PGIMER PG 2016 Hostel

PGIMER PG 2016 HostelPartially furnished hostel accommodation is available within the campus of the Institute. Residents are allotted rent free accommodation. Sponsored/Deputed candidates will not be provided accommodation. These candidates will be considered for allotment of hostel room during the last semester of their studies, only on availability of a room.
Every resident who has been allotted hostel accommodation is required to pay Rs. 5000/- as security money which will be refunded at the time of vacation of room. Mess/Canteen facilities are available at the campus.

a) The Hostel Accommodation is allotted by the Hostel Warden of respective Hostels.
b) No change of room will be allowed before 6 months of its allotment.
c) In case of change of the room if the key of old room is not handed over within 3 days to the concerned Storekeeper, a penalty of Rs.200/- and Rs. 400/- per day for bachelor and married hostel will be charged respectively. For 1st two months & thereafter the eviction proceedings shall be initiated against the occupant of the room. Till the eviction of the occupant, the overstay charges for Bachelor Hostel and Married Doctor Hostel will be Rs. 500/- & Rs. 1000/- respectively per day till the room is got vacated.
d) The residents are required to vacate the Hostel Accommodation within 7 days of the completion of their course term failing which Rs.200/- and Rs. 400/- per day will be charged for bachelor and married hostel respectively as penal rent for unauthorized occupation of hostel accommodation. At the same time, the room will be got vacated/unseated by the Hostel Authority / Security Staff during the unauthorized stay.
e) Residents will be responsible for the furniture and other fixtures of the room. In case of damage/loss, a penalty would be imposed as assessed by the Wardens of the Hostels.
f) No electrical /civil alteration in the room is allowed.
g) Cooking in the room (except in Married Doctor’s Hostel) is not allowed.
h) Subletting of the room is not allowed. In case of subletting, the allotment of the room shall be cancelled forth with and at the same time a panel Rent of Rs.200/- and Rs.400/- per day will be charged for the Bachelor and the Married Hostel respectively from date of allotment.
i) Use of Air Conditioner/ Heaters and other electrical appliance consuming high electrical energy is not permitted in the hostel.
j) In case the loss or damage of hostel furniture/ property (i.e. bed, chair, table and curtains etc.) the recovery will be made from the hostel security money.
k) Mutual change of room will be allowed by the hostel authority.
l) The residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their own rooms.

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