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KOLKATA: CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Thursday harped on ‘inquilab zindabad’ as the time-tested slogan to counter right-wing Hindutva aimed at turning secular India into a Hindu rashtra.
“The slogan was coined by freedom fighter and Urdu poet Maulana Hasrat Mohani, who along with Swami Kumarananda moved the Purna Swaraj resolution in the Ahmedabad session of All India Congress Committee in 1921. Gandhiji then turned down the demand for complete independence from British rule. The slogan later immortalised by Bhagat Singh and thousands of communist martyrs has remained the lodestar for communists,” Yechury said at Netaji Indoor Stadium to mark centenary celebrations of Communist Party of India, founded at Tashkent on October 17, 1920.
Tracing the clash of ideologies, he said: “The details of communist contributions, right from its foundation, will be documented throughout the year-long centenary observations.”
Referring to the debates over building of a pluralistic, inclusive India, he added, “The emergence of the concept of an inclusive India was a product of a continuous battle between three visions that emerged during the course of the struggle. The mainstream Congress vision had envisioned that independent India could be a secular democratic Republic. The Communists, while agreeing with this, went further to say that such a secular democratic structure would be untenable, if independent India pursues the path of capitalist development. The Communists, thus, aimed at taking the political freedom forward to socio-economic freedom of the people. There was a third view that the character of independent India should be determined by religious affiliations of its people.”
The CPM general secretary pointed out that RSS leader VD Savarkar had floated the two-nation theory two years before MA Jinnah gave the slogan.
The right-wing communal forces who couldn’t achieve the “rabidly intolerant, fascistic” Hindu Rashtra during Partition are now desperate to take up the unfinished task to its completion, Yechury said.
Pointing to the moves by the BJP-led government in J&K and its spreading hatred in the name of NRC and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, Yechury argued that a “corporate communal alliance” is at work propagating the ideology of aggrandising communal “jingoistic nationalism”.
“Any expression of dissent against the BJP government and its policies can lead to the arrest and detention, on the grounds of being ‘anti-national’ — the legalisation of a ‘Police State’,” Yechury said.
The CPM genereal secretary also cited the “sorry state” of economy and said: “The BJP government is giving tax relief to corporates. Instead, the government should increase public spending that would enable people to get jobs that can only increase the demand in the market.”

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