PGIMER PG 2016 Terms and Conditions

The MD/MS course has a duration of three academic years. During this period, the Junior Residents are entitled to emoluments as prescribed by the Government of India. At present, this translates to a pay scale of Rs. 15600 – 39100, and a grade pay of Rs. 5400. Non-practicing allowance is also paid as per rules.

The services of the Resident may be terminated by the Director without any previous notice under the following conditions:
1) If he is satisfied on medical evidence that the Resident is unfit, and is likely to remain so for a considerable period for reasons of ill health, and is unable to discharge his/her duties. The decision of the Director whether the Resident is unfit and is likely to continue to remain unfit shall be conclusive and binding on him/her.
2) If the Resident is found guilty of any insubordination, interference, or other misconduct, or any breach or non-performance of any of the provisions of the agreement signed by him at the time of admission or any role pertaining to the institute.
If the Resident is suspended from duty in connection with any investigation into her/his conduct, he/she shall not be entitled to any emoluments during such a period of suspension.

Continuous active duty for Residents shall not normally exceed 12 hours in a day, subject to exigencies of work.
Duties and responsibilities of Residents will be fixed by the Institute from time to time. Residents will be required to perform such work as may be needed in the legitimate interest of patient care in the hospital.

Candidates admitted to MD/MS courses will be entitled to 30 days leave during the first year, and 36 days leave each during of the second and third years. Leave for one year cannot be carried forward to the subsequent year.

All MD/MS Residents can avail medical benefits for themselves as per the Institute rules. They are also eligible to sick room facility provided to them by the Institute.

Every candidate who joins MD/MS course is required to submit a plan of thesis within one year of his/her joining the course. He/She is required to submit the final thesis after completion of 2½ years of his/her joining the course, and will be eligible to take the final MD/MS examination only after approval of thesis. Any candidate who fails to submit his/her plan of thesis within 12 months of his/her admission will not be allowed to take the final examination, and his/her session will be shifted by six months.
MD/MS Junior Residents shall be entitled to a subsidy of Rs.5000/- in lumpsum to meet expenditure on writing the thesis. Along with the application seeking such assistance, the residents shall submit a certificate from the Dean that the concerned resident has submitted the thesis.

Each MD/MS student will be granted a book allowance of Rs.2000/- per annum for three years. During each academic year, all books purchased (worth Rs.2000/-) will need to be submitted, along with their cash memo duly verified by the concerned Head of the Department. These books will be embossed at three places by the concerned Department. The prescribed application for book allowance, duly forwarded by Head of the Department and accompanied by cash memo of books purchased, shall be considered by the Registrar’s Office for sanction of allowance. No claim for the reimbursement will be entertained after the completion of the course.

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