B.A. English Poetry and Drama Sample Paper 2 (English)

Poetry and Drama-II

Max Marks: 30

Note: The Question paper is divided into three sections A, B, and C. Write Answer as per the given instruction.

Section-A (Very Short Answer Type Questions)

Note: Answer all questions. As per the nature of the question you delimit your answer in one word, one sentence or maximum up to 30 words. Each question carries 1 mark.                                 6×1=06

  1. How does frost correspond to the poet’s mood in “Frost at Midnight?
  2. Which poem by Coleridge is confessional and is about failure?
  3. What is the reason for which Byron wishes fame?
  4. What figure of speech is in “I wandered lonely as a cloud”?
  5. Does dramatic monologue do psychological study of a character?
  6. Define Oxymoron.

Section-B (Short Answer Questions)

Note: Answer any 4 questions. Each answer should not exceed 100 words. Each question carries 3 marks.  4×3=12

  1. What does the Duke want to achieve by talking about his previous wife with the marriage broker?
  2. What is the main idea of the poem ‘To Night’ by P.B. Shelley.
  3. Wordsworth in ‘The Solitary Reaper’ says about the possible themes of the girl’s song. Do these themes suggest the romantic nature of the girl’s song?
  4. What great lectures did the people of old age have, as Arnold depicted the his poem ’Dover Beach’?
  5. Explain the line with reference and context ‘Wrap thy form in a mantle gray, Star-inwrought!’

Section-C (Long Answer Questions)

Note: Answer any two questions. You have to delimit your each answer maximum up to 400 words. Each question carries 06 marks.

  1. How did Oliver Goldsmith revive the Elizabethan/Shakespearean comedy in She Stoops to Conquer?
  2. How does Goldsmith describe the class divide in India in The Deserted Village? Elaborate.
  3. Critically examine the poem ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’.
  4. Oscar Wild presented the Victorian mannerisms and pompous life in the play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’. Explain it with examples.

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