Farmer Barinder Mohan sets an example by not setting fire to crop

Fazilka: By not setting fire to the wheat straw and paddy stubble since last three year, Barinder Mohan, a progressive farmer of Fazilka district set an example for other farmers, that how we can save our environment and can able to increase yield and decrease input cost to produce crop. He is extremely satisfied with new technique with which he mixed crop residue to soil and earning considerable profit from his crops.

Progressive farmer Barinder Mohan said that he owns 38 acres of his own land and while, he took 7 acres of more land on a contract basis from other farmers. He said that for the past 3 years, he stopped the burning of crop residue and his unnecessary expenditure on crops comes down. He said that he is in constant touch with the Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Department to get knowledge of all new techniques.

The farmer said that he has used happy seeder for the sowing of wheat after mixing the paddy stubble in soil. Describing the benefits of not burning the straw, the farmer said that his paddy yield increased by 3 qtls while wheat yield increased by 4 Qtls. He explained that the use of fertilizers in the fields is also decreased which further lowers his input cost.

He also advised others not to burn crop residue as it causes lots of pollution to our environment. He said that with burning of crop residue fire also burn nutrients and friendly insects and pests from our farm.  

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