Loyola College M.Sc. Mathematics Nov 2008 Differential Geometry Question Paper PDF Download


AB 29


FIRST SEMESTER – November 2008





Date : 11-11-08                 Dept. No.                                        Max. : 100 Marks

Time : 1:00 – 4:00

Answer ALL the questions


I a) Prove that the curvature is the rate of change of angle of contingency with respect to

arc length.


  1. b) Show that the necessary and sufficient condition for a curve to be a straight line is that

for all points.                                                                                                      [5]


  1. c) (1) Find the centre and radius of an osculating circle.

(2) Derive the formula for torsion of a curve in terms of the parameter u.             [8+7]


  1. d) Derive the Serret-Frenet Express them in terms of  Darboux vector.      [15]


II a) Show that the circle , has three point contact at the

origin with a paraboloid with


  1. b) Derive the necessary and sufficient condition for a space curve to be a helix.        [5]


  1. c) If two single valued continuous functions and  of the real variable  are given then prove that there exists one and only one space curve determined uniquely except for its position in space, for which s is the arc length, k is the curvature and  is the torsion.


  1. d) Find the intrinsic equation of the curve        [15]


III a) Derive the equation satisfying the principal curvature at a point on the space curve.


  1. b) Prove that the metric is always positive. [5]


  1. c) Prove that is a necessary and sufficient condition for a surface to be



  1. d) Define developable. Derive polar and rectifying developables associated with a

space curve.                                                                                                             [15]



IV a) State and prove Meusnier  Theorem.


  1. b) Prove that the necessary and sufficient condition for the lines of curvature to be

parametric curves is that                                                           [5]



  1. c) (1) Derive the equation satisfying the principal curvature at point on a surface.

(2) How can you find whether the given equation represent a curve or a surface?

(3) Define  oblique and normal section.                                                           [9+2+4]


  1. d) (1) Define geodesic. State the  necessary and sufficient condition that the curve

be a geodesic .

(2) Show that the curves are geodesics on a surface with metric

.                                                                [5+10]


V a) Prove that the Gaussian curvature of a space curve is bending invariant.


  1. b) Show that sphere is the only surface in which all points are umbilics. [5]


  1. c) Derive the partial differential equation of surface theory. Also state Hilbert



  1. d) State the fundamental theorem of Surface Theory and demonstrate it with an

example.                                                                                                               [15]


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