B.A. Computer Science Sample Paper 1 (English)

Computer Applications in Corporate World – Max Marks: 20

Note: The Question paper is divided into three sections A, B, and C. Write Answer as per the given instruction.

Section-A (Very Short Answer Type Questions)
Note: Answer all questions. As per the nature of the question you delimit your answer in one word, one sentence or maximum up to 30 words. Each question carries 1 mark. 4×1=04

  1. What is translator?
  2. What is software?
  3. What is a program?
  4. What is a protocol?

Section-B (Short Answer Questions)
Note: Answer any two questions. Each answer should not exceed 200 words. Each question carries 2 marks. 4×2=08

  1. Define System Software?
  2. Explain operating System? Write the types of OS?
  3. What is language processor?
  4. What is the Bluetooth Technology? Write the advantages of Bluetooth Technology?

Section-C (Long Answer Questions)
Note: Answer any one question. You have to delimit your each answer maximum up to 800 words. Each question carries 08 marks.

  1. Explain the following commands:
    a) Sort b) recode c) format d) drop
    e) Rename f) keep g) label h) order
  2. Distinguish between:
    i) LAN, WAN, MAN
    ii) Asynchronous and Synchronous transmission

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