JEE Main 2014 Syllabus Physics Unit – 4


  • Work done by a constant force and a variable force; kinetic and potential energies, workenergy theorem, power.
  • Potential energy of a spring, conservation of mechanical energy, conservative and non-conservative forces; Elastic and inelastic collisions in one and two dimensions.

JEE Main 2014 Syllabus Physics Unit – 3


  • Force and Inertia, Newton’s First Law of motion; Momentum, Newton’s Second Law of motion; Impulse; Newton’s Third Law of motion. Law of conservation of linear momentum and its applications, Equilibrium of concurrent forces.
  • Static and Kinetic friction, laws of friction, rolling friction.
  • Dynamics of uniform circular motion: Centripetal force and its applications.

JEE Main 2014 Syllabus Physics Unit – 2


Frame of reference. Motion in a straight line: Position-time graph, speed and velocity. Uniform and non-uniform motion, average speed and instantaneous velocity Uniformly accelerated motion, velocity-time, position-time graphs, relations for uniformly accelerated motion. Scalars and Vectors, Vector addition and Subtraction, Zero Vector, Scalar and Vector products, Unit Vector, Resolution of a Vector. Relative Velocity, Motion in a plane, Projectile Motion, Uniform Circular Motion.

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