B.A. English Poetry and Drama Sample Paper 3 (English)

Poetry and Drama-III

Max Marks: 30

Note: The Question paper is divided into three sections A, B, and C. Write Answer as per the given instruction.

Section-A (Very Short Answer Type Questions)

Note: Answer all questions. As per the nature of the question you delimit your answer in one word, one sentence or maximum up to 30 words. Each question carries 1 mark.                                                                 6×1=06

  1. What is the underlying idea of the poem “Genesis”?
  2. What was the poem “To a Shade” occasioned by?
  3. Was Eliot a rationalist? Discuss.
  4. What role does mother Kali play in “Hayavadana”?
  5. Comment on the use of myth in “The Family Reunion”?
  6. Why does T.S. Eliot say “I want to resign my life foe this life”?

Section-B (Short Answer Questions)

Note: Answer any 4 questions. Each answer should not exceed 100 words. Each question carries 3 marks.    4×3=12

  1. Discuss the theme of “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus?
  2. Closely analyze the sun imagery in “Sunday Morning”?
  3. How does Daruwala depict the mistress in his poem?
  4. What is the responsibility of the poet according to Jayant Mahapatra?
  5. Write a note on Eliot’s use of myth in poetry and drama?

Section-C (Long Answer Questions)

Note: Answer any two questions. You have to delimit your each answer maximum up to 400 words. Each question carries 06 marks.

  1. Simplicity is the cardinal virtue of Ezekiel’s poetry. Discuss?
  2. Lowell’s genius lies in the rendering of sensuous images. Discuss?
  3. Elucidate in detail Ted Hughes as ‘a contemporary writer’ with reference to his poems?
  4. African poetry is an assertion of the concept of the white man’s ego. Explain?

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