Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UP PSC) Combined Lower Subordinate Service-1 Main Examination-2015 Held on February 28, 2016 Paper-1 Question Paper With Answer Key

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UP PSC) Combined Lower Subordinate Service-1 Main Examination-2015 Held on February 28, 2016


Part-1 General Intelligence

1. If A = 1 and AID = 36, then BELL = ?

(a)   16690

(b)   2210

(c)   1440

(d)   1210

Answer: (c)

2. On another planet, the local terminology for earth, water, light air and sky are ‘sky’, ‘light’, ‘air’, ‘water’, and ‘earth’ respectively. If someone is thirsty there, what would be drink?

(a)   Sky

(b)   Water

(c)   Air

(d)   Light

Answer: (d)

3. Mary says “the number I am thinking is divisible by 2 or it is divisible by 3. “This statement is false if the number Mary is thinking of, is

(a)   6

(b)   8

(c)   11

(d)   15

Answer: (c)

4. If Delhi is coded as 73541 and CALCUTTA as 82589662 then how can CALICUT is coded?

(a)   5279431

(b)   5978013

(c)   8251896

(d)   8543691

Answer: (c)

5. When the time in the wall-clock is 3 : 25 pm, the acute angle between the hours-hand and the minutes-hand is

(a)   60°

(b)   52.5°

(c)   47.5°

(d)   42°

Answer: (c)

6. If SNOOKER = 8 and ROBE = 5, then CRICKET – ?

(a)   8

(b)   9

(c)   5

(d)   7

Answer: (a)

7. The statement ‘x > 5 r x < 3’ is true if x equals

(a)   1

(b)   3

(c)   4

(d)   5

Answer: (c)

8. Consider the diagram given below :

T = Transport          Ec = Education of children

H = Housing           C = Clothing

F = Food                 S = Savings

O = Others

From the diagram shown in would be right to conclude that

(a)   the family spent more than half of income on food and clothing

(b)   the amount saved by the family was too little

(c)   the family had no health problems

(d)   the family managed to meet all the essential expenses out of the income earned

Answer: (d)

9. Find the minimum number of straight lines required to make the given figure

(a)   10

(b)   11

(c)   12

(d)   13

Answer: (c)

10. Anju is younger than Preeti. Mohan and Jayanta are older than Preeti but younger than Sudha who is of the same age as Sridhar. Hence, Sridhar is

(a)   older than Anju

(b)   younger than Anju

(c)   younger than Mohan

(d)   younger than Preeti

Answer: (a)

11. Which single letter, when prefixed to the following, forms new words?


(a)   G

(b)   R

(c)   T

(d)   S

Answer: (b)

12. A, B, C, D, E and F not necessarily in that order are sitting in six chairs regularly placed around a round table. It is observed that A is between D and F, C is opposite D, D and E are not on neighbouring chairs. Which one of the following must be true?

(a)   A is opposite B.

(b)   D is opposite E.

(c)   C and B are neighbours.

(d)   B and E are neighbours.

Answer: (d)

13. Find the missing number.

(a)   324

(b)   289

(c)   441

(d)   361

Answer: (a)

14. Which one of the following Venn-diagrams correctly illustrates the relationship among the classes : Carrot, Food and Vegetable?

Answer: (a)

15. In a code language, SOLID is written as WPSLPIMFHA; what does the code ‘ATEXXQIBVO’ refer to?

(a)   EAGER

(b)   WAFER

(c)   WAGER

(d)   WATER

Answer: (d)

16. Find the missing number and letters in the following series :

C 81 E 64 ? 49 I ? K

(a)   G, 36

(b)   F,36

(c)   G, 32

(d)   H, 24

Answer: (a)

17. Study the following figure and answer the question given below :

How many educated people are employed?

(a)   12

(b)   15

(c)   18

(d)   20

Answer: (a)

18. If COFFEE = FRIIHH, then NOODLES = ?





Answer: (a)

19. In a class of 50 students, 18 take music, 26 take art and 2 take both art and music. How many students in the class are enrolled in either music or art?

(a)   6

(b)   8

(c)   16

(d)   24

Answer: (b)

20. Complete the following number series :

1, 3, 11, 47, ……, 1439

(a)   239

(b)   293

(c)   932

(d)   None of these

Answer: (a)

21. The next pair of letters in the series AZ, CX, FU, …… is

(a)   JQ

(b)   KP

(c)   IR

(d)   IV

Answer: (a)

22. What is the truth value of “4 is even and 8 is odd”?

(a)   True

(b)   False

(c)   32

(d)   Cannot be determined

Answer: (b)

23. Which is the sixth letter to the right of th sixteenth letter from the left in the alphabet A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z?

(a)   F

(b)   Q

(c)   U

(d)   V

Answer: (d)

24. Find the missing letter in the following table :

(a)   S

(b)   T

(c)   V

(d)   W

Answer: (c)

25. Gita starts from a point X and walks 3 miles towards West, turn right and walks 2 miles, turn right again and walks 1 km. Now she is facing towards

(a)   East

(b)   West

(c)   North

(d)   South

Answer: (a)

Part-2 General Knowledge

26. Who said ‘Family is the first school of social life’?

(a)   Aristotle

(b)   Mahatma Gandhi

(c)   Plato

(d)   None of these

Answer: (b)

27. The food which gives instant energy is

(a)   protein

(b)   butter

(c)   vitamin

(d)   glucose

Answer: (d)

28. Which language is the system programming language derived from Pascal and intended for defence application?


(b)   C++

(c)   C

(d)   Ada

Answer: (d)

29. In which of the following carbon is not present?

(a)   Diamond

(b)   Graphite

(c)   Coal

(d)   None of these

Answer: (d)

30. Agriculture Income Tax in India can be levied by

(a)   Local government

(b)   State government

(c)   Centre government

(d)   Centre and State governments

Answer: (b)

31. Which tribal caste in Uttar Pradesh is celebrated Deepawali as condolence?

(a)   Sahariya

(b)   Tharu

(c)   Bhotiya

(d)   Parhariya

Answer: (b)

32. In which district of Uttar Pradesh has solar energy plant been started?

(a)   Agra

(b)   Mathura

(c)   Aligarh

(d)   Saharanpur

Answer: (c)

33. Which of the following districts is on the international border of India?

(a)   Gorakhpur

(b)   Jaipur

(c)   Kinnaur

(d)   Kuler

Answer: (a)

34. Western Ghats are

(a)   mountains

(b)   plateaus

(c)   escarpment of the plateaus

(d)   hills

Answer: (c)

35. In which of the following form data is stored in computer?

(a)   Octal

(b)   Hexa-decimal

(c)   Decimal

(d)   Binary

Answer: (d)

36. Mahatma Gandhi considered as his Political Guru from the following :

(a)   Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(b)   Gopal Krishna Gokhale

(c)   Dadabhai Naoroji

(d)   BR Ambedkar

Answer: (b)

37. ‘Manchester of South India’ is

(a)   Coimbatore

(b)   Madurai

(c)   Bengaluru

(d)   Chennai

Answer: (a)

38. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

(a)   MS-Word – Doc

(b)   MS-Excel-XLS

(c)   MS-Pain – JPG

(d)   MS-Power Point- PTP

Answer: (d)

39. Under the Constitution of India, which one of the following is not a fundamental duty?

(a)   To vote in public elections

(b)   To develop the scientific temper

(c)   To safeguard public property

(d)   To abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals

Answer: (a)

40. Which is the first micro-finance company transformed into a bank in India in August, 2015?

(a)   IDFC Bank

(b)   HSBC Bank

(c)   Bandhan Bank

(d)   Muthoot Finance

Answer: (c)

41. Which is a liquidity ratio?

(a)   Return on capital

(b)   Current ratio

(c)   Asset turnover

(d)   Debt to equity ratio

Answer: (b)

42. Water body that separates India and Sri Lanka is

(a)   Great Channel

(b)   8° Channel

(c)   Palk Strait

(d)   10° Channel

Answer: (c)

43. Who was the first Chairman of the Constituent Assembly?

(a)   Dr. BR Ambedkar

(b)   Dr. Sachchidananda Sinha

(c)   Dr. Rajendra Prasad

(d)   None of the above

Answer: (c)

44. Who introduced the Permanent Settlement in Bengal?

(a)   Lord Curzon

(b)   William Bentinck

(c)   Lord Dalhousie

(d)   Lord Cornwallis

Answer: (d)

45. ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ programme is a scheme related to

(a)   address the dipping child sex ratio and empower the girl child in India

(b)   improve the multinational intake of the India female population

(c)   arrange compulsory primary education for all female children in India

(d)   ban the early marriage system by providing compulsory education

Answer: (a)

46. Which account will be credited to with the value of goods withdrawn by the proprietor for his own use?

(a)   Sales account

(b)   Drawings account

(c)   Purchase account

(d)   Capital account

Answer: (b)

47. Monozite is ore of

(a)   zerkonium

(b)   thorium

(c)   titanium

(d)   iron

Answer: (b)

48. Which is the female hormone?

(a)   Estrogen

(b)   Androgen

(c)   Oxygen

(d)   Insulin

Answer: (a)

49. BCG vaccine provides immunity against

(a)   poliomyelitis

(b)   tuberculosis

(c)   tetanus

(d)   whooping cough

Answer: (b)

50. Which of the following revolutions led to the increase in the production of oilseeds?

(a)   Green revolution

(b)   White revolution

(c)   Golden revolution

(d)   Yellow revolution

Answer: (d)

51. A gland that has endocrine as well as exocrine function, is

(a)   pituitary

(b)   thyroid

(c)   pancreas

(d)   adrenal

Answer: (c)

52. Article-243 of the Constitution of India deals with which of t he following?

(a)   Land reforms

(b)   Panchayati raj system

(c)   Fundamental duties

(d)   Discretionary power of the Governor

Answer: (b)

53. Who certifies a Bill to be a Money Bill in Indian States?

(a)   Speaker of the State Assembly

(b)   State Finance Minister

(c)   Governor of the State

(d)   Chief Justice of the high Court

Answer: (a)

54. The conflict between the Mughals and the Marathas began during the reign of

(a)   Akbar

(b)   Jahangir

(c)   Shahjahan

(d)   Aurangzeb

Answer: (d)

55. Oxygen discovered by

(a)   Ronald

(b)   Priestley

(c)   John Napier

(d)   None of these

Answer: (b)

56. During the reign of which of t he following emperors, was India’s first currency note printed?

(a)   Akbar

(b)   Humayun

(c)   Sher Shah Suri

(d)   Samudragupta

Answer: (c)

57. Among the following Union Territories of India, which one has the largest size?

(a)   Chandigarh

(b)   Lakshadeep

(c)   Daman and Diu

(d)   Puducherry

Answer: (d)

58. Solar-B satellite to study the Sun has been launched by

(a)   Japan

(b)   China

(c)   Russia

(d)   USA

Answer: (a)

59. Which literature is famous as Sangama literature?

(a)   Tamil literature

(b)   Vedic literature

(c)   Urdu literature

(d)   Sanskrit literature

Answer: (a)

60. What is the best source of vitamin-C?

(a)   Apple

(b)   Amla

(c)   Guava

(d)   Milk

Answer: (c)

61. In Wimbledon 2015 in women’s doubles category, the winners were

(a)   E. Makarova and E. Vesnina

(b)   Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis

(c)   Yaroslava Shvedova & Casey Dellacque

(d)   Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Lucie Safarova

Answer: (b)

62. Loss of forests, urbanization and increasing pollution are all due to

(a)   green house effect

(b)   global warming

(c)   ozone depletion

(d)   population explosion

Answer: (d)

63. Under the provision of which Article of the Constitution did the government of India introduce ‘Bharat Ratna’ and ‘Padma Shri’?

(a)   Article-15

(b)   Article-16

(c)   Article-17

(d)   Article-18

Answer: (d)

64. Which is an example of Revenue Expenditure?

(a)   Construction of factory shed

(b)   Purchasing land

(c)   Repairing a printer

(d)   Installation of a new machine

Answer: (c)

65. Which of the following is observed as ‘International Disabled Day’?

(a)   December 1

(b)   December 3

(c)   December 25

(d)   December 31

Answer: (b)

66. In which year Vasco de Gama landed at Calicut?

(a)   1234

(b)   1681

(c)   1394

(d)   1498

Answer: (d)

67. The tropic of Cancer passes through

(1) Gujarat    (2) Jharkhand       (3) Assam

(4) Assam     (5) Mizoram

(a)   1, 2, 3, 4

(b)   1, 3, 4

(c)   1, 2, 4

(d)   1, 2

Answer: (c)

68. The great grammarian Patanjali of ancient India was whose contemporary among the following?

(a)   Chandragupta Maurya

(b)   Ashoka

(c)   Pushyamitra Shunga

(d)   Vasumitra

Answer: (c)

69. Which living bird lays the world’s smallest egg?

(a)   Hornbill

(b)   Bee Humming bird

(c)   Gulls

(d)   Woodpecker

Answer: (b)

70. The Constitution of India does not contain any provision for the impeachment of the

(a)   President

(b)   Governor of a State

(c)   Chief Justice of India

(d)   Vice-President of India

Answer: (b)

71. What is the minimum number of members required to form a cooperative society?

(a)   2

(b)   5

(c)   7

(d)   10

Answer: (d)

72. Who was the founder of newspaper/journal ‘Independent’?

(a)   Annie Besant

(b)   Arvind Ghosh

(c)   Jawaharlal Nehru

(d)   Motilal Nehru

Answer: (d)

73. Which one of the following types of computer is mainly associated with the conversion of analog output into digital form?

(a)   Digital computer

(b)   Analog computer

(c)   Hybrid computer

(d)   Mainframe computer

Answer: (c)

74. After the corrosion, the weight of iron is

(a)   increase

(b)   decrease

(c)   no change

(d)   change

Answer: (a)

75. The main component of honey, is

(a)   glucose

(b)   sucrose

(c)   maltose

(d)   fructose

Answer: (d)

Part-3 General Science & Mathematics

76. Two trains of length 100 m and 150 m are travelling in opposite direction at speeds of 75 km/h and 50 km/h respectively. What is t he time taken by them to cross each other?

(a)   7.4 sec

(b)   7.2 sec

(c)   7 sec

(d)   6.8 sec

Answer: (b)

77. A room is 16 m long and 13.5 m broad. Find the cost of covering its floor with 75 cm wide carpet at Rs 15 per m.

(a)   Rs 4420

(b)   Rs 4320

(c)   Rs 4520

(d)   Rs 4620

Answer: (b)

78. If A = x2 – y2, B = 20 and x + y = 10 then

(a)   A is greater than B.

(b)   B is greater than A.

(c)   A is equal to B.

(d)   None of these as data provided is inadequate.

Answer: (d)

79. A convex lens of focal length 40 cm is in contact with a concave lens of focal length 25 cm. What is the power of the combination?

(a)   −1.5 D

(b)   +1.5 D

(c)   +6.5D

(d)   −6.5 D

Answer: (a)

80. What do you see when barium chloride is added to dilute sulphuric acid?

(a)   Dense white fumes are given out

(b)   Solution remains colourless

(c)   Liberation of large amount of heat

(d)   White precipitate forms

Answer: (d)

81. Which one of the following organs breaks fat to produce cholesterol?

(a)   Intestine

(b)   Liver

(c)   Lungs

(d)   Kidneys

Answer: (b)

82. If 3(4 – x) ≤ 4x + 5, then

(a)   x ≤ 1

(b)   x ≤6

(c)   x ≥ 1

(d)   x ≥ 6

Answer: (c)

83. If 3x + 2y = 12 and xy = 6, then the value of 9x2 + 4y2 is

(a)   76

(b)   80

(c)   72

(d)   74

Answer: (c)

84. If a shopkeeper buys almonds at Rs 250 per kg and sells is at Rs 10 per 50 gm then he

(a)   losses 20%

(b)   losses 25%

(c)   gains 20%

(d)   gains 25%

Answer: (a)

85. Salim borrowed Rs 50000 at 12% per annum interest and cleared the account by paying Rs 40000 and his motorcycle at the end of 3 years. Find the cost of the motor cycle.

(a)   Rs 30000

(b)   Rs 32000

(c)   Rs 35000

(d)   Rs 28000

Answer: (d)

86. How do most insects respire?

(a)   Through skin

(b)   Through gills

(c)   By lungs

(d)   By trachea system

Answer: (d)

87. Math the following

(a)   A – 3; B – 4; C – 1; D – 2

(b)   A – 1; B – 2; C – 3; D – 4

(c)   A – 4; B – 3; C – 1; D – 2

(d)   A – 2; B – 4; C – 1; D – 3

Answer: (d)

88. If the ratio of the cost price and selling price of an article is 5 : 6, the gain percent is

(a)   25%

(b)   30%

(c)   20%

(d)   33%

Answer: (c)

89. In the given figure, if QRS is an equilateral triangle and TQS is an isosceles triangle and X = 47° then the value of Y (in degrees) will be

(a)   13°

(b)   23°

(c)   33°

(d)   43°

Answer: (a)

90. The largest number which divides 70 and125, leaving remainders 5 and 8 respectively is

(a)   13

(b)   65

(c)   17

(d)   3

Answer: (a)

91. In an election between two candidates, the candidate who got 30% of votes polled was deferred by 16000 votes. What was the total number of votes polled?

(a)   40000

(b)   30000

(c)   28000

(d)   24000

Answer: (a)

92. How many natural numbers divisible by 7 are there between 3 and 200?

(a)   27

(b)   28

(c)   29

(d)   26

Answer: (b)

93. Malaria disease affects which part of the body?

(a)   Spleen

(b)   Liver

(c)   Lungs

(d)   Bones

Answer: (b)

94. The value of 5 in the number 357.21 is

(a)   5 tenths

(b)   5 tens

(c)   5 hundreds

(d)   None of these

Answer: (b)

95. If it takes one minute of fill 3/7th of a vessel. What will be the time taken in minute to fill the whole vessel?

(a)   4/3

(b)   5/3

(c)   3/2

(d)   7/3

Answer: (d)

96. The average of 11 results is 50. If first 6 results average is 49 and last 6 results average is 52, then find the sixth result.

(a)   49

(b)   56

(c)   50

(d)   312

Answer: (b)

97. Find the simplest value of 

(a)   5997

(b)   5979

(c)   5994

(d)   5449

Answer: (a)

98. A work could be completed in 100 days. However, due to the absence of 10 workers, it was completed in 110 days. The original number of workers was

(a)   100

(b)   110

(c)   55

(d)   50

Answer: (b)

99. If a person walks at 14 km/h speed instead of 10 km/h, he would have walked 20 km more. The actual distance travelled by him is

(a)   50 km

(b)   56 km

(c)   70 km

(d)   80 km

Answer: (a)

100. Which of the following substances is a bad conductor of electricity, but a good conductor of heat?

(a)   Asbestos

(b)   Celluloid

(c)   Pun speck

(d)   Mica

Answer: (d)


101. No matter how far you stand from a mirror, your image appears erect. The mirror is likely to be

(a)   either plane or convex

(b)   plane only

(c)   concave

(d)   convex only

Answer: (b)

102. Pituitary gland is located at

(a)   below the brain

(b)   above the brain

(c)   inside the brain

(d)   nowhere near the brain

Answer: (c)

103. The image formed by the eye on the retina is

(a)   real, inverted, diminished

(b)   real, upright, magnified

(c)   real, upright, diminished

(d)   virtual, inverted, diminished

Answer: (a)

104. In humans, urea is formed in the

(a)   liver

(b)   spleen

(c)   kidneys

(d)   ureter

Answer: (a)

105. If the 2nd term of an AP is 13 and the 5th term is 25, what is the 7th term?

(a)   30

(b)   33

(c)   37

(d)   38

Answer: (b)

106. If 3x – 3x – 1 = 18 then find the value of xx?

(a)   27

(b)   29

(c)   30

(d)   32

Answer: (a)

107. When 60 is subtracted from 60% of a number, the result is 60. The number is

(a)   120

(b)   150

(c)   180

(d)   200

Answer: (d)

108. Which one of the following has the maximum calorific value?

(a)   Hydrogen

(b)   Charcoal

(c)   Natural gas

(d)   Gasoline

Answer: (a)

109. Pascal is the unit of

(a)   humidity

(b)   pressure

(c)   rain

(d)   temperature

Answer: (b)

110. The weight of an object will be minimum when it is placed at the

(a)   North Pole

(b)   South Pole

(c)   Equator

(d)   Centre of Earth

Answer: (d)

111. Energy is transferred from light reaction to the dark reaction by

(a)   ADP

(b)   ATP

(c)   RuDP

(d)   All of these

Answer: (b)

112. Electric current passes through an electrolyte due to the drift of

(a)   free electrons

(b)   positive and negative ions

(c)   free electrons and holes

(d)   protons

Answer: (b)

113. There are 10 boatmen in a boat. After replacing a 56 kg boatman with a new boatman the average weight of boat is increases 800 gm. What is the weight of the new boatman?

(a)   8 kg

(b)   9 kg

(c)   64 kg

(d)   56 kg

Answer: (c)

114. Find the least number which when divided by 35, 45 and 55 leaves the remainder 18, 28 and 38 respectively

(a)   2981

(b)   2670

(c)   3120

(d)   3448

Answer: (d)

115. If  then that will be the value of 

(a)   5

(b)   15

(c)   7

(d)   17

Answer: (a)

116. In which of the following processes light energy is converted into chemical energy?

(a)   Respiration

(b)   Fermentation

(c)   Photosynthesis

(d)   Photorespiration

Answer: (c)

117. Radioactivity is measured by

(a)   Geiger-Muller counter

(b)   polarimeter

(c)   calorimeter

(d)   barometer

Answer: (a)

118. Hepatitis-B, which affects liver, is actually a

(a)   virus

(b)   bacterium

(c)   protozoan

(d)   helminth

Answer: (a)

119. The diameter of a wheel is 1.26 m. How far will it travel in 500 revolutions?

(a)   1890 m

(b)   1900 m

(c)   1980 m

(d)   2000 m

Answer: (c)

120. 1 volt is equal to

(a)   1 joule

(b)   1 joule per coulomb

(c)   1 newton per coulomb

(d)   1 joule per newton

Answer: (b)

121. If the blood group of a father and a mother are A and O respectively then which one of the following blood group is not possible in their children?

(a)   B

(b)   AB

(c)   O

(d)   B, AB or O

Answer: (c)

122. Which element has the atomic number 31?

(a)   Boron

(b)   Aluminium

(c)   Gallium

(d)   Indium

Answer: (c)

123. The father’s age is six times his son’s age. Four years hence, the age of the father will be four times his son’s age. The present age, in years, of the son and the father are, respectively

(a)   4 and 24

(b)   5 and 30

(c)   6 and 36

(d)   7 and 42

Answer: (c)

124. If  then the value of  will be

(a)   5

(b)   25

(c)   27

(d)   23

Answer: (c)

125. The LCM of two numbers 12 times of its HCF and sum of HCF and LCM is 403. If one of the numbers is 93, find second number.

(a)   124

(b)   128

(c)   134

(d)   138

Answer: (a)

126. Which gas has a smell like that of rotten eggs?

(a)   Carbon monoxide

(b)   Sulphur dioxide

(c)   Sulphur trioxide

(d)   Hydrogen sulphide

Answer: (b)

127. Which gas turns lime water milky?

(a)   Sulphur dioxide

(b)   Nitrous oxide

(c)   Carbon dioxide

(d)   Ammonia

Answer: (c)

128. After the reduction of 8% on retail rate, the price of a ratio is Rs 4600. Find the retail rate of it.

(a)   Rs 5000

(b)   Rs 6000

(c)   Rs 5200

(d)   Rs 5400

Answer: (a)

129. If  then the value of x is

(a)   a + b +c

(b)   −(a + b + c)


(d)   a2 + b2 + c2

Answer: (b)

130. Stephen Hawking is a

(a)   painist

(b)   scientist

(c)   guitarist

(d)   American politician

Answer: (b)

131. Which one of the following planets has largest number of natural satellites?

(a)   Jupiter

(b)   Mars

(c)   Saturn

(d)   Venus

Answer: (a)

132. Which metal does not react with cold water but reacts with stream when heated?

(a)   Sodium

(b)   Aluminium

(c)   Copper

(d)   Nickel

Answer: (d)

133. If A : B = 3 : 4, C : B = 5 : 4, C : D = 10 : 9 then A : B : C : D is

(a)   8 : 6 : 9 : 10

(b)   8 : 6 : 10 : 9

(c)   6 : 8 : 10 : 9

(d)   6 : 8 : 9 : 10

Answer: (c)

134. The volume of a cylinder is 660 cm3. Find its height if its radius is 5 cm.

(a)   8.4 cm

(b)   8.0 cm

(c)   9.4 cm

(d)   9.0 cm

Answer: (a)

135. The average of a set of numbers reduces from 14 to 11 when the number 35 is removed. How many numbers were in the original set?

(a)   8

(b)   11

(c)   21

(d)   25

Answer: (a)

136. Brass is them mixture of

(a)   Tin + Copper

(b)   Tin + Zinc

(c)   Tin + Copper + Zinc

(d)   Zinc + Copper

Answer: (d)

137. An electric current of 250 mA flows in a conductor for 8 seconds. What is the amount of charge transferred?

(a)   0.2 C

(b)   2 C

(c)   0.1 C

(d)   1 C

Answer: (b)

138. If 60% of 35% of a number is 10.5, then the number will be

(a)   50

(b)   100

(c)   40

(d)   70

Answer: (a)

139. How many bricks, each of dimensions 25 × 16 × 10 cm will be needed to build a wall 24 m long, 6 m high and 0.4 m thick

(a)   14440

(b)   14400

(c)   15440

(d)   150000

Answer: (b)

140. The value of (a – m) (b – m) … (y – m) (z – m) is

(a)   m26 + am25 + abm24 + … + a ∙ b ∙ c … z

(b)   m26 – am25 + abm24 + … + a∙ b ∙ c … z

(c)   0

(d)   None of the above

Answer: (a)

141. A man bought a second hand scooter for Rs 1200 and spent Rs 200 on its repairs. He sold it for Rs 1680. His gain percent is

(a)   20%

(b)   10%

(c)   8%

(d)   16%

Answer: (a)

142. Which is used as an antifreeze?

(a)   Isopropyl alcohol

(b)   Methyl alcohol

(c)   Acetone

(d)   Formaldehyde

Answer: (b)

143. Ten cats caught 10 rats in 10 seconds. How many cats are required to catch 100 rats in 100 seconds?

(a)   100

(b)   10

(c)   20

(d)   50

Answer: (b)

144. 4 men and 6 women can complete a work in 8 days, while 3 men and 7 women can complete it in 10 days. In how many days will 10 women complete it?

(a)   35 days

(b)   40 days

(c)   30 days

(d)   25 days

Answer: (b)

145. If a proton of mass m is moving with velocity of light, it mass will be

(a)   unchanged

(b)   large but finite

(c)   infinite

(d)   zero

Answer: (a)

146. The LCM of three different numbers is 120. Which of the following can not be their HCF?

(a)   8

(b)   12

(c)   24

(d)   30

Answer: (a)

147. If  then the value of  will be

(a)   4

(b)   8

(c)   9

(d)   12

Answer: (c)

148. The name of the particle ‘Boson’ is associated with the name of

(a)   JC Bose

(b)   SN Bose

(c)   Isaac Newton

(d)   Albert Einstein

Answer: (b)

149. If the simple interest on a sum of money for 2 years at 5% per annum is Rs 50. What will be the compound interest on the same sum at the same rate for the same period?

(a)   Rs 51.25

(b)   Rs 52.00

(c)   Rs 54.25

(d)   Rs 60.00

Answer: (a)

150. A rectangle has perimeter of 50 m. If its length is 13 m more than its breadth, then its area is

(a)   124 m2

(b)   144 m2

(c)   114 m2

(d)   104 m2

Answer: (c)

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