SSC Junior Engineer Examination Held on 31-1-2016 General Awareness Question Paper With Answer Key

SSC Junior Engineer Examination Held on 31-1-2016

General Awareness

1. IKE stands for ?

(A)  Information Key Execution

(B)  Infrastructure Key Encryption

(C)  Information Key Exchange

(D)  Internet Key Exchange

Answer: (D)

2. The disadvantage of self-pollination is-

(A)  no wastage of pollengrains

(B)  seeds are less in number

(C)  no dependence of pollinating agents

(D)  mechanism is too simple

Answer: (B)

3. Usain Bolt is famous as-

(A)  An astronaut

(B)  A cricketer

(C)  A boxer

(D)  An athlete

Answer: (D)

4. Root hairs are produced from ?

(A)  Epidermis

(B)  Trichomes

(C)  Trichoblasts

(D)  Rhizodermis

Answer: (C)

5. Name the first Indian women to climb Mount Everest ?

(A)  Leela Seth

(B)  Bachhendri Pal

(C)  Santosh Yadav

(D)  Rita Faria

Answer: (B)

6. Ms Florence Nightingale was associated with-

(A)  Crimean War

(B)  Thirty Years War

(C)  Hundred Years War

(D)  Seven Years War

Answer: (A)

7. Articles 23 and 24 of the Indian Constitution deal with-

(A)  Right to Freedom

(B)  Right to Freedom of Religion

(C)  Right against Exploitation

(D)  Right to Education

Answer: (C)

8. A plumb bob is hanging from the ceiling of a car. If the car moves with an acceleration ‘a’, the angle made by the string with the vertical is





Answer: (A)

9. Which of the following is the morning ‘Raag’ in music?

(A)  Malhaar

(B)  Sohini

(C)  Sarang

(D)  Bhairavi

Answer: (D)

10. The storage form of glucose is-

(A)  Glucagea

(B)  Fructose

(C)  Insulin

(D)  Glycogen

Answer: (D)

11. Aung San Sui Kyi, a pro democracy campaigner is from which of the following countries ?

(A)  Nepal

(B)  Bangladesh

(C)  China

(D)  Myanmar

Answer: (D)

12. By increasing the intensity of incident light on the surface, the photo electric current-

(A)  Unchanged

(B)  Decreases

(C)  Increases

(D)  Increases initially and then decreases

Answer: (C)

13. Non-bonding valence electrons are-

(A)  Not involved in covalent bond formation

(B)  Involved in both ionic and covalent bond formation

(C)  Involved only in covalent bond formation

(D)  Involved only in ionic bond formation

Answer: (A)

14. The Maratha ruler Shivaji ruled his kingdom with the help of a Council of Ministers called-

(A)  Ashtapradhan

(B)  Mantriparishad

(C)  Ashtadigajas

(D)  Navarathnas

Answer: (A)

15. The hydrogen ion concentration of a solution is measured using a ?

(A)  Hydrometer

(B)  PH meter

(C)  Barometer

(D)  Thermometer

Answer: (B)

16. The chief Election Commissioner of India is appointed by-

(A)  Prime Minister

(B)  Parliament

(C)  President

(D)  Chief Justice of India

Answer: (C)

17. Second Ozone hole was detected over ?

(A)  Sweden

(B)  Northern Hemisphere

(C)  Artica

(D)  Antartica

Answer: (D)

18. The most serious environmental effect posed by hazardous wastes is ?

(A)  Air pollution

(B)  None of the options

(C)  Contamination of ground

(D)  Increased use of Land for landfills

Answer: (D)

19. In which country was paper currency first used ?

(A)  India

(B)  Egypt

(C)  China

(D)  Japan

Answer: (C)

20. Who among the following Gupta emperor was known as ‘Vikramaditya ?

(A)  Samudra Gupta

(B)  Kumara Gupta

(C)  Chandra Gupta I

(D)  Chandra Gupta II

Answer: (D)

21. World ‘No Tobacco Day’ was observed globally as ?

(A)  15 June

(B)  31 May

(C)  2 June

(D)  20 June

Answer: (B)

22. Which IPL Team won the eight edition of the Indian Premier League?

(A)  Mumbai Indians

(B)  Chennai Super Kings

(C)  Kolkata Knight Rider’s

(D)  Delhi Daredeviles

Answer: (A)

23. Thigmotropism is the response of the plant to-

(A)  Gravity

(B)  Water

(C)  Light

(D)  Contact

Answer: (D)

24. When is the World Earth Day celebrated ?

(A)  1 May

(B)  22 April

(C)  4 April

(D)  23 March

Answer: (B)

25. Which Delhi Sultan resorted to price control and rationing ?

(A)  Balban

(B)  Bahlol Lodi

(C)  Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq

(D)  Allauddin Khilji

Answer: (D)

26. The Phenomenon of light splits up into seven distinct colours when it panes through Prism is-

(A)  dispersion

(B)  polarization

(C)  oliffraction

(D)  reflection

Answer: (A)

27. When was the first All India Postage Stamp issued ?

(A)  1858

(B)  1850

(C)  1854

(D)  1856

Answer: (C)

28. Nehru Trophy is associated with which sport in India ?

(A)  Cricket

(B)  Hockey

(C)  Football

(D)  None of the options

Answer: (B)

29. Disguised Unemployment means ?

(A)  Marginal Productivity is zero

(B)  Production is less

(C)  Working as Self-employed

(D)  Not working whole day

Answer: (A)

30. In the Presidential system of government, the President is-

(A)  Head of the State

(B)  Head of the Executive

(C)  Head of the State and Head of the Government

(D)  Head of the Government

Answer: (C)

31. Market Gardening comes in this category ?

(A)  Monoculture

(B)  Sericulture

(C)  Subsistence Farming

(D)  Horticulture

Answer: (D)

32. Glycolysis during fermentation results in net gain of ?

(A)  4 ATPs

(B)  3 ATPs

(C)  1 ATP

(D)  2 ATPs

Answer: (D)

33. .com represents ?

(A)  Commercial domain

(B)  Government domain

(C)  Educational domain

(D)  Communication domain

Answer: (A)

34. Name the Cooperative society that provides housing loan facility at reasonable rates ?

(A)  Consumer Cooperatives

(B)  Credit Cooperatives

(C)  Producer’s Cooperatives

(D)  Housing Cooperatives

Answer: (D)

35. Cartel is a part of-

(A)  Perfect Competition

(B)  Mono Poly

(C)  Mon Polistic Competition

(D)  Oligo Poly

Answer: (D)

36. Which of the following is an allied activity of agriculture ?

(A)  Small Scale Industry

(B)  Insurance

(C)  Money lending

(D)  Livestock

Answer: (D)

37. A block placed on an inclined plane of slope angle θ slides down with a constant speed. The coefficient of kinetic friction is equal to ?

(A)  cot θ

(B)  cos θ

(C)  sin θ

(D)  tan θ

Answer: (B)

38. The murder of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife triggered off which of the following events ?

(A)  Crimean War

(B)  First World War

(C)  Balkan War

(D)  Second World War

Answer: (B)

39. The finely, painted cotton fabric made in Golkunda was called ?

(A)  Palampore

(B)  Kalamkari

(C)  Calico

(D)  Muslin

Answer: (B)

40. Who is called the ‘Father of Indian Cinema’ ?

(A)  Mehboob Khan

(B)  Dilip kumar

(C)  Dada Saheb Phalke

(D)  Raj Kapoor

Answer: (C)

41. When salt is added to water, the boiling point of water is ?

(A)  Constant

(B)  Increased

(C)  Lowered

(D)  Unaffected

Answer: (B)

42. The green house gases, otherwise called radioactively active gases includes ?

(A)  CH4

(B)  All of the given options

(C)  N2O

(D)  Carbon dioxide

Answer: (D)

43. Which one of the following is First multipurpose project constructed in India?

(A)  Rihand

(B)  Thungabadra

(C)  Farraka Barrage

(D)  Damodar

Answer: (D)

44. The gas dissolved in water that makes it acidic is ?

(A)  Hydrogen

(B)  Nitrogen

(C)  Carbon di oxide

(D)  Ammonia

Answer: (C)

45. Which of the following ideologies aims at the spiritualization of politics ?

(A)  Sarvodaya

(B)  Socialism

(C)  Pluralism

(D)  Marxism

Answer: (A)

46. A deep or trench in the ocean floor is called –

(A)  Trough

(B)  Ridges

(C)  Continental shelf

(D)  Crest

Answer: (A)

47. Name the biggest employer in India ?

(A)  Post & Telecom Department

(B)  Indian Railways

(C)  Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL)

(D)  Food Corporation of India (FCI)

Answer: (B)

48. The Election Commission of India is-

(A)  Quasi-judicial body

(B)  Quasi-legislative body

(C)  An independent body

(D)  Executive body

Answer: (C)

49. Which is the best type of cotton grown in the world ?

(A)  Long staple

(B)  Medium staple

(C)  Short staple

(D)  Thick Staple

Answer: (A)

50. What is the symbol of (WWF) World Wild Life Fund ?

(A)  White Tiger

(B)  Bear

(C)  Rhododendron

(D)  Red Panda

Answer: (D)

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