Sabyasachi earned pocket money on Laxmi Puja | Bhubaneswar News

For actor Sabyasachi Mishra, Gaja Laxmi Puja turned out to be a great opportunity to earn some pocket money. As per the traditions of his family, all the members wear new clothes on the puja day. While the younger ones touch the feet of the elders as a mark of respect, the senior members, in turn, gift them pocket money. “We have been following this ritual since my childhood days. Now that I am employed and earn well, it still holds the same importance for us. Earning pocket money from my uncles and aunts is like receiving blessings and good wishes,” said the actor.

Sabyasachi also informed that this tradition is followed in his community too, where Laxmi Puja bears great importance. Every member of the household takes part in this ritual of wearing new clothes and bowing before elders. “I am the eldest among my siblings. Luckily, this time, most of my cousins couldn’t make it to the family puja. So, I got more than my share of pocket money. Also, I had to spend less in terms of showering my blessings to those who were younger to me. I had a lot of fun this Laxmi Puja,” said the actor, laughing out loud.
It was also time for a big family get-together. “We all meet to celebrate the day by offering prayers to the goddess, have dinner together and enjoy a lot,” said the actor.

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