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The Hon’ble Justice Debasish Kar Gupta

Born on January 1, 1957. Passed B.Comin the year 1976 and LL.B. in the year 1980 – both from the University of Calcutta. Was enrolled as an Advocate on September 22, 1982. Practised in the High Court at Calcutta in Constitutional (all subjects including Labour and Service) and Civil matters. Specialised in Service matters. Also practised in the Central Administrative Tribunal, Calcutta Bench, and West Bengal Administrative Tribunal. Was appointed Junior Standing Counsel for the State of West Bengal on September 17, 1996 and thereafter Additional Government Pleader on January 7, 2002. Was Government Pleader (Acting) with effect from March 2, 2006 in addition to the post of Additional Government Pleader. Became designated as a Senior Advocate by the High Court at Calcutta in March, 2005. Was elevated to the Bench of the High Court at Calcutta as a permanent Judge on June 22, 2006.

Parbhani District of Maharashtra at a Glance

Lok Sabha Constituencies in Parbhani district, Maharashtra (MP Constituencies) Parbhani
MLA Assembly Constituencies in Parbhani district, Maharashtra Gangakhed

About Parbhani District :

Parbhani, earlier also known as “ Prabhavatinagar ”, is one of the Eight districts in the Marathawada region of Marashtra State

This entire Marathwada region, a district geographical region, was a part of the erstwhile Nizam State; later a part of Hyderabad State; after reorganization of states in 1956 it became a part of the then Bombay state; and from 1960 onwards it is part of the present Maharashtra state.

Parbhani district lies between 18.45 and 20.10 North Latitudes and 76.13 and 77.39 East Longitude.

The district is bounded on the north by Hingoli district. On the east by Nanded district, on the South by Latur  and on the West by Beed and Jalna districts.

The state capital of Mumbai is  to the west; Parbhani is well connected by road to other major towns in Maharashtra and also in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh

At a Glance :

  • District – 
  • Headquarters – 
  • State – 
Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
  • Total – 
  • Rural – 
  • Urban – 
Population (Census 2011)
  • Population – 
  • Rural – 
  • Urban – 
  • Male – 
  • Female – 
  • Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) – 
  • Density (Total, Persons per sq km) – 
Constituencies (ECI)
  • Assembly
  • Loksabha

Tourist Places :

Taluka Name of the Historical & Religeous Centre and nearest Urban or Rural Centre Periods of Festive Occasions, Months
Parbhani Parbhani Hajarat Turabul Huq. Shah Darga (Urs-Feb.)
Pokharni Shri Narsingh Sansthan Pokharni (March/April)
Tridhara Shrishektra Tridhara
Parbhani Shri. Khandoba Festivak
Navagadh Shri. Neminath Jain Mandir (Jan/Feb)
Purna Chudava Mahadeo Mandir (April)
Takli (Dh.) * Gangaji Bapu Devsthan (Every Months Pornima & Amavasya)

* Daji Guru Maharaj (April)

Sanephal Parat Ganga (April)
Purna * Mastansaha Bali (Feb)

* Guru Budhswami

Laxmi Nagar Shri. Devi Festival (March)
Sailu Sailu * Keshavrao Babasaheb Sansthan (Dec.)

* Jivajibuva Sansthan (Nov.)

Gangakhed Rani Savargaon * Devi Yatra (April)

* Ashtami & Dashahara (Oct.)

Gangakhed * Balaji Mandir Dashahara (Oct.)

* Sant Janabai Mandir

Nagthana Nagpanchami (August)
Naukautwadi Datta Madir (Datta Pornima)
Pathri Gunj (Kh) Yoganand Maharaj (March/April)
Gaudgaon Renuka Devi (March/April)
Kumbhari Aaychi (Feb/Mar)
Dhalegaon Satsang Geeta Bhavan (Sept.)
Rampuri (Kh.) Ratnesgwar (Feb/Mar)
Rudhi Dyaneshwar Mauli (Feb.)
Kasapuri Mahadeo Yatra (March/April)
Parangavan Madhav Yatra (March/April)
Pathri Shirdi Saibaba Janmshtan Mandir
Jintur Jintur Neminath Jain Temple


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JEE Main is the entry exam for NITS, IIITs and other centrally funded institutions. This exam also selects top 1.5 Lacs candidates who will be eligible to appear JEE Advanced test to take admission in IITs in India.

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CBSE also declared to allow extra time for any computer glitches during the test.

The online registration for the exam started on 15th November 2013 and will continue till 26th December 2013. The pen and paper based offline exam is scheduled to be held on 6th April, 2014 and the computerized test shall be conducted on 9th,11th, 12th and 19th April 2013.

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Provisions for Persons With Disabilities (JEE Main 2014)

  • The candidates with disability should fill in the type and percentages of disability correctly in the online application form for JEE (Main) 2014.
  • Only the candidates, who have 40% or more disability, will be provided Scribe/ Reader on the request of the candidate.
  • The candidate will have the discretion of opting his/her own scribe/reader or may submit the request to the centre superintendent for the same.
  • The centre superintendent will identify the scribe/ reader. In case a request is received from the candidate, he/she would be allowed to meet the scribe a day before the examination to verify the suitability of the scribe.
  •  One hour compensatory (extra) time will also be allowed to the candidates with 40% or more disability irrespective of the fact that the candidate(s) is/are availing the facility of scribe/reader.

JEE Main 2014; Criteria for Engineering Admission

Admission criteria to Undergraduate Engineering Programs at NITs, IIITs, Other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions, Institutions funded by participating State Governments, and other Institutions shall include the performance in the class XII/equivalent qualifying Examination and in the Joint Entrance Examination ( JEE Main 2014). The Paper-1 (B. E./B. Tech.) of JEE Main 2014 will also be an eligibility test for the JEE Advanced 2014, which the candidate has to take if he/she is aspiring for admission to the undergraduate programmes offered by the IITs in India.
The States of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Nagaland and Odisha have joined JEE Main system since current year 2014. Therefore, the candidates seeking admission to the institutions in these states (both Govt as well as Private), which were earlier admitting based on their State Level Examination, are also advised to fill in the JEE Main  2014 application form online.

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