B.A. English Prose and Fiction Sample Paper 2 (English)

Prose and Fiction-II

 Max Marks: 30

Note: The Question paper is divided into three sections A, B, and C. Write Answer as per the given instruction.

Section-A (Very Short Answer Type Questions)

Note: Answer all questions. As per the nature of the question you delimit your answer in one word, one sentence or maximum up to 30 words. Each question carries 1 mark. 6×1=06

  1. What is the primary theme of “Machines and Emotions”?
  2. What is the primary theme of “Deep Water”?
  3. How did the first of the three spirits look like?
  4. Why did the peddler refuse the invitation?
  5. Why had Fielding come to India?
  6. What is ‘Non-sense poetry’?

Section-B (Short Answer Questions)

Note: Answer any 4 questions. Each answer should not exceed 100 words. Each question carries 3 marks. 4×3=12

  1. How is Paul’s mother responsible for his death?
  2. What is the theme of “The Ant and the Grasshopper”?
  3. What did Aziz feel on meeting Mrs. Moore?
  4. How was Douglas affected by the thoughts of Roosevelt?
  5. What are the disease snobberies of the rich people?

Section-C (Long Answer Questions)

Note: Answer any two questions. You have to delimit your each answer maximum up to 400 words. Each question carries 06 marks.

  1. Is ‘Emma’ a realistic novel? Give your opinion and justify it.
  2. Discuss in detail the theme of “The Lament”.
  3. How does Holmes resolve the mystery of Julia’s murder?
  4. “A Passage to India” examines the racial misunderstanding and cultural hypocrisies. Discuss in detail.

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