Uttar Pradesh P.C.S. (Mains) Examination Held on 20-9-2016 General Studies I Question Paper with Answer Key

Uttar Pradesh P.C.S. (Mains) Exam., 2016

Held on 20-9-2016

General Studies-I

1. In which of the following Five Year Plans anti-poverty programmes based on the theme “Garibit Hatao’ was first introduced ?

(A)  Third Five Year Plan

(B)  Fourth Five Year Plan

(C)  Fifth Five Year Plan

(D)  Sixth Five Year Plan

Ans : (C)

2. India became the largest exporter of rice (2015) replacing –

(A)  China

(B)  Thailand

(C)  Indonesia

(D)  Vietnam

Ans : (B)

3. Which of the following is not correctly matched ?

      Agricultural Produce (2015)                          State

(A)  Largest producer of coffee                               Karnataka

(B)  Largest producer of Potato                              Madhya Pradesh

(C)  Largest producer of cotton                              Gujarat

(D)  Largest producer of wheat                               Uttar Pradesh

Ans : (B)

4. Which of the following countries is said to have started withdrawal of its forces from Syria in March 2016 ?

(A)  Iran

(B)  Turkey

(C)  Russia

(D)  Britain

Ans : (C)

5. The Nuclear Security Summit 2016 was held at –

(A)  Washington DC

(B)  Seoul

(C)  Hague

(D)  Tokyo

Ans : (A)

6. Who among the following has been reappointed as Chairman of ICC Cricket Committee for a three year term ?

(A)  Rahul Dravid

(B)  Kumar Sangakara

(C)  Mahela Jaywardene

(D)  Anil Kumble

Ans : (D)

7. Who among the following has won the ‘Global Indian of the Year Award 2016’ ?

(A)  Priyanaka Chopra

(B)  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

(C)  Satya Nadella

(D)  Indra Nooyi

Ans : (B)

8. The epicentre of the Earthquake which hit Ecuador on 16th April, 2016 was nearest to –

(A)  Muisne

(B)  Quito

(C)  Gyayaquil

(D)  Manta

Ans : (A)

9. The author of recently published book ‘The Kiss of Life’ is –

(A)  Jessica Johnston

(B)  Anjali Sareen

(C)  Emraan Hasmi

(D)  Kartar Lalwani

Ans : (C)

10. The snow-covered Ghepan Lake is located in –

(A)  Uttarakhand

(B)  Himachal Pradesh

(C)  Sikkim

(D)  Jammu & Kashmir

Ans : (B)

11. In which country referendum was held in March 2016 for its national flag ?

(A)  New Zealand

(B)  Venezuela

(C)  Australia

(D)  Libya

Ans : (A)

12. Who won the ‘Indian Open Golf Championship’ in March 2016 ?

(A)  Jyoti Chowrasia

(B)  Shiv Chowrasia

(C)  Anirban Lahiri

(D)  Jeung-hun Wang

Ans : (B)

13. Who amongst the following recently appointed as Supreme Court judge was not earlier judge of a High Court ?

(A)  D.Y. Chadrachud

(B)  A.M. Khanwilkar

(C)  L. Nageshwara Rao

(D)  Ashok Bhushan

Ans : (C)

14. Who among the following was not one of the woman fighter plane pilots commissioned in June 2016 ?

(A)  Bhawana Kanth

(B)  Garima Singh

(C)  Mohana Singh

(D)  Avani Chaturvedi

Ans : (B)

15. Who among the following was appointed in April 2016 as the Director of the Film and Television Institute of India (F.T.I.I.) ?

(A)  D. J. Narain

(B)  Prashant Pathrabe

(C)  Bhupendra Kainthola

(D)  Gajendra Chauhan

Ans : (C)

16. According to National Crime Records Bureau data, which one of the following is the State with highest number of recorded foeticide cases in 2014 ?

(A)  Madhya Pradesh

(B)  Rajasthan

(C)  Punjab

(D)  Haryana

Ans : (A)

17. Which of the following High Courts celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2016 ?

(A)  Karnataka High Court

(B)  Patna High Court

(C)  Kolkata High Court

(D)  Allahabad High Court

Ans : (D)

18. The President of Myanmar who assumed office in March 2016 is-

(A)  Aung San Suu Kyi

(B)  Htin Kyaw

(C)  Henry Van Tio

(D)  Thein Sen

Ans : (B)

19. According to the data released by the Minister of Statistics in 2015, the state with the lowest percentage of senior citizens (above 60 years) is –

(A)  Goa

(B)  Punjab

(C)  Tamil Nadu

(D)  Arunachal Pradesh

Ans : (D)

20. Who among the following was appointed as the Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) in 2015 ?

(A)  T. M. Bhasin

(B)  K.V. Chowdary

(C)  Pradeep Kumar

(D)  None of the above

Ans : (B)

21. The 2016 Retreat of the Supreme Court Judges was held at –

(A)  Allahabad

(B)  Delhi

(C)  Bhopal

(D)  Mumbai

Ans : (C)

22. According to the Union Budget 2016-17 a surcharge of 15% is payable if the income is –

(A)  Rs. 50 lakh

(B)  Above Rs. 1 crore

(C)  Rs. 75 lakh

(D)  Rs. 1 crore

Ans : (B)

23. Who amongst the following had to resign as Prime Minister due to ‘Panama Papers’ scandal ?

(A)  Olafur Ragnar Grimson

(B)  Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson

(C)  Katrin Jakobsdottir

(D)  Stefan Lofven

Ans : (B)

24. As per Report of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (2015), which among the following countries remained the top importer of Arms during 2011-15 ?

(A)  China

(B)  Pakistan

(C)  India

(D)  Saudi Arabia

Ans : (C)

25. Which of the following countries has the largest area under rice cultivation?

(A)  China

(B)  India

(C)  Japan

(D)  Philippines

Ans : (C)

26. What is the rank of India in the world as a fruit producer ?

(A)  Third

(B)  Fourth

(C)  First

(D)  Second

Ans : (D)

27. Which of the following is not correctly matched ?

        Revolution                      Related to

(A)  Golden                                Horticulture

(B)  White                                  Milk

(C)  Blue                                    Poultry

(D)  Green                                Agriculture

Ans : (C)

28. Which of the following pulses was imported in the largest quantity in 2015-16 ?

(A)  Moong

(B)  Lentil

(C)  Urad

(D)  Pigeon Pea

Ans : (B)

29. ‘Pusa Sindhu Ganga’ is a variety of –

(A)  Wheat

(B)  Paddy

(C)  Lentil

(D)  Gram

Ans : (A)

30. India’s rank in rice production in the world is –

(A)  First

(B)  Second

(C)  Third

(D)  Fourth

Ans : (B)

31. Which one of the following is a plant hormone ?

(A)  Insulin

(B)  Thyroxin

(C)  Cytokinin

(D)  Estrogen

Ans : (C)

32. Which of the following green manure crops contains highest amount of nitrogen ?

(A)  Dhaincha

(B)  Sunhemp        

(C)  Cow Pea

(D)  Guar

Ans : (A)

33. Golden rice is a rich source of –

(A)  Vitamin A

(B)  Vitamin B

(C)  Vitamin K

(D)  Vitamin C

Ans : (A)

34. The total number of Agro-ecological zones in India is-

(A)  5

(B)  17

(C)  19

(D)  20

Ans : (D)

35. Indian Institute of Vegetable Research is located at-

(A)  Kanpur

(B)  New Delhi

(C)  Varanasi

(D)  Allahabad

Ans : (C)

36. Which one of the following countries is not a member of WTO ?

(A)  Slovenia

(B)  Serbia

(C)  Slovakia

(D)  Columbia

Ans : (B)

37. Trade and Merchandise Marks Act was passed in-

(A)  1955

(B)  1956

(C)  1957

(D)  1958

Ans : (D)

38. Which of the following is included in Balance of Trade ?

(A)  Goods

(B)  Services

(C)  Transfer of payment

(D)  All of the above

Ans : (A)

39. The amount of onion exported from India in 2015-16 was about –

(A)  7 lakh tonnes

(B)  9 lakh tonnes

(C)  10 lakh tonnes

(D)  12 lakh tonnes

Ans : (D)

40. ‘Hariyali’ Yojana’ is related to-

(A)  Crop Management

(B)  Soil Management

(C)  Water Management

(D)  Forest Management

Ans : (C)

41. The first Land Development Bank was established in 1920. It was located at –

(A)  Meerut

(B)  Jhang

(C)  Munger

(D)  Thane

Ans : (B)

42. Which of the following is the main principle of agriculture finance ?

(A)  Purpose

(B)  Person

(C)  Productivity planning

(D)  All of the above

Ans : (D)

43. Which one of the following has a protected mangrove region ?

(A)  Easter Ghats

(B)  Western Ghats

(C)  Goa

(D)  Chandra Tal

Ans : (C)

44. Who among the following is the founder of Kashi Vidyapeeth ?

(A)  Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya

(B)  Acharya Narendra Dev

(C)  Babu Shiv Prasad Gupta

(D)  Mahatma Gandhi

Ans : (C)

45. Which of the following tribes of Uttar Pradesh practices polyandry system ?

(A)  Jaunsari

(B)  Bhoksa

(C)  Raji

(D)  Korwa

Ans : (A)

46. Which one of the following is not a folk dance of the Bundelkhand Region of U.P. ?

(A)  Ravala dance

(B)  Dandia dance

(C)  Barhaiya dance

(D)  Raai dance

Ans : (B)

47. Where is Guru Govind singh Sports College located ?

(A)  Saifai

(B)  Varanasi

(C)  Lucknow

(D)  Meerut

Ans : (C)

48. Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Yojana was started in –

(A)  2004

(B)  2010

(C)  2005

(D)  2012

Ans : (A)

49. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from code given below-



(a) V.V. Giri National Labour Institute

(b) Central Drug Research Institute

(c) National Jalma Institute for Leprosy

(d) Central Institute for Research on Cattle



1. Agra             2. Meerut

3. Lucknow    4. Noida

(A)  (a) – 3; (b) – 4; (c) – 2; (d) – 1

(B)  (a) – 1; (b) – 2; (c) – 3; (d) – 4

(C)  (a) – 4; (b) – 3; (c) – 2; (d) – 1

(D)  (a) – 4; (b) – 3; (c) – 1; (d) – 2

Ans : (D)

50. Uranium is found in Uttar Pradesh in district –

(A)  Jhansi

(B)  Mirzapur

(C)  Lalitpur

(D)  Hamirpur

Ans : (C)

51. Saffron is produced in U.P. in-

(A)  Tarai Region

(B)  Hilly Region

(C)  Plain Area

(D)  Plateau Area

Ans : (C)

52. The first ‘travel mart’ to promote tourism in Uttar Pradesh was organized in 2015 at-

(A)  Lucknow

(B)  Kanpur

(C)  Agra

(D)  Varanasi

Ans : (A)

53. ‘Lathmar Holi’ is celebrated in-

(A)  Vrindavan

(B)  Barsana

(C)  Mathura

(D)  Gokul

Ans : (B)

54. How many general Central Universities are located in U.P. ?

(A)  One

(B)  Two

(C)  Three

(D)  Four

Ans : (D)

55. When was the National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education was launched ?

(A)  1995

(B)  2004

(C)  2007

(D)  2010

Ans : (A)

56. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the code given below –



(a) Indian Institute of Handloom  Technology

(b) Bhatkhande Music Institute

(c) Nirala Art Gallery

(d) Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology



1. Rae Bareli     2. Allahabad

3. Lucknow      4. Varanasi

(A)  (a) – 1; (b) – 2; (c) – 3; (d) – 4

(B)  (a) – 4; (b) – 3; (c) – 2; (d) – 1

(C)  (a) – 2; (b) – 1; (c) – 4; (d) – 3

(D)  (a) – 3; (b) – 4; (c) – 1; (d) – 2

Ans : (B)

57. As Per Census 2011, the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of India is-

(A)  3.2

(B)  2.9

(C)  2.6

(D)  2.4

Ans : (D)

58. Which of the following years is being currently used (2015 onwards) as the base year to estimate national income in India ?

(A)  2004-05

(B)  2001-02

(C)  2011-12

(D)  2007-08

Ans : (C)

59. Among the following vegetables, the maximum Vitamin C is found in-

(A)  Chilli

(B)  Pumpkin

(C)  Pea

(D)  Radish

Ans : (A)

60. ‘Yellow Vein Mosaic’ is a serious disease of-

(A)  Brinjal

(B)  Okra

(C)  Pea

(D)  Cabbage

Ans : (B)

61. Which of the following accounts for red colour of tomato ?

(A)  Capsaicin

(B)  Carotene

(C)  Anthocyanin

(D)  Lycopene

Ans : (D)

62. When was the Criminal Tribes Act enacted for the first time ?

(A)  1952

(B)  1924

(C)  1871

(D)  1911

Ans : (C)

63. Which one of the following is the State flower of UP ?

(A)  Palash

(B)  Rose

(C)  Neel Kamal

(D)  Champa

Ans : (A)

64. The traditional unit of land measurement in U.P. is-

(A)  Kanal

(B)  Marla

(C)  Bigha

(D)  Dhur

Ans : (C)

65. Which of the following mango varieties has been developed as a result of cross between Dasheri and Neelam ?

(A)  Chausa

(B)  Mallika

(C)  Alphanso

(D)  Amrapali

Ans : (B)

66. Which amongst the following has the highest production of pulses ?

(A)  Uttar Pradesh

(B)  Madhya Pradesh

(C)  Bihar

(D)  Rajasthan

Ans : (B)

67. The correct sequence of the following coal producing States in terms of production (2014) in descending order is –

(A)  Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Maharashtra

(B)  Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra

(C)  Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Odisha

(D)  Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra

Ans : (D)

68. Who among the following rulers had defeated Harshvardhana ?

(A)  Kirtivarman II

(B)  Vikramaditya II

(C)  Pulkeshin I

(D)  Pulkeshin II

Ans : (D)

69. The famous Travelogue ‘Si-Yu-Ki’ as linked with-

(A)  Fahien

(B)  Al Baruni

(C)  Megasthanese

(D)  Hiuen-Tsang

Ans : (D)

70. Which of the following sites has yielded evidence of a double burial ?

(A)  Kuntasi

(B)  Dholavira

(C)  Lothal

(D)  Kalibangan

Ans : (C)

71. Parshvanatha, the Jain ‘Thirthankara’ was associated mainly with which of the following places ?

(A)  Varanasi

(B)  Kaushambi

(C)  Giribraja

(D)  Champa

Ans : (A)

72. In which of the following inscriptions of Ashoka, mention has been made of South Indian kingdoms ?

(A)  Third major Rock Edict

(B)  Second major Rock Edict

(C)  Ninth major Rock Edict

(D)  First Pillar Inscription

Ans : (B)

73. In which of the following inscriptions, Ashoka’s edicts are also found ?

(A)  Junagarh Inscription of Mahashatrapa Rudradaman

(B)  Nashik Prashasti regarding Gautamiputra Satakarni

(C)  Hathigumpha Inscription of Kharavela

(D)  None of the above

Ans : (A)

74. Who amongst the following had defeated Huna ruler Mihirakula ?

(A)  Budhagupta

(B)  Yashodharman

(C)  Shashanka

(D)  Prabhakaravardhana

Ans : (B)

75. Where was Shivaji formally crowned aas Chhatrapati ?

(A)  Pune

(B)  Kolhapur

(C)  Raigarh

(D)  Ahmednagar

Ans : (C)

76. Bahmani kingdom was founded in –

(A)  15th century A.D.

(B)  14th century A.D.

(C)  13th century A.D.

(D)  16th century A.D.

Ans : (B)

77. Who among the following Sultanate rulers were of Afghan origin ?

(A)  Khalji

(B)  Tughlaq

(C)  Sayyid

(D)  Lodi

Ans : (D)

78. Who among the following Chola rulers is credited to have built a huge artificial lake known as Chola Gangam ?

(A)  Rajaraja I

(B)  Rajendra

(C)  Rajadhiraja

(D)  Rajaraja II

Ans : (B)

79. Who amongst the following got ‘Purana Quila’ of Delhi built in the present form ?

(A)  Sher Shah Suri

(B)  Akbar

(C)  Babur

(D)  Shahjahan

Ans : (A)

80. Who amongst the following Sultans of the Sultanate was the first to shift his capital to Delhi ?

(A)  Aram Shah

(B)  Balban

(C)  Iltutmish

(D)  Qutb-ud-din  Aibak

Ans : (C)

81. Who introduced Subsidiary Alliance System in administration to establish the British power over Indian States ?

(A)  Warren Hastings

(B)  Lord Wellesley

(C)  Lord Cornwallis

(D)  Lord Dalhousie

Ans : (B)

82. Who was the Nawab of Bengal when the Battle of Buxar was fought ?

(A)  Sirajuddaula

(B)  Mir Jafar

(C)  Mir Qasim

(D)  Najmuddaula

Ans : (C)

83. By which of the following Acts, the British for the first time introduced the system of indirect election of India ?

(A)  1909

(B)  1861

(C)  1867

(D)  1892

Ans : (D)

84. Which of the following is one of the reasons for considering Charter Act of 1813 important for India ?

(A)  It banned propaganda by Christian Missionaries in India

(B)  It emphasized industrialization in India

(C)  It made financial allocation for education of Indian people

(D)  It approved development of a railway system in India

Ans : (C)

85. Who amongst the following is the only woman to win Nobel Prize in Economics ?

(A)  Joan Robinson

(B)  Elinor Ostrom

(C)  Carmarn Rogoff

(D)  Esther Duflo

Ans : (B)

86. Who among the following is the author of ‘Poverty and Un-British Rule in India’ ?

(A)  R.C. Dutt

(B)  Henry Cotton

(C)  Mahatma Gandhi

(D)  Dadabhai Naoroji

Ans : (D)

87. Out of the following the most decisive battle fought by the English East India Company was-

(A)  Battle of Buxer

(B)  Battle of Plassey

(C)  First Anglo-Sikh War

(D)  First Anglo-Mysore War

Ans : (A)

88. Arrange the following in their chronological order and select the correct answer with the help of code given below –

1. Dramatic performances

2. Vernacular Press Act

3. North-Western Provinces and Oudh Act

4. Bengal Tenancy Act

(A)  1 2 4 3

(B)  4 2 1 3

(C)  1 2 3 4

(D)  2 3 4 1

Ans : (B)

89. Who amongst the following invited Mahatma Gandhi to Champaran in connection with indigo cultivation ?

(A)  J.B. Kriplani

(B)  Rajendra Prasad

(C)  Raj Kumar Shukla

(D)  Motilal Nehru

Ans : (C)

90. Who among the following was not an extremist nationalist leader ?

(A)  Bipin Chandra Pal

(B)  B.G. Tilak

(C)  Lala Lajpat Rai

(D)  G.K. Gokhale

Ans : (D)

91. In August 1947, who of the following leaders did not participate anywhere iin Independence Day celebrations ?

(A)  Jawahar Lal Nehru

(B)  Mahatma Gandhi

(C)  Vallabh Bhai Patel

(D)  Rajendra Prasad

Ans : (B)

92. The ‘Mopalah Revolt’ of 1921 took place in-

(A)  Telangana

(B)  Vidarbha

(C)  Malabar

(D)  Marathwada

Ans : (C)

93. C. Bose had founded ‘Forward Bloc’ in the year –

(A)  1936

(B)  1937

(C)  1938

(D)  1939

Ans : (D)

94. When was an interim government formed under Jawaharlal Nehru ?

(A)  July 1946

(B)  August 1946

(C)  September 1946

(D)  October 1946

Ans : (C)

95. The first Hindi Newspaper ‘Udant Martand’ (30th May, 1826) was published from –

(A)  Kolkata

(B)  Patna

(C)  Allahabad

(D)  Lucknow

Ans : (A)

96. Who among the following was the President of Indian National Congress continuously for six years ?

(A)  Jawaharlal Nehru

(B)  Abul Kalam Azad

(C)  G.K. Gokhale

(D)  Dadabhai Naoroji

Ans : (B)

97. In which of the following movements women’s participation is considered to be the highest ?

(A)  Non-Cooperation Movement

(B)  Salt Satyagarh

(C)  Bardoli March

(D)  Quit India Movement

Ans : (D)

98. Who was the founder of the servants of India society ?

(A)  M.G. Ranade

(B)  Ananat Patwardhan

(C)  G.K. Gokhale

(D)  B.G. Tilak

Ans : (C)

99. Who amongst the following was one of the founders of the Bombay Presidency Association in 1885 ?

(A)  Phiroz Shah Mehta

(B)  P. Anand Charlu

(C)  M.V. Raghav Cheriyar

(D)  S.N. Benerjee

Ans : (A)

100. Which death anniversary of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar was celebrated in 2016

(A)  58th

(B)  59th

(C)  60th

(D)  61st

Ans : (D)

101. Which of the following session of the Indian National Congress was presided over by C. Vijay Raghav Chariar ?

(A)  Lucknow Session (1916)

(B)  Nagpur Session (1920)

(C)  Gaya Session (1922)

(D)  None of the above

Ans : (B)

102. Who of the following continuously from 1904 onwards emphasized on the grant of ‘self-rule’ to India ?

(A)  S.N. Benerjee

(B)  Autorbindo Ghosh

(C)  Phiroz Shah Mehta

(D)  Dadabhai Naoroji

Ans : (D)

103. An inscription of 14th century B.C. which describes the Vedic Gods, has been found in –

(A)  Ecbatana

(B)  Boghaz-Koi

(C)  Babylon

(D)  Bisotun

Ans : (B)

104. The English introduced Ryotwari System for the first time in-

(A)  Bengal Presidency

(B)  Agra

(C)  Bombay Presidency

(D)  Madras Presidency

Ans : (D)

105. Which of the following Accts for the first time created a functioning Legislature Council in India ?

(A)  Charter Act of 1793

(B)  Charter Act 1813

(C)  Charter Act of 1853

(D)  Charter Act of 1833

Ans : (*)

106. Who among the following was not a member of the Cabinet Mission ?

(A)  Pethic-Lawrence

(B)  John Simon

(C)  Stafford Cripps

(D)  A.V. Alexander

Ans : (B)

107. Who is the author of ‘Annihilation of Caste’ ?

(A)  Jyotirao Phule

(B)  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

(C)  Kanshi Ram

(D)  Ram Mohan Roy

Ans : (B)

108. In Indian context, the attitude of ‘Paternalism in Governance’ is generally associated with –

(A)  Thomas Munro

(B)  Charles Grant

(C)  Holt Machkenzie

(D)  Macaulay

Ans : (A)

109. Barindra Ghosh was associated with which of the following ?

(A)  Sadhana Samaj

(B)  Anushilan Samiti

(C)  Abhinava Bharat

(D)  Swadesh Bandhav Samiti

Ans : (B)

110. The Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment is located at-

(A)  New Delhi

(B)  Mumbai

(C)  Kolkata

(D)  Thiruvananthapuram

Ans : (A)

111. Which of the following scales is used to measure the damage by a hurricane ?

(A)  Safir-Simpson Scale

(B)  Mercalli Scale

(C)  Fujita Scale

(D)  Richter scale

Ans : (A)

112. Which one of the following is not responsible for global warming ?

(A)  Methane

(B)  Water vapour

(C)  Argon

(D)  Carbon dioxide

Ans : (C)

113. The Earth Summit + 5 was held in –

(A)  2005

(B)  2000

(C)  1999

(D)  1997

Ans : (D)

114. Which one of the following is not included in Eight Missions under India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change ?

(A)  Solar Power

(B)  Afforestation

(C)  Nuclear power

(D)  Waste to energy conversion

Ans : (C)

115. Which of the following countries has a constitutional provision for maintaining 70% of its geographical area under forest ?

(A)  Maldives

(B)  Nepal

(C)  Bhutan

(D)  Afghanistan

Ans : (C)

116. Which one of the following States was declared in January 2016 to be the first organic State of India ?

(A)  Arunachal Pradesh

(B)  Kerala

(C)  Odisha

(D)  Sikkim

Ans : (D)

117. Which one of the following shows density gradient in a body of water ?

(A)  Ecocline

(B)  Halocline

(C)  Pycnocline

(D)  Thermocline   

Ans : (B)

118. Which one of the following is not a ‘biodiversity hotspot’ of India ?

(A)  Himalayas

(B)  Vindhyas

(C)  North-east-India

(D)  Western Ghats

Ans : (B)

119. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the phases of biotic succession ?

(A)  Nudation, migration, ecesis, reaction, stabilization

(B)  Migration, nudation, ecesis, reaction, stabilization

(C)  Ecesis, migration, nudation, reaction, stabilization

(D)  Stabilization, reaction, nudation, migration, ecesis

Ans : (B)

120. The Yamuna Action Plan was formally launched in –

(A)  1991

(B)  1992

(C)  1993

(D)  1994

Ans : (C)

121. Which of the following is not correctly matched ?

       National Park                   State

(A)  Bandipur                             Karnataka

(B)  Rajaji                                  Uttarakhand

(C)  Simlipal                              Odisha

(D)  Pin Valley                           Jammu & Kashmir

Ans : (D)

122. Which amongst the following States has the smallest gap in percentage rates between male and female literacy as per 2011 Census ?

(A)  Mizoram

(B)  Kerala

(C)  Meghalaya

(D)  Nagaland

Ans : (C)

123. The most populous island of India is-

(A)  Majuli

(B)  Andaman

(C)  Lakshadweep

(D)  Salsette

Ans : (A)

124. The old page dependency ratio (2011) in India is –

(A)  14.0%

(B)  14.1%

(C)  14.2%

(D)  14.3%

Ans : (C)

125. What is the percentage of rural household which is engaged in agriculture, as estimated by National Sample Survey Office in 2014 ?

(A)  52.5%

(B)  55.6%

(C)  57.8%

(D)  59.2%

Ans : (C)

126. Which of the following States does not form its boundary with Bangladesh ?

(A)  Assam

(B)  Nagaland

(C)  Meghalaya

(D)  Mizoram

Ans : (B)

127. In which of the following States, the highest number of tribal people was recorded in Census of India 2011 ?

(A)  Odisha

(B)  Rajasthan

(C)  Maharashtra

(D)  Madhya Pradesh

Ans : (D)

128. According to Census of India, 2011, the last rank amongst the million cities of the number is of –

(A)  Surat

(B)  Kota

(C)  Manglore

(D)  Allahabad

Ans : (B)

129. Which of the following States recorded the highest growth rate in literacy between 2001 to 2011 ?

(A)  Bihar

(B)  Gujarat

(C)  Rajasthan

(D)  Uttar Pradesh

Ans : (A)

130. The percentage of the population in the age group 20 years and above out of the total population of India as per 2011 Census is-

(A)  59.29%

(B)  60.81%

(C)  61.05%

(D)  62.17%

Ans : (A)

131. In the first list (announced in January 2016) of 20 cities to be developed as Smart Cities, which one of the following was on the top ?

(A)  Bhopal

(B)  Bhubaneswar

(C)  Jaipur

(D)  Pune

Ans : (B)

132. The largest river of Asia is-

(A)  Indus

(B)  Brahmputra

(C)  Yangtze

(D)  Hwang Ho

Ans : (C)

133. Which one of the following continents was not a part of Gondwana Land ?

(A)  North America

(B)  South America

(C)  Africa

(D)  Australia

Ans : (A)

134. Which one of the following countries is the second largest producer of sugarcane in the word ?

(A)  Brazil

(B)  Cuba

(C)  India

(D)  China

Ans : (C)

135. Which of the following is not correctly matched ?

         Desert            Country

(A)  Sonoran           United States of America

(B)  Taklamakan     China

(C)  Karakum          Turkmenistan

(D)  Gibson              Brazil

Ans : (D)

136. Which one of the following continents has all types of climatic zones ?

(A)  South America

(B)  North America

(C)  Australia

(D)  Asia

Ans : (D)

137. Which one of the following countries is the second largest exporter of coffee in the world ?

(A)  Indonesia

(B)  Columbia

(C)  Vietnam

(D)  Brazil

Ans : (C)

138. Taiga forests are characteristics of-

(A)  Equatorial region

(B)  Tropical region

(C)  Sub-tropical region

(D)  Temperate region

Ans : (D)

139. River Ganga, after entering Bangladesh is known by which of the following names ?

(A)  Lohit

(B)  Padma

(C)  Kaliganga

(D)  Nabaganga

Ans : (B)

140. Suklaphanta Wildlife reserve is located in-

(A)  Nepal

(B)  Myanmar

(C)  Bhutan

(D)  Sri Lanka

Ans : (A)

141. The headquarters of the International Maritime Organization is located at –

(A)  London

(B)  Geneva

(C)  Paris

(D)  Rome

Ans : (A)

142. On the earth, originally, there was only the huge landmass which is known is-

(A)  Panthalassa

(B)  Pangaea

(C)  Laurasia

(D)  Gondwanaland

Ans : (B)

143. Which one of the following is the longest mountain range ?

(A)  The Rocky

(B)  The Alps

(C)  The Himalayas

(D)  The Andes

Ans : (D)

144. Which of the following seas does not have a coast line ?

(A)  Black Sea

(B)  Sargasso Sea

(C)  Sea of Azov

(D)  Caspian Sea

Ans : (C)

145. Which one of the following is a ‘Rabi’ crop ?

(A)  Cotton

(B)  Maize

(C)  Arhar

(D)  Mustard

Ans : (D)

146. Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers meet at-

(A)  Dev Prayag

(B)  Karna Prayag

(C)  Vishnu Prayag

(D)  Rudra Prayag

Ans : (A)

147. In which of the following States, ‘Neeru-Meeru’ water-harvesting programme was launched in the year 2000 ?

(A)  Tamil Nadu

(B)  Maharashtra

(C)  Andhra Pradesh

(D)  Madhya Pradesh

Ans : (C)

148. In which of the following areas of India geo-thermal energy sources have not been found ?

(A)  Godvari Delta

(B)  Ganga Delta

(C)  Himalayas

(D)  West Coast

Ans : (B)

149. Which amongst the following States gets the highest average annual rainfall ?

(A)  Arunachal Pradesh

(B)  Sikkim

(C)  Kerala

(D)  Jammu & Kashmir

Ans : (C)

150. The Marine National Park is located in –

(A)  Gulf of Kutch

(B)  Sunderbans

(C)  Chilka Lake    

(D)  None of the above

Ans : (A)

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