Member of Parliament Shri Sumedhanand Saraswati

Member of Parliament Shri Sumedhanand Saraswati

Constituency   : Sikar (Rajasthan )
Party Name     : Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP)
Email Address : sumedhanand[DOT]s[AT]sansad[DOT]nic[DOT]in
Father’s Name Shri Maya Ram Arya
Mother’s Name Smt. Bharti Devi
Date of Birth 01 Oct 1951
Place of Birth Baland, Rohtak, Harayana
Marital Status Unmarried
Darshanacharya, M.A. (Sanskrit)
Educated at Dayanand Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Dinanagar, Punjab; and Meerut University, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
Profession Social Service
Permanent Address
Vedic Ashram, Piprali,
Vill. and P.O. Piprali,
Distt. Sikar, Rajasthan
Tel : (01572) 226300, 09928470131 (M)
Present Address
163, South Avenue,
New Delhi-110 011
Tel : (011) 23794748, 09013869341 (M)
Positions Held
May 2014 Elected to 16th Lok Sabha
1 Sep. 2014 onwards Member, Standing Committee on Human Resource Development
15 Sep. 2014 onwards Member, Committee on Ethics
Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Agriculture
Member, Hindi Salahkar Samiti, Ministry of Human Resource Development
Books Published
Brahmacharya Sandesh, detailed description of Brahmacharya Sukta of Veda; Presented Research papers in different forum; Has been editing various weekly and monthly magazines; Published articles in various magazines.
Literary, Artistic & Scientific Accomplishments
Besides studying Sanskrit language, has keen interest in literature and the Science of Yajna
Social And Cultural Activities
Associated with Social Organisations since 1975; Associated with Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh from School and College days; holding the posts of State level General Secretary and State level President in various organisations of Arya Samaj; holding the post of executive President of Sarvdeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha; working in the field of education through various educational and other organisations. Had an interest in drama during the school and college days.
Special Interests
To educate the youth and imbibing social and moral values in them; has special interest in Yoga; launched special drive for de-addiction in rural areas; also has keen interest in Jan Jagran and to serve Cow Progeny
Sports and Clubs
Special interest in Yoga, Wrestling and Football; participated in State level competitions in school and Inter-University competitions during college days
Countries Visited
Armenia, Austria, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Mauritius, New Zealand, Russia and Switzerland
Visited foreign centres for cultural studies and propagating Vedic culture
Other Information
Has religious bent of mind since childhood, left home in 1972 to study Sanskrit, while studying Sanskrit, undertook teaching also for eight years, took `Deksha` from Swami Sarvanandji in 1984 and became `Sanyasi`; while doing social work, got associated with BJP in 1989; Participated in movements like “Save Cow” (Gauraksha) and “Prohibition of liquor” etc.; played active role in J.P. Movement also.

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