Kaushambi District of Uttar Pradesh at a Glance

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About Kaushambi District :

The present Kaushambi district was carved out of Allahabad district on 4th April 1997. The District Headquarter, Manjhanpur is situated in the south-west of the Allahabad on the north bank of the Yamuna river,about 55 km away from Allahabad. District Kaushambi is situated in the west of Allahabad district. In the North of the district Pratapgarh, in the south Chitrakoot, In the east Allahabad, in the west Fatehpur districts are located. The total geographical area of the district is 1903.17 Sq. Km. As per Census 2011, the total population of the district is 1599596 of which 838485 are males and 761111 are females. The district is divided into three Tehsils named as Manjhanpur, Sirathu & Chayal. Tehsils are divided into 8 Development Blocks. Sarsawa, Manjhanpur & Kaushambi are the development blocks in the Manjhanpur tehsil, Kada & Sirathu are the development blocks in the Sirathu Tehsil, Chayal, Mooratganj, Newada are the development blocks in the Chayal tehsil. The district has 88 Nyay Panchayats and 498 Gram Sabhas.

District at a Glance :

  • District – 
  • Headquarters – 
  • State
Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
  • Total – 
  • Rural – 
  • Urban – 
Population (Census 2011)
  • Population – 
  • Rural – 
  • Urban – 
  • Male – 
  • Female – 
  • Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) – 
  • Density (Total, Persons per sq km) – 
Constituencies (ECI)
  • Assembly
  • Loksabha

Tourist Places :

District Kaushambi is rich in historical places. History of all times demistify the importance of the district. Kara, Prabhasgiri and Kaushambi are the main historical centers. The district is full of temples in which Sheetla temple of Kara Dham and the Jain temple of Prabhosa are the main attraction.

The historical and religious importance of Kara is very old. This place is situated in the north-west of Allahabad about 69 km away. There are so many temples in Kara in which Sheetla Mata temple, Chhetrapal Bhairav temple, Hanuman temple and Kaleshwar Mahadev temple are famous.

The temple of ma Sheetla is situated on the bank of Ganga river. It is known as the major shaktipeeth from all the 51 shaktipeeths of Goddess. In the idol, Sheetla Devi is sitting on gardhabha. Followers of all the religions worship in this temple. It is said that by the worship of Goddess Sheetla on the ashtami of Krishnapaksha of the month of chetra they get rid of evil powers.

This place has been a religious pilgrimage since at least 1000 A.D. Kara was also an important township in the kingdoms of medieval kings of the northern India. and even today one can see the remains of the fort of king Jaichand, the lasr hindu king of Kannauj.

Kara is also the birth place of the famous saint Malookdas(1631 – 1739 A.D.). The Aashram and Samadhi of saint is there. He was also a follower of Goddess Kara. The famous Sikh guru Teg Bahadur had come to Kara to discourse on various topics with Saint Malookdas.

Prabhasgiri or Prabhosa is famous as a religious historical place on the bank of Yamuna river at the Manjhanpur Tehsil about 50km away in the north of Allahabad.

It is also said that Shri Krishna died at this place by the arrow of Jaratkumar in the suspicion of deer.

In the earlier days there was a big Jain temple on a very big hill. After the demolition of this another jain temple was constructed in 1824A.D.. A cave which is 9 feet long and 7 feet wide is also there. In this cave the records are found in the brahmi lipi of second century before Gupta dynasty. Till now this place is the center of faith of all the followers of the Jainism. This was the place where the sixth teerthankara of Jains Bhagwan PadmaPrabhu lived most of his life.

Sir Leonard Wooley in his famous report had suggested Kaushambi as one of the two important sites in the Ganga valley, the excavation of which, according to him, would unravel the early history of the Indian people. It was a memorable event in the History of Indian Archaeology when first of March, 1948, Sir Mortimer, authorised the University of Allahabad to excavate Kaushambi with G.R.Sharma as Director.

The excavations have been conducted in the following areas: near the Ashokan pillar which laid bare a part of the residential area of the city, the Ghositarama monastry, the defences near the Eastern Gateway and the tower at the north-eastern corner, the Stone Fortress Palace.

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This temple is situated about 1km away in the south-west of Manjhanpur town area. In this temple there is an idol of black stone of Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva. It is believed that these idols are of the time of Buddha. On the occasion of Navaratri there is a large crowd to worship Goddess Durga.

This temple is situated on the bank of a pond about 10km away in the west of Manjhanpur in the village of Gambheerapurab . According to the local tradition Kamasin Devi fulfils all the desires of her followers. Local people have a great faith on the devine powers of this temple.

This place is situated about 30km away from Allahabad on the Allahabad Kanpur road . This place resides in the Chayal tehsil area. A huge temple of Lord Shri Ram is situated at this place. This temple was constructed around 20 years ago.

There are numerous places of interest round about Kaushambi like Allahabad, Kanpur, Varanasi, Chitrakoot and Vindhayavasini.



MH-CET Medical 2014 Special Instructions

Instructions to Candidates:

1. This question booklet contains 180 Objective Type Questions in the subjects of Physics (45), Chemistry (45) & Biology (90).
2. The question paper and OMR (Optical Mark Reader) Answer Sheet is issued separately at the start of the examination.
3. Choice and sequence for attempting questions will be as per the convenience of the candidate.
4. Candidate should carefully read the instructions printed on the Question Booklet and Answer Sheet and make the correct entries on the Answer Sheet. As Answer Sheets are designed to suit the OPTICAL MARK READER (OMR) SYSTEM, special care should be taken to mark the entries correctly. Special care should be taken to fill QUESTION BOOKLET VERSION, SERIAL No. and MH-CET Roll No. accurately. The correctness of entries has to be cross-checked by the invigilators. The candidate must sign on the Answer Sheet and Question Booklet.
5. Read each question carefully.
6. Determine the correct answer from out of the four available options given for each question.
8. Fill the appropriate circle completely like this •, for answering a particular question. Mark with Black ink ball point pen only.
9. Each question with correct response shall be awarded four (4) marks. There shall be negative marking. For wrong answers there will be deduction of one mark per question. One mark shall be deducted for marking two or more answers of same question, scratching or overwriting.
10. Use of whitener or any other material to erase/hide the circle once filled is not permitted.
11. Avoid overwriting and/or striking of answers once marked.
12. Rough work should be done only on the blank space provided on the Question Booklet. Rough work should not be done on the Answer Sheet.
13. The required mathematical tables (Log etc.) will be provided along with the question booklet.
14. Immediately after the prescribed examination time is over, the Question Booklet and Answer sheet is to be returned to the invigilator. Confirm that both the candidate and invigilator have signed on question booklet and Answer sheet.
15. No candidate is allowed to leave the examination hall till the end of examination.

MH-CET Medical 2014 OMR Sheet

Using of OMR Sheet :-

1. Use only BLACK ink ball point pen to darken/mark the appropriate circle.
2. Mark should be dark and should completely fill the circle.
3. Mark/darken only one circle for each entry. The answer once marked is final, any change in the option once marked, done by any method, will amount to a invalid/incorrect response.
4. A lightly/faintly marked/darkened circle may also be treated as a incorrect/wrong method of marking and may not be read by the Optical Scanner.
5. Marking should only be done in the space provided.
6. Please do not fold the answer sheet and do not make any stray marks on it.

Marking of Responses:-
There will be four answer options for each question. The candidate will indicate his/her response to the question by darkening the appropriate circle completely with BLACK ink ball point pen.

Candidate should not use any other method for answering i.e. Half circle, dot. tick mark, cross etc. This may not be read by the scanner.

Changing an Answer is Not Allowed:-
The candidates must fully satisfy themselves about the accuracy of the answer before darkening the appropriate circle, as no change in the Answer once marked is allowed. The answer once marked is final, any change in the option once marked, done by any method, will amount to a invalid/incorrect response.

MH-CET Medical 2014 Admit Card

  1. The Admit Cards will be downloaded from “www.mhcet2014.co.in” website after login during 28-04-2014 to 08-05-2014.
  2. Candidate has to appear for examination with downloaded Admit Card and any Photo ID proof (School / College Identity Card, Pass port).
  3. Issue of Admit Card is merely an enabling document for appearing at the MH CET 2014 and does not imply that the candidate satisfies all the requirements of eligibility conditions of admission to health Science Courses.

MH-CET Medical 2014 Updates


MH-CET Medical 2014 Examination Centre

  • Examination centre for  MH-CET-2014 will be conducted at all the district headquarters of the State of Maharashtra.
  • The MH-CET examination center will be within the same district from where the candidate has passed / is appearing at the qualifying examination i.e. HSC/12th Standard examination.
  • For the eligible candidates passing qualifying examination from outside the state of Maharashtra, the Competent Authority shall allot the examination center.
  • The center once allotted by the Competent Authority shall not be changed under any circumstances.
  • In the online application form for  MH-CET Medical 2014 Examination Centre gives the facility for choice of distinct of examination center is available only for the candidates who have passed / appearing HSC /12th / equivalent from outside the State of Maharashtra.

MH-CET Medical 2014 Eligibility

  • The candidate must be an Indian National. Persons of Indian Origin (PIO)/ Non Resident Indian (NRI)/Overseas citizen of India (OCI) are not eligible.
  • The candidate must be born on or before 31st December 1997 to be eligible to appear for MHCET- 2014. However, for admission to Ayurved and Unani courses, candidate must be born on or before 1st October 1997. The Birth certificate indicating name of the candidate, Secondary School Certificate i.e. SSC or equivalent examination certificate or School Leaving Certificate endorsing the date of birth will constitute a valid proof.
  • The candidate must be medically fit and must submit a certificate of medical fitness at the time of Preference form filling as per proforma.
  •  The candidate must have passed the SSC or equivalent examination from an Institution situated in the state of Maharashtra.
  •  The candidate must have passed the qualifying examination i.e. Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC/12th Standard) or equivalent examination, from an Institution situated in the State of Maharashtra  with English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany & Zoology).
  • Eligibility criteria of Qualifying Examination for various courses.
  •  For MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BUMS : A candidate belonging to Open Category must have obtained not less than 50% (i.e. 150 out of 300) marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology taken together at the HSC (or equivalent) Examination. A candidate belonging to constitutional reservation  and constitutional reservation with Person with Disability claim must have obtained not less than 40% (i.e. 120 out of 300) marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology taken together at the HSC (or equivalent) Examination.
  • Person with Disability in General category must secure not less than 45% marks in Physics, Chemistry & Biology (PCB) taken together at the HSC (or equivalent) Examination.
  •   The candidate who is appearing for qualifying examination i.e. HSC (or equivalent exam.) in February/March 2014 is eligible to appear for MH-CET-2014, however they must fulfill the eligibility condition at Para 4.5 at the time of filling up of the Preference Form.
  •   CET-Marks Eligibility For Admission to MBBS & BDS Courses: A candidate belonging to open category must secure not less than 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry & Biology (PCB) taken together at Common Entrance Test i.e. MH-CET-2014.
  • A candidate belonging to constitutional reservation and constitutional reservation with Person with Disability (PWD) must secure not less than 40% marks in Physics, Chemistry & Biology (PCB) taken together in the MH-CET-2014.
  • Person with Disability in General category must secure not less than 45% marks in Physics, Chemistry & Biology (PCB) taken together in the MH-CET-2014.

MH-CET Medical 2014 Important Dates


Online Application Form Filling 05th March 2014
Last Date for Filling Online Application Form 25th March 2014
Last Date for Submitting Application Fee 29th March 2014
Date of Entrance Examination 08th May 2014 (Thursday)
Examination & Bell Schedulea) Entry in Examination Hall

b) Distribution of answer sheets

c) Distribution of question booklets

d) Examination Commences

e) Latest Entry permitted in Examination Hall

f) Examination concludes

09.15 a.m. – Long Bell09.40 a.m.

09.50 a.m.

10.00 a.m. – Long Bell

10.00 a.m.

01.00 p.m. – Long Bell


MH-CET Medical 2014 Exam Pattern

  • There will be single question paper containing 180 MCQ’s with 4 options with single response type from Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • The duration of the examination will be 3 hrs.
  • Each question will carry 4 marks and examination will have total score of 720 marks.
  • Each correct answer will be awarded 4 marks ; there will be negative marking system which means for every wrong answer one mark will be deducted from the corrected total.
  • The question paper will be in English, Marathi and Urdu language as per the choice of the student.


Subject Number of MCQ Marks
Physics 45 180
Chemistry 45 180
Biology 90 360
Total 180 720

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MH-CET Medical Entrance 2014 Syllabus

  1. The syllabus for MH-CET-2014 will be same as prescribed for NEET (UG) – 2013 examination.
  2. The said syllabus includes topics from standard 11th and standard 12th.
  3. The subjects are : Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  4. The question paper will be in English, Marathi and Urdu language as per the choice of the student.

MH-CET Medical 2014 Physics Syllabus

MH-CET Medical 2014 Chemistry Syllabus

MH-CET Medical 2014 Biology Syllabus


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MH-CET Medical 2014 Notification

  • Government of Maharashtra shall conduct “Common Entrance  Test” MH-CET-2014 for Health Sciences degree courses (MBBS, BDS,  BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BPTh, BOTh, BASLP, BP&O and BSc. Nursing  courses) for the academic year 2014-2015. The said Common Entrance  Test will be held on Thursday, 8 th May 2014.
  • Detailed program regarding availability of exam pattern, centres, syllabus, important dates are available at our MH-CET medical page and  the online application form  available (for Registration) at www.mhcet2014.co.in.


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