Manoj Mishra has a lot of plans for Diwali and Bhai Dooj | Bhubaneswar News

Actor Manoj Mishra is all set to celebrate Diwali and Bhai Bandhani (Bhai Dooj) with his family in Bhubaneswar. He told us that prior to the festivals, he would be busy shooting for his Odia film. On Diwali, however, he would be home and spend some time with family and friends.

“For the past several years, I was in Mumbai during festivals, but this time, I am here because my mother is not keeping well. I’m here to take care of her. And since I’m here, I will definitely celebrate the festival in the best way possible,” said Mishra, whose next film, Patnagarh, 23 February 2018, has been officially selected for the Kolkata International Film Festival.
Manoj said he normally stays away from crackers. “I’m afraid of crackers and more importantly, I don’t want to contribute to the growing pollution. I’ll decorate my house with lights and diyas. Besides, either I’ll go to a friend’s house or they will come over and we will have dinner together and have a lot of fun. I’m yet to make any concrete plans, as I have been keeping busy. Yesterday, our film was censored and I was busy with that,” he added.
On Bhai Dooj, which is mostly celebrated in western Odisha as Bhai Bandhani, Manoj’s sister, who stays in Sambalpur, will come to Bhubaneswar. They will together celebrate the festival, which falls a day after Diwali. On this festival, the sister keeps a vrat for the brother and observes a day-long fast. On the next day, she breaks her fast and both of them have a feast. “My sister and her family will visit me on this occasion and we will celebrate the event traditionally,” Manoj signed.

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