store in Abids. So when his fried and historian Anurdadha Naik pointed out the palace’s requirement at the library, Husain was delighted. On his very first day as the libranina at the magnificent Taj Falaknuma place, Asif Husain found a reference book on ‘How to paint grass’ by Alfred East.

96. Which of the following is false about Arastu?

(a)   He was a descendent of the Nizam’s family.

(b)   He was the librarian at the Falaknuma Palace.

(c)   He owned a book store.

(d)   He was a friend of Anuradha Naik.

Answer: (a)

97. The roof the library has carvings made of which wood?

(a)   Rosewood

(b)   Mahogany

(c)   Sandalowood

(d)   Walnut

Answer: (d)

98. Name the author of the book that Hussain found on his first day as the librarian?

(a)   Alfred East

(b)   Anuradha Naik

(c)   Mark Twain

(d)   Charles Dickens

Answer: (a)

99. The books at the library were collected by

(a)   Hyderabad University

(b)   Anuradha Naik

(c)   the Nizam’s Family

(d)   Asif Hussain Arastu

Answer: (c)

100. Which part of the palace is an imitation of the Windsor Palace?

(a)   101-seater dining table

(b)   The library’s roof

(c)   The banquet hall

(d)   The library’s furniture

Answer: (b)

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