Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Service Selection Commission (UPSSSC) Gram Panchayat Adhikari Recruitment Examination-2015 Held on February 21, 2016 Question Paper With Answer Key

Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Service Selection Commission (UPSSSC) Gram Panchayat Adhikari Recruitment Examination-2015 Held on February 21, 2016

Part 1 Hindi Knowledge and Writing Ability

Answer: (c)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (a)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (a)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (a)

Answer: (a)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (d)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (a)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (b)

Answer: (c)

Answer: (c)

Part 2 General Knowledge

41. When is ‘World Population Day’ celebrated?

(a)   July 21

(b)   July 27

(c)   July 11

(d)   August 27

Answer: (c)

42. Shiv Sumar Sharma is associated with which musical instrument?

(a)   Tabla

(b)   Shehnai

(c)   Sarangi

(d)   Santoor

Answer: (d)

43. Which part of the body is affected by pneumonia disease?

(a)   Lungs

(b)   Pancreas

(c)   Liver

(d)   Intestine

Answer: (a)

44. How much quantity of Plasma is present in human blood?

(a)   25-30%

(b)   55-60%

(c)   70-75%

(d)   80-85%

Answer: (b)

45. Which of the following country shares its border with maximum number of neighbouring countries?

(a)   China

(b)   Brazil

(c)   Canada

(d)   India

Answer: (a)

46. Which is the southernmost point of India?

(a)   Indira Col

(b)   Guhar Moti

(c)   Kibithu

(d)   Indira Point

Answer: (d)

47. “A small ball of iron get submerged in water whereas the ship can easily float on water.” This basic principal of science is based on whose famous scientist’s theory?

(a)   Albert Einstein

(b)   Blaise Pascal

(c)   Newton

(d)   Archimedes

Answer: (d)

48. What was the ruling period of Jahangir in India?

(a)   AD 1605-1627

(b)   AD 1627-1658

(c)   AD 1658-1707

(d)   AD 1707-1748

Answer: (a)

49. Who was the first Indian and last Governor-General of independent India?

(a)   Chakravarti Rajagopalachari

(b)   Lord Mountabatten

(c)   Narsimha Chari

(d)   Ramaswami CR

Answer: (a)

50. Who is known as the father of Hindi literature?

(a)   Munshi Premchand

(b)   Bharatendu Harishchandra

(c)   Bhisham Sahni

(d)   Devki Nandan Pant

Answer: (b)

51. Which is the highest civilian award in India?

(a)   Padma Shri

(b)   Padma Vibhushan

(c)   Ashok Chakra

(d)   Bharat Ratna

Answer: (d)

52. Who was sworn-in as 43rd Chief Justice of India?

(a)   Justice TS Thakur

(b)   Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud

(c)   Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul

(d)   Justice NV Raman

Answer: (a)

53. In India to whom the President needs to address his/her resignation before completing the full term?

(a)   Chief Justice of India

(b)   Vice-President

(c)   Prime Minister

(d)   Lok Shabha Speaker

Answer: (b)

54. Who was the first Vidhan Sabha speaker for Uttar Pradesh in Independent India?

(a)   Purshottam Das Tandon

(b)   Madan Mohan Verma

(c)   Darbari Lal Sharma

(d)   Nafisul Hassan

Answer: (a)

55. Presently, who is the Panchayati Raj Minister in Uttar Pradesh?

(a)   Shivpal Yadav

(b)   Kailash Yadav

(c)   Balram Yadav

(d)   Durga Prasad Yadav

Answer: (b)

56. Till date which of the following city has not been included in ‘National Capital Regin’?

(a)   Jind

(b)   Karnal

(c)   Aligarh

(d)   Muzaffarnagar

Answer: (c)

57. As per the Constitution of India, what are the minimum and maximum number of members in any Legislative Assembly?

(a)   30 and 272

(b)   80 and 540

(c)   54 and 333

(d)   60 and 500

Answer: (d)

58. Recently under which campaign initiated by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav did Uttar Pradesh State government earned itself a place in Guniness Book of World Records?

(a)   Swachh Bharat

(b)   Clean UP Green UP

(c)   Van Rakshan

(d)   Save Tigers

Answer: (b)

59. Which of the following has never served as the Deputy Prime Minister of India?

(a)   Morarji Desai

(b)   Devi Lal

(c)   VP Singh

(d)   Lal Krishna Advani

Answer: (c)

60. At present, how many Gram Panchayats are in Uttar Pradesh?

(a)   Approx 25000

(b)   Approx 32000

(c)   Approx 42000

(d)   Approx 52000

Answer: (d)

61. How many square yards are there in 1 acre?

(a)   4840 sq yards

(b)   4550 sq yards

(c)   5248 sq yards

(d)   4482 sq yards

Answer: (a)

62. What are minimum number of votes from the Panchayat members required to remove Up-Pradhan from any Gram Panchayat/

(a)   1/4

(b)   1/2

(c)   1/3

(d)   2/3

Answer: (d)

63. When was Reseve Bank of India established?

(a)   1941

(b)   1940

(c)   1937

(d)   1935

Answer: (d)

64. Which is the first State government who has launched a scheme for farmers on certified seeds to Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)?

(a)   Madhya Pradesh

(b)   Uttar Pradesh

(c)   Punjab

(d)   Kerala

Answer: (b)

65. Which is the State bird of Uttar Pradesh?

(a)   Peacock

(b)   Hans

(c)   Cuckoo

(d)   Saras

Answer: (d)

66. Which of t he following item is not unique on a network?

(a)   IP Address

(b)   Computer name

(c)   Workgroup name

(d)   All of these

Answer: (c)

67. Which of the following is not an input device in computer?

(a)   Mouse

(b)   Printer

(c)   Keyboard

(d)   Scanner

Answer: (b)

68. What does CD-ROM refers to in computer system?

(a)   Optical Disk

(b)   Magnetic Optical Disk

(c)   Magnetic Disk

(d)   None of the above

Answer: (a)

69. Which of the following is not a computer operating system?

(a)   Linux

(b)   MS-DOS

(c)   MS-Word

(d)   Unix

Answer: (c)

70. What is the extension of Microsoft Excel file?

(a)   doc

(b)   .xls

(c)   .pmt

(d)   .xml

Answer: (b)

Part 3 General Intelligence & Reasoning

Directions (Q. Nos. 71-72) In the following questions choose the missing word in place of sign (?) on the  basis of relationship  between the words given on left hand side of the sign : :

71. BACE : ONPR : : JIKM : ?

(a)   XYWZ

(b)   UZYW

(c)   WVXZ

(d)   WVZY

Answer: (c)

72. 122 : 170 : : 290 : ?

(a)   316

(b)   344

(c)   360

(d)   362

Answer: (d)

73. If ‘+’ denotes subtraction, ‘÷’ denotes addition ‘−’ denotes multiplication and ‘×’ denotes division, then which of the following equation is correct?

(a)   56 + 12 × 34 – 12 = 102

(b)   8 ÷ 44 – 5 + 25 = 203

(c)   112 × 44 – 12 + 10 = 46

(d)   9 ÷ 64 – 2 × 6 = 54

Answer: (b)

74. Find the incorrect number given in the following number series :

17, 19, 23, 29, 33, 37, 41

(a)   17

(b)   33

(c)   23

(d)   41

Answer: (b)

75. On the basis of logical reasoning. Find the correct option to replace ‘?’ in the table :

(a)   225

(b)   75

(c)   45

(d)   30

Answer: (c)

76. On the basis of logical reasoning, find the correct option to replace ‘?’ in the table :

(a)   53

(b)   72

(c)   69

(d)   70

Answer: (a)

77. If a clock shows time as 4 : 30 and its minute hand is on the East side, then which direction shall be the hour hand ?

(a)   South-East

(b)   South-West

(c)   North-East

(d)   North

Answer: (c)

78. In a group, 7 people can speak English, 15 can speak Hindi and 6 people can speak Punjabi. Only one of them can speak all three languages and two amongst the group can speak 2 languages. How m any people are there in the group?

(a)   23

(b)   24

(c)   25

(d)   26

Answer: (b)

79. 5 candidates A, B, C, D and E appeared in an exam. C got 5 marks less than B. D got 10 marks more than B and 20 marks less than A. E got 22 more marks than B. If B got 40 marks, how many marks did A got?

(a)   52

(b)   60

(c)   64

(d)   70

Answer: (d)

80. In a birthday party, a father invited his son’s friends. The number of boys invited were lesser by 2 in comparison to girls. The father gave Rs 10 each to boy and Rs 20 each to girl, If he spent a total of Rs 280, how many boys are invited?

(a)   8

(b)   10

(c)   12

(d)   14

Answer: (a)

81. In a group animals there are some cows, ox and 45 chickens. There is one milkman for every 15 animals. The number of ox in the group is double the number of cows. If the total number of heads (including milkman) is 186 less than the total number of feets; find out the total number of milkman present there?

(a)   6

(b)   8

(c)   10

(d)   12

Answer: (a)

82. Find out the number of triangle in the given figure :

(a)   12

(b)   16

(c)   18

(d)   20

Answer: (d)

83. Four girls are sitting on the four sides of a square table. Manju is sitting to the right of Anju and Veena is sitting to the left of Kamla. Which two girls are sitting opposite to each other when Kamla is sitting to the left of Anju?

(a)   Veena and Manju

(b)   Manju and Anju

(c)   Kamla and Veena

(d)   Manju and Kamla

Answer: (d)

84. What is the actual time, if an analog clock seen through a mirror is showing time as 1 : 30?

(a)   10 : 30

(b)   6 : 30

(c)   6 : 10

(d)   4 : 30

Answer: (a)

85. A and B started walking from same point, but in opposite direction. Both after waling 5 km turns toward their right and walked another 7 km. After that they both again turn right and walked for another 5 km. What is the distance between them now?

(a)   10 km

(b)   12 km

(c)   14 km

(d)   17 km

Answer: (c)

86. Pointing towards a photo, Vinod says, “the person in the photo is the daughter of only daughter of my wife’s mother”. How is Vinod related to the person in the photo?

(a)   Uncle

(b)   Father

(c)   Brother

(d)   Grandfather

Answer: (b)

87. If 23rd day of a month is Sunday, then which day was 2 weeks and 4 days ago?

(a)   Monday

(b)   Tuesday

(c)   Wednesday

(d)   Thursday

Answer: (c)

88. If a 18 cm solid cube is cut into smaller cubes of 3 cm each, how m any cubes will be formed?

(a)   216

(b)   24

(c)   124

(d)   6

Answer: (a)

89. Given below are the four different positions of a dice. Which number will appear opposite to number 2?

(a)   3

(b)   4

(c)   5

(d)   6

Answer: (c)

90. If each alphabet is given values similar to their serial then find out which of the following words will have maximum value?


(a)   HEART

(b)   LIVER

(c)   LUNGS

(d)   TEETH

Answer: (c)

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