KEAM Medical (UG) 2014 Answer Sheet

Separate answer sheet (OMR Answer Sheet) having a copy of the original OMR sheet attached to it, will be given to mark the answers. Candidates should not detach the copy of the OMR sheet from the original during the course of Examination. All impressions made in the original OMR sheet will be carried over to the copy attached. Hence candidates, while making entries in the OMR sheet and while answering, should ensure that the copy of the OMR is always aligned with the original OMR sheet. Any change in alignment can result in variation of the position of the entries in the original and copy of OMR sheets. If any candidate detaches the copy before the conclusion of the examination, his/her candidature is liable to be cancelled.

 The evaluation of the answer sheet of objective type papers will be done using the OPTICAL MARK READING (OMR) System. Hence the answer sheet (OMR answer sheet) is designed to suit this system.

 A specimen copy of the OMR answer sheet is included in the Prospectus. Each answer sheet will be having a unique pre-printed ‘BARCODE’ that will be used as a secret code against which the evaluation takes place. Candidates should not tamper with the BAR CODE. If a candidate tampers, mutilates or damages the barcode, he/she will be disqualified and his/her candidature will be cancelled. The answer sheet in respect of such candidates will not be subjected to valuation and they will be debarred from appearing for the Entrance Examinations for a period not exceeding two years.

 IMPORTANT : Extra care is needed while handling the OMR Answer sheet in the following respects.

DO NOT: (i) Pin or staple (ii) Punch or tag (iii) Make holes anywhere (iv) Wet or soil (v) Tear or mutilate (vi) Wrinkle or fold the OMR Answer Sheet.

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