KEAM Medical (UG) 2014 Question Paper

The question papers will be given in the form of a question booklet. A candidate will be given the question booklet before the actual time prescribed for the  commencement of the examination, to enable him/her to acquaint himself/herself with the instructions to be followed.

Facing Page Layout of Question Booklet ( Medical) 

WARNING : Any malpractice or any attempt to commit
any kind of malpractice in the Examination will Disqualify the Candidate.
Version Code Question Booklet Serial  Number
Time : 150 Minutes Number of Questions : 120 Maximum Marks : 480
Name of Candidate
Roll Number
Signature of Candidate

Each question paper will have 4 versions as detailed below :

Paper I – Chemistry & Physics Versions – A1, A2, A3 & A4.
Paper II – Biology Versions – B1, B2, B3 & B4.

  •  The question booklet version will be printed on the top left margin of the facing sheet of the question booklet.
  •  If the Roll Number ends in an odd number, then the candidate should get a question booklet marked A1/B1/A3/B3. If the Roll Number ends in an even number, then the candidate should get a question booklet marked A2/B2/A4/B4.
  •  On receipt of the question booklet the candidate should ensure that the Version Code printed in the OMR answer sheet and in the question booklet are the same.
  •  If the candidate gets a question booklet where the version does not match the Roll Number as stipulated , he/she should draw the attention of the invigilator immediately, and get it replaced by a version that matches the Roll Number.
  •  The question booklet serial number is printed on the top right margin of the facing sheet. If the question booklet does not bear a serial number, get it replaced by a new question booklet of the same version having a booklet number printed.
  •  Candidate must write his/her name and roll number in the space provided in the Question booklet. The Roll Number should be written carefully. The column for the signature of the candidate should also be filled in (The signature should be identical with the signatures in the admit card and in the attendance sheet).
  •  The question booklet will be sealed at the middle of the right margin. The candidate should not open the question booklet, until an indication is given by the invigilator to start answering at the scheduled time.

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