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About Saharanpur District :

Saharanpur forms the most northerly position of the Doab land which stretches between the holy rivers of the Ganges and the Yamuna, The Shivalik hills rise above it on the northern frontier. The portion of Doab in which Saharanpur is situated was probably one of the first region of upper India occupied by the Aryans colonisers as they spread eastward from the Punjab.

Saharanpur district attained the status as Saharanpur division in 1997 of Uttar Pardesh. As regards its physical features the north and the north east of the district is surrounded by Shivalik hills and separates it from the Dehradun district in the recently created state of Uttranchal. The river Yamuna forms its boundary in the west which separates it from Karnal and Yamunanagar districts of Haryana. In the East lies the district of Haridwar which was the part of district Saharanpur before 1989 and in the south lies the district Muzafarnagar. At the time of the British Rule District Muzafarnagar was also a part of district Saharanpur. The district is in a rectangular shape and it lies between 29 degrees 34 minutes 45 seconds and 30 degrees 21 minutes 30 seconds north lattitude and 77 degrees 9 minutes and 78 degrees 14 minutes 45 seconds east longitude. Its total area is 3860 square Kilometers. According to 2001 census the population of Saharanpur is 2896860.

The district presents many varieties of features and differs in general appearance than any other portion of the Doab and Gangetic plain as a whole. It is true that most of the area belongs to the upland Bangar which strethches in a continuous line up to Allahabad i.e. Junction of the two great rivers and on the either side is the broad and low lying valley full of swamps and back waters with wide open grass plains and Tamarisk jungle but in the north, There are the steep hills of Shivalik chain which appear in a far more marked form in Saharanpur than any other district of Uttar Pardesh while below the hills are to be seen in a modified form the prevailing characteristics of the Bhabar and Tarai region.

District at a Glance :

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Tourist Places :

Dargah Abdul Qudoos Shakumbhari Devi Dar UL Uloom
Bala Sundari Naugaja Peer

Indra Prasanna Mukerji

Hon’ble Justice Indra Prasanna Mukerji

Was born on 6 September, 1963 into a family of lawyers, both father and paternal grandfather being barristers and senior Advocates of the Calcutta High Court and maternal grandfather being a senior lawyer of the Kanpur District Court.

Was educated throughout in St. Xaviers School and College, Calcutta. Obtained L.L.B. Degree of the University of Calcutta and L.L.B. Degree of the University of London through external examination.

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Was elevated to the bench of Calcutta High Court as a Permanent Judge on 18 May, 2009


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