Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Service Selection Commission(UPSSSC) Amin & Ahlmad Recruitment Examination Held on August 25, 2016 Question Paper With Answer Key

Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Service Selection Commission(UPSSSC) Amin & Ahlmad Recruitment Examination Held on August 25, 2016

Part I General Intelligence

1. Find the missing term of the following series :


(a)  MALB

(b)  KCJD

(c)  IHGF

(d)  GHTS

Answer: (d)

2. Find the missing term of the following series :


(a)  WGH

(b)  IUV

(c)  JST

(d)  KQR

Answer: (a)

3. Find the missing term of the following series :


(a)  KLPO

(b)  IJRQ

(c)  FHKO

(d)  LMON

Answer: (c)

4. Insert the missing number :

(a)  15

(b)  12

(c)  9

(d)  18

Answer: (a)

5. Insert the missing number :

(a)  5

(b)  7

(c)  9

(d)  3

Answer: (c)

6. Insert the missing number :

(a)  594

(b)  459

(c)  949

(d)  549

Answer: (c)

Directions (Q. Nos. 7-8) Which of the following answer figures is exactly the mirror image of the question figure when the mirror is held at XY ?

7. Question Figure

Answer: (b)

8. Question Figure

Answer: (d)

9. In which answer figure, specified components of the question figure are found ?

Answer: (c)

10. Four positions of a dice are shown below. Identify the number at the bottom if top is 2 :

(a)  6

(b)  4

(c)  3

(d)  1

Answer: (b)

11. The height of banana tree and coconut tree is same. Mango tree is shorter than palm. Guava tree is smaller than mango, but bigger than banana. Find out which is the longest tree.

(a)  Mango

(b)  Banana

(c)  Coconut

(d)  Palm

Answer: (d)

12. The difference between the ages of two brothers is same as that of their father and mother. The elder brother is 25 years of age. At the time of the birth of younger brother, their mother’s age was 32 years. If father is older than mother by 5 years. What was his age at the time of elder son’s birth?

(a)  55 years

(b)  32 years

(c)  31 years

(d)  57 years

Answer: (b)

13. If there is Saturday on the 11th day of the month, what will be the day on 27th of that month ?

(a)  Monday

(b)  Saturday

(c)  Friday

(d)  Sunday

Answer: (a)

14. Some books are arranged in a row. There are 5 books between 21st book from the right and 28th book from the left. The total number of books is more than 42. Find out the total number of books.

(a)  44

(b)  49

(c)  52

(d)  54

Answer: (d)

15. The greatest common divisor of 123456789 and 987654321 is

(a)  5

(b)  3

(c)  9

(d)  greater than 9

Answer: (d)

16. A mechanical grandfather clock is at present showing 7 hours 40 minutes 6 seconds. Assuming that it loses 4 seconds. In every hour, what time will it show after exactly 

(a)  14 h 9 min 40 s

(b)  14 h 10 min 6 s

(c)  14 h 9 min 38 s

(d)  14 h 10 min 42 s

Answer: (a)

17. If RECOMMENDATION is written a COMMENDATIONER, how can REMUNERATION be written in that code?





Answer: (c)

18. If TAMILNADU is written as 387241859, how can DALMIA be written in that code ?

(a)  548729

(b)  587428

(c)  584278

(d)  584728

Answer: (d)

19. If PRICE is written as SVNIL, how can COST be written in that code ?

(a)  FXSZ

(b)  FSXZ

(c)  FSWY

(d)  FTWZ

Answer: (b)

20. If ‘×’ stands for division, ‘+’ for addition, ‘−‘ for multiplication and ‘+’ for subtraction, then (14 – 6 ÷ 18) × 6 is equal to

(a)  107

(b)  17

(c)  104

(d)  15

Answer: (b)

21. If ‘−’ stands for division, ‘+’ for multiplication, ‘÷’ for subtraction and ‘×’ for addition, then find the value of

20 – 5 + 6 ÷ 4 × 6

(a)  26

(b)  35

(c)  16

(d)  32

Answer: (a)

22. If ‘+’ stands for division, ‘−’ stands for multiplication, ‘×’ stands for subtraction and ‘÷’ for addition, then find the value of

(120 + 6 × 10) – 10 ÷ 5

(a)  125

(b)  135

(c)  75

(d)  105

Answer: (d)

Directions (Q. Nos. 23-25) In the following, a word has been given followed by four other words, one of which cannot be formed by using the letters of the given word. Find the word.






Answer: (c)


(a)  TURN



(d)  RURAL

Answer: (d)





(d)  ABLE

Answer: (c)

Part II General Knowledge

26. In Uttar Pradesh, lemon is largely grown in

(a)  Saharanpur and Meerut

(b)  Fatehpur and Pratapgarh

(c)  Lucknow and Hadoi

(d)  Allahabad and Varanasi

Answer: (b)

27. Which of the following pulses is not covered under Minimum Support Price (MSP)?

(a)  Arhar

(b)  Masoor

(c)  Urad

(d)  Moong

Answer: (b)

28. ‘Gross Domestic Happiness’ concept has been developed by

(a)  Sweden

(b)  Bhutan

(c)  Austria

(d)  India

Answer: (b)

29. Which village in Punjab has given the highest number Hockey Olympians?

(a)  Phagwara

(b)  Batala

(c)  Mukerian

(d)  Sansarpur

Answer: (d)

30. The fastest train in the world is

(a)  Shinkansen (Japan)

(b)  German ICE-3

(c)  French TGV

(d)  Shanghai Maglev

Answer: (d)

31. Bastar is a tribal district in the State of

(a)  Madhya Pradesh

(b)  Chhattisgarh

(c)  Jharkhand

(d)  Odisha

Answer: (b)

32. ‘Yaari Hai Iman Mera, Yaar Meri Zindagi’ is a famous Indo-Afghan friendship song picturised in the film

(a)  Dosti

(b)  Border

(c)  Zanjeer

(d)  Upkar

Answer: (c)

33. Who said, “You should go to college and fill your head with knowledge”?

(a)  Angela Merkel

(b)  Michelle Obama

(c)  Mahasweta Devi

(d)  Nita Ambani

Answer: (b)

34. Beton Wali Vidhwa is a short story written by

(a)  Kamleshwar

(b)  Premchand

(c)  Ismat Chughtai

(d)  Khalil Gibran

Answer: (b)

35. Which of the following is not included in ‘Panchagavya’?

(a)  Cow milk

(b)  Cow dung

(c)  Cow ghee

(d)  Tulsi

Answer: (d)

36. In recent visit to African countries, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi played drums with the President of which country?

(a)  Kenya

(b)  South Africa

(c)  Mozambique

(d)  Tanzania

Answer: (d)

37. Which of the following countries has the highest fertility rate in the world ?

(a)  Angola

(b)  Mali

(c)  Somalia

(d)  Nigeria

Answer: (c)

38. Who among the following is the first woman President of Nepal ?

(a)  Sushila Karki

(b)  Bidhya Devi Bhandari

(c)  Onsari Gharti Magar

(d)  None of the above

Answer: (b)

39. The present Prime Minister of United Kingdom is

(a)  David Cameron

(b)  Andrea Leadsom

(c)  Angela Eagle

(d)  Theresa May

Answer: (d)

40. The largest judicial body in the world is

(a)  International Court of Justice

(b)  Allahabad High Court

(c)  Supreme Court of India

(d)  UNCLOS on Sea

Answer: (a)

41. Which of the following is not covered under Minimum Support Price (MSP)?

(a)  Tobacco

(b)  Copra

(c)  Vegetable/Fruit

(d)  Jute

Answer: (c)

42. Who among the following is the present emperor of Japan who has desired to step down on health grounds?

(a)  Hirohito

(b)  Akihito

(c)  Naruhito

(d)  None of these

Answer: (b)

43. Manual scavenging is banned in India since

(a)  1947

(b)  1952

(c)  1990

(d)  1993

Answer: (d)

44. The World Population Day is observed on

(a)  July 1

(b)  July 8

(c)  July 11

(d)  July 25

Answer: (c)

45. What is true about ‘Soil Health Card’?

(a)  It comes free of cost.

(b)  It gives information to improve the soil for high yields.

(c)  It helps in applying right quantum of fertilizer as per requirement of crops.

(d)  All of the above

Answer: (d)

46. According to Census 2011, the number of women senior citizens in India is

(a)  103 million

(b)  93 million

(c)  53 million

(d)  51 million

Answer: (c)

47. India is world’s biggest parliamentary democracy. When was its first Lok Sabha held ?

(a)  August 16, 1947

(b)  January 27, 1950

(c)  May 13, 1952

(d)  June 15, 1952

Answer: (c)

48. ‘Potala Palace’, a seven-storeyed structure, is associated with

(a)  Maharana of Jodhpur

(b)  Dalai Lama

(c)  Raja Virbhadra of Himachal Pradesh

(d)  Bajirao Mastani

Answer: (b)

49. Due to racial discrimination, Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of the first class compartment at Pietermarizbur Railway Station in South Africa in the year

(a)  1890

(b)  1891

(c)  1892

(d)  1893

Answer: (d)

50. In Euro Football Championship, 2016, Portugal won the championship defeating

(a)  Germany

(b)  Spain

(c)  France

(d)  Poland

Answer: (c)

51. Which among the following is part of ‘Jarib’?

(a)  Feeta

(b)  Challa

(c)  Gattha

(d)  All of these

Answer: (d)

52. One acre of land is equal to

(a)  4840 sq yards

(b)  10 sq jarib

(c)  0.40467 hectare

(d)  All of these

Answer: (a)

53. In which ancient kingdom, women used to participate in wrestling ?

(a)  Bahmani kingdom

(b)  Vijayanagar kingdom

(c)  Chola kingdom

(d)  None of the above

Answer: (b)

54. Who among the following Mughal emperors was totally non-alcoholic?

(a)  Akbar

(b)  Shah Jahan

(c)  Jahangir

(d)  Aurangzeb

Answer: (d)

55. Who among t he following brought Bhakti Movement to Northern India?

(a)  Ramanuja

(b)  Madhvacharya

(c)  Ramananda

(d)  Ramdas

Answer: (a)

56. Who among the following is the present captain of Indian hockey team participating in Rio Olympics ?

(a)  Sardar Singh

(b)  Akashdeep Singh

(c)  Harmanpreet Singh

(d)  Sreejesh

Answer: (d)

57. How many sessions of Indian National Congress were presided over by Mahatma Gandhi ?

(a)  Three

(b)  Two

(c)  One

(d)  None

Answer: (c)

58. Which of the following countries has not adopted ‘Aril 1 to March 31’ as its Financial Year?

(a)  Japan

(b)  New Zealand

(c)  America

(d)  Canada

Answer: (c)

59. Terminal Doppler Radar (TDR) is used for

(a)  weather forecasting

(b)  landing of planes in inclement weather

(c)  recording of earthquakes

(d)  deep-sea navigation

Answer: (a)

60. Which of the following countries has the lowest fertility rate in the world?

(a)  Singapore

(b)  South Korea

(c)  Taiwan

(d)  Latvia

Answer: (a)

61. The first flower grown in space is

(a)  Zinnia

(b)  Arnoldii

(c)  Rafflesia

(d)  None of these

Answer: (a)

62. Who among the following has been conferred with the 51st Jananpith Award by the President of India?

(a)  Ashok Vajpayee

(b)  Pushpesh Pant

(c)  Mrinal Pande

(d)  Raghuveer Chaudhari

Answer: (d)

63. Which State government in India has started the processes of banning dog-meat?

(a)  Nagaland

(b)  Odisha

(c)  Manipur

(d)  Arunachal Pradesh

Answer: (a)

64. Which of the following cities in India is most densely populated?

(a)  Kalyan

(b)  Hyderabad

(c)  Kanpur

(d)  Vijayawada

Answer: (b)

65. What is the literacy rate of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh?

(a)  56%

(b)  71%

(c)  84%

(d)  89%

Answer: (c)

66. Who among the following was the first Governor of Uttar Pradesh?

(a)  KM Munshi

(b)  Sarojini Naidu

(c)  Sucheta Kriplani

(d)  VV Giri

Answer: (b)

67. Which of the following agricultural crops was covered under Minimum Support Price (MSP) for the first time in 1965?

(a)  Cotton

(b)  Tobacco

(c)  Paddy

(d)  Wheat

Answer: (c)

68. ‘Opeation Sankat Mochan’ is associated with

(a)  flood relief work

(b)  evacuation of Indians from South Sudan

(c)  National Disaster Management

(d)  None of the above

Answer: (b)

69. Who among the following has become the new Chairman of Competition Commission of India (CCI)?

(a)  DK Sikri

(b)  Amitabh Kant

(c)  Ashok Chawla

(d)  Dhanendra Kumar

Answer: (a)

70. ‘Pokemon GO’, which is recently in headlines, is associated with

(a)  football league

(b)  mobile game

(c)  electric car

(d)  space mission

Answer: (b)

71. When did United Provinces become Uttar Pradesh?

(a)  1937

(b)  1947

(c)  1950

(d)  1952

Answer: (c)

72. Which Mughal emperor made Allahabad his capital?

(a)  Akbar

(b)  Shah Alam

(c)  Both (a) and (b)

(d)  None of these

Answer: (b)

73. Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated due to treachery of Jaichand. Subsequently where and when Jaichand was killed?

(a)  Tarai, 1192

(b)  Chandavar, 1193

(c)  Kannauj, 1194

(d)  None of these

Answer: (c)

74. Prior to Kannauj, Harshavardhana was the emperor of

(a)  Kaushambi

(b)  Kushinagar

(c)  Shravasti

(d)  Thaneshwar

Answer: (d)

75. The only area in Uttar Pradesh, where copper is found, is

(a)  Banda

(b)  Mirzapur

(c)  Lalitpur

(d)  Bulandshahar

Answer: (c)

Part III General Science and Mathematics

76. Which of the following is not a fertilizer mineral?

(a)  Nitrate

(b)  Phosphate

(c)  Tungsten

(d)  Potash

Answer: (c)

77. Clean Energy Ministerial Conferences were held in

I. 2010-Washington, 2012-London, 2013-Merida

II. 2013-New Delhi, 2014-Seoul, 2016-London

III. 2011-Abu Dhabi, 2012-London, 2015-Merida, 2016-Islamabad

IV. 2010-Washington, 12012-London, 2014-Seoul, 2016-San Francisco

(a)  I and III are true

(b)  Only II is true

(c)  Only IV is true

(d)  None of these

Answer: (c)

78. The largest island of the world is

(a)  Borneo

(b)  Andaman and Nicobar

(c)  Greenland

(d)  Singapore

Answer: (c)

79. For a time difference of one hour, the longitudinal distance is

(a)  15°

(b)  30°

(c)  45°

(d)  60°

Answer: (a)

80. Fog which consists of large particles of moisture is called

(a)  Mist

(b)  Dew

(c)  Cloud

(d)  None of these

Answer: (a)

81. Which type of soil is brought about and deposited by winds?

(a)  Yellow soil

(b)  Red soil

(c)  Black soil

(d)  Sandy soil

Answer: (d)

82. Who among the following discovered and propounded the theory of displacement of water?

(a)  Newton

(b)  Archimedes

(c)  John Dalton

(d)  Kepler

Answer: (b)

83. The law of falling bodies was discovered by

(a)  Archimedes

(b)  Galileo

(c)  Darwin

(d)  Albert Einstein

Answer: (b)

84. Insulin was invented by

(a)  F. Banting

(b)  Alexander Fleming

(c)  Robert Koch

(d)  Dr. Ronald Ross

Answer: (a)

85. Which of the following physical quantities is different from others?

(a)  Work

(b)  Kinetic energy

(c)  Force

(d)  Potential energy        

Answer: (c)

86. The following water of the river possesses which type of energy?

(a)  Gravitational

(b)  Potential

(c)  Electrical

(d)  Kinetic

Answer: (d)

87. Blood is

(a)  acidic

(b)  alkaline

(c)  variable

(d)  neutral

Answer: (b)

88. Widal test is used for

(a)  cholera

(b)  malaria

(c)  typhoid

(d)  yellow fever

Answer: (c)

89. The acid used in automobile battery is

(a)  HCl

(b)  HF

(c)  HNO3

(d)  H2SO4

Answer: (d)

90. Which of the following liquids is most fire-prone?

(a)  Mobil oil

(b)  Mercury

(c)  Petrol

(d)  Kerosene oil

Answer: (c)

91. The coldest temperature on the Earth recorded in East Antarctica is

(a)  −53.2℃

(b)  −83.2℃

(c)  −93.2℃

(d)  −95.2℃

Answer: (c)

92. The equatorial diameter of the Earth is

(a)  12756 km

(b)  13560 km

(c)  13900 km

(d)  14657 km

Answer: (a)

93. Identify the main salts dissolved in ocean water.

I. Sodium chloride (NaCl)

II. Sodium sulphate (Na2SO4)

III. Calcium carbonate (CaCO3)

IV. Potassium sulphate (K2SO4)

(a)  I and  II

(b)  I, II and III

(c)  I, II, III and IV

(d)  None of these

Answer: (c)

94. The meaning of the word ‘terra rossa’ is

(a)  yellow soil

(b)  red soil

(c)  an island

(d)  None of these

Answer: (b)

95. The longest day in the year is on

(a)  April 20

(b)  May 15

(c)  June 21

(d)  August 30

Answer: (c)

96. Which of the following options correctly shows the planets in descending order of their sizes?

(a)  Mars, Earth, Saturn, Mercury

(b)  Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Venus

(c)  Uranus, Earth, Mars, Mercury

(d)  Saturn, Jupiter, Earth, Venus

Answer: (c)

97. Humidity is measured b y

(a)  hydrometer

(b)  barometer

(c)  hygrometer

(d)  thermometer    

Answer: (c)

98. Which of the following seas has the highest salinity content?

(a)  Aral Sea

(b)  Red Sea

(c)  Baltic Sea

(d)  Dead Sea

Answer: (d)

99. Where trees shed their leaves seasonally is called

(a)  evergreen forest

(b)  coniferous forest

(c)  deciduous forest

(d)  None of these

Answer: (c)

100. The animal kingdom found in a particular geographical area is called

(a)  flora

(b)  fauna

(c)  biosphere

(d)  None of these

Answer: (b)

101. When the price of coffee was raised by 15%, it sale fell by 15%, The net effect on money receipt was

(a)  nil

(b)  2.25% increase

(c)  2.25% decrease

(d)  15% decrease

Answer: (c)

102. A pipe can fill a tank in 16 minutes and another can empty it in 24 minutes. If the tank is already 2/3 full and both pipes are opened together,, the tank will be full in

(a)  48 min

(b)  24 min

(c)  16 min

(d)  8 min

Answer: (c)

103. The speed of a boat in still water is 22 km/h. If its speed in downstream is 24 km/h, the upstream speed will be

(a)  20 km/h

(b)  22 km/h

(c)  24 km/h

(d)  26 km/h

Answer: (a)

104. Ten observations have a mean of 53. It is discovered that an observations of 45 was wrongly recorded as 54. The corrected mean value will be

(a)  47.60

(b)  52.10

(c)  52.90

(d)  53.90

Answer: (b)

105. A lady is 4 years younger than her husband and three times as old as her daughter. if the daughter will attain the age of 20 years after 6 years, the present age of the father is

(a)  48 years

(b)  40 years

(c)  46 years

(d)  42 years

Answer: (c)

106. The sum of all natural numbers less than or equal to 100 which are multiples of 3 is

(a)  1683

(b)  3367

(c)  5050

(d)  10100

Answer: (a)

107. A cooler is sold in 5 instalment is twice as much as the preceding one. If the first instalment is Rs 300, the cost of the cooler is

(a)  Rs 8600

(b)  Rs 9000

(c)  Rs 9300

(d)  Rs 9600

Answer: (c)

108. A number is divided into two parts which are in the proportion 3 : 4. If the first part is 18, the other part is

(a)  20

(b)  30

(c)  24

(d)  25

Answer: (a)

109. The arithmetic mean of 5 numbers is 27. If one of them is deleted, the mean is 25. The deleted number is

(a)  25

(b)  30

(c)  35

(d)  40

Answer: (c)

110. Utkarsh is six times as old as his son Vimarsh. Four years hence, he will be four times as old as Vimarsh. Their

(a)  24 years and 4 years

(b)  30 years and 5 years

(c)  36 years and 6 years

(d)  60 years and 10 years

Answer: (c)

111. Five school children have a total of Rs 253 as pocket money. They each buy a candy which costs Rs 7 per unit. The mean amount of pocket money left over is

(a)  Rs 43.60

(b)  Rs 4920

(c)  Rs 57.60

(d)  Rs 218

Answer: (a)

112. Sobha travels from Bengalurur to Mysore at a speed of 50 km/h and returns at a speed of 60 km/h. The average speed during the entire trip is

(a)  10 km/h

(b)  55 km/h


(d)  110 km/h

Answer: (c)

113. The percentages of literates in Fatehpur and Banda are 52 and 46 respectively. The percentage of literates in the two districts together is

(a)  49

(b)  92

(c)  98

(d)  None of these

Answer: (a)

114. A shopkeeper raises the price of an item by 20% and then gives a discount of 20%. His profit percentage is

(a)  80

(b)  0

(c)  4

(d)  −4

Answer: (d)

115. A class has two sections-Section A with 30 students and Section B with 20 students. In a test in Mathematics, both sections had the same mean score of 40. The difference between the total m arks scored by the two sections is

(a)  0

(b)  8

(c)  −400

(d)  400

Answer: (d)

116. A bag contains Rs 55 in the denominations of Rs 1,50 paise and 25 paise coins. The coins are in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3 respectively. Find the number of 50 paise coins.

(a)  41

(b)  42

(c)  40

(d)  38

Answer: (c)

117. A container contained 80 L milk, From this container, 8L of milk was taken out and replaced by same quantity of water. This process was further repeated two times. How much milk is now contained in the container?

(a)  58.32 L

(b)  42.79 L

(c)  56.50 L

(d)  None of the above

Answer: (a)

118. If sin x = cos y and angle x and angle y are acute, then what is the relation between x and y?





Answer: (c)

Directions (Q. Nos. 119-123) The table below shows the distribution of candidates of an examination in two subjects-History and English. Study the table and answer the questions given:

119. The maximum number of candidates scored in History in the range of

(a)  20-29

(b)  30-39

(c)  40-49

(d)  50-59

Answer: (b)

120. Candidates performed better in English. It is

(a)  true

(b)  false

(c)  partly true

(d)  cannot say

Answer: (c)

121. In which range of marks, there are an equal number of candidates?

(a)  20-29

(b)  30-39

(c)  50-59

(d)  None of these

Answer: (d)

122. The percentage of candidates below 50 marks in History is

(a)  25

(b)  50

(c)  75

(d)  100

Answer: (c)

123. The proportion of candidates with score in the range of 30-49 in History is

(a)  19

(b)  55

(c)  0.53

(d)  0.55

Answer: (b)

124. A cow is tied to a pole in the middle of a rectangle field, using a rope of length 7m. The field is of dimension 15 × 20 m. The percentage of area beyond the reach of the cow is





Answer: (b)

125. Between a square of perimeter 44 cm and a circle of circumference 44 cm, which figure has larger area and how much?

(a)  Square, 33 cm2

(b)  Circle, 33 cm2

(c)  Circle, 495 cm2

(d)  Square, 495 cm2

Answer: (b)

126. The area(in sq cm) of an equilateral triangle with side 12 cm is

(a)  36

(b)  36√3

(c)  108

(d)  288√6

Answer: (b)

127. In a firm employing 1500 persons, 300 got increment, 100 were promoted and 50 got both benefits. The number of employees who got neither benefit is

(a)  50

(b)  250

(c)  1150

(d)  1400

Answer: (c)

128. Out of 500 consumers, 250 liked product A and 275 liked product B. The least number that mush have liked both the product is

(a)  275

(b)  250

(c)  25

(d)  0

Answer: (c)

129. A parallelogram ABCD is inscribed in a circle. The ABCD must be

(a)  trapezium

(b)  rhombus

(c)  square

(d)  rectangle

Answer: (d)

130. The diagonals of a rhombus are 15 cm and 20 cm. Its area (in sq cm) is

(a)  75

(b)  150

(c)  300

(d)  625

Answer: (b)

131. By subtracting 2√x + 3√y from 3√x – 5√y, we get

(a)  8√y – √x

(b)  √x – 8√y

(c)  √x + 8√y

(d)  −√x – 8√y

Answer: (b)

132. The non-zero root of x2 – 16x = 0 is

(a)  −16

(b)  4

(c)  16

(d)  256

Answer: (c)

133. The ratio of the sum of squares to the sum of cubes of the values in the set −2, −1, 0, 1, 2 is

(a)  0

(b)  5/9

(c)  9/5

(d)  infinity

Answer: (d)

134. An example of a harmonic progression is

(a)  7, 10, 13, 16

(b)  1, 1/4, 1/7, 1/10

(c)  3, 1/3, 1/27

(d)  2, 4, 6, 9

Answer: (b)

135. If 10 friends shake hands mutually, then the total number of handshakes is

(a)  45

(b)  50

(c)  60

(d)  100

Answer: (a)

136. The total number of diagonals in a polygon with ten side is

(a)  10

(b)  20

(c)  35

(d)  45

Answer: (c)

137. On simplification, (√5 + √3)2 – (√5 – √3)2 becomes

(a)  0

(b)  2√15

(c)  4√15

(d)  6

Answer: (c)

138. The average weight of five Khumanis is 200 gm. If two more Khumanis are added, then t he average weight becomes 210 gm. The average weight of two newly added Khumani is

(a)  230 gm

(b)  235 gm

(c)  240 gm

(d)  420 gm

Answer: (b)

139. If we divide the sum of 0.25 and 0.75 by the difference of 0.5 and 0.3,, then the result is

(a)  0.5

(b)  2

(c)  5

(d)  10

Answer: (c)

140. A rectangular field has an area of 1200 sq m. If its length is 40 m, then the ratio of the length to the breadth of the field is

(a)  3 : 4

(b)  4 : 3

(c)  2 : 1

(d)  5 : 2

Answer: (b)

141. Gopika measures a straight line of length 4.0 cm as 4.1 cm. The percentage error in the measurement is

(a)  2.5%

(b)  2.0%

(c)  0.1%

(d)  1.0%

Answer: (a)

142. If 4 men can do a work in 3 days, then 3 men can do the same work in how many days?

(a)  1

(b)  5

(c)  2

(d)  4

Answer: (d)

143. In decimal system, the binary number 11011 is equivalent to

(a)  27

(b)  25

(c)  20

(d)  21

Answer: (a)

144. If Rajdeep buys a motorcycle for Rs 80000 and sells it for Rs 60000, then his loss percentage i s

(a)  25%

(b)  50%

(c)  40%


Answer: (a)

145. By selling 20 books, Rajesh gained the sales price of 4 books as profit. His percentage gain in

(a)  10%

(b)  20%

(c)  25%

(d)  15%

Answer: (b)

146. The number of times a wheel of diameter 100 cm will rotate in covering a distance of 330 m is

(a)  92

(b)  89

(c)  90

(d)  105

Answer: (d)

147. The volume of a cylinder is 1540 cm3. If it is 10 cm high, then the radius of the base is

(a)  9 cm

(b)  5 cm

(c)  7 cm

(d)  3 cm

Answer: (c)

148. If the curved surface area of a cone is 4070 cm2 and its diameter is 70 cm, then its slant height is

(a)  10 cm

(b)  27 cm

(c)  40 cm

(d)  37 cm

Answer: (d)

149. An isosceles right-angled triangle has area 200 cm2. The length of its hypotenuse is

(a)  20√2 cm

(b)  10√6 cm

(c)  20√6 cm

(d)  √2 cm

Answer: (a)

150. A fruit seller gives 1 mango extra free for every 24 mangoes sold. The discount that he gives to customers is

(a)  12%

(b)  4%

(c)  1%


Answer: (d)

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