UGC NET Exam December 2014 Tribal and Regional Languages/Literature Paper-3 Question Paper With Answer Key



Note : This paper contains seventy five (75) objective type questions of two (2) marks each. All questions are compulsory.

Read the following passage and answer Question Nos. 1 to 5 related to it.

“It is the duty of every citizen to be alert to his right and make others alert. Till this message is taken to every nook and corner of the country, we have to strive hard and continue our efforts. I wish you all success in your endeavours.”

1. What will be the correct heading of this passage ?

(A) Civil duty

(B) Civil right

(C) Wishing success

(D) Alert to right

Ans: (A)

2. What is the duty of each citizen ?

(A) Remain alert to his right

(B) To make others alert

(C) Neither to be alert himself nor to make alert others

(D) Remain alert to his right and to make others alert

Ans: (D)

3. To which extent the said message is to be conveyed ?

(A) In one corner of the country.

(B) In every nook and corner of the country.

(C) Not in any corner of the country.

(D) In the border of the country.

Ans: (B)

4. For what we have to labour hard ?

(A) For the success of labour

(B) To do not labour

(C) To go to all direction

(D) For the success of our endeavour

Ans: (C)

5. For whom, success is wished ?

(A) For the success of labour

(B) Not to make an endeavour

(C) To go in all direction

(D) For the success of our endeavour

Ans: (D)

6. When the assembly election of 2014 started in Jharkhand ?

(A) Nov. 25, 2014

(B) Dec. 2, 2014

(C) Dec. 9, 2014

(D) Dec. 16, 2014

Ans: (A)

7. Which river of Jharkhand meets directly with sea ?

(A) Shankh

(B) Koyel

(C) Suwarnarekha

(D) Damodar

Ans: (C)

8. Which festival is celebrated for children’s life protection ?

(A) Jitia

(B) Karam

(C) Dashara

(D) Sohrai

Ans: (A)

9. Which language family people live in Jharkhand state mainly ?

(A) Austric, Dravidian and Tibboto-China languages

(B) Austric, Aryan and Indo Aryan languages

(C) Dravidian, Aryan and Arabic language

(D) Austric, Dravidian and Aryan

Ans: (D)

10. Who has written the book ‘Kharia Vyakaran’ ?

(A) Paulus Kullu

(B) Dr. R.P. Sahu

(C) Dr. Mathias Dungdung

(D) Rose Kerketta

Ans: (B)

11. What is the traditional occupation of Pand caste ?

(A) Cloth weaving

(B) Net weaving

(C) Basket weaving

(D) ‘Paila’ making

Ans: (A)

12. According to folk stories which tribe was born in Hihiri-Pipiri Desh ?

(A) Asur

(B) Paharia

(C) Sabar

(D) Santal

Ans: (D)

13. In which year Nadir Ali and Sheikh Bhihari took part in the movement ?

(A) 1895

(B) 1900

(C) 1857

(D) 1831-32

Ans: (C)

14. Which primitive scheduled tribes has lowest population in Jharkhand ?

(A) Birjia

(B) Sobar

(C) Birhor

(D) Asur

Ans: (B)

15. Which grouping of the Assertion and Reason is the most appropriate in the following :

Assertion (A) : Asur is the first scientist of iron melting.

Reason (R) : Because iron ore mines are in the Jharkhand.

Codes :

(A) (A) and (R) both are not correct.

(B) (A) and (R) both are correct.

(C) (A) is correct (R) is not correct.

(D) (A) is not correct (R) is correct.

Ans: (B)

16. Who is called the ‘Marang Gomkey’ in Jharkhand ?

(A) N.E. Horo

(B) Shibu Soren

(C) Jaipal Singh

(D) None of them

Ans: (C)

17. Among the Scheduled Tribes who was Awarded Padmashree for the first time ?

(A) Dr. Ram Dayal

(B) Gambir Singh Munda

(C) Bhagvat Murmu

(D) Juel Lakra

Ans: (D)

18. Who celebrate ‘Mand Parv’ ?

(A) Sadan

(B) Munda

(C) Oraon

(D) All mentioned above

Ans: (D)

19. Who is the author of Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal ?

(A) E.T. Dalton

(B) Resley

(C) W. Hunter

(D) Bradley Bert

Ans: (A)

20. In the following which grouping of the Assertion and Reason is most appropriate ?

Assertion (A) : Backwardness of the Jharkhand is illiteracy.

Reason (R) : Because in Jharkhand there is unstable government.

Codes :

(A) (A) and (R) both are correct.

(B) (A) and (R) both are not correct.

(C) (A) is correct (R) is not correct.

(D) (A) is not correct (R) is correct.

Ans: (A)

21. What is the field of study Babu Ram Saxena ?

(A) Anthropology

(B) Linguistic

(C) Social Science

(D) None of them

Ans: (B)

22. Which is not correct in the following :

(A) ‘Bow-Bow’ theory is named by Max Muller

(B) ‘Ding-Dong’ theory proposed by Max Muller

(C) ‘Yo-He-Ho’ theory was established by Noire.

(D) ‘Puh-Puh’ theory is not the theory of the origin of the language.

Ans: (D)

23. Which types example are Samachar Patra, Nimantranapatra, Praveshpatra, etc made by the word ‘Patra’ ?

(A) Artha Sonkoch

(B) Artha Desh

(C) Artha Vistar

(D) None of them

Ans: (C)

24. What is studied in Morphology ?

(A) Pad ka

(B) Sondarya ka

(C) Padya ka

(D) Rang rup ka

Ans: (A)

25. Which is called the monosyllabic language family ?

(A) Dravidian

(B) Tibbato-China

(C) Indo-European

(D) Austric

Ans: (B)

26. What is the meaning of ‘Apto thali ke baigan hai’ ?

(A) Respect (‘Samman’)

(B) Inauspicious (‘amangal’)

(C) Stire (‘Vyang’)

(D) None of them

Ans: (C)

27. Who was the blind great poet of the world ?

(A) Homar

(B) Milton

(C) Surdas

(D) All the three

Ans: (D)

28. Which group of sounds T, Tha, d, dha, n belong to ?

(A) Cerebral (Murdhanya)

(B) Palatal (Talebya)

(C) Glottal (Kanthya)

(D) Nasal (Anunasik)

Ans: (A)

29. Identify the correct match :

Ans: (A)

30. Which statement is not correct ?

(A) The name of Deonagari script marks are according to the sounds.

(B) For one sound in Deonagari script one mark is not used.

(C) In Deonagari there are separate marks for short (Haraswa) and long (Deergha) sounds.

(D) In Deonagari ‘matras’ are used.

Ans: (B)

31. In which the use of Hindi is lowest ?

(A) In the language of common people.

(B) In the creation of literature.

(C) In administration

(D) In the higher science and technology.

Ans: (D)

32. Which languages have influenced Khortha ?

(A) Maghi

(B) Nagpuri

(C) Bangla

(D) All of three

Ans: (D)

33. Which one is called “grammar of the grammar” ?

(A) Linguistic

(B) Great grammar

(C) Grammar

(D) None of them

Ans: (A)

34. Where mother tongue is needed most in Education ?

(A) In University

(B) In college

(C) Primary school

(D) No where

Ans: (C)

35. When word change their meaning ?

(A) In idiom

(B) In proverb

(C) In riddle

(D) In all the three

Ans: (D)

36. Who is the writer of the Tamil epic ‘Shilppadi Karam’ ?

(A) Tirruttakkadeur

(B) Tolumalittever

(C) Ilango

(D) Shayugondaram

Ans: (C)

37. Identify the correct match :

Ans: (A)

38. Identify the correct match :

Ans: (A)

39. Tamil poetry ‘Jiwak Chintamani’ is related to

(A) Buddhism

(B) Christianity

(C) Islam

(D) Jainism

Ans: (D)

40. To which language the novel “Nouka Dubee” belongs ?

(A) Oriya

(B) Bangla

(C) Tamil

(D) Assameea

Ans: (B)

41. The period of ‘Sringar Kal’ is

(A) 1050 – 1375 Sanvat

(B) 1375 – 1700 Sanvat

(C) 1700– 1900 Sanvat

(D) 1900 – at present

Ans: (C)

42. What type of writing is found in Hindi in the ‘Aadi Kal’ ?

(A) The writings of State poets.

(B) Ras, Phag and Charchari Kavya of Jain poets

(C) The writings of Nath and Sidha

(D) All three mentioned above

Ans: (D)

43. In which period ‘Bihari Satsai’ was written ?

(A) Adikal

(B) Sringar kal

(C) Bhakti kal

(D) Gadya kal

Ans: (B)

44. Who had written the drama ‘Asadh Ka Ek Din’ ?

(A) Mohan Rakesh

(B) Bharatandu Harish Chandra

(C) Jaisankar Prasad

(D) Jagdish Chandra Mathur

Ans: (A)

45. Which poet initiated romantic and national feelings in the Tamil poetry ?

(A) Bhartidasan

(B) Shudhanand Bharati

(C) Kambadasan

(D) Subrahmanya Bharati

Ans: (D)

46. Which novel do not belong to Sharat Chandra Chattapadhyay ?

(A) Grihdah

(B) Charitrahin

(C) Shrikant

(D) Ghare-Bahare

Ans: (D)

47. Greatest prose writer of Asamia is

(A) Bejbarua

(B) Gosai Barua

(C) Hemchandra Goswami

(D) Chandra Kumar Agrawal

Ans: (A)

48. Among the following who is not a modern writer of Oriya ?

(A) All the three mentioned below

(B) Prof. Aartavallabh Mahanty

(C) Kalindi Charan Panigrahi

(D) Dr. Mayadhar Mansingh

Ans: (A)

49. Of which writer of Jharkhand the Doordarshan, Ranchi celebrated great festival on 6-7 Nov. 2014 ?

(A) Vidyabhusan

(B) Ravibhusan

(C) Radhakrishna

(D) Vinaybhusan

Ans: (C)

50. Whose story is ‘Kafan’ ?

(A) Prasad

(B) Premchand

(C) Nirala

(D) Mohan Rakesh

Ans: (B)

51. Whose statement is this. ‘Poetry is the criticism of life’

(A) Matthew Arnold

(B) Wordsworth

(C) Coleridge

(D) Browning

Ans: (A)

52. Which is the best statement in the following ?

(A) Ras hi kabya hai

(B) Alankar hi kabya hai

(C) Vakrokti hi kabya hai

(D) Dhwani hi kabya hai

Ans: (D)

53. Main pillar of Greek Tragedy is

(A) All three mentioned below

(B) Askilas

(C) Sophocles

(D) Euripides

Ans: (A)

54. Mother of creative literature is

(A) Western literature

(B) Vaidic literature

(C) Folk literature

(D) None mentioned above

Ans: (C)

55. Whose lines are these :

“Viyogi hoga pahla kovi,

Aah se upja hoge gan,

Nikal kar ankhon se chupchup

Bahi hogi kabita anjan.”

(A) Mahadevi Verma

(B) Sumitra Nandan Pant

(C) Subhadra Kumari Chouhan

(D) Meerabai

Ans: (B)

56. Identify the correct match :

Ans: (A)

57. Which Alankar is in this ?

Ya anuragi chit ki gati jane nahi koi.

jyon jyon dube syam rang, thyo thyo ujjaval hoi

(A) Bhrantiman

(B) Sandeh

(C) Virothabhas

(D) Deepak

Ans: (C)

58. Which is considered as fault (Dosh) in poetry ?

(A) Shabda Dosha

(B) Artha Dosha

(C) Rasa Dosha

(D) All mentioned above

Ans: (D)

59. With whom the drama is fulfilled ?

(A) Rachayita (Author)

(B) Abhineta (Actor)

(C) Nirdeshak (Director)

(D) All of three

Ans: (D)

60. Who has written ‘Kabya Prakash’ ?

(A) Mamat

(B) Vishwanath

(C) Anandbardhan

(D) Bhamah

Ans: (A)

61. Folk literature is an important part of Folklore ?

(A) Is not correct

(B) Is correct

(C) Is to some extent

(D) Is to great extent

Ans: (B)

62. Most perfect statement in regard to folk ballad is

(A) Folk tales is the folk ballad

(B) Folk song and folk tales are folk ballad

(C) Folk epic is folk ballad

(D) None of them

Ans: (C)

63. Identify the correct answer of this riddle

“Hari thi man bhari thi no lakh ki moti jori thi

Rajajee ke bagh me dushala ore khari thi.”

(A) ‘Muli’ (Radish)

(B) ‘Bajra’ (Millet)

(C) ‘Gajar’ (Corrot)

(D) ‘Makai’ (Maiza)

Ans: (D)

64. In which folk tales historical faith is dominant ?

(A) Legend

(B) Myth

(C) Tale

(D) Folk ballad

Ans: (A)

65. Are the State language, Official language and National language same ?

(A) yes

(B) no

(C) to some extent

(D) to great extent

Ans: (B)

66. Which is not VIII scheduled language ?

(A) Santali

(B) Bangla

(C) Tamil

(D) Ho

Ans: (D)

67. Dr. Nirmal Minz’s writing belong to which literature ?

(A) Nagpuri

(B) Hindi

(C) Kurux

(D) English

Ans: (C)

68. In which language ‘maha pran’ sound is not used mostly ?

(A) Mundari

(B) Ho

(C) Bhumij

(D) Shantali

Ans: (B)

69. What is Badhu Mulya in Kharia ?

(A) Giningtang

(B) Gonong

(C) Gonpon

(D) Dalidam

Ans: (A)

70. Who is the writer of ‘Nagpuri’ novel ‘Sato Nadi Par’ ?

(A) Dr. Kumari Basanti

(B) Dr. Samrita Baraik

(C) Shukuntala Mishra

(D) Dr. Sabita Keshri

Ans: (C)

71. Who is the first researcher in Kurmali ?

(A) Dr. H.N. Singh

(B) Dr. Nand Kishor Singh

(C) Dr. Prameshwari Mahto

(D) Dr. Shushi Bhusan Mahto

Ans: (B)

72. Who is the author of ‘Puspitha’ ?

(A) Santosh Sahu Pritam

(B) Chandra Mohan Mahto

(C) Karam Chand Ahir

(D) Parmanand Mahto

Ans: (D)

73. What is the name of the place of the king who has written ‘Tal Manjari’ ?

(A) Delhi

(B) Silli

(C) Ratu

(D) Tamar

Ans: (B)

74. To which language the ‘Jagar Sara’ Magazine belonged ?

(A) Santali

(B) Mundari

(C) Kharia

(D) Ho

Ans: (B)

75. How many heads has been the Department of Tribal & Regional Languages in Rachi University up till now ?

(A) 6

(B) 7

(C) 8

(D) 9

Ans: (A)

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