B.A. ED Education and Society Sample Paper 1 (English)

Education and Society

Note: The Question paper is divided into three sections A, B, and C. Write Answer as per the given instruction.

Section-A (Very Short Answer Type Questions)

Note: Answer all questions. As per the nature of the question you delimit your answer in one word, one sentence or maximum up to 30 words. Each question carries 1 marks. 6×1=06

1. What is the meaning of secularism?
2. Provide two differences between formal and informal agencies of education.
3. How article 45 of the constitution has been redefined after 86th constitutional amendment?
4. What are the deprived sections covered under inclusive education?
5. Name the book written by Brubeker?
6. What are major types of social change?

Section-B (Short Answer Questions)

Note: Answer any 4 questions. Each answer should not exceed 100 words. Each question carries 03 marks. 4×3=12

7. What are proposals for primary education of minorities?
8. What is the role of social change in education?
9. What challenges have to be faced by Indian teachers in future?
10. Differentiate between educational sociology and sociology of education.
11. What changes in education are due to influence of socialism?

Section-C (Long Answer Questions)

Note: Answer any two questions. You have to delimit your each answer maximum up to 400 words. Each question carries 6 marks. 2×6=12

12. Explain major policies activated by central and Rajasthan Governments for educational up-liftment of minorities.
13. What hurdles are being faced by open education system? How can these could be overcome?
14. What are major problems in developing Indian society? How education be a solution for these?
15. Describe major functions of education in human life.

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