Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) General Awareness Question Paper and Answer Key

Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET)
Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) General Awareness Question Paper and Answer Key

Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET)

Question Paper

General Awareness

1. What does ISRO’s MOM stands for ?

(a)   Mars Orbiter Mission

(b)   Mars Orderly Mission

(c)   Mars Orbit Movement

(d)   Mars Orbiter Motion

Ans: (a)

2. What is the full form of NASDAQ?

(a)   National Association for Stock Dealing and Authorised Quotations

(b)   National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

(c)   National Association for Stock Dealing and Automated Quotations

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (b)

3. Bharatanatyam of Tamil Nadu in southern India has grown out of the art of dancers dedicated to temples, and was earlier known as

(a)   Dasi Attam

(b)   Natya Attam

(c)   Shastra Attam

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (a)

4. Jagoi and cholom are the two main divsions in which dance-the one gentle and the other vigorous, corresponding to the lasya and tandava elements described in Sanskrit literature?

(a)   Manipuri

(b)   Kathak

(c)   Kathakali

(d)   Rajasthani

Ans: (a)

5. Which of the following dance forms means ‘story play’ ?

(a)   Manipuri

(b)   Kathak

(c)   Kathakali

(d)   Rajasthani

Ans: (c)

6. Who received the Padma Vibhushan in 2012 for this contribution as an art cartoonist ?

(a)   Late Mario de Miranda

(b)   Late (Dr.) Bhupen Hazarika

(c)   Dr. Kantilal Hastimal Sancheti

(d)   Shri KG. Subramanyam

Ans: (a)

7. ____years was the age of Rudyard Kipling, best known for The Jungle Book, when he became the youngest Literature laureate ever.

(a)   42

(b)   44

(c)   45

(d)   56

Ans: (a)

8. Which of the following companies acquired Myntra, an Indian e-commerce firm ?

(a)   Facebook

(b)   Amazon

(c)   Flipkart

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (c)

9. Narendra Modi is the ____ Prime Minister of India.

(a)   Eighteenth

(b)   Twentieth

(c)   Ninth

(d)   Seventeenth

Ans: (*)

10. The Reserve Bank of India was established on

(a)   April 1, 1935

(b)   April 1, 1934

(c)   April 1, 1933

(d)   April 1, 1936

Ans: (a)

11. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act was passed in which year in India ?

(a)   2009

(b)   2010

(c)   2011

(d)   2008

Ans: (a)

12. Who wrote “Taxonomy of Educational Objectives” ?

(a)   Benjamin Bloom

(b)   R. H. Dave

(c)   R. Paul

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (a)

13. Which car manufacturing company’s logo features the circular design with the name of the company at the top of the outer ring. The inner quadrants featured the Bavarian Free State colors-but in the opposite order-as it was illegal to use national symbols in a commercial trademark ?

(a)   Mercedes

(b)   BMW

(c)   Maruti Suzuki

(d)   Audi

Ans: (b)

14. The National Flag of India was designed by

(a)   Mahatma Gandhi

(b)   Jawaharlal Nehru

(c)   Rabindra Nath  Tagore

(d)   Pingali Venkayyaa

Ans: (d)

15. Which colour in India’s tricolor national flag represents fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land ?

(a)   Blue

(b)   Green

(c)   Saffron

(d)   White

Ans: (b)

16. Which of the following is considered as the World Environment Day ?

(a)   June 5th

(b)   July 5th

(c)   August 5th

(d)   September 5th

Ans: (a)

17. How often are the Olympic. Games held ?

(a)   Every ten years

(b)   Every four years

(c)   Every six years

(d)   Every twelve years

Ans: (b)

18. One of the world’s smallest countries, ____is a chain of some 1,200 small coral islands in the Indian Ocean southwest of India.

(a)   Andaman

(b)   Maldives

(c)   Nicobar

(d)   Sri Lanka

Ans: (b)

19. In what country did the Battle of Waterloo take place ?

(a)   Belgium

(b)   France

(c)   Netherlands

(d)   German

Ans: (a)

20. According to the Constitution of India, India, also known as ____, is a Union of States.

(a)   Bharat

(b)   Hindustan

(c)   Hind

(d)   India

Ans: (a)

21. Who is considered the Greek Goddess of Love ?

(a)   Venus

(b)   Mercury

(c)   Aphrodite

(d)   Moon

Ans: (c)

22. Fortuna is the ____ goddess of luck.

(a)   Roman

(b)   Greek

(c)   Egyptian

(d)   Indian

Ans: (a)

23. The Scottish Referendum No Vote happened during which of following UK Prime Minister’s office ?

(a)   David Cameron

(b)   Margarer Thatcher

(c)   Winston Churchill

(d)   Tony Blair

Ans: (a)

24. “Once, a legendary time ago, Lord Brahmna, the Creator of the Hindu Trinity, had flown over this land. Three petals had fallen from the lotus he carried and touched three places on the earth below. Miraculously, three lakes had appeared. Ever since then, people have gathered here in their thousands to bathe and worship on the anniversary of the Creator’s sacrifice.” Which place is being discussed here ?

(a)   Pushkar

(b)   Ujjain

(c)   Kashi

(d)   Nashik

Ans: (a)

25. Before he became the Vice President of India, Mohammad Hamid Ansari was

(a)   A Diplomat

(b)   An Academic

(c)   Neither a. nor b.

(d)   Both a. and b.

Ans: (d)

26. In what sport would one find an Albion round ?

(a)   Tennis

(b)   Polo

(c)   Archery

(d)   Badminton

Ans: (c)

27. Who invented flexible photographic film ?

(a)   Linda Eastman

(b)   George Eastman

(c)   Louis Daguerre

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (b)

28. In which country is Swahili widely spoken ?

(a)   Libya

(b)   Belgium

(c)   Kenya

(d)   Angola

Ans: (c)

29. Name the Geopolitical alliance formed by four large newly industrialized countries, namely Brazil, South Africa, India and China.

(a)   East Asia Summit

(b)   BASIC

(c)   ASEAN + 3

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (b)

30. Which of the following cities have most number of historical monuments ?

(a)   Mumbai

(b)   Chennai

(c)   Delhi

(d)   Kolkata

Ans: (c)

31. Bharat Ratna is the civilian award of Republic of India. It was recently conferred on

(a)   Mr. Sachin Tendulkar

(b)   Mr. Sourav Ganguly

(c)   Mr. Virendra Sehwag

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (*)

32. Name the party whose vote share has been lowest since Independence but has successfully achieved an absolute majority required to form the Government at the Centre :

(a)   Indian Congress Party

(b)   Bahujan Samaj Party

(c)   Bharatiya Janta Party

(d)   All of the above

Ans: (c)

33. Diesel prices in India have seen deregulated, this resulted in reduction in price of diesel. This is the first price cut after

(a)   January 2008

(b)   January 2010

(c)   January 2009

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (c)

34. HDI is

(a)   It is composite statistics of life expectancy, education and income indices used to rank countries.

(b)   Index to rank countries on their inequalities in income

(c)   Index to rank the countries on their education only

(d)   All of the above

Ans: (d)


The above picture is a National Emblem of

(a)   USA

(b)   USSR

(c)   UK

(d)   France

Ans: (d)

36. The Ozone layer protects us from harmful effects of ultra violet rays from Sun and is depleting. This is caused b y

(a)   Man

(b)   Pollution

(c)   Nitrogen oxide

(d)   Chlorofluorocarbons

Ans: (d)

37. The National Anthem for Bangladesh was composed by

(a)   Bimal Guha

(b)   Helal Hafiz

(c)   Rabindranath Tagore

(d)   None of the above

Ans: (c)

38. ‘Jai Hind” the famous greeting was started by

(a)   Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

(b)   Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

(c)   Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(d)   Subash Chandra Bose

Ans: (d)

39. What is the colour of black Flight Recorder ?

(a)   Orange

(b)   White

(c)   Yellow

(d)   Black

Ans: (a)

40. The Comptroller & Auditor General of India is appointed by the

(a)   President of India

(b)   Union Public Service

(c)   Prime Minister of India

(d)   Finance Commission

Ans: (a)

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